Israel expanding within the borders of Israel. What a concept!

Hopefully, one day soon, the Israeli expansion into its own land will bring about the end of the Arab occupation of Jewish land. After all, there already is a Palestinian state…it’s called Jordan.


12 comments on “Israel expanding within the borders of Israel. What a concept!

  1. Grouchy, it seems they are like canadian citizens, no rights to/on their own property!
    “liberals, the problem to every solution.”
    Just sayin’

  2. God Blessed his own and that is not a thing to ignor if you were a smart and honest person, but being as they, the Jordanians, calling themselves palestinian arabs are not honest nor smart they chose to take stands of this type, run with it, (the big lie) in hopes of containing enough liars within to move foreward into the abyss of hell, all together now scream raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism and it will be just fine, right!.
    Yeah WOW, what a concept, expanding your under devoloped territory into some thing beneficial to your own people, its called progress, and to think if the arabs had ever heard of this word, why they just might think it is a God given, but, nooooooooo, they’d rather lie to themselves, to all around them and continue the lie in hopes of it sticking to a wall, any wall will do, whereas, with the approval of our muslim-n-theif, some call their pResident, they get a pass, and now in the hopes of regaining favors and approval of the 1967-borders lies once again coming upon him, them, and the world, because of his inability to understand, and apparently the ability to read, because if he did, he’d know damned well, of the territories beholdened to God’s People, the Jewish tribe, would include almost all other territories now being occupied by arabs of all sorts who are just squatting, just as he is in our house blackened by his presence, on the Jewish territories stolen by the brothers from their hood, islam and supporters. So tell me sweet little lies, sweet little lies, good boy barry. Not that I will either accept, or acknowledge them as anything resembeling any truth, I understand you to be just a liar, its what you do, every day, every minute and evey time you open that shittalking pie hole of yours and why would anyone expect anything less of you, ooooooooh yeah that’s right, as you too are a, you guessed it, another lieing arab, a brother from your hoood, islam with taqiyya on your mind, so tell me what’s new, anybody?
    May God Bless his people, their supporters, all of us so-called infidels to satan, (his son, muhammad, his little barry boy, otherwise knonw as baraqu=lightening, huessin=son of, obumah-obama=from the shy). ” and satan shall come upon the earth as a lightening bolt from the sky”, any questions? Stay strong and wear the full armor of GOD, in the truth we, the truth seekers (GODs chosen) shall be revealed.
    Semper Fi. baby.

  3. Never fuck anything you do not want more of !!!! We do not want more Islam. The peace process consists of eliminating Islam from the earth through apostasy or death. A world with Islam is a world at war. Know Islam, no peace.

    Palestine is Israel. Palestinians are Jews. Those falsely asserting Palestinian status are SandMaggots. Want peace? Flush the SandMaggots down the sewer.

  4. Arab countries had no dispute about dividing the Palestinian Mandate into Jordan and Israel at the time. They only reacted after large numbers of refugees came from Europe and the Nazified Muslim Brotherhood got involved. MB was founded by admirers of Italian and German fascism.

    Arabs or anyone else are FREE to apply for Israeli citizenship. Israel is the only free, pluralistic country in the region. The Arab countries are ALL dysfunctional failed states…because of THE PROBLEM…Islam.

    You can’t have a successful country where people admire a prevaricating pedophile pirate.

  5. Israel, please build and expand into your lands. Take a stand. You have much support because you are the only real defense that we have for the muslim cult of islam advance. Thank you for being the only real democracy in the hell hole of the middle east. We support you. God bless Israel, now and forever.

  6. Exactly right, the lines were set after WWI Israel for is the Jewish state, Jordan for the Arabs. What is the problem, oh ya the miserable greed of the Arabs.

  7. Good for Israel they are on my list to talk about last thing at night every night , yes I still have my list in front of God he knows me ! They of all the people on earth are the most in Harms way.

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