Muslims ‘Celebrate’ Valentine’s Day


Saudi Arabia bans ALL things red for Valentine’s Day.

Egyptian Cleric warns that Valentine’s Day is MORE dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera combined!

Foaming-at-the-mouth inbred Pakistanis do what they always do when Muslim are offended:

But secretly, the world’s most sex-obsessed degenerates – Muslims – are looking for this:


Happy Valentine's Day



47 comments on “Muslims ‘Celebrate’ Valentine’s Day

  1. There you go again BNI…generalizing again.Islam did not convert people by the sword.This is purely propaganda.Its the biggest myth in history.Lets read history objectively and from various sources. As the beloved Jesus said

    “The truth shall set you free”

    Love and peace brother

  2. Are you aware that in Egypt, many moderate Egyptians have absorbed some Western cultural influences into their own lifestyles.For example, an Egyptian school celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day and ask the children to come wearing green?
    This to be done as part of a cultural awareness week.

  3. Please don’t paint all the Muslims with the the “red ” of Valentine.
    BNI must know that there are different sects in Islam similarly to Christainity. If not them maybe I need to explain.

    I am a Muslim that resides in South Africa,hope you know were that is..maybe I will give u a clue(Mandela Country).I am married for 22 years and I love my wife and we celebrate our love every day including those special days like our birthdays,anniversaries and yes,even Valentines day.

    Majority of Muslims are normal people like yourselves.. but I am sceptical whether BNI is normal.But be as it may,BNI is not truthful…cause you know all the stuff you have are from Saudi and Eqypt and these a guys are extremist that belong to the Wahabi/Salafi sect who are extremists.You find quite a few in Pakistan.

    They belong to less than 1% of the Muslim world.Yet there very same wahabis created by the British in 1910s onwards and today supported by America and its allies.

    Read history my man.

    Happy Valentines to all ….I gave my beautiful wife roses, a gold ring,..and love.By the way i don’t beat her or put a bag over her face…and she has her own car and drives were ever she wants to….she my companion,my love of my live – not my slave.She is my only wife and have 2 cute sons that are in university.

    Love and peace brother.

    • I’m sad to see how much taqiyya is spouting forth from you, consciously or unconsciously.

      If you’re a moderate, I can only hope it is because you’ve read little or nothing from the Qur’ân, Hadith or Sira. As somebody who has read several parts (especially the Qur’ân, notably chapters 1, 9 and 5), it’s not for nothing why so VERY, VERY, VERY MANY of your co-believers are so EVIL, especially with anything and anybody “un-Islamic”!!!!

      I know well that even Winston Spencer Churchill recognised that there were some splendid people in Islam; however, he was right in noting that it’s not because of, but IN SPITE OF, their being Moslems!!!

      And yes, I’ve read PLENTY of history – and formally studied Islamic History and Civilisation in high-school (of all things!!!) – and that included going through some of the Qur’ân (subsequently I’ve been able to revive and deepen my knowledge via on-line sources). Therefore, don’t think about accusing me of knowing nothing about what I’m talking about!!!!

      As to Ms. BNI: she knew Moslems in the USA all the way from childhood; furthermore, she lost colleagues and friends in the 9/11 ATROCITY!!!! Her research is most remarkable and knowledge is beyond challenge!!!! Furthermore (in my case), I know all too well as to what Moslems did to Southern and especially South-Eastern Europe – if you don’t believe me, ask a few Greeks, Christian-Albanians, Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians, Magyárs (Hungarians), Romanians, Moldovans, Georgians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Poles and Russians!!!! ALL of these people have suffered MOST GRIEVOUSLY thanks to Islam!!!!

      Be forewarned…

        • Lets go with the theory the Muslims were behind 911..and forget all the other theories example Mossad being behind 911.

          These so called Muslim belong to the Wahabi sect as it was proven that the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia which is the home of Osama,who was trained and funded by America during the Russian/Afghan war……so you guys should have bombed Saudi instead of Afganistan….these Wahabis were created by the west and now it bites the hand that feeds it….and now you want to make me the moderate Muslim and Islam you enemy.

