NAOMI WOLF, radical leftist Jewish feminist in talks to join Muslim misogynists at Al-Jazeera

Do us a favor, Al-Jazeera, keep her in Qatar, along with Al-Gore. We don’t want either of these leftist dhimmis in America.

Naomi Wolf's USA

Politico Naomi Wolf, the author and activist, is in early-stage talks with the global news network Al Jazeera, POLITICO has learned. Wolf, who currently writes a column for The Guardian, confirmed the news late Thursday night but stressed that the talks were in the earliest stages and that no job offer was on the table. “It’s extremely informal and very, very preliminary,” she told POLITICO.

vaginacoverWolf is in a non-exclusive employment with the Guardian and has written columns for Al Jazeera and other news outlets in the past. A spokesman with Al Jazeera did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the talks. Al Jazeera, a Qatari-owned news network, bought Current TV from Al Gore earlier this year in an effort to expand its reach in the American market. Al Jazeera plans to announce the launch of an American-based network, called Al Jazeera America, later this year and has set about on a hiring spree to bulk up American-based staff. Wolf would be its first high-profile hire.

 tumblr_mglan8mNKX1qkx16go1_400Naomi Wolf was recently excoriated by Western critics for a piece she wrote in support of the hijab. In a Sydney Morning Herald article entitled “Behind the Veil Lives a Thriving Muslim Sexuality,” Wolf muses over the true meaning of female liberation. In it, she promoted the Islamic view that that there is freedom in keeping sexuality vibrant but channeled within the marital relationship, and that the Islamic headscarf, “hijab,” is actually liberating for many women. She recounted her travels to Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco, and her enlightening conversations with women in those countries.


To which Jamie Glazov of Frontpage Magazine responded with a piece called  ‘Why Naomi Wolf loves the burqa,”

The shameless phenomenon of Western leftist feminists abandoning millions of persecuted Muslim women under Islamic gender apartheid continues. Naomi Wolf has now come forward to say that she finds the Islamic chador sexy and supports its institutionalization throughout the Islamic world.

Never mind that Muslim women in most cases do not have a choice of whether or not to cover themselves, and face bodily harm and death if they do not veil. How much, one wonders, does Wolf care about Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old Muslim girl who was murdered by her father for refusing to wear the veil? Does Wolf think that honor murder is sexy too? Does it warm Wolf’s heart that Aqsa’s grave remains unmarked because her family is doing its best to erase all remnants of her 16-year existence on earth?

On the other hand, The Muslim Brotherhood English publication Ikhwanweb mostly sang the praises of this Jewess who holds the Muslim headbag in such high esteem.

nwThe Brothers say, “Wolf’s article is a welcome relief from the critiques of hijab that are more common in mainstream media, and contains thoughtful analysis that underscores her feminist views. It is also highly encouraging that a noted American feminist, who can reach such a large audience, has attempted to address hijab in an open and unbiased manner. Hopefully her attempt will serve as an example for many more Western thinkers.”

Wolf described her relationship with The Guardian in glowing terms: “It’s wonderful,” she said. “I love The Guardian and Al Jazeera English. I think they’re both doing some of the best journalism out there. It’s notable and kind of sad that non-U.S. based news sites are able to run pieces of mine that don’t as easily find a home in American publications.”

“As an American who cares about civil liberties, it’s good for all of us that the Guardian and Al Jazeera are doing the work they’re doing,” she said. “It is good for civil society in America.”



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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed answer, IC. I was pleased to find out we have a similar background and wrote you a long text. But when I had just finished it I accidentally touched the wrong button and it was all gone. Now I cannot type any more, but will look for links to send you and read the one you recommended. In the meantime, you might check out They have an English section. You find it on the right hand side of the top line.

    • Oh, I hate when that happens! I’ve gotten into the habit of copy/pasting everything before hitting post/submit/enter. So frustrating!

      Thanks for the link. I’ve been poking around. The first article “Vulgar moslem behaviour.” Really strikes a chord, but, it’s not just online that one receives threats, nor is it just for “insulting islam.”

      As per our previous discussions, simply being a kaffir woman and rejecting the crude come ons of mohammadan males always elicits “vulgar moslem behaviour” up to and including threats of rape and death.

