AUSTRALIA: Non-Muslim teachers at Islamic College ordered to wear headbags or face dismissal

ummahoz-viTwo female Non-Muslim teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based on their attire suddenly being considered inappropriate. The teachers were sacked by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to female teachers, Muslim and non-Muslim: Wear a hijab/headbag or risk being fired.

The question should be, why were these women working for an Islamic Indoctrination Center in the first place? I will add another part to my usual warning: NEVER hire a Muslim and NEVER work for a Muslim.

Adelaide Now  One of the teachers has taken a case of unfair dismissal to the civil court while the other’s claim is being heard by Fair Work Australia. School principal Kadir Emniyet yesterday defended the school’s policy, which he said he had discussed with all 42 teachers. He said “90 per cent of them are happy to adhere to the policy.” (The 90% who are muslims, no doubt)


The policy insists non-Muslim women to wear a head scarf, not a traditional hijab, and was installed in 1998 but dropped in 2010 by the former principal and board. It was reinstated at the start of this year with a verbal only order to staff.

School board chairman Farouk Khan could not be contacted yesterday but the Independent Education Union and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said they were not aware of any change to the policy. AFIC assistant secretary Keysar Trad said he had spoken with Mr Khan. Mr Trad said AFIC could not force the school’s governing body to change its policy, despite it being at odds with the federation’s policy.

“I personally don’t believe in imposing the scarf on people,” said Trad. “We have Muslim and non-Muslim staff in our schools who do not wear it. “The only requirement we have is for teachers to dress modestly.” Mr Trad did not rule out AFIC imposing sanctions on the Islamic College of SA but said there should be more clarity on the issue after Saturday’s meeting.


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  1. Well latest news, Adelaide Now did a survey:

    Should non-Muslim teachers be sacked if they don’t wear the hijab?
    4.69% (837 votes)
    95.31% (17007 votes)
    Total votes: 17844

    In years I have not seen this many votes on practically ANY subject.

    Told you many people were pissed off!

    • Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird…….

      So tell me Adelaide………how many Germans were outraged and did not accept the genocide of the Jews yet not one lifted a finger to stop the train loads of humanity that passed through their towns, returning empty to fetch another load of wretched humanity…..and those victims of the one-way trip……left this earth, shed their mortal coil and the sum total of their entire lives rolled and boiled as foul oily smoke from crematoria chimneys. But understand this……not one lifted a finger to help…….knowing of the murder……not one.

      So tell me now Adelaide, tell me now Australia………out of the 17007 votes. out of the 17007 souls who know that Islam is a cancer, a poison, a sickness that cripples, that blackens, that disfigures, that corrodes and kills everything it touches…..exactly how many of you are going to stop this school in its tracks, identify every single teacher and administrator at this school, identify where they live, where they do business and who they associate with and then with that list and the list of the dhimmi bureaucrats, law enforcement officers, members of the judiciary and politicians, move to collect these practitioners of the sickness of Islam, and once collected, remove them from your midst in a manner that speaks of finality and detailed efficacy?

      Food for thought…….

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • Islam,….I’ve tried to befriend this doctrine…and it is very unfriendly to any logical discussion on religion or free thought…Muslims in Australia do not respect non Muslims …Unfortunately..and with sadness I find my self listening to people that are against Islam in western countries. …And I agree. They plan on destroying this country…After meeting Muslim young men ..their attitude to any questioning to their brutish aggression is something that needs to be experienced by our foolish leaders…

        • Hi Marcus Gregory,

          You have learned some very hard reality lessons; good for you that you tried to do the right thing, but unfortunately ‘True Muslims’ are vain and self-centred they believe they are superior to all non-Muslims and that they have the right to rule us and force us to submit to Islam.

          A person’s Belief System is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. In the case of ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ their fixed dogma creed is focused on ‘Jihad Conquest’ of all unbelievers. Islam teaches that they own the world and all non-Muslims are trespassers.

          I first read the boring Qur’an/Koran in 1984- it opened my eyes and immediately turned me against Islam. I recommend you first read the N.J. Dawood The Koran translation first as it is easiest to read. Then you can later cross reference it with other translations. The result is the same, regardless of translation. Muslims are taught to hate all unbelievers. Never trust a Muslim and never ever make friends with Muslims.

