NEW JERSEY: At Montclair State University, depictions of 9/11 are now considered ‘Islamophobic’ hate crimes

timecoverThe Muslim Student Association is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. All three leaders of Al- Qaeda were members of the Muslim Brotherhood… including Osama bin Laden. The MSA has been involved in funding terrorists and a large number of MSA presidents have gone on to join Al-Qaeda.

Frontpage Magazine  By   But what is additionally troubling about this story is that the mere depiction of September 11 is now considered a hate crime.


Montclair State University is investigating a bias incident in which someone drew a picture of planes hitting the World Trade Center on the door of a Muslim student group’s headquarters, campus officials said today.

The graffiti was found Monday outside the Office of the Muslim Student Association in the student center, said Suzanne Bronski, a campus spokeswoman.

“The university police immediately launched a full investigation, which is continuing, and the university’s Bias Response Team was appropriately alerted and has been involved,” university officials said in a statement.


Graffiti is straightforward vandalism and campus police rarely investigate the things that students scrawl on walls and doors. They were common in my time and I suspect they are even more common today. There’s no mention of whether this was done with paint or a marker, but I suspect it was the latter, which means it’s easy enough to clean off.

Is scrawling a depiction of 9/11 on the door of a Muslim organization linked to that terrorist attack by way of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda a hate crime? Is it Muslims in general that are being targeted or the MSA, an organization with a long history of supporting extremist hate and terrorism?


The Montclair MSA appears to fundraise for Islamic Relief. Islamic Relief was founded by Hany El Banna who talks about being inspired by Sayyid Qutb and other Islamists and his charity has been accused of having terrorist links. And it may have even received money from Osama bin Laden.

The Montclair MSA has invited in Sheik Qatanani to speak to students. The Sheik is both a member of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It invited Lauren Boothwho is an open supporter of Hamas and the Brotherhood.


But let’s get past the Montclair MSA’s willingness to host terrorist group members and supporters and get to the point.

The MSA has always argued that its attacks on Israel are political and protected by free speech. So when the MSA depicts Israel as a Nazi state and terrorists as heroes, it is practicing free speech. The MSA in conjunction with SJP has picketed Holocaust memorials while screaming hate. But that’s not a bias incident. That’s free speech.


So why is a picture of the worst Muslim atrocity in American history a bias incident?

If the MSA has the right to desecrate the Holocaust without it being a bias incident, if it has the right to accuse Jewish students of being Nazis, why is accusing the MSA of being linked to terrorism a hate crime?

Especially when it’s true.




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  1. Islam is institutionalized barbarism, always was and always will be. Muzzies will never become civilized because islam forbids it as islam is the ever valid unchangeable word of god or so they are taught /cumpelled to believe. Muzzies have a duty to rid the world of all things unislamic civilisation is unislamic and therefore they – endeavour to – destroy it wherever they find it. Islamophobia is muzziespeak for: freedom (any kind), truth, secularity, non totalitarianism, human rights and civilization; in a nutshell all things considered unislamic.

  2. I am not an American but these heartbreaking pictures sicken me to the every core. How can someone with an iota of humanity rejoice for something like this?

    I know those who fight this disease are putting 200% effort into it day and night. The whole free word (or whats left of it) is in debt to all of you. However, it seems that we have to put in more and more effort.

    We have to forge alliances across the free and humane world, inform the people in every language, fight the Dhimmis who compromise our freedom inch by inch and counter the mountain of petrodollar funded Taqqiya (deception).

    If we rest for too long, future generations will pay the price!

    BNI may you have the strength and courage to continue this noble cause for as long as it takes!

  3. I too, will extend the many comments a heart felt THANK YOU-for never allowing this disaster to happen to so many innocent live, brought to you from the very naysayers of lies, who by the way had far too many opportunities to have avoided it altogether, never allow this action, or the pictures of the unfortunate souls lost on that day to ever happen again. It was the Clinton Admin. first obligation to “Protect and Defend” these her United States against all enemies, not only was this dirtbag, calling himself a retired president, while he was getting his personal pole shinned by an intern, fighting against the CONgress for the lies he spewed at the time, was too busy betraying that very Oath, was indeed the reason this action happened on that dreadful day,known as 9/11-01. I pray God for those who have been sheilded from these pictures of what horror actually looks like, that they too see the end results of this attack upon our Nation, while include themselves among the Patriots to fight with every thing in their own worth, to the death so as to never ever witness such brutality brought to us by the cowards calling themselves muslims of islam and our leaders. As an example of the road we are headed on, because of another coward, calling himself our pResident, obama’s n-bin lyn’ to all, his entire life. There wll be another attack an this Nation, its only a matter of time before they are sucessful in our future, again, bank on it kiddies. These mutts, aka the brothers from the hood, islam only understand one thing in this regards, strenght to fight them to their individual deaths is a must, weakness as illistrated by the “iwon”, that man is going to get far more killed for his betrayel of same Oath, to “protect and defend”, mark my words, if this indeed does happen, watch out, these mutts are going to wish they never steeped onto our soil, it will be their own undoing, and they will be held to account for it, either in this life or the next.
    Semper Fi. God Bless America and her Patriots.