      I used to pity women who got themselves hooked up with mohammadans, but after almost 6 years of observing mohammdan behaviour *without* a Western pc/mc lens I have nothing but utter revulsion for Western women who find such creatures attractive on an intellectual, psychological, or emotional level.

      mohammadan misogyny is not “just a few bad apples” it is cultural. Period. No two ways around it. And just as there are warning signs from Western abusers, there are warning signs with mohammadans. I suppose it should not surprise me that many of these tarts that I met in dar al islam, and the many accounts (gloating and regretful) these women post online, admit that they had dysfunctional/abusive relationships with Western men.

      All we can do at this point is make sure the women we care about (sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts. friends) have their eyes fully wide open about the the misogynist and predatory nature of mohammadan males.

  2. IC, do I get it wrong if I assume you lived in a muslim country, in Turkey maybe? Excuse me, but I have not been reading here long enough, so I wonder how that came about? Personally, I did not see a movie to be prepared before living in dar al islam, I just never wanted to set a foot into countries where women are treated with such thinly veiled contempt and where animals suffer even more cruelty than in our countries. I saw enough of muslim behaviour in Europe. The women who travel there on holiday despite all we know have been brainwashed by German mainstream media, who have an agreement with muslim organizations to show a more positive picture of islam than they did after 9/11.The propaganda is incredible. Movies like “Bezness” were shown late at night nearly twenty years ago, but nowadays our exclusively left wing tv stations keep insinuating that it is ever so prejudiced and backward not to fall for dark, handsome and charming strangers. Thrillers here carry a completely different message than in the USA. We are NOT being taught that we can all protect our families and our country if we are united and possess firearms. We are being taught that native Germans, especially wealthy ones, practically always are the meanest criminals, their families are a mess and that people with dark skin, hair and eyes are much better people and only involved in petty crimes. Of course, that’s fiction, but would the lobbies spend money on it if the propaganda did not work?

    • +Munich, I was a card carrying, cultural equivalency, multi-cult leftist. In ways, I still am, as I do enjoy learning about other cultures. However, I no longer think “exotic” (euphemism for third world/developing) cultures are equal to Western culture or have anything good to contribute to Western culture as a whole and American culture in particular. I am no longer afraid to say my culture is better than other cultures.

      While I was a pc/mc tool, I never fully swallowed the kool-aid due to my own “racism” (I quite frankly love my own culture), my common sense that filters everything anyone tells me, and dealings at uni more than 20 years ago with male mohammadans of the Paki and Arab variety. Those expriences were always unpleasant and something in the back of my mind told me there was something off about them as a whole and not just a “cultural phenomenon.”

      Remembering those past experiences, I accepted a job in Turkey with my eyes fully wide open, but still eager about experiencing an “exotic” culture that was “modern and moderate,” but only at arm’s length. Much like visiting the zoo.

      Living and working in Istanbul for almost six years cured me of any cultural equivalency notions. The constant barrage of racist rants about “Da Jooooos,” America, bat crap crazy conspiracy theories about “imperialists” stealing their resources, and the complete hatred for and lack of empathy for non-mohammadans from “modern, moderate, educated, Western minded” Turks cured me of any delusions of cultural equivalency or the existence of “moderate” mohammadans. Frankly, “they aint like us.”

      The rantings of typical full blown, kool-aid soaked hypocritical leftists I met there, who would blab on about how wonderful Turkish culture is and how it would be good for the West, while themselves refusing to live in the real Turkish culture (staying instead in Western enclaves while surrounded by local sycophants), also chipped away at my leftist leanings. I just didn’t see any benefit to the underlying misogyny, racism, and bigotry Turkish “culture” offers especially when it’s being recommended by hypocrites who are too frightened to live how they demand the rest of us do.

      So that’s my story. I was indoctrinated with the pc/mc bullshit, but deep down my common sense wasn’t buying it hook, line and sinker. We’ve all got common sense that should protect us from propaganda if we listen to it. So, no, I still feel no sympathy for women who buy the propaganda and shut out their own inner voices and worse yet, ignore the evidence to the contrary that’s right in front of their faces.

      Make no mistake, it’s not just Germany that bombards young women with that “exotic” nonsense. It’s happening here in the US of A too. In fact, I just learned about a group that is running a “White is unfair” * campaign, that is absolutely, (Dare I say it?) racist. Same lunacy you described in Germany with painting the affluent as criminals. Only they are going so far as to suggest that just being white is a crime against “humanity.”

