MINNESOTASTAN: Her name sounds like ‘nauseous’ and her vile Islamic supremacism is truly sickening

449_largeFor Nausheena Hussain working with Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations)-Minnesota evoked an unparalleled sadistic sense of purpose within her. Successful anti- American activism resonates on a personal level and, as Hussain describes it, leaves one “praying that their social change Islamic supremacism is successful.” This is precisely what CAIR-MN offers.

Headwaters Foundation  In response to the growing tide of Islamophobia anti-Islamism that has consistently dominated the airways, CAIR-MN arose with a staunch commitment to eradicating the misunderstandings knowledge acquired that fuels prejudice understanding of the evil that is Islam. As evidenced by a so-called hate crime committed against a local mosque in 2007, the Twin Cities were not immune to the wave of discrimination anti-Muslim sentiment gripping the American public.


Terror-linked CAIR-MN subsequently sprung to action, quickly becoming a trusted organization within local Muslim communities, (a reviled organization within American communties). CAIR fiercely protects the civil liberties supremacist activities of the Islamic community by challenging negative accurate media representations, addressing labor conflicts, forcing Islamic laws on the workplace, and responding to overt cases of racism (even though Islam is not a race).


Yet the journey is more difficult, and perhaps more spiritual, because CAIR MN principle goal is to challenge Islamize systems. Changing the public’s imagination justified suspicion of the Islamic community requires disentangling misrepresentations  the truth about Islam. As Hussain notes, being a Muslim woman who wears the hijab (headbag) often signifies ignorance and feebleness to those unfamiliar with the Islamic tradition.  CAIR-MN defies exemplifies these stereotypes even within its’ own office where many employees, including those in top positions, are women.

Muslims lifting their asses in an American park they have turned into an outdoor mosque

Muslims lifting their asses in an American park they have turned into an outdoor mosque

Consequently, CAIR MN provides a forum and space for recasting stereotypes and works diligently to spread this message. In line with these efforts, CAIR MN offers a variety of training Islamic indoctrination of Americans sessions for non-Muslim employers and organizations to create understanding of submission to Islamic practices and traditions. But the work doesn’t stop there either.

Nausheena speaks with conviction about the complicated situation they face when combating Islamophobia anti-Islamism. The issues, as she outlines it, lie not only in overtly racist (what race is Islam?) actions, like the defacement of the mosque (usually done by Muslim themselves to get sympathy), but also in the subtle biases that go unregistered by many. To combat these prejudices natural reactions to an enemy within, CAIR-MN hosts conversations indoctrination sessions meant to unearth demonize participant’s justified biases.  “Through these sessions, participants realize that their actions can be manifestations of unconscious biases justified biases” says Nausheena.

One of the many Somali Muslim gangs out for blood in Minnesota

One of the many Somali Muslim gangs out for blood in Minnesota

“It’s really eye-opening because many people don’t realize the ramifications of their actions.” (And CAIR makes sure they understand that if they tell the truth about Islam, they will be maligned, slandered, and possibly litigated against for exercising their free speech rights)

With ambitious seditious goals, CAIR-MN is hopeful. As recent recipients of a 2012 Social Change Destruction of America from Within Fund grant, CAIR-MN now hopes to align itself with (communist) organizations who similarly envision a welcoming Minnesota for people of all ethnicities, backgrounds and religious identities (as long as they are all muslims).  



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  1. I was in Dearborn in the late 1970’s and there wasn’t hardly a Muslim around. I remember seeing Orthodox Jews north of Detriot, and cherish the thought. Muslims are hateful and violent and should be deported to the country they came from. Dearborn police!!! Shame on you!! You should have carted the people off to jail who were throwing rocks, crates, and bottles and the peaceful assembled Christians. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Keep carting the Muslims off to jail if you want peace in our nation. People have the right to free speech, and the Christians were not given the right but deprived of their right!! We are becoming the United States of Islam!! I will not conform to their violent belief system and would rather die than be a satan worshiper of Islam!!

  2. Are these people who is going to be legalized? Or were them already done? Here in Europe we have the same problem and I don’t understand our politicians, who were elected by Europeans, not to forget this. Our community is committing suicide.

  3. If we don’t wake up and change things, there will come a time, probably soon, when we will be wailing and gnashing our teeth with regret at our stupidity and lack of meaningful action. It’s coming like a freight train and it might already be too late.

  4. I encourage JEWISH flight. JEWS will be victimized by this garbage – in Minnesota, in Michigan, in New York, in California. JEWS should come HOME to Israel.

