KENTUCKY residents reject proposal for Islamic cemetery in their Christian neighborhood

bildeOne angry resident in a cowboy hat said to the Islamic Center representative, “Why do you want to build in a place where you are not wanted? Seems like you’re just looking for an Islamic dumping ground in our neighborhood.”

Courier-Journal (You can see the Cowboy’s full statement and the Islamic Center’s dhimmi lawyer’s in the video at link at left) After residents voiced strong opposition to a proposed Islamic cemetery in a rural part of unincorporated Bullitt County Thursday night, the county’s Board of Adjustments voted 4-1 to deny the request to loud applause from the crowd of more than 110.


The Louisville Islamic Center had requested a conditional-use zoning change to buy 10 acres of land near Mount Washington and build a cemetery. The land is currently zoned agricultural. Some residents cited traffic concerns on narrow Hubbard Lane and expressed no malice to the Islamic faith.

Others expressed concern about environmental issues associated with Islamic burial traditions, which typically involve no caskets or vaults. Some feared vandalism from those opposed to Islam. Several told the board the board the United States was built on Christian principles and that the Islamic Center should go where it is more welcome.

The recent purchase of the land by the St. Matthews-based Louisville Islamic Center was contingent on the board’s approval.



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  1. A way to make a home/property permanently “kuffir”. There is a ecofriendly practice called composting. When the home is up for sale, include in disclosures that pork refuse has been composted on the property.

  2. C’mon folks. Get the property owners to plant a pig or two in the direction of Mecca. It should make the property worth more if it can be certified non-muslim.

  3. Good for the people there!!!!We all need to start sticking up for our country and way of life and to hell with these liberal destroyers of our country.

  4. What a bunch of smelly Muslim FREAKS!! Why in the hell you Muslims going to try and build an Islamic cemetary out of all places KENTUCKY?! You Muslims must not know your geography too well here in the U.S. Kentucky will be one of the first states to run you all out of there faster than some other states. Guy in the crowd sitting down had some sweet mullet!

  5. I would suggest that the township don’t count their halal chickens before they’re hatched..CAIR will take this further, to Obi ” THE ONE ” Kanobi to get this ruling overturned

  6. BNI no worries sorry if I was out of line must have been my PORK eating Crusader patch .As an ex police officer I detest liars and bullies and especially anyone that tries to destroy the USA .In Australia we havent forgot 1941-1945 and the sacrifice to give us the freedom we have today.CAIR you even stink in Australia .

    • Yes Dubi, and everyone copy the content of that page as a summary of the venal wickedness of islamists Nihad Awad, and the rest of CAIR and the MB.

  7. Well done KY. cair not is a bully organization running around with the ‘victim’ and the race cards to play. Lock and Load and keep the faith. Tell cair not to go to hell because that is exactly where all muslims are going.


    They did this in Spain and it worked.
    General Pershing did it too
    Israel used to bury the remains of terrorists in pig skin -this seemed to deter them. Russia apparently also did this with Mooslime Chechen terrorists

    Now this too but not sure if it is true:
    The Israelis solved the suicide bomber problem on busses by ensuring each bus carried a pail of pigs fat and made sure everyone knew about it. Bomber attacks on buses are now a thing of the past, because no suicide bomber would dare get on a bus and blow him/herself up for fear of being contaminated.

  9. I lived in KY for many years. It is a great place. Many people in other parts of the country think of them as backward hillbillies with bare footed pregnant women but that is not true.

    Kentuckyans are smart and patriotic. The women are sexy and I love their twangy accents. Christian faith is prevalent in KY and they have (or had) the best no-fault auto insurance law in the nation.

    KY was one of the last states to cave in to federal gun laws and seat belt laws.

    It is hard to fight against the Holder DOJ but I think KY will put up the best fight of anyone so far.

  10. I urge everyone from Kentucky to start burying bits of pork all over the place.ASAP. Before CAIR gets Saudi money to launch an appeal. Not on top of the ground, since Mooslimes deem the land cleansed if it rains there, but bury the pork in the ground all over the place at random. That makes it unclean forever.

  11. A dumping ground for Muslims. hehe. I love it. Who are the real racist now? Muslims not wanting to be buried next to the kuffir. Well just too bad. Well there is always the garbage dump if they want a place of their own. Afterall they love wearing those garbage bags.

