NAOMI WOLF, radical leftist Jewish feminist in talks to join Muslim misogynists at Al-Jazeera

Do us a favor, Al-Jazeera, keep her in Qatar, along with Al-Gore. We don’t want either of these leftist dhimmis in America.

Naomi Wolf's USA

Politico Naomi Wolf, the author and activist, is in early-stage talks with the global news network Al Jazeera, POLITICO has learned. Wolf, who currently writes a column for The Guardian, confirmed the news late Thursday night but stressed that the talks were in the earliest stages and that no job offer was on the table. “It’s extremely informal and very, very preliminary,” she told POLITICO.

vaginacoverWolf is in a non-exclusive employment with the Guardian and has written columns for Al Jazeera and other news outlets in the past. A spokesman with Al Jazeera did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the talks. Al Jazeera, a Qatari-owned news network, bought Current TV from Al Gore earlier this year in an effort to expand its reach in the American market. Al Jazeera plans to announce the launch of an American-based network, called Al Jazeera America, later this year and has set about on a hiring spree to bulk up American-based staff. Wolf would be its first high-profile hire.

 tumblr_mglan8mNKX1qkx16go1_400Naomi Wolf was recently excoriated by Western critics for a piece she wrote in support of the hijab. In a Sydney Morning Herald article entitled “Behind the Veil Lives a Thriving Muslim Sexuality,” Wolf muses over the true meaning of female liberation. In it, she promoted the Islamic view that that there is freedom in keeping sexuality vibrant but channeled within the marital relationship, and that the Islamic headscarf, “hijab,” is actually liberating for many women. She recounted her travels to Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco, and her enlightening conversations with women in those countries.


To which Jamie Glazov of Frontpage Magazine responded with a piece called  ‘Why Naomi Wolf loves the burqa,”

The shameless phenomenon of Western leftist feminists abandoning millions of persecuted Muslim women under Islamic gender apartheid continues. Naomi Wolf has now come forward to say that she finds the Islamic chador sexy and supports its institutionalization throughout the Islamic world.

Never mind that Muslim women in most cases do not have a choice of whether or not to cover themselves, and face bodily harm and death if they do not veil. How much, one wonders, does Wolf care about Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old Muslim girl who was murdered by her father for refusing to wear the veil? Does Wolf think that honor murder is sexy too? Does it warm Wolf’s heart that Aqsa’s grave remains unmarked because her family is doing its best to erase all remnants of her 16-year existence on earth?

On the other hand, The Muslim Brotherhood English publication Ikhwanweb mostly sang the praises of this Jewess who holds the Muslim headbag in such high esteem.

nwThe Brothers say, “Wolf’s article is a welcome relief from the critiques of hijab that are more common in mainstream media, and contains thoughtful analysis that underscores her feminist views. It is also highly encouraging that a noted American feminist, who can reach such a large audience, has attempted to address hijab in an open and unbiased manner. Hopefully her attempt will serve as an example for many more Western thinkers.”

Wolf described her relationship with The Guardian in glowing terms: “It’s wonderful,” she said. “I love The Guardian and Al Jazeera English. I think they’re both doing some of the best journalism out there. It’s notable and kind of sad that non-U.S. based news sites are able to run pieces of mine that don’t as easily find a home in American publications.”

“As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”