  5. Well Minn. used to be a great place! Maybe we should all get together Pork Chile Cook Off as clost to their Community as possible! Make sure we invite as many Good Ole Boys from Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, New Orleans, La. as we can! There is plenty of 12Ds from these boys to show them what true American’s think! Harry, just North of Dallas, Texas!

  6. You know, what they refuse to add in this article, is that almost everyone who works or live in the Franklin avenue area. KNOWS that those Somalis were bused over here from their home country. They brought along with them, box crates and you still see them moving them from vehicle to vehicle, home to home, apartment to apartment. All those boxes with Russian and Chinese writings. Do I need to elaborate what’s in the boxes? Law Enforcement are not allowed to touch them because they’re afraid of not just legal problems. But being killed themselves. It’s dangerous in the cities. St. Cloud is starting to see this problem and a lot of kids have left school. A friend of mine was attacked and hospitalized by these Somalis.

      • Where do we go Thailand will be full soon. I have so many friends that have retired there because they just can’t stand American politics any longer. Some of them are very high speed operators that feel stabbed in the back by this administration.

    • I was just thinking that every one of these Muslim extremist bastards no doubt have basements full of arms, but no doubt heavy artillery as well. Whatever you do Americans, don’t give up your arms, you will need them! You might find several good uses for gasoline and matches too.

  7. what needs to happen in Minnesota, honestly is a round up of these SCUMBAGS, ALL of them and DEPORT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, regaerdless of their national status, if AMerican, strip them of that regardless of them having been born here. There needs to be a cleansing in Minnesota of ALL the Muzzies there. One way or another.

  8. Aren’t they domestic terrorist? Indefinent detention for all. Thats what obama wanted let him have them. I heard fema has a real nice big camp in Alaska.

    • Exactly, they ARE most definitely domestic terrorist’s. They are as much terrorist’s as those who hijacked aircraft on 9/11. We true Americans have been abandoned by those we elected and pay to serve us, the public. We have to save ourselves.

      • You know, Islam’s useful idiots who think “Zionist Jews” are trying to take over the world…and there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists, they are all just CIA agents posing. These retards usually worship Ron Paul and deny the reality of Islamic Jihad every single allah-u-akbar bombing or beheading.

  9. 100 miles west of Minneapolis – St.Paul, in my hometown of Willmar, MN, which has a population of about 20,000…there is a growing Somali population of 2 to 3 thousand. Most of them seem to want to lay low for now, but there is definitely some out & out Jihadists in their midst. A friend of mine approached a group of them to invite them to his church, telling them they would be more than welcome there. He was quite literally shocked when one of them responded “we hate you Christians, we’d kill all of you if we could”. Another incident where about 3-4 were charged for illegal kidnapping & making death threats against a man who was doing some work for them.

    • rev, your friend encountered one of the few honest muslims. They always lay low until they get their numbers up, by importing more and by dropping foals every year. They are a danger to your community. Warn your daughters that they will be raped by these Somalis and turned into sex slaves if they are not careful. It happens wherever enough of them congregate.

  10. What you expect, we allow them to hijack our merchant ships at sea, let the UN dictate punishment and pay them for their squalor they live in.
    There are no men left in DC and obviously none left in Minnesota. This cult is spreading and the only way to stop it; fight back. If a Muslim insults you insult back, if one assault’s you make sure he feels it tenfold, if they pray in public in front of you make noise get a pound of bacon and lay some strips in front of them, make sure you take your dog with you. Carry a Crucifix in your car and if you see them gathering carry it so they can see it.
    DO NOT spend one dollar in any Muslim stores/gas stations/motels/ETC. I now ask what religion the owners are if they won’t say I walk out and if they say they are Arabs or Paki’s good bye they get no money from this guy.
    We must start to show that we have the power to control our own country, since the ball-less assholes in DC are willing to give away our rights.

  11. Who accepted these somalis into America? Here in Sweden somali refugees are the most criminal, the most difficult, the most demanding of all illiterates coming from Africa. We call them “demand machines”. Kick them out from your country, they are only there to trick the system, abused you hosts and take over. We are about to kick them out of Europe after the next election.

      • Im chocked your government is paying them. In sweden it’s the same, they get between $1000 – $3000/month each depending on if there is no kids or 3 kids. Back home they only get $2/month if they work, they are more or less forced to accept this offer, next they bring the clan. One turk brought 800 people to Sweden over a few years, all are on welfare. It must stop, it’s insanity. Love your blog. Translate my linked swedish website and you won’t be able to sleep of chock of what going on, none of it is reported in big media.

