London will look like the Islamic hellhole of Islamabad in 50 years

timthumb.phpDespite efforts to cut down on Muslim immigration, recent studies in Britain suggest the country’s frighteningly explosive demographic is still Muslim. The trend is stirring outrage among the native Brits, who say their government’s too scared to face the problems caused by the immigration boom.

expressscum-vi CRT Due to the treasonous ruling elites, native European populations are slowly being forced out of major cities by third world colonisers who bring nothing but high crime and poverty to the once powerful metropolis. According to a 2011 census, native whites make up about 44.9% with 7.5% million residents who are not indigenous to the population. It is not just London either, but also is in the city of Leicaster and the towns of Luton and Slough where the majority of the population is now non-white.



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  1. As a British Indian, I want to wipe out the Muslim population in the UK in the next 5 years. I can do the dirty job for the Brits if they feel it is too burdensome on their conscience to do it themselves. They are oblivious to the clear and present danger that Islam represents.


  2. cat, yes, as Bonnie reminds, Obama supported the barbaric Muslim slaughter of Christian innocents.

    It is all about the massive empowerment of Muslim radicals in America and in other countries. Very strong U.S/Obama backing was given to French military and UN troops who waged war against Christians for the Islamic conquest of Christian Ivory Coast in Africa. There was massive voter fraud. Christian President Gbagbo was the true winner. 1,000 Christian innocents were hacked to death or burnt alive by Quattara’s Islamic forces. The barbaric savages the U.S. France and the UN have put into power. The French handed over Christian President Gbagbo and his family to the Muslims.

    frontpagemag: Ouattara’s troops were using machetes. “They were slitting people’s throats, anyone — men, women, children,”

    Ouattara’s men circle Simone Gbagbo. Inhofe said that the thugs had pulled out her hair by the roots and then went to the streets, displaying her hair to mobs of cheering Ouattara supporters.

    In one of the pictures on the internet, the faces of the terrified captured Christians are etched with fear. The Christians are deeply aware of savage Islamic barbarism. There is no one to rescue them and President Gbagbo and his family. No one.

    A Christian couple in an Ivory Coast protest hold up the same signs, a desperate appeal to the world for help:


    This is how America is now looked upon by victims of Islam. (that photo and some of the other photos were later removed from the internet).

    UN Peacekeepers? Give them their proper name: UN Soldiers for Global Islamic Conquest.

  3. Simply put folks, the Expungement is not going to be simple, easy, quiet, or bloodless.
    Curing islam (because let’s face it, it follows a pathology just like cancer) is going to be bloody, nasty, horrid, and will involve a great deal of unpleasantness.

    This also includes the so-called ‘leaders’ complicit and comfy with islam…they’re all targetted for apprehension to stand under Tribunal, and yes this includes Obie, and all the other similar Looters and Traitors globally.

    We won’t be operating with any blessings or permissions from ‘governments’…we’re the Adult culture and civilization and we will not ask ‘permission’ to save Humanity from this threat.
    Besides, such traitorous and anti-Human ‘governments’ are entirely illegitimate anyways, so it’s a waste of time.

    Somalia is already targetted as The islamic Quarantine Zone, and it’s simple; Nothing aside from muzzies and such enters–NOTHING comes out, ever. The muzzies will have a Locked-Tight Subsistence economy, requiring them to work 16 hour days to meet Basic needs, thus keeping them far too busy to get into mischief-making.

    Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Facists, etc. will all be joining the muzzies and we will be Hunting the so-called and self-appointed Elites.
    And when appreheded they will face Tribunal under the full weight of all evidence.

    This is about Justice. This is about Humanity. This is about Liberty & Freedom. This is about The American Constitution and standing eye-to-eye with it’s enemies and making sure they KNOW they’re going to start paying the price for their Facist ideals and efforts at enslaving Humanity.
    We will NOT stand by and watch another Democide.
    We will NOT allow islam to take the world and Humanity.

    This is The Human Renaissance.

    To you muzzies, muzzie-enabling Libs, and PolCorr slagwits…start packing for somalia now, because you will be going there now or later.
    THAT is the price you pay for attempting to enslave Humanity.

    Spare the rhetoric, we’re not listening, and we could NOT possibly care less what the UN, Courts, etc. have to say–and BTW, the UN is on our list also, and I’m sure you can all guess why?
    Agenda-21, and related other things, ring any bells??

    islam itself bears out all arguments against it it’s own self–it argues our case against it.
    As for trying the lines about ‘islam means peace’ and such related propaganda…again, spare it, we KNOW the truth of islam, and the evidence of 1400 Years weighs in on islam’s head now.
    islam has Damned itself.

