CAIR thinks Muslims with mental problems who want to blow up buildings in America are being unfairly targeted by the FBI

Self-described anarchist, Zahra Billoo, director of the Bay Area chapter of CAIR — the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations, accuses the FBI of “finding these needle in a haystack mentally incompetent Muslims and then setting them up.”


Mercury News  A Northern California Muslim man arrested in an FBI terrorism sting after he allegedly tried to blow up an Oakland bank with an inoperative bomb may need a mental health evaluation, his defense lawyer said Thursday. Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, was arrested Friday after he allegedly tried to blow up the Bank of America on Hegenberger Road in Oakland.

gty-154676594-4_3_r536_c534 Now, civil rights attorneys, Llaneza’s former defense attorney, and the Council on American Islamic Relations are all pushing back against the government’s version.

The FBI alleges that Llaneza tried to detonate a car bomb in front of a Bank of America branch in Oakland last week. The FBI had built the dummy bomb after he allegedly made contact with an undercover agent who pretended to have connections with the Taliban. The FBI says the agent provided the SUV and all materials used to construct the inactive bomb after Llaneza expressed a desire to spark a civil war in the United States and then join the Taliban in Afghanistan.


 Llaneza pleaded guilty in 2011 to illegally transporting an assault rifle. He was arrested after his father called 9-1-1 to report that his son was drunk and threatening to kill himself. His father told police then that he was “deeply concerned” about his son’s mental state. The father told police Llaneza had recently converted to Islam.

On Thursday, Zahra Billoo, director of the San Francisco chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, questioned whether the FBI turned a mentally ill “aspirational” terrorist into an “operational one” by supplying him with all the material and urging him on. Billoo said the FBI has made several other high-profile arrests in the last few years using a similar sting operation where undercover agents provide material and expertise to an unwitting suspect who espouses anti-American rhetoric and a desire to become a terrorist.

U.S. Department of Justice spokesman Dean Boyd said federal authorities follow “strict guidelines” when carrying out sting operations and many such arrests have resulted in guilty pleas and convictions. “As a general matter, when an individual concocts a plan to commit violence—and is determined to follow through—law enforcement has an obligation to take action to protect the public,” Boyd said. “Allowing individuals intent on committing violence to proceed without a response is not an option, given that they may take action on their own or find others willing to assist them.”

The Executive Director of CAIR’s chapter in San Francisco, Zahra Billoo, describes herself as an anarchist Muslim on her twitter page

Bilboo writes, “Imagine if we had an Islamic state that was not backward, not secular, nor controlled by the US, how much more would we be able to achieve?”

ZTruth Billoo tweeted a link to article titled Turn Tables on FBI Entrapment of Muslims on December 31st posted on a website called Grande Strategy which outed someone at the FBI in California, it appears.  

Here is a screen shot of Billoo’s tweet to the article and the link:


On the website’s about page, it claims it’s located in Islamabad, Pakistan but exists only in on-line.  Billoo says she is an American Pakistani. Their Countering Islamophobia: A Political Action Plan explains how to handle the rising tide in the West which they blamed primarily on Zionism.  


Billoo is married to Davi Barker, an angorist Muslim who is a writer for the Examiner, whose articles like Congressman King’s new McCarthyism and Counter-Terrorism: How America is destroying itself speak volumes.


18 comments on “CAIR thinks Muslims with mental problems who want to blow up buildings in America are being unfairly targeted by the FBI

  1. lEven if your kid is of the age of reason, if they try to convert to islam, try to have them committed. At least it will make a record and just may save their lives.

  2. Well, they do have a half-valid argument. You can’t be or become a muslim without a mental problem. The world is saddled with over a billion of these folks with mental problems.

  3. All Muslims are mentally, emotionally, intellectually or morally defective, without exception.

    Those born into it: incapacitated as a result of consanguinity so that they can not realize that they are enslaved to Satan and emancipate themselves.

