THIS IS DAWAH (proselytizing for Islam) that is taking place at a public elementary school in Indiana

A Muslim man and his three daughters handed out Islamic religious materials to every teacher at the Dixie Bee School in Terre Haught, Indiana. Anyone hear from the ACLU yet? Oh, that’s right, they only swoop in when a Christmas tree is involved.


WthiTV The message on the fliers the family dropped off reads, “Mohammed is a prophet of Mercy. God will glorify you.” The dhimmi school corporation vehemently denies any claim that it was endorsing a particular religion by allowing the school visit; rather, according to Azar, it was viewed as a lesson in history.

g0a00000000000000008addce0285dd3d2204eaa8a247cff92b1e342110A Vigo County Muslim man insists he was never told to not go beyond the main office at his daughters’ elementary school, as school administrators suggest. “Nobody told me to stop,” said the father, Mohammed Alharbi. “They gave me a visitor’s tag: that means I can go and observe class to class.” islaminschools-vi1Alharbi told News 10 the Dixie Bee school principal had approved his visit at least a couple days in advance. Alharbi said he shared with the principal his family’s plan for his three daughters, all of whom are enrolled at Dixie Bee, to deliver a flower and a flier — one for each teacher — and that he planned to accompany the girls on their classroom-to-classroom campaign.

Not one school board member was willing to comment on the incident at Dixie Bee Elementary, and the topic did not come up at Monday evening’s school board meeting.