    Deal with it.

    Marlene Wilkins Blackwinter
    Witch of The First Circle
    Consecrated To Hecate


    • Lovely post Marlene.
      All those working for the forces of light really have to bond together.
      I discovered on a Q Society a link that includes a letter from Osama bin laden to mo atta the 9/11 bombers.
      He gives them instructions on the ‘energetic’ sequence to follow utilising Islam’s method via ‘supplications’. This was to temp block the people & passengers from realizing they could just jump on the hijackers, & to stop any hiccups, along their way.
      It may interest you to read it .
      The showdown is going to be Judeo/Christian w/ everybody playing a role.
      The type of black sorcery Islam is geared opposite to Christianity.
      You’ll see the Born Again Christian movement, & Bob Larson’s Demon Busters are following the right energetic sequence by doing prayer in the equivalent manner over everything just like Osama tells his terrorists to do w/ supplications.
      It doesn’t matter if its real or not. They believe it, so we have to get inside them .People get too far ahead of themselves. This hasn’t been quantified by science yet – they will, but our civilisation has to survive this first.
      This is the pre-science in poetry. God exists in this present era because that is the structure of our thinking. The psychological construct across humanity is:
      20% of people are full atheist, no matter what
      20% of people believe in God, no matter what
      60% will be in the I don’t know camp.
      Shows what a lie Islam is, especially w/ up to 100% Well that’s the admission that its purely a govt.
      If people fight back consistently w/ psychological war fare which always works psychically, at least the same level that they are using (forget about what u believe – its like a cancer patient consistently imagining sharks going through their bodies, eating all the cancer cells.) This site is important for this.
      All the worlds a stage. This is performance anthropology.
      It’s a laugh we’ve got to save ourselves w/ poetry.
      Love as a weapon.

  4. Islam is a waking nightmare. It isn’t going to happen someday. It is happening now. The longer we are in denial, the worse it will be for us.

  5. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, and White Countries for Everyone!
    This is Genocide! White Genocide. It’s not racist to see it as it is or call it what it is.
    AntiRacist is a code word for AntiWhite.

  6. Centuries ago, Egypt was a Christian country over-run by Muslim invaders.

    Under Islam, Egypt’s Christians have lived in hell for centuries. The kidnappings, rapes and violent conversion to Islam of Christian children and other horrors has worsened under the Muslim Brotherhood. What happened to Christian Egypt is a WARNING to the world.

    The next stage of a nation conquered by Muslims is the MASSIVE kidnapping of non-Muslim female CHRISTIAN children by male Muslims. The kidnappings are perpetrated with the full cooperation of ruling elites, courts and the police. The agonized parents NEVER get their beloved children back.

    The severely abused, terrorized girls are FOREVER separated from their loving parents and family. These terrible crimes against God and humanity must NOT be allowed to happen in Europe and Britain!

    Egyptian Christian Copts cry out in agony:

    The Passion of the Copts

    • Comment by Egyptian Christian Copt underneath video:


      The suffering of non-Muslims in Muslim countries is beyond bearing. God help our brother and sister non-Muslims!

      • I follow that LR, but I want to see UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF that the Copts are not as rabidly antisemitic as the islamist moslem brotherhood (obuMBoy’s mentors). If someone can PROVE ABSOLUTELY that that ‘face’ they present to the world is to prevent further depredations by the islamists, and that they are 100% behind Israel and the Jews, then I guess they would be welcome.

        • Hello Huck,
          I can only tell you what I have experienced in New York City. I have also read that Egyptian Christian Cops are antisemitic. They are definitely not in in New York City and New Jersey! At a New York City demo protesting against murders of Christians, kidnapping of female Christians and persecution of Christians by Muslims in Egypt, I held a big sign. One side of the sign was for Israel, the other side for Egypt’s Christians. I don’t remember the wording and don’t have time to go through all of my many signs to see if I can find the sign.

          In any case, the Egyptian Christians saw both sides of my sign. They were very happy with my sign. They thanked me for attending the street demo and were so pleased that they interviewed me on their media!

          Every non-Muslim is targeted in global jihad for conquest and enslavement by Muslims under excessively cruel Islamic sharia law in obedience to the commands in the Koran and teachings in mosques. Israel must NEVER surrender one inch of land to global Islam! Surrender is NOT an option!

      • Thank you Linda. I know that it would not be easy for the Copts to pick up and move to the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and so on because they would have to give up their property. But to not move means that they have to give up their lives or their daughters and so on. We must petition our governments to bring the Copts out of Egypt and out of danger. I will write our representatives tonight. We can all write and make sure that our governments know the plight of the Copts and all other Christians and Jews living in the muslim hell holes. God bless you for your passion and your efforts to support the innocent.