    • Marine, I don’t post these kinds of photos anymore except on the anniversary of 9/11 each year. I realize people don’t think it about it much anymore, except New Yorkers, many of whom, like me, feel their heart ache every time they look up at the downtown skyline missing the Twin Towers.

      I have learned to deal with 9/11 being committed to history in most people’s minds, but this story was like a knife in the heart. The idea that any depiction of 9/11 could be considered a hate crime against the same people who perpetrated 9/11 made me want blood. I had to settle for posting the pictures that virtually none of the media have ever run before and never will.

      Maybe I need to post them more often?

  4. Alumnus, don’t you dare come off sounding so high and mighty. You know nothing about the students who put that graffiti on the wall/door/wherever. Those students are behaving like college students typically do, I bet you too “Mr. educated” demonstrated your disgust about an issue of your day in a way that may have been viewed as wrong too. We don’t know you so we can’t prove that one way or another.

    I have a lot of children. College age and otherwise. They attend Universities.
    They grew up in the 9/11 world. Their father is a first responder, someone who has been lucky enough to come home from that day (albeit several days later) alive. Someone who spent months and months digging for the remains of not only his comrades but civilians. They found few. Our brethren were incinerated. Barely a trace of human life.

    Uncivilized, backward, American hating animals, caused this upon the innocent, civilized, American citizen who was simply going to work. My children will never forget that time in their lives and will never forget the years of fear and worry that comes from having a father as a first responder, and neither will I as his wife.

    Growing up, my siblings and I never had to know this type of intrusion of fear from a frighteningly strange and dark spirited religion. We never saw woman dressed in black cloth from head to toe on the beach. We never had to worry about taking a plane or traveling. We lived peacefully among Jews and Christians. We enjoyed our sunny childhood being raised here in New York.

    Today is a completely different story. Muslims are pushing down the doors to get into our country, in a post 9/11 world, with no fear, no worry about repercussions, because our Muslim in chief is allowing this without one shred of consideration for the sensitivities of Americans whose loved ones perished at the whim of Islamic Jihadists. Something is seriously wrong with that equation. I don’t want a muslim living next door to me and for good reason. I have not and will never forget the darkness that almost took my husband’s life.

    If you are an American, you too enjoyed growing up in a country where you didn’t need to worry; you lived in peace too, among Jews and Christians. You never had to fear about travel, you never had to see woman dressed in dark and frightening sack cloth, you never had to deal with the dark circle, under the eye, damning glares that one gets while glancing at the weirdness of the strange life of a Muslim.

    So who are you to judge these youth today? Perhaps one of those students lost a father or mother or uncle or aunt or relative. You know nothing about this generation and what they will need to deal with in the future because of liberal lunatics like yourself.

    You were able to enjoy your youth in America with all her beauty and the peace we all knew and took for granted. So how dare you deny my children, this generation, the same? Where do you get off thinking that it’s okay for my children and this generation to have to deal with the darkness of Islam when you and I didn’t?

    As BNI said, if you want to have a love fest with this strange and backward Islamic
    cult, be our guest, and when we get them to leave, you go right along with them, and while you are at it, take all your hypocrite liberal ilk with you. I am sure that you will feel right at home in the midst of a populace of dark souls. Enjoy, and don’t let the door slam you in the ass on your way out!

  5. Heartbreaking images BNI.
    We can never forget what this Muslim filths’ goal is. Destruction of our way of life and erosion of our freedom.
    Hold on to your freedom people, once it’s gone, it’s gone for ever to this SCUM. They hate us, the Inbred stinking bastards.

  6. I can’t believe what I’ve read here! Boldfaced generalized, stereotyped, uneducated, inciting, blasphemous, hateful, vengeful, alarmist extremism, and more! You sound no better than those you profess to know so well and condemn! And you are students in a respectable university of higher learning?! Do you not hear how you sound exactly like the haters of earlier generations, the ones who started mass atrocities of their own? Has your appreciation for your gift of higher education fallen behind your desire for intolerance, to justify some delusional self-inflating promotion as if your worth is greater than another’s and you’ll be better off for it?!