      I just recently broke a 15 year friendship because I was tired of his constant barrage of emails, bumper stickers, FB postings, and t-shirts declaring “Eat the Rich!” and his moaning and groaning about “Romney and other rich people not paying enough taxes!” The sad part is this friend is an accountant! He damn well knows that Romney’s 10% tax payment for one year is more than he and I will pay in our lifetimes. He also knows that once the rich are gone or tapped out WE will be the “rich” that should be “eaten.” Sadly, he turned off his bullshit meter and listened to all the propaganda coming from the left.

      You’re right, propaganda does work, but only on those who turn off their bullshit meters (common sense). Call me a big, fat meany, call me cold, and callous, call me a bitch, but I have no patience for mindless stupidity, especially when it comes from people who scream about “painting all muslims with same brush because that’s propaganda!”

      *If you’ve got the stomach for it and low blood pressure check out the anti-white campaign at

      If you have links I’d be interested to see what anti-West nonsense your German youth are being bombarded with.

  3. IC, beznessers do not only target unattractive women. Pretty young girls sometimes are an easy prey because they’ll never suspect THEY are being used. I also personally know several female victims (warned some but they did not listen) and I have been targeted myself in Germany by muslims who were looking for a residence permit. They tried their luck with the wrong person, I had seen the movie “Bezness” in the 90s so I was prepared and there is only one man for me, anyway. You have no sympathy for those women, that’s the attitude in all of the countries beznessers come from and that’s why the victims are not helped in those countries, the families participate in the game and the authorities turn a blind eye. Ok, some of them have been warned and did not listen, but others fall into extremely vicious traps. The meanest thing is when there are children involved. Getting a woman pregnant is enough to receive a residence permit in Germany. The beznesser does not even have to marry his victim.

    • Of course, the mohamamdans always “try their chances” with the attractive ones. Nine times out 10 they get shot down and the 10th time, I found to my utter amazement, the bints were playing the mohammadans. How low there standards must be to even want to play with a mohammadan is beyond my grasp.

      I am American, and no, I do not feel one bit of sympathy for any of those women. Especially the ones who get pregnant. Who would willingly sleep with a troglodyte?

      If time travel were possible I’d go back and observe the cavemen. I wouldn’t go back in time to boink cavemen. So, no, absolutely no sympathy, but actual revulsion, for the tourists who spread their legs for mohammadan troglodytes and get pregnant.

      Really, these women have had to have been living under rocks for the past 20-25 years to not know that there’s NOTHING attractive about mohammadan men.

      I had no need to see a movie to be prepared before living in dar al islam. I made a point of not getting so “up close and personal” with an alien culture. it didn’t take me long after getting there to set that point firmly in stone.

  4. There is a German website called (1001stories) about women whith completely deluded ideas about muslim men whom they see as exotic princes. They fall for them via the internet, during their holidays in muslim countries or even in Europe. What muslims do with these women of all ages is called bezness (=business). It is sort of an industry in Northern Africa. The Tunisians even made a movie on it in the nineties, with the title “Bezness”. I do not know if you have heard about this, cause I am sure American women are treated much better by “homegrown” men than German women, which generally makes them a much less easy prey. In any case, in German blogs a woman like Naomi would be called a perfect bezness victim. She’d be used for the green card and for economic benefits by muslim men. They’d tell her she is the sexiest woman alive and pretend to really feel that way. These guys easily prostitute themselves, they have so much to gain. Once they have what they want they can get really mean and destroy these women in many ways. The victims are left with debts and need psychotherapy. Women like Naomi ignore that to these men submission and dominance is not a game that spices up sexual relations. It is real and serious. There is no way to simply end it when it becomes a turn-off rather than a turn-on.
    Oh, by the way, gay men are targeted, too. I wonder if Stevens was.

    • American women are targeted just as easily as German women.

      The mohammadan gigolos target the same demographics regardless of nationality: older, unattractive, uneducated, overweight, divorced, single with children.

      The nationalities they do target have one thing in common: desirable countries. Hence the reason you don’t see a lot of “girlfriends” from third world/developing countries.

      I have no pity for the women though. They are beyond stupid. If men in their own countries from their own cultures find them unattractive so too do the mohammadans.

      Straight men are targeted as well. They find the social rejects who couldn’t get laid at a women’s prison conjugal visit day, convert them, marry them off to a cousin or sister and bada bing bada boom the whole damn inbred clan gets family visas to the loser’s home country.

      I know, not from websites, but from witnessing it firsthand. The stories I could tell you…

      Of course, trying to tell that fatties and hags on such websites is just met with “oh but my guy is different!”