        • cat, Our leaders know all about the suffering of Christians and other non-Muslims in Muslim countries and Muslim majority areas in non-Muslim countries. I am sad to say our leaders DON’T CARE.

          The rabid hate of American leaders for Christians is frightening. The U.S. were ruthless in disarming the Christians in Iraq, rendering the Christians defenseless prey for barbaric Muslim infidel-haters eager to obey the Quran book of war and hate for infidels.

          More than half of the Christian population has been forced to flee their homes in Iraq because of Islamic violence against them. Their churches have been burned and bombed. The official position of the Administration has been that “Coalition Forces assisting the Christians would cause them to be identified with the United States and have even more problems.” As a result they receive no assistance in defending themselves at all. Immediately after the American invasion of Iraq, the Christian militias were disarmed.

          They were the only militias to be disarmed. Christians first fled from Baghdad to the Nineveh Plains, and then to Jordan and Syria. In Jordan and Syria the American embassies told Iraqi refugees to go to the United Nations because their plight “was not an American problem.” Excuse me?

          Meanwhile the official position of the State Department under Condi Rice is that Christians are harassed by “criminal elements” in Iraq and that no persecution exists. That attitude has caused even greater persecution and led our embassies and other nations to be unhelpful.

          …Murray: Most Christians have fled to Syria, because it is the last truly secular nation in the Middle East. It is a secular dictatorship, as was Iraq before our invasion. The only safe place for Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims in the Middle East are secular dictatorships. President Carter destroyed the secular government in Iran.

          …Iraqis are forbidden to work in Jordan or Syria. Middle class women whose husbands were murdered in Iraq before they fled, have been forced into prostitution…

          Instead of importing desperate, terrified, persecuted Christians from majority Muslim countries, the UN Agency and Western countries have imported many millions of Islam’s foot soldiers instead. Devout Muslims who are determined to conquer all nations in accordance with the Quran’s command. God help the persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Pakistan and Bangladesh. THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THEM!

        • cat, In Syria, the U.S. backed rebels are going out of their way to target and murder the Christians. This is clearly totally acceptable to U.S. leaders who are not lifting one finger to help the terrified Christians.

        • WND.COM: Jesus to America: ‘Why do you persecute me?’ U.S. foreign policy blamed for deaths of Christians worldwide. Analysts and human-rights groups claim U. S. foreign policy is responsible for the destruction of the Middle East’s Christian communities.

          The reasoning says the U. S. government’s assistance of the radical elements in the “Arab Spring” has wreaked havoc with the region’s Christians.

          The Vatican’s official news service Fides says events in Syria are proof U. S. policy and its support of jihadists is contributing to the death of the country’s Christians…

          Stop the illegal, immoral WARS AGAINST CHRISTIANS and other innocents!

    • All I can say Linda, as an English woman, is that I concur with everything you say, but what to do? I have constantly sent info to idiot Theresa may on much of this, but now my email address is blocked. I have done likewise to church leaders, with the same result and never a reply. The only person I have received a reply from has been, to my surprise, William Hague whom I have always considered to be a wet blanket. I honestly think that european governments do not truly understanding the problems the whole of Europe is facing now, but even more so in a few years time when it will come to civil war, of that I feel sure.

      • Beema, European and British governments understand very well the problems Europe and Britain face with Muslims (and the Muslim goal of Muslim conquest and the imposition of sharia law). It is very sad, but everything taking place makes it clear that British and European leaders are actively working with Muslims AGAINST indigenous Brits and Europeans.

        The EDL and other brave patriotic citizens who protest are viciously persecuted by ruling elites.

        • Linda, thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial on how Christians are persecuted and not protected by our governments. I also remember that the Catholics, who were in power in the Ivory Coast, where not supported either when it came to being defeated and persecuted by the muslim take over. Thank you for your passion in these challenges related to the evil cult of the muslims of islam.

      • Beema, What else can you expect from British-hater, Theresa May?

        The church leaders who refused to respond to your appeals are utterly despicable. Jewish Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament warn REPEATEDLY against false prophets.

        Bible: “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

        NEVER forget the Biblical warnings from God! There are many church leaders and other religious leaders, including some people in their congregations who are the total OPPOSITE of who they appear to be. I believe there are far more of these people in our time period than in all of history. They are very dangerous and extremely evil. They are indeed, ‘ravenous wolves’.

  7. It will sure get interesting in the next 20 years. I’m sure the Brits will eventually unite to take back their country. I look forward to it.