          I wish you well, know your enemy and learn all that you can about evil Islamic Doctrine and spread the word against Islam and explain why.

          Be careful, because we that stand against Islam, all lose friends, even family members. But who wants traitors as friends? I certainly do not- now I know who I can trust. The Dhimmi traitors are no longer part of my life.

          To protect and preserve ‘Liberty’ our right to live free in speech and choice, we must stop ‘Islam.’

          I recommend that you join a ‘Freedom Resistance Organisation’ that is honourable and sincere in its rejection of Islam.

          Best Wishes,


  2. The Muslims I have met really are not kind to other religions..Given the chance their true nature comes out…Aggressive males trying to bully you..

    • So you’ve seen the “modern, moderate masks” slip too. They’re all smiles and “peace and equality” until they’re sure they’re in the company of like-minded supremacists.

      You should try being a woman when the masks slip…it’s not pretty. And the female supremacists are just as vicious as their male counterparts.

  3. BNI, Agreed – Don’t work for Muslims, don’t hire Muslims, Don’t trade with Muslims. Never trust a Muslim. If a person breaks these survival rules they get the trouble they deserve.

  4. They should pull their brains and their talents out of that place; there’s no need to them to give up freedoms or dignity for these muzzie morons. I mean, hey, if they want to be taught by a third world, inbred echoing dogma chamber that is the political ideology of islam, they’re free to do that… by themselves.

    Also, the australian government should grow a spine and enforce the law instead of letting their citizens be trampled on.

  5. What Westerner in their right mind would work for a mohammadan school in the first place?

    But…to be a smart ass one of them should go to work with an embroidered napkin (embroidered with any “infidel” symbol:Cross, Star of David, Pentagram, Open Palm) pinned to their head. As the bearded half wit stated

    “The policy insists non-Muslim women to wear a head scarf, not a traditional hijab…”

    A napkin is not a “traditional hijab” and more than one woman has used a napkin as a scarf when hats and umbrellas are not available.

    Then we can sit back and watch the mohammadan supremacist hystronics begin. Hilarity is sure to follow.

    Every day I hate mohammadans and their Western dhimmi enablers more.

  6. Well, well, well this is the case Lefty teachers (Im guessing and believe Im right they are indeed Lefties) getting a good ol’ dose of Muzzie supremacy ‘my way or the highway’ intolerance directed at the. This is just an appertiser more to follow on their constant demands and giving the middle finger to OUR laws and seeing how much they will get away with it and get THEIR way. As ive always said, when a situation happens that the Lefty or Lefties are in the firing line of Muzscum, watch the Lefties start to squeal ‘discrimination’ etc as in this case. Hmmmm now to those particular teachers I say ‘well now you know what we mean…. never, ever, ever hire and Muzscum or work for one’. Hate to say ‘told you so’.

    My words of wisdom to the Lefty Teachers:

    ‘Good luck winning the case. Personally I hope you lose and have to suck it up Princesses’.

    Proof that the Teachers in question is are Dhimmi appeasing Lefties is fact that they were working for a Muzscum school in the first place. If they were not Dhimmi appeasing Lefties they wouldnt step foot in that school.

  7. Just try going to a Muslim country & insist on wearing garb from your native country.
    So the infiltration will work everytime….dress as Muslims in their country & expect to comply with Muslim attire in your country.

  8. Why in the hell would anyone want to work in a muslim school in the first place? I would say OK the teachers will wear the scarves but in our public schools which muslims go to they can not wear scarves? Problem fixed. And if the school doesn’t want to go by the laws of the land then stop funding and shut it down. What in the hell is wrong with people anyway who can’t see what is really going on? Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  9. Creeping Sharia thats all it is.

    O/T..Son arrested after Toufic Zahab decapitated at Bankstown home.(The muslime capital of Australia)

    Toufic Zahab, 69, is understood to have been hit with a brick and knifed in an attack that led to his decapitation at the family’s home in Stacey Street, Bankstown, just after 6am today.

    Police have arrested the victim’s 42-year-old son Khoder, who is assisting with their inquiries.

    Acting Bankstown Superintendent Glen Fitzgerald said the scene was distressing for police and family members who were at home during the attack.

