Is Canada now a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists?

Unknown-1The head of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, warned Monday that Canadians are involved in every al-Qaeda affiliate group and that these groups have mentioned Canada as a possible target.

SDAMatt2a Richard Fadden, who appeared before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence in Ottawa, told the committee the threat posed by al-Qaeda is changing and becoming harder for authorities to track. “CSIS is currently aware of dozens of Canadians, many in their early 20s, who have travelled or attempted to travel overseas to engage in terrorism-related activites in recent years,” he told the committee.


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  1. They are **not** Canadians. They are merely mohammedan scum whom the **real** Canadians have insanely given passports to.

    I’m all for letting them bugger off to do jihad. Just don’t let them back in. Deport their relatives as well.

  2. I have an uneasy feeling that Canada is sitting on a volcano of these extremist terrorists, just waitting to explode any time. One never heard earlier about Canada on such matters but is becomming now a common place…

  3. Unfortunately Canada beng a Commonwealth nation, is being used more and more by the extremists of all kinds, including the Sikh groups. Canada has not yet either woken up to it or has deliberately kept their eyes shut for reasons best known to them…

  4. ” is Canada now a breeding ground for islamic terrorist?”………..and throughtout this Nation we hear them, ( the liar, liar pants on fire crowd i.e.politicians on both sides) proclaiming our borders are secured, our borders are secure, our borders have never been more secured. Yeah tel me another lie, that one still holds true of being another lie, but only to your idiot based low to no information to your designs, from the same politicians. Yeah we get it…..and soon they will too. I feel sorry and pity for these fools, well not really, but I did need a reminder to clean the liberty tools again, thanks for the reminder.
    Semper Fi. be well my friends and all National infidels. Pray for peace and get prepared for war.

  5. Ok,all non-Muslim women of child reproductive age,its life or death for us,our country and others that are not totally Muslim controlled yet ,please start having more children,I would if I could but I am way to old too!!

  6. Wheresoever there is a Goddamn Muslim and a female to breed is a breeding ground for the world’s worst evil. If anyone will open a Koran, read and comprehend 8:39, 57, 60, & 67, 9:29, 38-39, 111 & 120 will rise up demanding the expulsion & exclusion of Muslims from our homelands and the eradication of Islam from the earth.

  7. Out of curiosity, do the BNI readers find it suspect? Questionable even? that there are several very large Muslim populations in the US, that have settled into cities that are very close the the Canadian border, Like in Michigan (Dearborne), NY (Buffalo), Minnesota (Minneapolis)? Or is it just a question of that is where they got off the boat, so to speak?

    I am aware they are in various cities across the US, but just wondered what others thought?

    I look forward to your thoughts.

      • Thanks for the reply BNI and the link to the article. I did not realize that was the reason so many of them settled there.

        Ford’s antisemitism is one of the reasons I refuse to own a Ford.

      • Further to Hill’s suspicion about geography, though, I remember in the late fall of 2001 or it may have been early winter 2002 hearing CBC radio (Toronto) interview a medical doctor from Iraq, employed at University of Toronto medical school through the fast-track doctor exchange program, say “we intend to use Canada’s geographical location and porous border to physically attack and invade the USA”. I believe the “we” he spoke for was the Brotherhood or some affiliate.

        Canada’s socialist government has certainly made it attractive to Saudi Baathist party members to fit in to our society without being noticed and to influence and recruit with impunity. But our current federal government is wise to intelligence details and while it may appear nothing is being done, are constructing dragnets of resources at the community level to identify and eventually catch and stop any plan to take over North America.

        We may be infected but we are not dead yet.

        • Joan,

          Thanks for the post. It was very interesting and revealing and I hope the Canadian police kept an eye on this Doctor and his “known” associates.

          I can believe the location is intentional and your post confirms my suspicions.

    • our border in MT runs 550 miles long we mostly operate on trust ! we try not to send any riffraff north , myself being part of said according to the Mounties , how ever we got a safety net ! five large Indian Nations . Black Foot , Flat Head , Northern Cheyenne , Rocky Boy , Crow , Numerous Colonies of Mennonites , Hutterites , all are somewhat friendly if you don’t get pushy ! so what I am sayin here I don’t worry to much about muzzies slipping by and trying to set up camp around here from the north.

  8. GREAT! and WA has 5 UNMANNED points of entry!!! Well, I am sure that the terrorists will stop and use the little phone to report that they are coming into the country. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Agree with Dragon: 80% of humans DEPLORE Islam and wish it would disappear.

    35% of those born Moslem don’t believe any of Islam’s teachings. They are secret apostates.

  10. This is nothing new. By the time CSIS tells the public anything it is old news. For years, Al Qaeda has been recruiting Canadian youth, especially Canadian immigrant youth, off the streets. They pay street gangs to identify vulnerable prospects. Ask David Harris of Ottawa who was strategic advisor for CSIS and now advises on national security issues. I heard him talk about this back in 2006 on CFRB radio host Ted Woloshyn’s talk show.

    A worse problem is the infiltration into government agencies of foreign terrorist interests, both materially and financially. They corrupt officials who direct police and of course, police all over the world have been specifically targeted for corruption and infiltration. They have recruited from police, from government agents, and are setting up dense networks to ready for an attack.

    The other big problem is that international organized crime groups now do business with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. They share a common motive — profit and control — and don’t care who they hurt and they have no loyalty reservations. They don’t care about treason or if their duplicity kills fellow Canadians. All they care about is that the wealthy terrorist gangs pay them what they promise. And these people, wholly Canadian and non-Muslim, recruit for Islamist terrorist groups who, currently, take them overseas to fight but who, in future, will direct them to fight right here on Western soil. Coming soon to a neighbourhood near us all …

  11. Wake up Canada. The man is right. Canada is in Afghanistan and as such at war with terrorist muslims of islam. The muslims must chose to support Canada or to support islam and of course we know the priority of muslims is their moon god allah and the cult of islam first above Canada. Sharia law is putting allah’s law above our Canadian democratically determined laws. Canada, cancel all duel citizenships for muslims doing terrorist acts. Jail and then deport all muslims who are plottng against Canada and their allies. Deport all illegal muslims and their families. Wake up Canada, you had the Toronto 18 and so on. You are not safe when it comes to muslim jihad in Canada.

    • I wouldn’t even spend the money to jail them. Send them straight back to their country of origin to deal with them.

      According to CSIS, it’s worse than previously thought. It’s now proven that radicalization is occurring at a large number of venues including within the home.

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