        • GS, you can find a lot of stories on Sweden here if you enter “Sweden” into the Search Box. WE find them very depressing and getting worse all the time. I am hopeful that the Sweden Democrats who are anti-Muslim immigration will gain support. How are they doing now?

          Feel free to send me any stories that we don’t get to see here.

  12. A lot of this is because a couple of years ago, Ovomit signed an executive order that allowed an extra 80K Muslims PER YEAR into America OVER AND ABOVE the percentage of the 1MILLION people that are ALREADY allowed in EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

  13. this shit makes me sick…WHEN THEY LASH OUT AND ACT LIKE THIS IT ONLY HELPS MAKE THE M LOOK WORSE!! IT MAKES THE POINT OF THOSE CLAIMING ISLAM IS A VIOLENCE INDUCING RELIGION AND INTOLERANT AND CANNOT COEXIST IN PEACE WITH OTHERS!!! by the way for those who follow my posts for last few years, once again…”i told ya so”… not all muslims will behave and lash out like this not all are goin to be violent radicals but there are many who are and as soon as they feel they have enough numbers and support in politics they will begin making their political agenda moves to overtake the political system and legal system to push for laws written to reflect muslim ideals over other religions in america and to subvert seperation of church and state because the muslim homeland and its teachings is one of hate, intolerance, expansionism, convert or kill all not like them, and turn the whole world into a sharia law theocracy…and i say i told ya so cuz i saw it comin….by the way the political trump card they feel they have right now to fuel this political move is sultan obama himself

    • You got that right! What the hell is wrong with the retards who are supposed to be our leaders and representatives who let these warmongering Muslim basters stand on American soil and hate and attack Americans? These fucks should just be shot on site when they act against Americans with their terrorist aggressions. They are nothing less than terrorists acting out within our borders, they are no different than the vile scum that attacked on 09/11. Their aggressions are an extension of the terrorist war against America. In war, we shoot our enemies, shoot them extremist Muslin aggressors between the eyes until you are hitting the extremist Muslim aggressors behind them between their evil eyes.

      Those Muslim SOB’s in Dearborn, throwing rocks, cans, bottles, and whatever else they happen to find, that is a threat against life and/or limb, shoot them bastards, don’t let Obama scare you into thinking you can’t use your constitutional right to defend yourself, the right to bear arms, anyone trying to stop you from doing so, shoot them too, fuck em’. That is why our founding fathers were sure to make it clear that every American citizen had the right to bear arms, to ensure the preservation of our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      When we can’t trust our military and/or police to protect us from terrorism here in our cities, how much less can we trust them to keep entire countries from waging war against us? We need to take matters into our own hands, those sworn to “protect and serve” us are pathetic failures. Dearborn police can’t spare two officers to maintain peace when hundreds of Muslim SOB’s are attacking a handful of peaceful people? But they can spare 11-12 officers to escort them out of the festival?

      Those guys are correct, Dearborn police are telling the Muslim bastards that “if they riot, they can get what they want”. You Muslim bastards can bring your hatred and violence to our streets and watch the police escort peaceful Americans away. That is a demonstration of vileness I find hard to believe is happening so close to home. I’m between MN. and Detroit, Benghazi? No show of American support, MN. and Detroit? No show of American support, we are truly on our own Americans. We have many chances of getting it right, but we have a very limited number of chances of getting it wrong.

      We have rights, only we can allow those to be taken away. Many will try to tell us they have the authority to enforce laws that are unconstitutional, it is up to us to show them that they indeed DO NOT have that authority. Our right’s “Shall not be infringed”, so don’t let anyone tell you differently!

  14. why do these people come here and think that we have to change to accommodate them. You want Sharia Law? Stay where you came from. What you are talking is terrorism at its finest. You are lucky I do not still live in MN, as if I saw a scene like that beat down on what appears to be a white kid, there would be dead muslims on the ground. I was in Desert Storm and have witnessed the disregard for human respect the muslims seem to tout. I am not saying that all muslims are bad, but the ones like Nausheena, give them all a bad name. Learn our laws, our customs, our language or get the hell out of America!

  15. The pic of the violent and COWARDLY Somali Muslim gang attacking the LONE American shows Muslims OBEYING the Quran to wage jihad against hated infidel Americans.