  8. Our leaders bow low to Islam’s death god and cooperate fully with the Islamic goal to wreak havoc, misery, despair and the total destruction of safety and freedom.

    Protect children! End Muslim immigration!


    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

  9. Muslims wage rape jihad on hated infidel females throughout Europe and other countries. UK ruling elites stomp on our children who are offered up as a sacrifice to Islam.

    Ruling elites ALLOW and are COMPLICIT in the cruel massive Muslim rape jihad against many thousands of Britain’s defenseless children.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  10. Every Western politician; every Western president and prime minister should be asking for the forgiveness of their nations’ peoples for having colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims-the soldiers of Allah, whose Koran and mosques command them to wage violent jihad against us non-Muslims and conquer our nations.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    It is the greatest BETRAYAL in all of human history.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Prevent the coming cruel mass slaughter of the British people! End Muslim immigration immediately! Deport now all Muslim illegals, criminals, terrorists, phony Muslim refugees and phony Muslim asylum seekers.

    Stop paying benefits to non-citizens! Providing benefits for Muslims is the responsibility of swimming-in-oil-wealth Saudi Arabia and Qatar! Not hated infidel Britain where the Muslim goal is Islamic conquest and enslavement of the British and the imposition of Islamic sharia law where non-Muslims have NO human rights!

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  11. Spend a couple of hours at Heathrow and you’ll get the picture.

    But the Brits, to their immense credit, have kept an open and welcoming attitude toward these immigrants — and they’ve had to give up nothing but their culture, their civilization and many of their basic civil rights to do such a commendable thing.

    We can only stand back in admiration for such self-sacrific for the greater good. Soon blessings will come upon all of the British Isles (such as honor killings, hands removed for stealing, streets full of devout worshippers on their knees) — and the new paradise will be thanks to Allah, from whom all good and all tolerance flows.

    In reality, and very sadly, this horror is far from confined to London and Leicester. It’s been happening at an increasing pace for about 30 years now, over a great deal of Europe. The overall consequences are far from entirely known, but nothing we consider “good” can come of any of it.

  12. odds are I won’t be around to see that day at 68 ! keep telling these kids they better use me while am here , They are going to miss me when am gone . Young Marines are tough and lean , Old Marines are tough an Mean

  13. Well, the englanders are letting it happen. No where near enough people are backing Tommy R. , So let em go on down the toilet. They have had a comfortable , easy life, for waaay too long now.

    • CAPNER: What a nasty comment! It is not the fault of the British people! It is treasonous ruling elites who have deliberately colonized Britain and Europe with Muslims! And FORCED Brits to work hard for, and financially provide with their high taxes, free houses, free money and benefits to Muslims, their multiple wives and huge numbers of children. It is a form of SLAVERY! Governments do what they want and totally IGNORE what taxpayers want!

      NO! Brits have not “had a comfortable , easy life, for waaay too long now.” as you hatefully declare!

      • Linda, you are right in that the people they voted in, such as the labor party did the damage. However the English still have the majority vote and they can vote changes while they still have the democratic majority. So now it is truly up to the Brits to vote in a government that will put in policies to stop all muslim immigration, stop the welfare system, deport all illegals, deport all criminals and their families with duel citizenships after taking away their UK citizenship, invite immigrants in who have any faith other than muslim and so on. The Brits from now on have nobody to blame but themselves if they go down because they still have the democratic majority. Will the Brits take control or just turn over their country? I pray that they have learned from their failed multicultural experiments and that they will make changes. ASAP It is not too late.

        • How can we vote an effective group in? Every time a group starts to form they are attacked from all sides … Lab want to keep the immigrant “thank you” vote, Con (sic) want to keep clear water to attract their voters (and it is better to keep the status quo and gain power 50% of the time) The media are completely biased with the NUJ and the BBC filtering the news. Even when people within the existing parties raise concerns they are ousted as being “Far Right” and “Racist” whilst the police are so afraid of being so labled they (and the CPS) are incapable of impartiality. Look at the court results … there is a clear bias against the “white working class” and for ethnic “minorities” Check out what the aftermath of the EDL/UAF clash at Bolton has resulted in ……. and now tell me with a straight face we can just “vote them out”

    • The British dont care anymore because they have been brainwashed, by the idiot box (TV), especially by the anti British BBC, with their anti white soaps, and SKY’s pathetic brain deadening reallity programs such as Big brother, Geordie shore, & TOWIE, Yes sir we are well and truely screwed for sure. The once proud British lion is now just a pethetic zombie all thanks to the communist left wing, and our traitorous Governments of Lib Dems, Labour, & the Conservatives, scum the lot of them.

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