London will look like the Islamic hellhole of Islamabad in 50 years

timthumb.phpDespite efforts to cut down on Muslim immigration, recent studies in Britain suggest the country’s frighteningly explosive demographic is still Muslim. The trend is stirring outrage among the native Brits, who say their government’s too scared to face the problems caused by the immigration boom.

expressscum-vi CRT Due to the treasonous ruling elites, native European populations are slowly being forced out of major cities by third world colonisers who bring nothing but high crime and poverty to the once powerful metropolis. According to a 2011 census, native whites make up about 44.9% with 7.5% million residents who are not indigenous to the population. It is not just London either, but also is in the city of Leicaster and the towns of Luton and Slough where the majority of the population is now non-white.