Is Barack Hussein Obama advising Palestinians about the political payoff from paying people not to work?

imagesApparently, more than 4,000 released prisoners who were in prison for more than five years, are still receiving their full salaries, while sitting at home, doing nothing.

Considering that the U.S. contributes hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinians every year, it seems fairly obvious that they are following the Obama policy of  getting as many people as possible to suck the government teat.


15 comments on “Is Barack Hussein Obama advising Palestinians about the political payoff from paying people not to work?

  1. Beware! A revolt is expected. When one is paid to do nothing for so long, they don’t want to work. It would be nice if they took away their benefitsl.


  3. More insanity. We pay the muslims terrorists, living in palestine, for not working after they have been released from jail and because we pay them, we can not afford to pay our own people unemployed. That makes perfect sense. 2016 can not come fast enough. We can not make the same mistake again by electing the liberal leftards who are d’himmis to the muslims of isalm.

  4. And this is another reason, why they perpetuate this conflict with Israel. Get into terrorist activities, serve your time in prison, then get out and collect good salaries paid by dhimmi Western countries. What is there not to love?

    • But the victims of Major ‘islamist’ Hasan’s “Worplace Violence” get shafted, have to pay for their own medical treatment. Not ONE CENT should go to ANY PART of ‘Palestine’, or ANY organization helping them. ANY money earmarked for mohammedans should instead go to the Fort Hood victims, and other veterans, especially to those wounded, and to dependents.

      If the moslems need help, let the sods of Saudi Arabia pay.

  5. What a wonderful idea from obeyme. Not only does he send tax dollars to the fakestinians, but helps the terrorists have more time to attack and kill, and not have to work. He is a worthless POS and a better idea would be to send him and his entire America hating administration to palestine instead.

  6. What a witty and well prepared short post. It may appear that I am trying to seduce BNI with flattery, but genuine recognition and appreciation of talent and success is not flattery when it is true.

    This post is elegantly and skillfully done. The Lord blesses Jews with supernatural intelligence, creativity, and success. The enemies of Israel hate it but cannot do anything about it. :-)

    Keep up the good work Bonni as the Lord continues to bless you.

  7. Pull head outta ass, wipe drek from eyes, open eyes, observe objective factual reality and try to think rationally. Those are Soldiers of Allah. Their work is Allah’s wet work: Killing and maiming the maximum possible number of Jews.

    The Goddamn AssWhole in the White House is paying the enemy soldiers who attack Israel and America. None dares call it war. None dares call it genocide. None dares call it treason. But it is, and I call it!!! God damn!!!!!!

    • not to mention the genocide in this country with funds cut off for developmentally disaled who can work but cannot live on there own and the elderly. starting in 2014 if you are 70 or over and have a stroke the doctors are NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING BUT MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE. ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON’T HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY JUST WAIT TILL YOU HAVE TO GET MICROCHIPPED. AIN’T OBAAMACARE GRAND?

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