OMG! Steven Spielberg has Leftist dhimmis wringing their hands over his upcoming anti-Islam documentary film about the clash of civilizations

Clash-of-civilizationFinally, it appears that Hollywood is about to get it right: The coming clash of civilizations IS about the war between the civilized world and the truly violent, misogynistic, bigoted, and racist political ideology otherwise known as Islam. For the first time, Islam might actually be exposed for what it is by Hollywood to the mostly clueless average citizen in America and around the world. Let’s hope.


A pathetically ignorant Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, told students at the University of Central Oklahoma on February 5, 2013, that “I can’t think of anything more dangerous or stupid than a film about the clash of civilization between Islam and Christianity.” But that’s because he actually believes that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are philosophically nearly identical. Obviously he has never read a quran that has not been whitewashed for dhimmi consumption.


38 comments on “OMG! Steven Spielberg has Leftist dhimmis wringing their hands over his upcoming anti-Islam documentary film about the clash of civilizations

  1. I hope it’s gonna happen, the world needs to know what islam really is. i live in indonesia, islam is acting like a mob here.

  2. Again. .. Never going to happen. Or, it will be changed till it’s unrecognized. Do you people really think that Hollywood would ever allow a movie like this? Do you really think that after Benghazi the left would be acting responsible? The same left leaning Hollywood that helped Obama get elected? Bridge for sale! Come and get it!

  3. The best way to resist the fundamentalist views is education. The way to get to these achievements is long, but inevitable. Unfortunately, the degree of education on some of the countries of Islam does not allow access to communication resources due to the economic situation deteriorated. Many of them do not even have a computer. Some of them do not even know what it is Facebook. Their leaders are the source of information and they force them all in the name of Islam. Unfortunately, it is difficult to crack prejudice. Perhaps Steven Spielberg’s film could really help.

  4. On the left, there’s a tendency to view all religions as the same. It’s a serious mistake, and it gives them an excuse not to actually do research into the actual content of religions. This is ultimately their greatest weakness. They turn rational questioning into dogmatic expectations.

  5. Woohoo. I always thought Steven Spielberg was borderline. Anyway, I LOVED Lincoln and Saving Private Ryan. Seems like he’s pretty patriotic?

  6. Let’s hope his film is an honest portrayal of Islam, and that he opens some eyes.

    BTW, re: Eric Allen Bell…I was following him on FB, but he became extremely anti-religion of any type. He was posting things like (and I’m paraphrasing), “Christians are incapable of critical thought,” as well as many other insulting statements. He claims he’s not an atheist, but won’t come right out and say what he does believe. He is quite arrogant, and a my way or the highway type of man. At first, I was encouraged that he seemed to have his blinders removed where Islam is concerned, and even considered sending him some money to help fund the film he claims he wants to make. But after he insulted me a few too many times, I decided he will never receive one thin dime from me. I figure any movie he makes will be anti-Jew, Anti-Christian, etc. in addition to being anti-Islam.

    • I liked his Facebook page a few days ago, and after 5 minutes of reading, I called him an arrogant ass and left. Liberalism has been too deeply ingrained into his brain for him to ever change.

  7. If Spielberg really pulls this off and actually makes and promotes this excellent film, I will be an even bigger fan of his work. I don’t give a shit what the whinning muzrats think, they can all burn in hell for all I care. I want to see this film………. Its a possible blockbuster!

  8. Spielberg experiencing a paradigm shift? I’m gonna wait this one out. It is quite possible though. I will say this much, he is good at what he does. Shindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan were first rate movies in my opinion, and if he truly is a Jew first, leftist second, then this upcomming documentary may prove worth it’s weight in gold.

    Now, having said that, this Lawrence Wilkerson needs to fry in Hell for indoctrinating college students, with muslim appeasement propaganda, telling them how to think, what to believe, and all in Red state Oklahoma, MY OKLAHOMA!!

    Bite me Wilkerson!

  9. that ugly american wilkerson and his smug attitude he is what is wrong ! this ugly american from the right is looking forward to an ugly contest with him

  10. BNI,
    you are more godly than you think you are. please know you are doing God’s work because you have survived many attempts to shut you down. Lawrence Wilkerson is a dangerous man because he is a thru and thru dhimmi.
    all one has to do is ready a history book to know just how dangerous islam really is and how it hasn’t contributed to human cfivilization history channel not withstanding

  11. Spielberg will make history fascinating for people and hopefully many will be stimulated to learn about this evil, supremacist Death Cult.

