Why don’t other religious leaders have the cojones to call Islam what it is?

With breathtaking candor and honesty, Pat Robertson describes Islam as a demonic political system with a religious facade that “drives people to kill, to maim, and to blow things up…”


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  1. He’s absolutely right, it is demonic. Why? Because Allah is Satan himself. Muslims serve the enemy of their own souls, Satan. That’s all.

  2. Sorry to say that any one who defend or sepsis with Islam is ignorant, no doubt. The reason is very clear, just read the Koran. It is a written ‘document’ instructs and encourages its followers to kill the non-followers to destroy their possessions, rape their girls as young as 1 year old. What else is needed to consider this evil system a national threat to our lives, freedom and humanity? What is it that the West is bowing to this horrible satanic enemy?! What is it that blind those Americans on the fact that obama is a very dangerous enemy by just being Muslim?

  3. Many do not know, they ignorantly believe that Islam is an equally valid path to deity. Most are self-righteous conmen who peddle a false brew of tolerance, love, acceptance, bridge building and finding common ground through dialog.

  4. I live in Germany and I watch the 700 Club with two excellent German interviewers at 8 AM every morning presenting moving testimonies, and at 5 PM the American version with Pat. He has been much maligned but is still going strong, may God bless him.
    Some great news is that the brilliant brain surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson may be runnung for President. He is a sincere believing Christian, always prays before every operation, and also before he gives a talk or does anything. He said he would run if God collared him and wanted him to do this. His latest book is called “America the Beautiful”, he is a fierce patriot. There’s probably no one in America as well educated and informed as he. And he is an innate gentleman, compared to Obama, he is like an angel, Obama is like a worm. He studied and earned his education, Obama never studied anything and can hardly write his name — he went through two of our greatest universities (as an absentee scholar) because the professors were paid to pass him. Kamal Saleem, the Muslim apostate turned Christion and American patriot, who goes around the country trying to inform people about the horrors of Islam, said that not only can you buy a professor at Harvard, you can buy a whole department. Dr. Carson is a shining light who is intellectually far above the goons in washington and can stare them down and silence them. He is our hope.

  5. why indeed ! in my mind this rates and ranks up in the top ten mysterious in the knowen world ! have come to the conclusion it is a conspiracy but what is the gain to vet Islam a dangerous cult . can it be fear of bloodshed if so they are 1400 years to late.

  6. Well done Pat Robertson. One day, with the continued efforts of BNI, Geller, Spencer and so on we will out the true agenda of the muslims of the evil cult of islam. The savages will give us the videos and the tools as they film their atrocities of beheadings, amputations, hangings, stonings, hate speeches, honor killings, acid throwing, and so on. I only pray that the day is not too late to reverse what has already happened to our western democratic countries. The movie Argo should remind us all how savage are the muslims.

  7. I don’t have to defend Pat Roertson about anything. I may not agree with some of his statements, but he is forthright and up front in stating his beliefs. The wart on the ass of civilizaion called Islam is just that. Pat has stepped up to the plate and hit it over the fence. I’m waiting for Anglicans, Lutherans, Catholiecs and all the others to step up and say OUT LOUD that any supposed religion that calls for the murder or slavery of all people that dont agree with it is simply wrong. But withour the first indication of having balls, they will not. At this point, having no religion and fighting the cancer on the world that is islam is far better than wimping along in the shadows and on the fringes and not allowing yourself to point out the glaring agenda of the islamic savages. Better to be honeat pagans than to allow the fihy muslims to continue their lies abot the harmless character of the mutton molesting, donkey diddling mess that is islam.

  8. LOL. There are a lot of fundamentalist Christians that feel the same way. In fact, most, if not all feel that way. Many just simply have decorum and don’t say so openly. The fundamentalists are the only ones that will call Islam as they see it.
    I grew up with and was raised by fundamentalist Christians and I have heard people speak their mind about Islam, and it was always without favor, and always negative.

    Liberal Christians will not do this. That is simply because liberal Christians do not take the Bible literally, so they are willing to equate the Quran, Rig Veda, Upanishads, and Buddhist Sutras, and other sacred writings as on par with the Bible. Fundamentalist Christians are not going to put Qurans or anybody else’s holy book in the same pews as the Bible. That would be considered blasphemy since a fundamentalist regards the Bible alone as the Word of God. And a fundamentalist Christian regards Jesus as the final revelation of God to man, and not Muhammad. Thus they regard Muhammad as a deluded false prophet. And fundamentalists consider the founders of other religions as demon possessed or demon influenced.

    I am not at all surprised by Pat.

    Of course, most here probably know that Wild Bill for America is a fundamentalist Christian. And, of course, many visitors to this forum are Christian fundamentalists as well. And many anti Islam websites are owned and/or are run by fundamentalist Christians. Such names are Dave Wood and Walid Shoebat come to mind. Allen West is a fundamentalist Christian.

    While there are Jews, atheists, and others who are anti Islamic, the most vocal ones are often the fundamentalist Christians. Of course, too, Christians are often the ones that are being persecuted by Muslims in Islamic countries, so naturally there is self interest there.

  9. I’m a Christian, and while pat Robertson is spot on concerning islam, he has made other statements on other topics that just make him sound ignorant and bat crap crazy.

    • Bat crap crazy or not! Pat Robertson should consider another run for President, as I am certain he would make a better one, a REAL one, as opposed to the muslim POS currently occupying the Oval Office!!……And he IS spot on in the phrase “religious veneer” in describing Pislam!! And for those who STILL don’t think BHO is not a muslim, IT REALLY matters NOT whether he is a practicing muslim or not, as he WILL and DOES support the filthy stinking SAVAGES at every turn over Christians and over Israel!!

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