    Top FAVORITES, Muslims, are ALLOWED by U.S. authorities to OBEY the Koran and wage jihad on Americans:

    American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)

  16. Stanek said Minnesota is a “designated U.S. Refugee Resettlement Area,” with a Somali population ranging from 80,000 to 125,000 in the state. As a result, Stanek said, while the African population in the U.S. as a whole is about four percent, 18 percent of the Minnesota population is African because of the large Somali presence.

  17. couldn not listen to that liar with the purpose of ignorant deception (takiyya) who thinks our need to understand is a weakness to be expoited ,Spits porkchop at the floor ,What a waste
    of good Pork

  18. Twice she said she wants ACCOMODATION. How about accomodation FROM islamist CAIR?

    And she talked about ‘attire’.

    Can I recommend a tire from Winnie Mandela, for everyone who thinks they have to cover themselves in shame?

  19. You should be wary of another guy called Zakir Naik.He calls himself an Islamic scholar but is a dangerous demagogue. this man has a tv channel called,hold your breath, PEACE TV. He regularly disparages other religions and is anti Semitic.Faisal Shahzad, the guy who tried to bomb times square was said to have been inspired by Zakir Naik.

      • Is Peace tv banned in USA? If not, I think you guys should campaign for it. Even in India, where all political parties & alliances (except the right wing BJP led NDA) indulge in muslim appeasement, peace tv has been taken off air. The channel is funded by wahabhis with the aim of radicalizing muslim youth and they have succeeded to some extent . Even Canada has refused entry to Zakir Naik.

  20. Sadly, I’m from Minnesota and yes, we allow this crap to happen and it’s disgusting. Minnesota is so left that it’s just not right! And.. as far as the picture of the scum attacking the kid in the picture above… I just pray to God that some day, I come across a group of these idiots attacking someone, they’ll get a good taste of a size 12 boot!!!

  21. Wake up Minnesoto before you become minnisotistan. Get rid of keith hamas ellison at the polls or else. Do this while you still have the democratic majority to get rid of ellison and save your state from becoming the first islamic controlled state in the union.

    • I, too, live in Minnesota. I can attest to the RAMPANT disregard for law by the Somalians. I have lived in Minnesota since 2000. I was never aware of the “Somalian Community” until after moving here.

      They are truly the nastiest set of human beings on the planet. They stink. I have, on many occasions had to hold my breath when standing near one or more of them. I have had to do clean up projects in some of their apartments…they live like animals. They terrorize and gang-up on kids in school, when [Somalians] have a group of 5 or more, and all that is done to them is they’re given a “smack on the hand” and sent home for the day.

      If it weren’t for my son, I would be permanently done with this state. My son already, at age 11, is talking about getting out of this state and living elsewhere…where the Somalian population is ZERO!! So, in a few years, I will be looking for somewhere to move…Alaska, Florida…anywhere that these individual piles of excrement have not infested!

  22. nauseous is correct. i almost smashed my monitor when i read that somali muslims are eager to replace our laws with sharia law. are minnesotans really that generous and stupid? to allow this kind of thing to happen?

      • Don’t speak for my State. :)

        These Somali’s were imported as “refugees” here -over a span of 30 years – by our state legislators in a bid to get SOME of the money we send into the Fed government. A shell-game, in other words.

        The problem is – the “refugees” send a hell of a lot of money – & many of their young man BACK to Somalia to join Islamic terrorists – to fight and die. & they HATE MINNESOTA.

        During the same 30 years span – our police force has also been continually cut.

        Additionally- with regard to Keith Ellison. It’s true – many blond haired, blue-eyed, descendants of Vikings vote for the guy… But his district is ripe for class warfare, Saul Alinsky tactics… & frankly – he’s a lying, scurrilous bastard- and he exploits it.

        Additionally – MN has more voter fraud *CONVICTIONS* than any other State in the last 50 years. ALL DEMOCRAT… But equally as significant here – that means we, Minnesotans – went looking.

        We’re the same honest, hard-working, pragmatic people we used to be. So – we’re not all Keith Ellison voters, either. Some of worked and prayed inexhaustibly for Chris Fields.

        • VS, I understand that there are a lot of people like you who would never vote for Ellison or Obama. That’s why so many 3rd world parasites are being brought into the country now. And they’re voting. I posted a video several years ago of a polling place in Minnesota that had a line of hundreds of Somali FOB’s in line to vote. Not one of them spoke English and they look as if they just got off the boat.

  23. Retarded, inbred Somalians with average IQ of 70? Please import more of these knuckle-dragging, rage-filled, supremacist misogynists!

    Sharia law is sedition.

    Nausheena, what are we to make of a self-hating woman like you?

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