    Reverts: too damn stupid or slothful to investigate before reverting; selling their souls to Satan for an impossible dream.

    Terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam, commanded by Allah and exemplified by Moe. Every act intended to injure or enrage kuffar is imputed to the Muslim as a righteous good deed which is weighed against his sins to get him into higher levels of Allah’s whorehouse.

  4. ” his father told police then, he had ‘deep concerns’ for his sons mental health, he recently converted to islam”, and folks, there you have it. It help quit a bit to be bat-shit crazy in the first place, as they, the brothers from their hood, islam, usually do recruit the crazier, among many other types socially unacceptable misfits i.e. liars, theives, murderers, child molestors) the better, its for the caliphate, doncha know?
    Yeah, the idiots are all running over themselves to get in the line of “who killed” the most of a fifteen minute fame mindset, only in islamville people, only in islamville. I thanks and pray daily for the professionals in our DIA, FBI, CIA, and various security agencies for their tenasity and willingness to do what is required of them. It saves me the time, effort and money to go-all-out-Marine on their asses myself. Retired not retarded.
    Semper Fi baby.

  5. “Muslim with mental problems” Isn’t that a oxymoron ?

    You can be a good muslim only if you have a mental problem. Its called Islam
    its leads to SJS (sudden jihad syndrome as the hallucinations gets worse.)

  6. Perhaps Llaneza is mentally unstable; he converted to Islam and then was short-sighted enough to get duped by FBI. But it is well known that terrorist organizations recruit such people right off the streets in North America paying street gangs to do so. Better the FBI catch him than Al Qaeda. At this time, most foreign terrorist organizations recruit Americans to commit violent jihad overseas, but there are some who focus on home soil. And traitors like Llaneza are the means they use to hurt Americans unless FBI continues with its successful sting operations.

  7. All inbred muslims are by their IQ mentally incompetent. There is no amount of coercion that could turn an American loving person into a deranged suicide bomber with out the evil teachings of the coran telling that person to be martyr blow himself up and get his 72 virgins for allah. If we can convince that monster of islam to murder innocent Americans then that muslim is indeed a monster who needs to be put down and away for life or executed. No excuses. I hope that the FBI will continue to search out these savages of islam. I believe we need the automatic death penalty for these people of the shit stain.

    • Hasn’t Hamas used one or more mentally defective teens to try to blow up Israelis?

      So IF it was true what they claim, what’s the problem? Only islamists are allowed to USE other, mentally deficient (lots available!) islamists to do a job they are TOO COWARDLY to do themselves?

      Nihad Awad, Zahra Billoo, et al, COWARDS!

    • So stopping a Muslim who wants to blow up people and buildings is ‘Moslem bashing’?

      Shows how far political correctness combined with Muslim arrogance has taken us.

      d is basically saying that Muslims have a perfect right to terrorise the kuffar and if the kuffar complains they’ll go crying to CAIR.

      Ludicrous, I know but thats the mentality.

      Have these hysterical screamers who spout the word islamophobia at every turn considered than non Muslims are not even allowed in Mecca.

      Banning Muslims from Washington is the equivalent.

      Imagine that!

  8. Saying ‘a muslim with mental problems’ is like saying ‘a cancer patient with cancer’. If you’re a muslim, you’re mental…so maybe CAIR can first try and explain how the FBI can target 1.6 billion people.

  9. Jihadists are INSANE? What?

    But, no! The un-Sacred Koran says whoever does NOT conduct jihad a ‘sickness’ in their heart (center of the Islamic so-called ‘mind’).

    NO! Islam believes NON-jihadists are MENTALLY ILL!

    THE LIARS!!!

  10. i dunno what would they achieve? Muslims did fine on their own for over a 1000 years before the US even existed and their pattern of behavior has always the same. kill, pillage, rape etc., etc., etc., NEED I SAY MORE? i thought not

    • “His father told police then that he was “deeply concerned” about his son’s mental state. The father told police Llaneza had recently converted to Islam.”

      Says it all.

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