      The rules about marriage to foreigners need to be changed so the officers in the departments that screen the fiance and spouse visas have more power to reject the obvious frauds. 20 something mohammadan marrying a 60 something biddy with Parkinson’s Disease. The 30 something mohammadan engineer marrying a 200+pound, unmarried mother of three, high school drop out. Or this one which had me shaking my head: a 54 year old British college professor who spoke no Turkish marrying a 23 year old waiter who spoke no English. “Love understands all languages.” It took all my self control to not slap the old slapper silly.

        • True, but with so many infected with pc/mc we have to take baby steps until TSHTF.

          There are many people, good people, who would balk at rounding the mohammadans up and shipping them off to one of the 57 crapistans. Those same people wouldn’t balk at denying marriage visas.

          I personally have no problem with rounding them up along with any non-mohammadans who enabled, supported, aided, made excuses for or defended them and executing them for sedition/treason.

          Deporting them runs the risk of them sneaking over our porous borders.

      • you know I_ C we would probably be a miss match but I could listen to your wit all day ! you are a word Doctress : ) p s my understanding of a wit – – Keenness and quickness of perception or discernment

        • Oh, thank you, BLR, but it’s not so much wit as it is frank, honest observations free of euphemisms.

          In other words: I call it like I see it and I’m not afraid to say it.

  5. Feminazis and islamofascists, strange bedfellows indeed. I too prescribe to Michael Savage’s maxim, liberalism is indeed a mental illness. Only a person with a serious personality disorder could be taken in with such an unbalanced equalibrium, rife with contradictions and sheer hypocracy as well as a near total disability to discern the blatantly obvious. It’s no wonder so many of them are out and out narcissists.

    Personally, I think there is a whole lot of insecurity and precious little in the way of self confidence in these so obviously sick people.

  6. It’s no surprise that a cupcake with such profound psychological issues she needs to write about her vagina to feel good about it, would find the chador “sexy.”

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with feminazis? What is going on (or not going on in your heads) that you have to write books, make films, write plays, take pictures of your frigging vaginas to feel “empowered”?

    I like mine just fine. And guess what? I don’t have to advertise it to feel good about it, or myself! Oh yeah, I also like men. Real men. Men who put me on a pedestal, stay out of my damn kitchen, and open doors for me, call me m’aam, offer me their arm, tell me I’d make a good mother, compliment my cooking, and prefer that I stay home rather than work. It takes a strong man, these days, to treat a woman like woman. But you lunatics think such men are misogynists.

    You feminazi freakazoids hate real men. You prefer men who take you to bed and kick you out in the morning, bring you breakfast in bed because you gave them a good hummer despite not even knowing their names, call you “sexy bitch,” tell you that you screw like a porn star, and prefer that you walk all over them at the office because you’re a “power woman!” Men of the left are truly women-hating, weak egoed, limp wristed door mats. Yet you freaks think they’re “enlightened” and “progressive.” Whatever you self loathing freaks. If believing a guy who sees you as nothing more than a warm hole empowers you and makes him enlightened more power to you, but keep us real women out of your grotesque inversion of reality.

    So I should not be shocked that you anything but “women” of the left admire, condone, and defend, the most visibly egregious symbol of weak-egoed male domination: the mohammadan hijab, jilbalb, chador, and burkha.

    You are a disgrace not only to your own gender but to real, confident, women-loving men.

    However, it should be noted, that mohammadam women are women only because they have ovaries. They are just as morally bankrupt as you feminazis. Your support of their self-imposed misogyny, validates them, thus making it easier for them to assert their notion of “liberation” on us real women.

    ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH Can you tell I absolutely HATE feminazis? They really need to be shipped off to soddy barbaria!

      • I agree IC well written and so true as they are my thoughts on Feminazis. I think Dhimmi Wolf is a closet angry lesbian. As far as im.concerned I hope she pisses off to Muzzie Land and lives amongst them. Stupid treacherous &%*#*&%%# (im being polite BNI and will refrain from swearing here but yourself and others can guess what Im saying :) )

      • Was it? Really?

        I was on a rant last night!:)

        This article just hit my I’m-fed-up-with-feminazis-and-their-bullsh*t button.

        They’ve done *NOTHING* for constructive or even helpful for women. In fact, they and their bullsh*t have made things worse for women.

        After reading this article I realized not only are they staying mum about the misogyny of islam, they plan on dragging the rest of us into that particular hell on earth.

