UK Muslim parasites now living in 4-star hotels after government cuts their welfare benefits

7c9d3a0489e8eb09c81a4d9fc7df4ef2_1830437_0Hotel Bills for some families in Westminster have topped £12,000 per month with the council paying out more than £2 million in the first nine months of last year. The council says government limits on the amount people can claim in housing benefit have led to a rise in the numbers becoming homeless in the area.

BBC But the government said Westminster Council’s behaviour was “unacceptable.” Councils have a legal duty to re-house homeless people.


The Osman family have been at the Jury’s Inn since the start of November, after changes to their housing benefit left them unable to afford the four-bedroom home they rented. They now share three rooms at the hotel.

“It’s very hard,” says father, Ali Sharif Osman.” “We don’t have a cooker, we don’t have a fridge so we have to go out and buy takeaways every day. (Paid for by taxpayers, no doubt).”The hotel is also further from the children’s schools”.


He says the family used to receive £700-a-week in housing benefit until that was capped. BBC London was told the taxpayer is paying £350-a-night to house his family at the Jury’s Inn Hotel.

Another invoice seen by BBC London shows the bill for a family of four, being housed at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in Kensington came to more than £12,500 for a month. The taxpayer had previously paid just over £3,000 in Housing Benefit for the family’s previous home.


36 comments on “UK Muslim parasites now living in 4-star hotels after government cuts their welfare benefits

  1. Canadian lady is right. Deport if they do not get a job. muslims do not work because they think that we are to pay jizah to the scum. Deport. Stop all further muslm immigration.

  2. Check out the pics. The Muslims all have HUGE smiles of DELIGHT on their faces (some appear to be laughing) living in a 4-star hotel paid by stressed out HARD-WORKING British taxpayers and eating out with British taxpayers money.

    In Britain and Europe, Brits and Europeans are FORCED to be slaves for Muslims – working hard to financially support ruling elites top FAVORITES – Muslims. Whilst Muslims openly declare their goal is Muslim conquest and imposition of sharia law.

    I will never forget the comment by a Brit in the UK Daily Mail who complained bitterly that she wanted more children but was not able to have more because she had to support the children of other people with her high taxes.

    It is important to note that it is ONLY MUSLIMS who are put up in 4-star hotels. It is ONLY Muslims who are provided (by the taxpayers) with super expensive houses with expensive furniture and big flat screen TVs, in top, exclusive areas of London.

    Send them all back to their countries. Stop FORCING despised non-Muslim Brits to work for them and provide for them. That is the responsibility of Muslims countries – Saudia Arabia, Qatar – countries that are swimming in oil wealth.

    Brits MUST have the right to have children and not be denied this basic human right because they are forced to provide for massive numbers of Muslims. That is unjust and inhuman and must stop.

  3. We recently rented a house that we own and based on advice we used a rental agency. It took them a week to get anyone out to look at the place and they were obvious African refugees who reeked of body odor. The only thing in their favor was that they weren’t Muslims (that I could tell anyway) The first words out of their mouths was “do you take section 8?” This was after I knew people who were waiting for section 8 for years before being approved. I canceled the rental agency- after they told me that they “couldn’t discriminate”. It cost me 500 dollars but I placed an ad myself and got a good renter after only one week.

  4. You would think by now the UK would have figured it out… importing the 3rd World to the Western World does not bring favorable results. It baffles me why all the heads of state in Europe would agree to bringing down their countries like this.

  5. The government cuts their funds but insists the council pick up the tab ? how twisted! I don’t think the council has a duty to do anything but insist that the government deport them to whatever hell fro whence they came

  6. i would love to get £700 pounds a week for sitting on my arse but i work instead and only get 400to500 a week before tax and do they pay tax bet they dont so send them back were they came from

  7. Dear BNI:

    So the one muslim used to have a stipend of 700 for housing. Then it was capped. Well, considering they came from living in what? Tents? Smelly Sheds? Apartments with no utilities? A falling down house where they lived with goats and chickens? Whatever dwellings they had back in their 3rd world muslim cesspool of a nation… their current housing in Great Britain which was paid for up to that 700 amount… wasn’t enough? It was “capped” and we are to feel sorry for them?