    “The scene itself its quite disturbing,” he told reporters outside Bankstown police station

  10. I agree , don’t work for Muslims. Come to America where we provide foot baths and prayer rooms in our Public Universities for Muslim students. Don’t you understand that WE have to be TOLERANT? The rules don’t apply to THEM even though they are in YOUR country…well, you THOUGHT it was yours.

  11. Couldn’t she just shave her head…or wear a hat maybe? Of course, if she doesn’t comply and some staff official rapes her, it will be her fault. Right?

  12. This school only opened in July 2003 despite very vocal community protests, 1000’s in fact, I was one of them.
    That was well before I got on any anti-pisslam kick. It was less than 2 years after 9/11 & only 9 months after the Bali bombing, but as a community we knew it couldn’t be good.
    But then hey, a new Socialist Labor government had been elected the previous year & funny enough they also closed this school down along with many others while proclaiming they’re pro-education!
    It is a fee paying school, but funny enough, most of those who go there don’t pay fees – why not? Because the majority of parents are on Centrelink (Social Security) payments – so guess who pays those fees?
    But back to the issue, these teachers were already on a contract when the new board was put in. These cretins then chose to change the terms as if Australian Law doesn’t matter?! Oh yeah that’s right, these are MOSLEMS, they have their own laws don’t they?
    Of course it’s also sex discrimination because this ‘requirement’ only applies to women!
    There were nearly 300 comments in the Adelaide Now item & best part of 90% were negative, the most I’ve seen in a long time.
    Of course it was only a few days ago that it was revealed that crimmigrants were put up in an aged care home paid for by the Red Cross!
    Yeah people are mighty pissed off, but because of Political Correctness gone mad, are hesitant to speak too openly for fear of being labeled ‘racist’ – but yeah some did make that point in the Comments (mine never get published :)

      • Oh the word got passed around alright, I did my bit in making this story go viral – & the muzzrats/leftards either foamed or stayed completely quiet.
        One thing is for sure – they KNOW that much more people know about their crap & are dead set scared.

        • Your are racist , you have a right to your opinion but you have no right to abuse other religions and stigmatizes people from other faith. In principle I do not agree that non Muslims should wear hijab working for Islamic institutions as Long as they dress modestly. For your information the islamic religion does not prescribe it for non Muslims in Islam. similarly lots of thing Christianity doesn’t allow but nevertheless Christians do it all in the name of freedom and individual rights Islam is a very tolerant faith unfortunately ill informed , mislead so called religious extremist misuse it to promote their own nefarious agendas. Hijab promotes modesty even for Muslims it is optional and it is certainly not mandatory for non Muslims working in an Islamic environment as long as they are moderately dressed.
          I am glad that you views do not reflect thinking of main stream Australia. Australia and Australians are very tolerant , obliging and helpful people lets keep it that way.

        • Hey raghead, what ‘race’ is Islam? We DO have the right to abuse a death cult like Islam posing as a religion and we do it here every day. It is our right under the First Amendment.

          We have a lot of Australian readers and they all hate Muslims.

        • “Your are racist , you have a right to your opinion but you have no right to abuse other religions and stigmatizes people from other faith.”

          Wrong. Anything you can convert to is not a race, nor is it an ethnicity. All those fat chicks and social retards who convert to islam do not spontaneously change their race or ethnicity.

          All human beings have the inalienable right to criticize and “abuse” other ideologies. Religions are ideologies. They are not exempt from anything other than common sense. As for stigmatizing, you supremacist clowns stigmatize yourselves by choosing to believe in man made fairy tales.

        • Shahid k,

          Islam is not a tolerant faith… you are a liar.

          You are right the Islamic religion does not prescribe the wearing of the ‘Hijab’ for non-Muslims, here is why…

          [and by the way in Islamic Nations and in many places in the Western World, including in the above story in South Australia, non-Muslims have been instructed to wear the scarf/hejab which is a hypocritical demand in opposition to Islamic Doctrine and really verifies the determined nature of ‘True Muslims’ to Dictate that we in the West must submit to Islamic Demands, simply because vain self-centred Muslims stupidly believe they are superior.]

          Dr. Tawfik Hamid a Muslim Whistle-blower very critical of ‘Islamic Doctrine’ was as a young man trained by Al-Qaeda; in his 2005 book “The Roots of Jihad” he wrote…

          “The veil/Islamic scarf for Muslims today is a symbol of Islam and the superiority of Muslims. In their viewpoint, it is the main distinguishing feature between themselves and the “inferior” non-Muslims.”