        I should have a bumper sticker made that reads: Save the West! Eat a feminazi! (if the leftists can sport ones that say “eat the rich” why can’t I have one that says “eat a feminazi.”?)

        • IC, we all love your rants. I get especially agitated when one of these feminazis is Jewish. But it makes it easier to understand how so many Jews sat back and did nothing to help themselves when the Nazis took over.

        • @BNI

          Oh yes, the leftist Jewish cowards. They are the ones who today are Israel haters.

          I’m always appalled when I see older Jews at pro-fakestinian rallies bashing Israel.

          No doubt their parents/grandparents gleefully handed over their guns when the Nazis banned gun ownership.

    • I C, when I read your statement I immediately thought of my wonderful wife. She is much like you. She loves me because I love and adore her. I put her on a pedestal, I stay out of her kitchen, and open car doors for her. She is a wonderful mother of our 5 children. (Ages 26 to 40) She is a great cook and she does stay home because she is in charge of our home. I C, you just described my wonderful wife. We enjoy putting our wonderful wives, our truly independent, real women, on pedestals and spoiling them on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, their birthdays and so on. I love my wife because she is strong, wise, patient, kind and caring. She loves her family and me, the Cat.

    • @Istanbulchick,

      Well said.

      Bare in mind, the irony to all this, is that if a young women had the courage to advocate those same “modest” principles Wolfe glorifies in her Hijab article in any Women Studies class across the West, that young girl would be mocked and derided by both the Feminist professor and her peers as being a prude, uptight and hating herself and her body.

      According to modern Feminist ideology, it is empowering for a woman to be a stripper, a porn star or a prostitute. But, it is not empowering to “want” to be a wife and a mother; or worse a stay at home mother.

      • “… if a young women had the courage to advocate those same “modest” principles Wolfe glorifies in her Hijab article in any Women Studies class across the West, that young girl would be mocked and derided by both the Feminist professor and her peers…”

        Unless that young woman was of the mohammadan variety. Then all of the fools would applaud her and praise her for being so “progressive.”

        They’re not empowered. They think they are, but they are the most miserable, paranoid, whackadoodle broads on the planet. They have no one to blame but themselves. Of course, they blame the right, most notably “Christians” for their own self loathing.

        Honestly, I don’t care how damaged they are. I’m sick of them trying to drag the rest of us down to the gutter with them.

        Fight feminism: Hug your mom!

        • Again, I concur.

          But, bare in mind that the female Mohammedan is afforded ‘special’ privileges, because she is a double (goldmine?) archetype of the white man’s past transgressions.

          And thus, the Feminist could not trip over themselves fast enough to kiss arse.

          As a woman, I will say this for the white colonist, as flawed as they might have been. It was the European white man, that put a stop to the Sati, a.k.a, Widow Burning in India.

          It was the white Europeans (men and women) who put an end to Chinese act of Foot binding, that deformed a woman’s feet.

          Contemporary Feminist are nothing more then misandrists posers, who hide behind multiculturalism to excuse their silence.
          The exception being, British Feminist writer, Julie Burchill who has been outspoken against the both Islam and the Islamic treatment of women.

          As an aside, Bonnie, you may like her article on Lauren Booth.
          linked here, which originally ran in the UK paper the Independent, via the JC.

      • Oh, Ret. Marine, you have no idea how much I had to edit what I actually wrote. :) I daresay, what I really wanted to write would have curled the toes of a Marine.

        I didn’t want, Bonni, to have to delete it and tell me to start over, or spend a gazillion years editing it so I edited it A LOT.

    • Instanbul_Chick…

      I’m a young guy (just 23 years old) and let me say this… I really liked and appreciated your post/rant. I may have a slight disagreement with you over the kitchen thing, as my father is a professional and home cook (and excellent at that), but other than that small thing, I aprpeciate your post a lot. Clear, concise, straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense arguments that speak the truth.

      As a man-in-development, I really can’t stand the feminazis and loathe the effects they’ve had on many women, sometimes even on those that are still pleasant (enough) to be around, and not to forget on society. I’m attracted by women that are feminine, confident, reasonably good-looking, intelligent and strong and that don’t hate, and if possibly love men. Having all those traits to a large extent is probably unacheivable, but all real women have all of those to some extent. And these feminazis really can’t hold a candle to them, can they?

      These feminazis and their leftist male allies have a very screwed up vision of reality that ends up being both misandric and misogynistic, and brings them to be bedfellows with the muslims, who also have a screwed up vision of reality and a hatred of what’s good and beautiful, much like the left.