    If Hollywood doesn’t fight Islamic censorship, there freedom of expression will be TOTALLY removed by the jihadists!!!

    Spielberg apparently GETS IT!!!

    Good for him!

  12. Spielberg is that rare breed of film maker who can combine quality direction and screenplays with blockbuster queues.

    For instance Schindlers List broke records and you can bet also offered a first glimpse for many into a visual sense of what the Holocaust was really about.

    Having said that, isn’t it about time some director had the gonads to inject a little honesty into a film about one of the most important issues of our time?

    Think about it, have we seen one espionage/security/terrorist thriller featuring those who are actually the real bad guys rather than the deflection which seems to be an absolute reversal of what is actually happening?

    The Religion of Peace site details numbers, locations and who are the perps . The term, global jihad offers a clue as to who these are. It’s not CAIR’s version either but the bloody massacres going on somewhere on earth even as I type.

    Surely Hollywood has to realise that at some point in the future their ‘I see no Muslims’ schtic will come adrift?

  13. All ss has to do is to tell the truth and let all of the thousands of atrocities that muslims of islam have done since 9/11 speak for themselves. Just film the muslims telling what they want to do in their protest marches as they hold up signs calling for the death of America, democracy go to hell and so on. The truth is all that is needed, along with the courage to tell the truth and not to be afraid of the muslim’s typical savage behavior when ever they are ‘outed’ by the truth of their atrocities. We will probably have to support ss rights to freedom of speech, providing that what he is telling is the truth and not some liberal leftard lies, taqiyya and BS, about islam being the cult of peace.

  14. If he portrays anything close to the truth, he will have to double down on his personal security. We are experiencing the same global willful blindness that history documented when Germany rearmed after WWI. I wonder if Obama will hustle him off to an ‘internment camp’ somewhere.

    The future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of islam…
    Sheikh Obama

    On a side note, this news must be giving Uncle Dougie a spastic colon.

  15. Lawrence Wilkerson knows exactly what the deal is just like all the other leftist politicians and bureaucrats. He’s talking from a script saying what he is told to say, he’s not naive, especially working for a past General, he’s a sell out.

    Remember Steven Spielsberg did bring us Shindler’s List, as left leaning as he may be apparently he sees himself as first a Jew, thank God if that is the case. Maybe just maybe the game has gone to far now and some consciences are beginning to be bothered, they cannot for much longer rationalize their own heritage and the rising hatred of Israel. Especially with the Muslim-in-Chief sending fighter jets and tanks to Egypt. May he have the courage to buck the trend in Hollywood and do what is RIGHT and tell the REAL story!

  16. no way s.s. has the balls to show the truth. I bet it will be some mish mash of how heroic the muslims are in defending their land from empiralistic invaders, aka the U.S. and the west. probably have some b.s. about the plight of the “palestinians”

      • Dear Ms. BNI, I’ll believe it when I see it!!!

        In other words, until the result PROVES itself, I won’t believe any of it. To get a leftist to change his mind virtually requires a Divine Miracle (regardless of which faith or denomination thereof you happen to be of)!!!

        [Mind you, there is Eric Allen Bell – he sure changed…]

        • ADHD, actually Bell hasn’t changed as much as you might think. Someone sent me a Twitter feed of his where he is accusing all religions as being as bad as Islam. Notice how you haven’t seen any of his work here in a long time.

        • Yes, Ms. BNI:

          I do remember his still being so anti-religion generally as to finally turn me off. You see, it’s one thing to note what PEOPLE DO in terms of using – and abusing!! – any given faith; however, to attack them all is truly throwing out the baby with the bathwater!!!

          Like it or not, atheism is a “religion” of sorts – and how much evil has been committed in its name (notably via Communism and Nazism)!! [Here I remember the very first time as a child that I asked my late mother about the term “atheism”: she (a committed Christian, though a few of her beliefs weren’t quite orthodox…) condemned it as “bad” in her very first words upon the subject!!!]