          Love and peace

  4. That -ranting -raving ratbag will bust his boiler if he doesn’t calm down ,why do they have to yell and froth at the mouth ?all because of valentines day,no one would be sending him a rose that’s for sure-what a miserable loveless -no fun outlook on life these followers of islam have -no music -art etc-etc-

  5. wow ! was gone most of the yesterday ! did anyone happen to notice which door that cowgirl left by and the color of her horse , hope it was no thoroughbred runin horse

  6. Then how come every Muslim wife I knew had to deal with physical and verbal abuse issues? One woman’s Imam husband never bought her a gift- ever! One time he picked her a rose and she said that it meant more to her than if he had bought her flowers since he had to pick it. Likely he couldn’t take the time or money to buy her a gift. I got cheap costume jewelry instead of the wedding ring that I had asked for and when I returned it and reminded him of his promise he told me that he was tesing me to see my reaction. I will say that if I had been born Muslim he would have never treated me that way although Muslim wives don’t have any sort of deal in this life or the next.

  7. Why do they even care about Valentine’s Day? It has nothing to do with them and it’s just another excuse to bitch about something. Instead of wasting time bitching about it,and being insulted perhaps doing something constructive with their useless lives might be in order. Just mind your own f’ng business and leave us ALONE. We don’t go around screeching against your bloody Eid or your ramadan, or your self flagellation ritual, etc. STFU!

  8. I thought that Eygptian Muslime turd was gonna piss his smock , he was so excited.

    This just further proves how sub-human Muslimes are.
    Happy Valentines Day everyone !

  9. Well NO, love will never do! Heaven forbid ! If they start all this western love business, well , horrors! their women might be happy and aaargh also dare to expect respect too as the two go hand in hand, and too many Muslim men only view women as lust / work/ breeding objects,no more than a cow or goat, nothing to be respected and cherished, plenty more where they come from after all….let alone the plastic virgins they dream of ” embracing” in their future heavenly brothel, no love lost there either no doubt , guess love will be the last on their minds lol, so no need to practice love on earth !
    You couldn’t make it up, so absurd.

    Idea for a new poster ad? :

    ” No love please , we’re Muslims”

  10. Hooray no executions mutilation amputation suicide bombing honor killing and halal butchering lets make it valentines day all year but the mussies will get bored with nothing to do.They could take courses into how to act like the rest of humanity or how to tell the truth and start treating people as equals

  11. I would love to see that Egyptian video of Hazem Shuman go viral to big audiences, like in the ‘shorts’ that used to precede a main movie. Then have video of those audiences of hundreds, almost peeing themselves in laughter. Put the two together, maybe split screen, then send it round the globe.

    The Pakistani clip sounds like a thousand cats in heat. God, if you islamist pricks reading this, (yes you IFTikhar Ahmed and sCAIRdicats Hooper, Awad and others), cannot see how pathetic and hopeless you appear to the majority, you really are utterly blind, as well as batshit DUMB!

    You have an inferiority complex a mile high. You have a chip on your shoulder based on a mile high lie called the koran.

    God says that the koran is the word of god. Where does it say that? Why in the koran of course! This passes as logic, not just between ignorant peasants, who believe what they are TOLD to believe, but between the ‘enlightened’ mullahs, imams, shaikhs, ayatollahs, and sundry other belly button lint.

    They claim ‘science’ in the koran, but deny evolution.

  12. Love is not an official part of Moz marriage, because a man leases a woman’s private parts. The Arabic word mistranslated as ‘marriage’ is ‘nikah’ (penetration).

    How romantic…not. Like a psychopathic, prevaricating, pedophile pirate.

    Inbred, killer zombie Mozman jihadists are braindead, unfeeling, misogynistic pigs. Islam makes them that way…because…ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM.

    • I see it somewhat differently, perceptor. The problem is Sunna: obeying and imitating a long-dead, humorless, delusional psychopath in all things for all time.