    Why wasn’t ANYONE in that family working to supplement the 700 amount so they could stay in the house. If no one wants to work so they then lose the house… whose fault is that? Then they have the nerve to complain about not having household appliances and luxuries in their hotel AND complain about the children being farther from school AND that they have to “eat out.”

    What madness is this?

    Should someone tell the muslims that other people in Britain whether indigenous English, Scots or Welsh… or an Indian Hindu or Sihk… a black Christian from the current British colony of the British Virgin Islands or a Chinese Buddhist or Taoist from the former colony of Hong Kong (or maybe Singapore)… or some other person who has made the UK their home- Greek or Pole or Australian or Zimbabwean… guess WHAT! If they want household conveniences they EARN MONEY to BUY THEM or they EARN MONEY to rent a flat or house that provides these appliances with the rent money.

    How many non-muslim children must walk, ride their bicycle, take the bus (school bus or public transport bus) or be driven to school a distance from their home? How many IF THEY ARE NOT DRIVEN to school and take any of the other above mentioned ways… face bullying, intimedation, robbery, molestation and beatings from muslims on their way to school?

    So if your little muslim whelps have to walk or take longer to get to school… maybe they can work off all that take out food your getting. BY THE WAY…. my British contacts tell me that muslim immigrants also get food stipends, etc… so yes BNI the take out meals are also probably paid by British taxpayers.

    Why do the muslims complain about the take out? Well, ALWAYS whine about the hand that feeds them as to have any excuse NOT to be grateful. Also, the poor little muslims might not have as many choices of halal (torture farm animals) food OR may have to INTERACT with non-muslims in public restaurants…. as opposed to shopping at muslim owned halal adherence shops. Booo Hoooo! A muslim IS PAID TO EAT OUT, he just has to see non-muslims when he does.

    I know persons throughout Europe (including in the UK) who work at a variety of jobs… including those that are unskilled, require standing on one’s feet all day, service jobs, labor jobs, etc, etc. Indigenous ethnic Europeans do work these jobs as do many NON MUSLIM immigrants. I mention this because there is a stereotype that white Europeans and/or non-muslim immigrants to Europe do not want to work or do jobs that are “beneath them.”

    This is the reasoning behind allowing muslim tidal waves to drown European nations.

    Well, “white” Europeans and non-muslim immigrants DO WORK, but sadly have huge amounts of their paychecks taken away to support the muslims parasites as shown in this article. The one hope is that taxpayers are ALSO VOTERS and can get rid of politicians that continue to flood Europe with members of a cult that want to take Europe and place it under the control of a world wide Caliphate. WAKE UP EUROPE!

  8. They look like Somalis and I do see more than one wife for this guy.

    When will it take for the Brits to wake up and revolt in the streets?

  9. why not move these families out of the capital its not as if theyre employed,plenty of housing up north,barnsley,rotherham,derelict estates,instead of celebityland

    • Billy
      We dont want them in rotherham thank you very much, we have more than our share here already, we also have housing shortages and people living on our streets, no jobs here either, our homeless are shoved into hostels not four star hotels, they should be sent back from whence they came

    • @billy macpherson.

      Agree. Why the hell are they in the capital? Not only that, but why are they being housed in one of the wealthiest boroughs in London? Why aren’ t they in Zones 5-6?

      @BNI- The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea tends to be a Conservative borough and I would wager that is why the petty left put the family in a hotels in that area.

      To quote Labour, to “rub their faces in it”, no doubt. The treasonous Bastards!

        • @BNI, Will do.

          I suspect that there is some kind of chicanery between boroughs…Just, IMHO I have not yet worked out what? Or why?