          “This feeling of the superiority of veiled Islamic women among Muslims, instills in them the idea that others are inferior because their women don’t wear the veil. When the feeling of superiority is combined with the Quranic verses and Hadiths which justify killing non-Muslims, we have some of the seeds of terrorism in the Islamic world.”

          “Furthermore, the hejab of a Muslim mother causes her children to judge what is good or bad from a distorted viewpoint. For example, to a Muslim child living in a Western country, he would believe his mother is superior, or better, than his Jewish or Christian neighbours’ mothers, just because she wears the veil/scarf, regardless of their deeds. This distorted way of thinking makes a Muslim child judge people by what they wear and not by who they are or what they do.”

          Source: Chapter 5 ‘The Hejab and Its ‘Relationship to Terrorism.’

          The Qur’an states clearly as instruction to all Muslims… “Do not take Christians or Jews as friends” and “Kill all unbelievers… Behead them.”

          These superiority thinking Islamic Doctrines are not ‘Racist Teachings’ they are evil Apartheid teachings that which is called ‘Hate Speech.’ The very foundations of ‘Islam’ is ‘Anti-Freedom and completely ‘Totalitarian’ and therefore an enemy of ‘Liberty.’

          Yes there are many good Aussies, but good Aussies respect the right to ‘Liberty’ the way of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice.’ Good Aussies will never tolerate ‘Islam’ because Islam is an enemy of everything decent that good Aussies value.

          Islam is not compatible with the Western Free World not now, not ever.

          Islam is absolutely not compatible with the ‘Fair Dinkum’ ‘She’s Right Mate’ Aussie Ocker Philosophy of Life. Islam is not welcome in Australia by ‘True Australians’ that live loyal to the ‘Anzac Spirit.’

          The Aussie rejection of Islam is not ‘Racist.’ The Australian rejection of Islam is founded upon rejection of a ‘Dictatorship Creed’ that is focused on ‘Conquest’ and ‘Jihad Bully Tactics’ threatening every person that refuses to submit to the evil doctrine of Islam.

          ‘Aussies live True to the Anzac Spirit and those Aussies that died on the “Kokoda Trail’ stopping the invasion of Australia during World War II; there were no Muslims on the Kokoda Trail fighting for defence of Australia. So I say to all Muslims go fuck yourself… we don’t want your scumbag thinking in Australia.

          Every Muslim is my enemy because the Qur’an teaches Muslims that this is true.

          Allan Peter Ivarsson
          ‘Defender of the Faith’ in ‘Freedom’ against ‘Totalitarianism.’

          Ps. I don’t normally use coarse language but on this occasion it is appropriate.

        • Dream on shit for brains. I know a majority of Australians who hate you pedophile worshippers. Many are waking up to your cult day by day. The only stupid Aussies that tolerate you are the brain dead Hippys (Greens).
          Why dont you and all you Moslem peices of human excretement fuck off back to one of the 57 Pislamic shit holes where you are best suited. Your cult called Pislam is not vompatible with our way of life in the West.
          Oh and Pislam isnt a race you illiterate fuck.

    • 1- I admire your fight against our enemy # 1, Islam.
      2- To me 300 comments only is a disgrace. What would prompt the vast majority of PEOPLE to act.
      3- Political Correctness was invented by Muslims to protect their filthy evil system. Yes, it is working for them. AND, this is due to ignorance or cowardice or both.

      • The REAL inventors of “political correctness” are the COMMUNISTS – their tricks pre-dated the arrival of Moslems in the West, alas…

        Either way, DEATH TO ISLAM AND COMMUNISM!!!!!

  13. Though I am a Muslim I condemn this action of asking non Muslims to wear the scarf in a secular Australia. The school authorities must be punished for sowing the seeds of divisiveness.

  14. one comment made was that it was because the school wanted the teachers to be uniform in their dress code.The local Government School at KURABY in queensland has allowed muslim female students a dispensation to wear head scarfs but this is outside the regulations for students attending this non secular school.Forgot rules dont apply to muslims but probably a donation to the school may have assisted the decision unfortunately unable to prove.The canteen has been forced to be 20% halal as well.stealth jihad

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