BNI Readers! New Book by the inimitable Walid Shoebat: “The Case for Islamophobia”

UnknownIt’s been some time since my friend Walid published a new book, but his latest – which is being released on March 15th – will not disappoint.


Jihad by the Sword

America’s Final Warning


SHOEBAT The Muslim Brotherhood groups in America have been here long enough to learn how to play the victim card. Muslim groups scream ‘Islamophobia’ as often as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton scream ‘racism’.

Part of the reason for that has to do with when Muslim Brotherhood groups in America like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) really began to take root – during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960′s.

These groups studied their enemies and learned how to exploit America’s achilles heel – race relations (despite the fact that the racist history of these groups dwarfs any amount of racism that has existed in America).

Like the ‘race card’, the ‘Islamophobia’ card has long been maxed out, especially when one considers the agenda of many of those who play it – to overthrow the United States… from within.

These groups didn’t play the race card right away. They learned how to intimidate you into giving them victimized minority status and… Voila!

Michael Coren’s recent interview with Walid


9 comments on “BNI Readers! New Book by the inimitable Walid Shoebat: “The Case for Islamophobia”

  1. I agree that Islamophobia has been made a calculated tool by these jihadis for their crusade by sword. Muslims are being tutored to insinuate in journalism, local politics and power sharing so that it make easy for them to hide for their underground Islamist activities. They also try to eliminate all those who they think are their opponents including any Muslims…

  2. Moz apologists are calling us ‘INSANE’ if we don’t admire a prevaricating, pedophile pirate. We call it ‘critical thought’. An amoral, lying, murderous opportunist like Mohammed cannot be called a prophet or even a good man. Mohammed is a liability to Islam and cannot be defended using reason.

    Most Arabs rejected Mohammed during his lifetime because they knew he was a charlatan. Mohammed’s own followers recognized his madness and poisoned him to get him out of the way. Then, they murdered one another. Early Islam was a motor cycle gang on camels.

    ‘Islamophobia’ is like a ‘Jeddi mind trick’.

  3. I am looking foreward to reading another of this authors understanding of the plague known as islam, the anti-Christ of this world, the sons of satan and the aethist involvements in their cause, but I do wonder if anything new is gained from the pages of his latest, some times I tire of all of this, yet understand why it is I am in on this fight of evilness vrs, goodness. It is the goal of remaing free from the mark of this beast and for all it is worth, Ill remain in this fight for that very reason if nothing else. MOLON LABE

    Semper Fi.

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