  12. FANTASTIC!!!! I’m so glad the cemetery was rejected: often it’s first the cemetery, then the mosque and finally the madrassa. Also, once the mosque comes, the Mohammedan community starts arriving.

    The ONLY way to avoid their coming to your community is by SHUNNING THEM – don’t buy at business that they own or control, don’t accept their custom, shun their products and services (of ANY KIND)!! Also, if they try to buy your property, REFUSE to sell ANYTHING to them!!!

    However, the only real long-term solution is to ARREST, DISENFRANCHISE (if they have ANY form of Western citizenship) and DEPORT every last single one of them down to the last Moslem man, woman and child, regardless of age, skin-colour, sect, absolutely ANYTHING!!! [Converts would be dumped into Iran or Saudi Arabia depending on their being Shi’a or Sunni.]

    The ONLY exceptions that MAY be considered are those who’ve adopted and are seriously pursuing occupations definitely considered haram in Islam, who shun fellow-Moslems (including NEVER frequenting any mosques or madrassas!!!), who’re amply willing to renounce and publicly BLASPHEME Islam (and they MUST be made to do so!!!!) as well as ALL contacts to any Islamic countries or people – AND who must be willing to live under surveillance and probation for FIFTEEN years!!!! The term MAY be reducible to a minimum of TEN years if they affiliate with a genuinely-Christian, long-established church (minimum 25 years) whose members will put up bond to the FULL VALUE of their own worth of possessions, both as a church AND as people. [Granted that some may convert to Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or other religions: similar conditions would apply with temples, synagogues, &c. as appropriate.]

      • Ms. BNI, I’ve positively no doubt whatsoever that you’re right!! However, if it can be shown there are few or no Moslems present, then they’ll have a harder time proving a need for a dedicated cemetery.

        [Oh yes, NO non-Mohammedan cemetery should accept Moslems to be buried on its grounds under absolutely ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!!!]

        The scenario I foresee happening is that CAIR will try to sue more and more people wherever it can – if nothing else then to 1) terrorise people about the power of Moslem money, community and everything else; 2) dispossess Westerners of their land and so enrich themselves further!!!

        Truly, when the law becomes so totally corrupted that its executors can do no good whatsoever, a country is in the DIREST TROUBLE!!! Or, as the great Russian poet Aljeksándr Sjergjéjevich Púshkin put it: “Woe to that country where only the slave and the liar are close to the throne!”

  13. We Kentuckians simply tell it like we see it. We southern people usually get a bad rap and made the butt of many a joke but I wouldn’t live any where else. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this story because I don’t trust our Muslim brotherhood sympathiazer president and the so called DOJ.

  14. good for the cowboy!! It’s not that the muslimes actually “want it” it’s their way of creeping in to TAKE OVER and change things to their liking and yes, the mosque would follow for sure! They will push and do as long as people are PC and are afraid. Enough of the PC, Enough! So sick of their shit!

  15. It’s not over. Listen to the end.

    As Bob says expect Cair with all the Saudi money to come charging in.

    Those Kentuckians are in for a steep learning curve into ways of duplicity they could never imagine.

    They have to fight fire with fire. No mention of religion which the Constitution framed in a pre US Islamic time protects.

    It’s got to be exagerated hard fact on water tables, parking and anything they can come up with.

    Maybe adopt the hysteria of Muslims. Be shrill. Never accept defeat. Do what is needed.

    Muslims are using US law to insert themselves into small communities and by prolific reproduction will eventually be the majority.

    Thats how it works and if not stopped right now will end in personal disaster for the locals.

  16. new lesson to learn here ! this site is so handy for seeing what is coming our way , is there any thing useful about a muzzie ? they don’t even make good fertilizer , hell no not in my country either . fowl the water table for miles around

  17. Good win for good guys!! Give it a month before the ” doj” gets involved. cair will be paying you all a visit soon. Stick to you’re guns and don’t back down. Good luck and God Bless.

  18. These Muslims are so sneaky. If they bury their dead there then it is more than certain they will later be able to build a mosque there. You mess with Kentucky people and you will get your feelings hurt. They are def.not the PC type. LOL

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