AUSTRALIA: Non-Muslim teachers at Islamic College ordered to wear headbags or face dismissal

ummahoz-viTwo female Non-Muslim teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based on their attire suddenly being considered inappropriate. The teachers were sacked by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to female teachers, Muslim and non-Muslim: Wear a hijab/headbag or risk being fired.

The question should be, why were these women working for an Islamic Indoctrination Center in the first place? I will add another part to my usual warning: NEVER hire a Muslim and NEVER work for a Muslim.

Adelaide Now  One of the teachers has taken a case of unfair dismissal to the civil court while the other’s claim is being heard by Fair Work Australia. School principal Kadir Emniyet yesterday defended the school’s policy, which he said he had discussed with all 42 teachers. He said “90 per cent of them are happy to adhere to the policy.” (The 90% who are muslims, no doubt)


The policy insists non-Muslim women to wear a head scarf, not a traditional hijab, and was installed in 1998 but dropped in 2010 by the former principal and board. It was reinstated at the start of this year with a verbal only order to staff.

School board chairman Farouk Khan could not be contacted yesterday but the Independent Education Union and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said they were not aware of any change to the policy. AFIC assistant secretary Keysar Trad said he had spoken with Mr Khan. Mr Trad said AFIC could not force the school’s governing body to change its policy, despite it being at odds with the federation’s policy.

“I personally don’t believe in imposing the scarf on people,” said Trad. “We have Muslim and non-Muslim staff in our schools who do not wear it. “The only requirement we have is for teachers to dress modestly.” Mr Trad did not rule out AFIC imposing sanctions on the Islamic College of SA but said there should be more clarity on the issue after Saturday’s meeting.