      You seem to understand such things well, IC.

    • why yes, and here’s to her long and hard headlong rush to run into a bullet, of the islamic type, of course that’s what she will receive for her efforts, but too stupid to realize it yet. Maybe they will be kind to her and just lop off her pretty shell called a head, mercy, is not one of their better qualities, as I have witnessed many of time in my career.

  7. A Jewish “feminist” working for the muzzies! We have a muslim in the WH, so nothing is surprising anymore. Sickening but not surprising.

  8. If it’s so liberating sexually, why isn’t she wearing it?

    Another one that sold her soul to the devil in return for… $$$.

  9. There are some women who actually like to be controlled and dominated by men which is the reason they choose a religion like Islam or they join some other controlling and manipulative cult or political group or they hitch themselves to a very demanding, controlling and manipulative man.

    Some women are just lesbians who do not care at all about men and thus find Islamic garb “liberating” because they do not like to put up with the stares of men whom they do not find desirable and do not want to be desired by men.

    And there are some women who actually do not like to dress up. There are those who argue that dressing like Western women makes them sex objects objectified by men. I guess women who do not like to put on makeup and dress attractively would find it liberating to put on a hijab, jilbab, abaya and niqab or burqa. These women claim that they don’t want to be seen as sex objects.

    The problem with that argument is that women are objectified no matter what. Muslim men still objectify women, but in a different way and often in a very malignant way. And the stifling of natural sexual desire leads to some very unnatural and very cruel results. This is the great hypocrisy of Islam. Men are men and women are women and men will behave like men and women will behave like women. Most women actually are driven to dress attractively to on some level to be attractive to men and also for self esteem. This is natural and should not be discouraged.

    Women who join Islam often say that they want to be judged for who they are and not what they look like. This is true to some extent, but the reality is that we all judge and are judged by appearance. Like it or not — that is the real world.

    Ask yourself a very important question. If looks and appearance do not matter, why do Muslim men and families splash acid into the faces of women who do not behave themselves according to Islamic standards? Therein lies the hypocrisy!

    • Apparently, quite a number of women actually like being submissive to men, and like the idea of/fantasize about being dominated. Some women seek this with criminals, gangsters and thugs (Rihanna and Chris Brown come to my mind), others get involved with controlling cults (like the girls who get involved with muslims and convert to islam), yet others seek out certain crappy fiction popular these days, some may actually find appropriate Western relationship forms for it. Many options, many of them also harmful.

      Many of these feminazis are just, or have made themselves undesirable and wished for all women to be so. No wonder they embrace the islamic cloaks of death.
      I would doubt all women who don’t like to dress up and put on make-up and “be sex-objects” would embrace the islamic garbage bags, but without doubt, some would, often under feminazi indoctrination.

      I wonder whether the whole concept of ‘objectification’ might not in it’s origins and entirety be a (radical) feminist/feminazi concept or re-interpretation. I therefore doubt the validity. But we certainly say that the muslims, however much they may claim not to, sexualize women and male-female relationships and ‘objectify’ women, even more than even the modern West does. And most often in sickening, inhuman and barbaric ways. The consequences of which for MEN AND WOMEN can be seen all over this website and I’m sure a staggering amount of the posts on BNI are in some form or another related to this.

      Relationships between men and women, as well as the ‘natures’ of men and women are and always will be in some way sexualized, and this I believe is natural, normal and to an extent, also good. What civilization does or should do is canalize and control this. Islam perverts, twists and mutilates it into something hideous, inhuman, barbaric, dangerous and downright evil.

      Looks and appearance do matter – which is or may be both good and bad. Even in islamic societies, think of the acid attacks and other mutilations indeed. In fact, much of the islamic “religion” is about the outward signals and ostentations, hence why (amongst other things) the grotesque beards, the rags, the ostentatious public prayers, the sermons, the gruesome and grotesque public punishments and the many other outward signs of great conviction and piety muslims display. It serves both as a means of showing off to other muslims and as a means of intimidation to kaffirs. Very little, if any, of islam is about the inwards aspects or, so to speak, about the issues of heart and mind.

  10. G-D knows her and he will deal with her…just ask Stevenson who was left to be raped and murdered…you can’t hide from the light…sorry…

  11. Naomi, babe, you’re really gonna miss your clitorus. Trust me on this one, Miss Vagina (an autobiography? Is she kidding?)

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