    Is this really what you want for yourselves, how to be remembered?! All this passion directed destructively when you could be coming together to be a part of the solution, or is that not what you want? How far do you think this blaming, name calling & degradation will get you? Do you really believe your words are harmless because you can hide behind this vile facade? That your ‘rights’ surpass other’s just because you have the luxury of free speech?! You have no idea how lucky you are!

    I challenge each of you to examine how you honestly feel about these issues, who’s to ‘blame’ for what, if everyone in a group can be classified without talking to them individually, and how you’d feel if someone put a reminder of something horrific and recent that questions your allegiances, on your door, or your family’s, whether you had anything to do with it or not.

    What do you want, for your country, your families, your futures, yourself? Will denouncing another’s rights, religion, differences… ensure, or devalue your own? Do you want to contribute toward the health, or demise of the world? You are chronologically mature young adults now, responsible for your words and actions legally and morally, like it or not. You are at a turning point, protected by the university umbrella, but very soon it will be the real world and how prepared will you be? Step up to the plate, and dare to think clearly, and for yourself. Your choice. Do you want to be a subversive drain on society, or someone who can articulate needed and positive change in a constructive manner that will benefit all? You’ve made it this far, on skill, luck or ingenuity. Don’t throw it all away on garbage. It’s your future; you’re now the cause, plan the effect. Be in control of the destiny you want for yourself. Start now.

    • Because I may have misinterpreted your comments, please clarify if you are talking to BNI readers or to the Montclair State students. Assuming it is the first one, continue reading below. If you are talking to the students, you should probably skip the rest of this reply.

      First of all An A, no one here is a university student. WE are taxpaying adults and have the right to condemn a cult posing as a religion for its violent, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, and supremacist beliefs, all of which can be found in countless verses of the quran and other ‘holy’ books.

      Before you shoot off your big fat, leftist, Muslim apologist mouth, I suggest you scroll thru some of the stories here and show proof that they are false.

      I’ll tell you what we want for our country and families, the end of muslim immigration and the deportation of Muslims who are trying to turn this country into a sharia state. Right after that, we’d like to send you leftist scum to go live in your favorite Islamic hellhole. See how far your complaints get your there.

  7. I remember seeing that woman jump on a CNN news feed when I was just 11 years old; at the time, I didn’t understand the nature of what was going on. How could I have? I was in the public school system at the time, and furthermore, I was just a child; what did I know of the evils that dwell both within and outside our borders?

    And this group has the NERVE to call this islamaphobic? I guess they should call that toilet paper they worship islamaphobic as well, since it gives an excellent case for us “filthy infidels” to expose the contradictions, lies, evil and half truths perepetuated by musilm terrorists and islam in general.

    As a Christian, I do not wish ill will on anyone when in my right mind, even muslims; for Christ said to be a living example, that you were far more likely to attract others to His salvation with kindness and patience than barbed words; note He didn’t mean naive tolerance and suicidally placing yourself to their wicked whims, but He did say that you should bless those who persecute you, and think it a blessing; after all, by that act, they vindicate the teachings of Jesus. (Matthew 5:11-12, Matthew 5:44, Matthew 10:22, Luke 6:28, Romans 12:14)

    However, as Christians we also were taught what is good and evil, right and wrong. As much as I personally believe the cult of Muhammad is a lie carefully crafted by satan to create himself a blood-thirsty army of blind and to-be-damned souls, I would hope that even they would come to know Jesus as their savior; after all, before one comes to know Him, ALL are unworthy until they repent and accept Him as their savior, and live as he did to the best of their abilty. (Romans 3:23)

    But… I cannot, and will not abide the evil done by the acolytes of islam.

    I don’t hate them… but I will not stand idle as they threaten the freedom of all others the world over. Ultimately, it will fail, as have all that have tried to snuff out the truth (Rome, Jezebel, Babylon, the Pharisees, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union). God looks at those who vainly plot such evil deeds, and He laughs, for all has been decided by Him. (Psalm 2)

    I stand against the musilms not out of hatred, but rather the lie upon which satan has built and decieved them with. I don’t presume them damned, save those who become apostates from Christ. The vengeance for their crimes is not mine to take, and the judgement of their salvation is not mine to make; after all, there are cases of muslim terrorists turning away from the evils of islam and coming to know Christ as their savior. After all, as a christian with the fortune of having the scriptures at my disposal, would it not be evil for me to not tell them the truth and what awaits them if they do not accept it? Having read what awaits those who do not come to know the Lord in hell… I would not wish such a dreadful, horrific fate on anybody; though I will admit, that given the lives of men such as bin Laden, Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and others, I do think that is where they are now as we live and breathe.

