IMAGINE THAT! Police use ethnic profiling to surveil communities most likely to harbor terrorists

acluenemies-viThe ACLU, along with their Islamist pals at CAIR want to stop a very effective FBI effort known as ‘geo-mapping’ which has evolved into something more expansive — a method to track Muslim communities, where the vast majority of potential terrorists (Muslims) are most likely to be.


HUFFPO The ACLU recently challenged the FBI over a secret racial and ethnic mapping program, which allegedly gathers intelligence on specific American communities. According to the ACLU, the program profiles Muslims and Arab-Americans in Michigan, African-Americans in Georgia, Chinese and Russian-Americans in California and broad swaths of Latino-American communities in multiple states.

“Categorizing information about religious beliefs, practices and otherwise innocent activities as ‘positive intelligence’ could have very serious negative consequences for Muslim groups and their congregants (especially the terrorists),” the ACLU said in a March 27 statement. “FBI agents accessing this information in intelligence files would assume it was relevant to the FBI’s investigative and intelligence mission, casting a cloud of suspicion over the group or individual mentioned and potentially leading to more intensive scrutiny or investigation.” (Isn’t that the idea?)


Nusrat Choudhury (Muslim), a staff attorney at the ACLU National Security Project, spoke about the program in the video below:

“What we’ve uncovered through over 15,000 documents from 34 states around the country already shows, as you mentioned, that communities of diverse backgrounds — racial, ethnic and religious communities — are being targeted for intelligence collection and investigation, based on nothing more than bias and stereotypes about what communities have a propensity to commit certain crimes.”

Rana Abbas, executive director of the Arab-American Civil Rights League in Dearborn, Mich., added that many of the targets of these investigations have recently immigrated to the U.S.

allen-west-slams-muslim-friendly-fbi-manual-editsWired  Until Hamas-linked CAIR found out and went to court to stop the FBI from training its agents that religious Muslims tended to be “violent” and that Islamic charity is merely a “funding mechanism for combat,” this program worked splendidly at rooting out Muslim criminals and terrorists.

But the geo-mapping effort indicates that the FBI may have more than just a training problem (problem? Since when is the truth a problem?): The suspicion of ordinary Muslims promoted in those lectures may be spilling over into its counterterrorism tactics.

American Civil Liberties Union acquired some of the FBI geo-maps through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Although many of the maps are heavily redacted, they represent the first public confirmation that the FBI compiles maps of Muslim businesses, community centers and religious institutions in ethnic enclaves around the United States.

 images-viThe ACLU  blasted the mapping effort, and in an interview with the New York Times, FBI agent turned ACLU attorney Mike German tied the maps to the incendiary anti-Islam trainings first revealed by Danger Room. Agents who received the briefings might be “predisposed to treating everyone from a particular group as suspect,” German said. (They ARE!) In response, the FBI issued a nuanced defense of its geo-mapping efforts. An FBI statement said that “just as putting push pins on a map will allow a local police chief to see clearly where the highest crime areas are, combining data that is lawfully collected into one place allows connections to be identified that might otherwise go unnoticed.”


Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, wrote a Los Angeles Times op-ed warning that anti-Muslim efforts like the FBI training manual were a nightmare for counterterrorism. Such training will “undermine the relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim American community.” (I thought the Muslim community was already instructed by CAIR  not to talk to the FBI ?)





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  1. If you don’t like education, (I.e. nudge nudge profiling and surveillance), try ignorance , (I.e. nudge nudge no profiling and no surveillance.) This is enabling the free movement of potentialy armed zealots. Maybe some kind of virus really has hit.


  3. I am just sick and damn tired of the aclu. I am so tired of them infringing MY rights, taking away MY rights, as well as the rights of people who feel the way I do. I wish the FBI would turn their focus to them!

  4. Analyzing patterns helps law enforcement.

    All Moslems support jihad as long as they don’t have to do it themselves. When a tiny minority conducts jihad, the majority are freed of the obligation. Jihad must go on continuously.

    Jihadist hide among ‘peaceful’ Moslems who aid and abet them.

  5. In consideration of the fact that it’s been over 11 years since 9/11 and, other than Fort Hood, we’ve had no major terrorist attacks, despite the best efforts of the Obama Admin to turn this country into Islamerica, I’d say law enforcement is doing a great job.

    Let’s not fix what ain’t broken. CAIR and the ACLU can go to hell – and that’s coming from a “liberal” who once supported that lousy organization.

    • Thanks No Muslima slave, you told my story too!

      i can’t believe today’s ‘Liberals’ are not responding to our Pearl Harbor – 9/11/01 destruction…and ongoing attempts to murder us Infidels. They are on the wrong side of history. What’s next for the ACLU, Huffington, and the rest of today’s Wacko Left? Are they also planning reparations to the families of Hitler’s battalions for our participation in WWII? I just threw that out one as a wild and crazy idea. But their thinking is so bizarre that nothing they come up with is beyond the pale. I am still reeling from Obama’s selections of Brennan to head the CIA and Schmuck Hagel as Secretary of our Defense Dept. And his height of stupidity arming Islamist Egypt and Turkey with our state of the art planes and tanks. I am incredulous!

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