  13. OH just screw the bag heads…. and thanks for the VALENTINE CARD BNI…. Hubba hubba ,wuuf wuuf awoooooooooooooooooooo.!!!!LOL

  14. A slave population with gender inequality doesn’t need an orgy of Valentine’s Day, the concept is only required if one has a freedom of expression and choose as you please. Even the Valentine Himself would have been scared in these lands.

  15. Seems to me that the only things that Muslims give their wives are oppression, honor killing, rape, mutilation, and a hard tme all around. Thanks to western men for showing their heart felt love for their sweethearts, mothers, sister, wives, aunts, lady friends We love them back!

    • Dont make judgements just based on what you hear because it isnt always true be it on t.v or radio. As a muslim I can tell you that you are completely wrong because muslim men treat their wives, sister and mothers perfectly probably even better than you western men. So next time you should keep your opinions safe with you because if the muslim women are fine and happy with their husbands then why are you stressing for them??

        • Great cartoon, Ms. BNI!!!!

          Just please make sure of your intent: some of those cretins don’t even have the brains to recognise how they’re being laughed at…

      • hey “muhammed Kat” Is it cool to have six year old uhhhhmmmm valentines? You know little baby girls(and boys?) Pedophilia does not a man make(nor does stoning, your lovely burka bitches!)
        go back to your sixth century hellhole!

      • You EVIL Moslems are so hyper-sensitive as to give yourselves away at every possible opportunity!!!!

        If you were the smart ones, you would NEVER have DARED to “preach” at us the way you do above like “kat perwez”!!!! [And we know that Pakistanis like yourself are the world’s #1 consumer of pornography!!!!] In fact, you would sit down, think about what we’re saying about you; and instead of trying to kill those who criticise you and your “faith” (e.g., Malala Yousafzai, Salman Rushdie, Walid Shoebat, Taysir Abu Saada) – which is every bit as EVIL as Communism and Nazism EVER WERE – you instead, if you have even a spark of goodness in you, would accept what we here are saying about you and change your ways!!!!

        We know lots about your taqiyya and kitman: if you’ve come to try deceiving people, you’ve most certainly come to the WRONG place!!!!!

        I have personally read several Suras of the Qu’rân and have looked up lots of quotes thereof via on-line versions readily available on the Internet. Many of my colleagues here have read even more substantial parts thereof, even the entire Qu’rân – in addition to the Hadiths, the Sira (official biography of that pædophile {child-abuser}, genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, sadist and consummate LIAR Mohammed {such that even his best “friends” couldn’t trust him!!} – damning enough in itself!!!!). Together we know FAR, FAR, FAR MORE than we EVER would have liked to know about this EVIL, utterly-SATANIC ideology named “Islam”!!!!!

        BEGONE, you Moslem MONSTERS!!!! Go back to your dar al-Islam and try your vainglorious boasting (just like a crocodile splashing and foaming up the water just to make itself feel good!!!) where you definitely will have an audience!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • If islam is so great;
          Why do the barbarians need to behead,crucify those who leave the fold(apostates?)
          A wonderful “religion “doesnt have to instill fear of having their heads severed,for their choice of faith.
          Ugly,ignorant,bloodloving followers of a degenerate childfucker: send yourselves to paradise; & take ur malodorous bitches,concubines,child slaves with you!

      • yeah sure and we just happened to show up for the liars prove they are liars for a reason session, get real, ain’t no such thing as tolerence for the people of the Book, Jewish torah followers or anyone who respect their wives, sisters, mothers, aunts or otherwise known as our counter parts of humanity, go bark at your pagan moon god for all I care, but there is a saying that still holds true in every sense of the words, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter, so why bother to convince others of what is reality under the heading of respect, tolarence or honor, when in fact, your kind do-and provide the proof of it-videos and such that your intentions are not such thing at all. wof, wof wof scumbug. Nice try now go back to the things your kind do best, decieve and lie to others about your goal of world domination under your fake and fraud god of a lessor gool, satan/muhammad/deceiver of mankind otherwise known as satan.

    • There’s nothing honorable about honor killings: if the head of a Muslim household cannot control his family members, he can be killed as an apostate or hypocrite for condoning their non-sunna behavior by any Muslim aware of the deviation(s).

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