    my point is… I stand against them, not because I live in fear of them; what can mere men really do to me? I mean, sure they could kill me, but that does nothing to who I am; my spirit. I stand against them because I wish to be a free man in the democratic republic of America, than be a legislative slave to islam under the cruel iron rule of a caliphate. I refuse to stand and run when I see such evil being done, but I will not be so bold as to assume I have authority to condemn them to hell; how can I, who have sinned, wield such a terrible authority?

    Sorry for the wall of text, BNI, I just felt this needed to be said.

  8. Im on the phone with the university right now and they are claiming they know nothing about this so I dropped the name suzanne bronski and yep this is true and they are calling the graffiti a hate crime…..

    Montclair State University 973) 655-4000

    give them a call……..tell them the real hate crime was those bastards flying those planes into our buildings

  9. The MSA is very strong on university campuses in the west and has been for over a decade and probably longer. In my view, our academies of higher learning have become institutions of propaganda. We need a new system of learning for thinkers and for leaders. Universities have been dumbed down by pro-terrorist leftist politics. They graduate far too many who should never graduate, just because they can pay for their MD or their PhD. There needs to be some sort of moral test for professional association not just cash. Students are taught to believe, not to think, and unfortunately, they are taught what to believe by those with the most cash which is, in many cases, foreign Islamist investors. Lost. Our academies are lost. At the university where I taught before being told by police it was no longer safe to return on campus without a police escort, the MSA recruited aggressively. You couldn’t walk down a hall without being pressured to sign petitions opposing Israel. A campus cop told me she wanted, with the perpetrators of 9/11, to genocide all Jews. She was paid by student fees administered by dhimmis of the funders, then subsequently recruited by Niagara Regional Police as an inspector. Crime pays.

  10. For all the namby-pamby idiots out there that think Christians should “turn the other cheek”, remember the phrase, “onward Christian Soldiers.” What do people think the Crusades were all about? Fighting the cult of islam, getting back the Holy Land. If we turn the other cheek constantly, our heads would twist right off. We have to draw a line in the sand, once and for all. We CANNOT tolerate the invasion of America by the death cult that calls itself islam.

    The films of 9/11/2001 should be shown everyday, on every channel, so the American public does not forget. Too soon, those not directly affected by this tragedy, forget the horror of that day.

  11. KNOW THIS…..CAIR, MSA & etal…. ONLY purpose (for now) …is to destroy us from within…….by using our 1st Amendment as a weapon against us.
    Do you know who spoke these words few days after Benghazii attack:
    ”There is no future for anyone in this country who speaks against Islam”.
    If you guessed the POTUS… are correct.

  12. Victory mosque leader, Imam Rauf, refused repeatedly to say that Hamas is a terrorist organization and wants excessively cruel Islamic sharia law implemented in America. Destroying our Constitution, freedom, and human rights. That is NOT freedom of religion! It is sedition!

    Many millions made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives so that we could live in freedom and safety!

    The U.S. government showed their approval of Rauf’s support of terrorist Hamas and Rauf’s goal of sharia in America by sending Rauf on an all-expenses paid trip to Middle Eastern countries to represent America.

    Rauf even made a veiled threat against America that if we don’t submit to Islam and obey their demand for a victory mosque, the Muslim world will explode in anger.

  13. Will Americans next be charged with a hate crime for mentioning our slaughtered cherished 3,000?

    Obama at the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

  14. Any criticism of Islam is impossible since Islam is ‘perfect’ and Moslems may not criticize other Moslems. Ordinary Moslems say nothing out of fear and the mullahs say nothing because they agree with Osama bin Laden.

  15. Americans will NEVER forget that thousands of INHUMAN Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrated with great joy and delight the terrible suffering and cruel mass slaughter of our 3,000 innocents; dancing in the streets, passing out sweets and firing into the air. Muslims that Americans are immorally forced to support with their taxes. And reward with a Muslim terror state in Israel bent on Jewish genocide.

    We will never forget that Muslims also celebrated in the streets in America and other countries.

    In Berlin, Germany, Turkish Muslims celebrated the 9/11 murder of innocents by sending up hundreds of bottle rockets into the air.

