Once again, Tom Trento is stopped from filming a public seminar promoting Palestinian Jew-hatred at Florida Atlantic University

299px-florida_atlantic_university_seal_svg-m-55733For the second time in less than a week, Tom Trento of The United West and his TrentoVision local radio and internet TV show have been aggressively banned by the FAU police from videotaping various anti-American, anti-Israel presentations which are part of the offensively-named, ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ program.

Last week’s event: israeli-apartheid-weeks-free-gaza-movement-bars-tom-trento-of-the-united-west-from-filming-a-public-seminar-at-florida-atlantic-university

israeli-apartheid-week_2010The United West On Tuesday, February 12 the TrentoVision media team tried to videotape an anti-Semitic presentation by Josh Ruebner, anti-American, anti-Israel propagandist at a publically advertised, public event at FAU, a public University. As you will see in the powerful video above, the FAU police aggressively stopped the TrentoVision team from recording the exact presentation which TrentoVision would release for the world to see. Last week, on Wednesday, February 6, the TrentoVision media team tried to videotape an anti-Semitic presentation by Greta Berlin, the Marxist founder of the Free Gaza Movement at a publically advertised, public event at FAU, a public University. As you will see in the powerful video below, the FAU police aggressively stopped the TrentoVision team from recording the exact presentation which TrentoVision would release for the world to see.


Florida Atlantic University is the same school where Arab students harassed Jewish students and posted (fake) Eviction notices on dorm room doors.


YNet More than 200 Jewish students attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, were surprised to find “eviction notices” posted to their dorm room doors by pro-Palestinian activists. 

The students later found out that the fake notices were placed by the Students for Justice in Palestine.


According to the Sun Sentinel, the group’s stunt was aimed to draw attention to their claim that “about 25,000 homes have been demolished since the occupation of Palestine by Israeli troops began in 1967.” Rayna Exelbierd, a 20-year-old sophomore from Memphis, Tennessee, said “We’re taking it very seriously.  The flier promotes hate; it doesn’t promote peace. People were scared by it. People felt threatened by it.”