OKLAHOMA: Will Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR again be able to overturn the will of the people who voted to block sharia law from state courts?

english-only-anti-sharia-measures-pass-in-oklahoma1Two years ago, on Election day, Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved a state bill in support of anti-sharia legislation. But the Islamofascists at CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) and their Commie pals at the ACLU sued to block the anti-sharia bill and were able to convince a few Obama appeals-court-blocks-oklahoma-ban-on-shariadhimmi judges to overturn the will of the people on appeal. Hopefully, this time, the patriotic citizens of Oklahoma will succeed in their crusade to have  barbaric sharia law banned from their state courts forever.

Associated Press Once again, Oklahoma lawmakers are considering banning judges in the state from basing any rulings on foreign laws, including Islamic Sharia law.


A Senate panel on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the bill, which has broad support in the Republican-controlled Legislature. The bill would specifically make void and unenforceable any court, arbitration or administrative agency decision that doesn’t grant the parties affected by the ruling “the same fundamental liberties, rights and privileges granted under the U.S. and Oklahoma constitutions.”

Muslim groups will start buying billboards condemning the people of Oklahoma who want to outlaw sharia in their state:


“This is a way to protect American citizens … where somebody may try to use any kind of foreign law or religious law to affect the outcome of a trial,” said Sen. Ralph Shortey, R-Oklahoma City, who sponsored the bill. Shortey described it as “American Law for American Courts.”

A handful of other states have laws aimed at keeping courts from basing decision on foreign legal codes, including Islamic law. Oklahoma voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2010 that would have specifically prohibited courts from considering Sharia law, but a federal judge blocked its implementation after a Muslim community leader alleged it discriminates against his religion.

CAIR uses social media to disparage criticism of Islamic sharia law as bigotry and lies:


Shortey said he didn’t know of an instance in Oklahoma where a judge has relied on foreign laws, but he said there have been cases in other states. That prompted state Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, to describe the measure as a “solution that’s looking for a problem.” Crain was the only member of the Senate committee to vote against the bill.

The panel approved the bill 8-1. It now heads to the full Senate for a vote. A similar measure has been introduced in the Oklahoma House.

CAIR Islamists gather their fellow jihadists to try to intimidate opponents and interfere with hearings:


The executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said Oklahoma courts already are required to enforce state and federal laws when they conflict with foreign law that violates public policy.

“This bill is entirely unnecessary and creates significant uncertainty for Oklahomans married abroad as well as those Oklahomans who have adopted a child from another country or are seeking to do so,” Executive Director Ryan Kiesel said in a statement. “These Oklahoma families don’t deserve to have this type of doubt cast over them. “It also creates an atmosphere of uncertainty for foreign businesses seeking to do business with Oklahoma businesses.”



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  1. Is there any money in Oklahoma for this billboard :-

    Is it OK ?
    for OKlahoma to have a law that
    promotes hate among people ?

    Ban SHARIA LAW Forever

  2. I don’t know if I mentioned it but all my nonsense with my former husband happened in Oklahoma City and to a lesser extent Tulsa. When I lived in OKC there were two- later three mosques (one was majority African American and ran toward NOI beliefs)There were also mosques in Tulsa (now two) in Stillwater, Edmond and Norman. Now there are also Islamic schools in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. I honestly don’t see an issue banning using foreign law use in American courts- where exactly is the “hate” there? It seems like any criticism of Islam gets the “hate” moniker while they make demands that religious minorities in their own contries don’t get.

  3. Democracy is about making laws. The courts are to intrepret the laws. Are we a democracy or a country run by the courts? Vote the d’himmis out at the next election.

  4. This is insanity. Isn’t there the law of the land? Why would any non-muslim think that a foreign culture, political ideology, and so-called religion should be able to institute their laws in America or any other western country? The most perverse ‘religion’, the total opposite of everything Christian, demands to live under their own laws in our lands and force the non-muslims to live under the same. Pure insanity.

  5. We’ve got to stick together. No sharia in the civilised world! I suggest that anybody travelling to a Western country should sign a disclaimer that commits them to not insinuating sharia in that country. I’m asking all BNI readers to help me with the wording. I’m not a lawyer, only a simple scientist. Please keep in mind, that we’ve got to do it together. If a single country starts the campaign, the muzzies will cry racism. If all the civilised countries join we’ll prevail.

  6. “Bigotry and lies”?!!….THAT is what the Asslifters call it when ANYONE dares to tell the truth about them and their pseudo religion that is nothing more than an evil demonic political/economic system with world domination as its primary objective!!….And NO ONE should know more about “bigotry and lies” than these miserable lying lowlife sonsofbitches who dare to try and tell everyone else (non-muslims) that their religion is “God’s religion”!!…They can take their Sharia and shove it!!!

  7. Anti sharia folks here in Oklahoma need to put up a counter billboard to that one. I was thinking having “Who’s hating Who?” across the top in big bold letters and then underneath run a few lines from the quran about muslims not being allowed to have nonmuslims for friends and how it’s ok for them to lie in order to advance the spread of islam.

  8. Hopefully we can get our anti-sharia measures to stick this time here in Oklahoma. Keeping my fingers crossed that this makes it through our legislature.

  9. The need is to create a bigger awareness of the Quranic verses that preach, perpetuate and lead to such inhuman practices. B, I think it is more important than just graphically publicise the atrocities. It is perhaps, to my mind, please forgive me if I am wrong, equally important to regularly keep reminding of these verses, because the memory of people is very myopic.

  10. We defiantly have been infiltrated! I would have never seen finding these things, but it does confirm everything you have been posting. I want to apologize for not being very receptive to your post. Never again!

    John Brennan, CIA nominee, may have converted to Islam: report Tuesday, 12 February 2013


    Valerie Jarrett (also known as: Valerie Bowman Jarrett, Valerie B. Jarrett) born November 14, 1956 in Shiraz, Iran is an American politician . Valerie Bowman Jarrett is a senior advisor and assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration. She is also a Chicago lawyer, businesswoman, and civic leader. Prior to that she served as a co-chairperson of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.


  11. Let every politician and elected judge who supports know they will be unelected next election. Let everyone who supports this know they will be ostracized. Let every business know it will be boycotted if it supports this. We must get serious. If we cannot do this politically, the time will come when bloodshed will be the only option.

  12. Tip of the Hat on this day Feb 14 MRS B and hope you can stay Healthy ,Out of debt , an Wise , Take your Vitamins and rest up , This show must go on

  13. Oklahomans, get rid of this guy: Brian Crain. It appears he is a corrupt politician being paid by CAIR or some other Muslim terror-front operation.

    Somebody should investigate him and discover if he’s receiving graft from these sleazy Islamist groups.

    There must be PIs in Oklahoma who can do that.

  14. “Is it OK…to have a law that promotes hate among people?” No! Ban sharia. We can use this billboard against them.

  15. Doubt is cast over Moslems by their own opinion surveys: 65% worldwide want Sharia law and a global caliphate dictatorship. Islam is incompatible with democracy because differing interpretations of Islam cannot be accomodated and one version must impose its will on the others.

    Islamic doctrines cast doubt over Moslems: taqiyya means their word can never be trusted; jihad means they must always try to outsmart the kafirs, trick them and take over; male supremacism means women must be deprived of most of their rights.

    The more Moslems are pious, the more they are totalitarian.

  16. I know how I plan to vote on this, the same way I voted the first time around and while i’m at it, i’ll be thumbing my nose at both Muneer Awad and federal judge Vicky Myles LaGrange with the right hand while rendering the full bird salute with the left.

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