    We will also never forget that thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrate in the streets whenever a Muslim terrorist blows up amongst our cherished Israeli brothers and sisters. We will never forget the 7/7 cruel slaughter of our cherished British brothers and sisters.

  16. we shall clear a path too hell and call it their destiny ! muslims you have the mark of Cain ! never will we yield right of way too Killers

  17. The jumpers of 911 were what started my journey into the truth about Islam. I was so affected by the documentary that I wanted to know more and found BNIs post about the jumpers. 10 seconds of hell. I pray God was with each and every person that day and that we NEVER forget!

  18. Good God, I’ve never seen the result of what people looked like after they hit the ground. Horrendous! Ugh! Terrible for us to see, but it would have been a merciful death for him.

  19. i just hope that man had died of a heart attack before hitting the pavement. ut juswt the sheer terror of falling that far for each of those victims whether or not they rode the buildings down must have been horrific. Even though there are stupid people who believe the Holocaust never happened some of those buildings still stand as a reminder.of when HELL WALKED THE EARTH..the only problem is HELL NEVER LEFT. JUST TOOK ON A NEW IDENTITY

    • KS, yes, that is a photo from 9/11. No media outlet had the guts to publish it. I’ve only posted it one time, but felt it necessary in light of this story. Like Gen. Eisenhower said at the Nazi Death Camps, take a lot of photos so no one can deny it happened in the future.

      • BNI, I wish you would publish more pictures like this. Not because I am a gore-hound, but because a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing explains 9/11 terror like the picture at the bottom. We, the West, are not making rational choices because the facts are being edited. We are being lied to with lethal results. These pictures are disenfectant applied to liberal truth rot. I notice no liberals show up to argue when you show pictures like these.

        Thank you for publishing the truth. You are one of the few outlets, possibly the only one, that has the guts to do this.

        • I have to agree with Kevin. 12 years on now…I believe too many have forgotten how it felt that day. Yes, many of us will never forget, but there are still many more who will need the “shock” effect. Thank you, B.

  20. There is always a double standard when it comes to the radical left. I know little of their religious indoctrination, other than it is considered a sure path to heaven if they kill an infidel…which is anyone who isn’t a Muslim. Our country and esp. our universities don’t have free speech. Denying something that happened doesn’t make it go away, and it doesn’t express the opinions of all Muslims. But free speech used to really be FREE in this country…whether it was “hate” speech or “love” speech. Freedom is the liberty to say whatever you want to say,whether I like it or not. We are rapidly losing our freedoms that are in our very constitution and that have made us the envy of the world. Now, we have to “shut up”? I wish the campus police and everyone else would get this excited about a Christian group being smeared.

  21. “And when Satan had finished all the tempting he left Him, to await another opportunity” – Luke 5:13

    He came back, This time for me.
    On the 110th floor I was so close to God I could almost grab his beard.
    Never before has heaven been this close to hell.
    I can feel its fire on the floors below Raising ash and paper and smoke Thick as Satan’s laughter.
    At the window, shattered, I look for salvation and he tempts me,
    Dares me to jump,
    Whispering a psalm in my ear
    He spits as he speaks: “He will bid his angels watch over you. With their hands they will support you.”
    I mumble “Amen,” Close my eyes and sense the rush of air.
    I cannot breathe until I finally feel Those hands of angels
    Hard as cement against my face.

    by Doug Seubert


  22. After reading this All I hear is that Loud Giant-Sized Silence.
    I walked around in that terrible Silence for a week after 9/11/2001.
    [Now there are 2 9/11s since Benghazi]
    Strong Article this one. Got me there fast. Most likely as fast as it took one of
    those jumpers to hit the cement of what is now known as Ground Zero.
    Shameful and disgusting how this world-changing experience has been so watered down to where there is no essence of the Sacred remaining. Another Incident in history.
    I would prefer to live in a country who still believes in the idea that a human life is worth something–along the lines of respect for Inalienable Rights.
    Unfortunately, Islamofascism is the antithesis of a society in the good practice of Inalienable Rights.
    These insane pigs do not stop. The hunger for power is the root of all evil. This hunger is relentless as is evil.

  23. Americans need to see things (pictures; poor soul that jumped) like this. Our eyes are too virginal. We need to see the atrocities these people are capable of and their hatred for us. May the living God Jesus Christ have mercy on us.

  24. We must never forget 9/11. We must never let the muslims call our memorial efforts islamopobia. They are trying to get us to forget the halocaust. We never will. The muslim terrorists murdered over 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 and I will never forget the group of muslim savage terrorists of islam who did this atrocitity in the name of their lunartic moon god allah.

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