On, NOES! Red Swastikas mysteriously appear on a mosque in France again

jerusalemmuftihitler1Funny how the perpetrators of these so-called ‘Islamophobic’ hate crimes are never found. Maybe that’s because history has documented that Muslims were very tight with the Nazis and formed an active alliance with Hitler to help eliminate the Jews during WWII.

Provins mosque graffiti

Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France reports that there has been yet another fascist graffiti attack on a French mosque, this time at Provins in the Île-de-France region in north-central France. On Saturday morning worshippers found six red swastikas sprayed on the walls and doors of the building. The CCIF points out that this follows a similar attack only a week ago at Ozoir-La-Ferrière.

French interior minister Manuel Valls has issued a statement condemning the incident and declaring his support for the Muslim community, but the CCIF dismisses this as just words, when what is needed is action. They add that Valls himself, with his expulsion of preachers, his talk of the Republic’s “essential struggle” against the veil, and his treatment of French Muslims as the enemy within, has helped to legitimise Islamophobic acts.