On, NOES! Red Swastikas mysteriously appear on a mosque in France again

jerusalemmuftihitler1Funny how the perpetrators of these so-called ‘Islamophobic’ hate crimes are never found. Maybe that’s because history has documented that Muslims were very tight with the Nazis and formed an active alliance with Hitler to help eliminate the Jews during WWII.

Provins mosque graffiti

Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France reports that there has been yet another fascist graffiti attack on a French mosque, this time at Provins in the Île-de-France region in north-central France. On Saturday morning worshippers found six red swastikas sprayed on the walls and doors of the building. The CCIF points out that this follows a similar attack only a week ago at Ozoir-La-Ferrière.

French interior minister Manuel Valls has issued a statement condemning the incident and declaring his support for the Muslim community, but the CCIF dismisses this as just words, when what is needed is action. They add that Valls himself, with his expulsion of preachers, his talk of the Republic’s “essential struggle” against the veil, and his treatment of French Muslims as the enemy within, has helped to legitimise Islamophobic acts.


16 comments on “On, NOES! Red Swastikas mysteriously appear on a mosque in France again

  1. It’s obvious who are the culprits.

    Muslims and ther socialists minions,precisely the nationalist branch of the socialism (national socialism) paint those things in the night.

    • Yes! “Fascist swastika attacks”?!!….My ass!! THIS was MORE of the work of worthless asslifters trying to gain sympathy, which they will only get from other muslimes and dhimmi dip asshats too stupid to pull their heads out and see the truth and the light!!

  2. Yes, exactly, the swastiks should be their “badge”. This leopard, the evil that is called islam, has not changed its spots since its inception. Their goal is to eradicate the jews from the earth and always has been. How ridiculous!! God has chosen his people and will not forget them. Unfortunately, they forget HIM all too often.

  3. Muslim war criminals were allowed to escape Nuremberg Tribunal as a part of a deal with allies , especially Great Britain in exchange for concessions to drill Iraqi oil. Their active participation in Final Solution was effectively buried as promised and many Nazis settled comfortable in Egypt, Iraq and other sandboxes where they continued their vile teaching, especially propaganda and effective brainwashing. Arafat is a perfect example of a brilliant student, who he indeed was.

  4. This seems like a Comliment to me,they should be proud of their part in the War,it seems they are only objecting because they are playing the sympathy card again,cover ALL mosques in swastikas and let them wear it like a Badge,let NOBODY forget they were on the side of EVIL……and still are.

  5. That group CCIF is quite the problem in France. I sent them a message to the effect that Islam equates Nazism and they are trying to distort history.

  6. Green Fascism…Heil Mohammed.

    Graffitti? Tell me a real problem.

    No Moslem has been the victim of suicide attacks…except from other Moslems.

  7. The truth is that the muslims had a regiment in the nazi forces of hitler and supported the monster’s efforts to eliminate all Jews. So muslims you did support the nazis in the second world war. The truth is the truth in your muslim history of atrocities, you supported the nazis.

  8. Just betting the muzztards put the swastikas on the mosques themselves, to evoke sympathy and moooore apologies and dhimmitude from the clueless leaders of France… so they can claim more ” islamophobic ” acts against pislam boo hoo! the swastika is a symbol of PRIDE to muzztards because they admire Hitler and his book ” Mein Kampf” meanining ” my struggle”…No coincidence that JIHAD also means ” struggle” Hitlers book is a best seller in muslim countries after the koran.. pathetic whiners all of them, they BURN other houses of worship!!!!!. when we start BURNING THEIR mosques then they will have a complaint, and even then it would be excusable because they destroy Hindu Temples, Christian churches, Buddhist Temples, Synagogues, sacred historic sites,,,and they do it with impunity,,,, they should shut the hell UP!!

    • Hello Aussie cousin! I really agree with you, I think its about time some (or better still, ALL) mosques get a taste of their own medicine. I am sick to the back teeth of these vile creatures. Our governments are also to blame and should be made accountable. I am almost sure that the government think that they are untouchable.

  9. Anyone that saw the movie Inglorius Bastards (sp?) remembers the scene where Bard Pitt carved a swasitka into the forehead of one of the Nazis. I think the muslimes would be proud to have the crescent moon carved into their foreheads and chests and backs and asses. The knife would have to be dull and laced with a poison.

    Yes, I am an Infidel and Proud of it.

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