        • Dear BNI:

          What is the situation with Eric Allen Bell? From what I knew he was a film maker who was awakened to muslim’s true intentions when he tried to make a documentary about a mosque in Tennessee. I remember reading some of his articles and video clips of him on news programs. He seemed to be sincere about his stance against the spread of islam.

          Then he had to go “underground” when he was accused of being the film maker behind the “Innocence of Muslims” movie trailer that was the subject of all the rioting last year. I thought he was laying low and would have to get 24/7 police protection like Geert and other have. He was supposed to be making an anti-islam movie. Has he given up on this?

          Did you ever meet him Bonni? Did he seem sincere in his stance about islam or did he fold because of the fatwa against him. I just assume that you, Eric, Nonie, Pam, Robert, Gabrielle, Walid, etc…all know each other from conferences and Ground Zero mosque events, etc. And that you know the “real” people behind Vlad or the Mad Jewess, etc. I respect you work and dedication to this cause and would always want to know your opinion if certain people are legit in their stance against the muslim goal of islamic supremacism

          Keep up the good work Bonni and look forward to hearing your opinion of Eric- if I do find stuff on his continuing his documentary… would it be worth supporting?


        • Arjay, I did a phone interview with him about a year ago and he seemed like he had really had an awakening about Islam. I have not followed him much since then, but it sounds like his leftist atheist views are starting to lump Islam in with all religions. It could be because he was totally shunned and ridiculed by the Left after he came out against Islam. And was not able to get much work because of it

        • EA Bell has gone completely feral & bit the hands that fed him.
          Yes he did have an awakening about Islam, that part is very true & was totally disgusted by it.
          And as mentioned he had to go underground for his safety (what else would be new?) so he asked for financial help.
          Many many Christians came to his aid & support.
          Then a few months after his epiphany, his dialogue changed & really started to attack Christianity – in fact most of his blogs in Fascist Book were more about his anti-Christianity than anti-pisslam.
          He had said a few times that he is not an atheist.
          Now to be fair, he was getting inundated with VERY zealous Christians – had the same fervour of jihadists – so got very pissed off, even though they were told no preaching, the BS kept on keeping on.(It sickened me too & I’m much more favourably disposed to Christianity than pisslam)
          However instead of banning those people or deleting their posts he went on a typical left wing rant against Christianity mainly & with really offensive stuff – he knew that no Christian would threaten him, so was on safe ground – a typically cowardly way –
          I as well as many others pointed out to him not to bite the hand that feeds him, just delete the offending posts.
          Result was I, my fake profile & many other people got knocked off his page – couldn’t handle the truth.
          His readership went down by thousands – wonder why?
          Didn’t matter how many times he was advised just to keep to the anti-pisslam subject & if he’s anti-Christian that’s fine – there are plenty of other pages dedicated to that bull shit.

          Bottom line, he lost the plot, don’t expect anything of substance from E A Bell. Definitely has courage & knowledge but sadly lacks wisdom – which is natural for any leftard.

        • MWP, I get proselytizers for different religions here all the time and ask them nicely to stop as I don’t allow it for any religion. The purpose of this blog is to expose Islam, not to convert anyone out of it. If they continue, I ban them. Bell could have done the same.

      • I have a videotape set of Spielberg’s “The Stand”. I know it is not completely accurate with regard to the Bible but I watch and enjoy it every now and then.

        In the movie Spielberg produces the classic good versus evil saga, He correctly calls evil evil and good good. I like that.

        I would like to see movies produced that show graphic sex, violence, injustice, and spiritual evil in a realistic way that condemns sin for what it is and it’s consequences and glorifies God and holiness.

        I perceive that BNI is a very refined, godly, and moral woman who has accepted the challenge to get her hands dirty in combatting the most gross wickedness in the world today.

        • Babylon 5 series has more reference to whats going on today than most I’ve seen. Good orderly direction(Vorlons) vs. evolution through chaos(Shadows) Dictatorship take over of Earth(secretly aligned with Shadows) ministry of peace and propaganda… One of the best sci fi series. If I was to compare for muslims I would go with DUNE but it would be characterized as pro muslim and Oil would be the treasure.

    • BAHAHAHA we have a better chance of seeing God than him producing or endorsing such a documentary unless it attacks the right in some way.

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