          Based on something said in the video, when the the large Somali family were speaking, I suspect that were placed in a hotel in the Borough of K & C, because they were deliberately kept close to the family’s school which would have been in the Westminster borough closet to K & C. However, having said that, in the district/ward of Bayswater, which is in the borough of Westminster and a very short walking distance to Kensington there are a plethora of cheaper hotels they could have been placed in at a greatly reduced cost to the people.

          Still, Westminster is “the” prime London property area and you will find almost every famous London landmark can be found in this borough. It is too prime for council housing-IMHO. Sorry, if anyone objects to my snobbery. If you can not work and afford to live there, what right do you have to expect through the theft of someone else’s time and money to afford you the means to live in this area. This Somali family should not have been there either. I suspect they are waiting to win the 4/5 bedroom 2+ million pound council home lottery in a prime London location.

          Note: That is million pound housing that only the Multiculti immigrants ever win. White and English, need not apply.

          RE: The Single Mother

          Not sure if you are aware of this common benefit fraud scheme, The couple or ‘single mother’ separate from their spouse or partner, as she is now a single mother with kids, she is bumped to the top of the housing list as urgent/emergency. Thus, the couple end up obtaining two properties from the council. Through the fraud, one of the properties becomes a rental property and the spouse or boyfriend moves back in with the woman. If they can keep the scam running long enough, they maybe able to qualify to buy one of the properties at an incredibly discounted value and then later sell the council housing at current market values.

          IMHO, If you can not afford to pay your own way, then you should absolutely NOT be having children. The state, should only pay for the first child, anything after that, your on your own. The reason I mention this point, some years ago, I was reading in a British paper (the London Times?) That Muslims coming into France via the Maghreb were having far more children in Europe then their fellow countryman were in their home countries. The reason being of course, the French (UK) state was paying them to breed in a manner that was simply not possible in their country of origin.

          Now…going, back to the Muslim single mother in the video, that baby was very very young. So where is the father? If she has another child, then he is still on the scene and they are committing fraud.

          Jeez, that was cathartic. Any further information, I obtain regarding this story, I will pass on to you.

          Apologies for taking so long in getting back to you.

        • Thanks Hill. I have posted several stories from London about these large, multi-wife welfare families with litters of little terrorists-in-training, being housed in luxury townhouses

    • You can forget that mate….We already have MILLIONS of the slimeballs here in the North. Our poorold cotton towns stink with them. Beautiful old Yorkshire towns stibk of curry, and when we go out we never see white people, all we see are men in frocks and women in masks…its awful, they are taking our culture away.

  10. BNI I read a short news story online yesterday about 2 girls that were held as prisoners near Atlanta GA. It said they were held for just over 6 weeks and forced into sex slavery. It mentioned nothing of the perpetrators. I have little doubt that there is a Muslim conornection here. Just wondering if you heard anything on this?

  11. I know here the leeches come into our country and immediately get houses, while Aussie families are living out of their cars. There are no proper words for the treason committed against us by the ranga slag in parliament house.

  12. I was unemployed for a short term and was told i could only claim job seekers allowance and file a claim for my counsil tax to be paid, but would take a long time to which I would of been evicted from my home. My children were age 2 years old snd basically was told to get a job cos I was not entitled to anything and thankfully I did but this is shameful! I am so glad that my taxes is being put to good use. Whats wrong with B&Bs cheaper options or hostiles no, a 4 star hotel is the choice no wonder Britain is becoming a target for parasites and spongers on our welfare state and amazingly have the balls to complain that they have no kitchen or schools are to far away. Come to the UK where only muggs work!!

  13. It is so ironic that liberals/leftists/socialists always rant and rave about sustainability. How is the welfare state sustainable?

    • it isn’t because leftist/socialists will never be happy and will continue to demand more and more until there is nothing left

    • KS,have to agree with you,they are all immigrants,at 12,000 pounds a month,plane tickets would be a lot cheaper. saudi has all of that oil money and desert,what better place for them to be,close to the land,close to their origin and not infecting Western society.

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