KENTUCKY residents reject proposal for Islamic cemetery in their Christian neighborhood

bildeOne angry resident in a cowboy hat said to the Islamic Center representative, “Why do you want to build in a place where you are not wanted? Seems like you’re just looking for an Islamic dumping ground in our neighborhood.”

Courier-Journal (You can see the Cowboy’s full statement and the Islamic Center’s dhimmi lawyer’s in the video at link at left) After residents voiced strong opposition to a proposed Islamic cemetery in a rural part of unincorporated Bullitt County Thursday night, the county’s Board of Adjustments voted 4-1 to deny the request to loud applause from the crowd of more than 110.


The Louisville Islamic Center had requested a conditional-use zoning change to buy 10 acres of land near Mount Washington and build a cemetery. The land is currently zoned agricultural. Some residents cited traffic concerns on narrow Hubbard Lane and expressed no malice to the Islamic faith.

Others expressed concern about environmental issues associated with Islamic burial traditions, which typically involve no caskets or vaults. Some feared vandalism from those opposed to Islam. Several told the board the board the United States was built on Christian principles and that the Islamic Center should go where it is more welcome.

The recent purchase of the land by the St. Matthews-based Louisville Islamic Center was contingent on the board’s approval.