THIS IS DAWAH (proselytizing for Islam) that is taking place at a public elementary school in Indiana

A Muslim man and his three daughters handed out Islamic religious materials to every teacher at the Dixie Bee School in Terre Haught, Indiana. Anyone hear from the ACLU yet? Oh, that’s right, they only swoop in when a Christmas tree is involved.


WthiTV The message on the fliers the family dropped off reads, “Mohammed is a prophet of Mercy. God will glorify you.” The dhimmi school corporation vehemently denies any claim that it was endorsing a particular religion by allowing the school visit; rather, according to Azar, it was viewed as a lesson in history.

g0a00000000000000008addce0285dd3d2204eaa8a247cff92b1e342110A Vigo County Muslim man insists he was never told to not go beyond the main office at his daughters’ elementary school, as school administrators suggest. “Nobody told me to stop,” said the father, Mohammed Alharbi. “They gave me a visitor’s tag: that means I can go and observe class to class.” islaminschools-vi1Alharbi told News 10 the Dixie Bee school principal had approved his visit at least a couple days in advance. Alharbi said he shared with the principal his family’s plan for his three daughters, all of whom are enrolled at Dixie Bee, to deliver a flower and a flier — one for each teacher — and that he planned to accompany the girls on their classroom-to-classroom campaign.

Not one school board member was willing to comment on the incident at Dixie Bee Elementary, and the topic did not come up at Monday evening’s school board meeting.


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  1. If he had asked anyone in this audience to deliver “a flower and a flier”, they woould have demanded to see the flier. There is no room in public education for “fliers” spotlighting ANY paraticular religion, let alone the uncivilized, barbaric islamic garbage.
    I repeat, NOT ANY ! Our schools are passing and graduating students(?) that can’t read at their grade levels and can’t make change for a dollar because it would harm their little self worth if they were made to learn it in order to pass. The need to be on EDUCATION, not ANY religion. That should be reserved for Pastors and Parents.

  2. Dear BNI:

    So, Azar said the school officials viewed this attempt to gain converts for islam a “lesson in history.” REALLY? Protestant religious tracts being passed out- could that be interpreted as learning about the Protestant Reformation? The Catholic Church has a history going back 2 thousand years- AND the Vatican ITSELF is the world’s smallest nation; the remnants of papal states. So, with the “history angle” and a geography lesson about a tiny nation… can students be invited to the nearest Catholic Church to participate in a Mass?

    Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are also ancient- so I wonder what the father of these muslim students ATTENDIND A PUBLIC SECULAR SCHOOL would react if his children would be “Jewish” or “Hindu” for a day… or were told to meditate about Buddha as the one and true way to enlightenment!

    If the islamic father wants islam to be a “lesson” well here goes…

    Whether its “history” class or a “current events” assignment… how about telling the way muslims invade, pillage, rape murder and commit genocide… from its earliest origins to the present day.

    Geography class? Educate how muslims lands are hell holes, with inbreeding and low IQs where the national past times are genital mutilation of little girls, kidnapping of Hindus, slaughter of homosexuals, preventing women from having basic human rights and beheading Christians and Pagans on a daily basis.

    Also, for “geography”… if muslim nations have ANY infrastructure to speak of or any exports, successful businesses, etc… it is many times because of thousands of “guest workers” ranging from 3rd Worlders for manual labor, mining and construction… and 1st World Westerners with education and skilled trades… THESE ARE THE PEOPLE who keep the GNP, economy and society going in muslim lands… not lazy, illiterate muslims who live off the work of the infidels.

    Science & math class? Start TEACHING THE TRUTH. It was Hindu brilliance in mathematics NOT muslims. It was Christian and Jewish physicians in the Medieval era making advances in medicine and physiology… NOT muslims; it was Zoroastrians and Gnostics contributing to philosophy NOT muslims; it was Christians and Jews exploring the Western world and Buddhists and Shintoists who were discovering new species in the Far East… NOT muslims.

    Oh, and the Space Program… the astronauts DID NOT convert to islam and they DID NOT hear the muslim call to prayer while on the moon!

    Hey… lets not FORGET GYM or PE CLASS! This applies more to Europe, but I’m sure will take hold here soon. Stop gender segregating sports activities, insisting non-muslims dress a certain way in the swimming pool… and stop having vile muslim whelps beating up fellow student (non-muslims) while at soccer practice.

    Gee whiz! Those gosh darn muslims make things so frustrating. I haven’t even gotten to art, music or English classes yet… but you get the idea.

    One other thing. As an American Indian, I and colleagues have been invited over the years to numerous schools to speak on American Indian culture and history. I know other people of different backgrounds who have also been asked to do the same- speaking on geography of different nations, history, art or music. These people being Japanese, British, German, Latin American, etc.

    I also know those who had experienced certain periods in history such as living through the Depression or being a WWII or Korean veteran… or being a refugee from 1970s Cambodia.

    Then those who are historians, re-enactors or enthusiasts about certain time periods like the Civil War.

    Then of course- the “Career Day” folks…. of moms, dads, step-dads and aunts; etc- who all come talk about being an accountant or nurse or construction worker.

    Then anyone ranging from a mom or dad current on-duty soldier… or a “Mr. Wizard” science guy with experiements to share or a “Zoo Lady” with her turtle or parrot to show off.

    I was PERSONALLY one of those speakers MANY TIMES or I arranged for different types of people to address classes. GUESS WHAT!

    We were so heavily monitored, censored and many times disrespected…not just by the kids…. but by the teachers, staff and administration; that eventually I stopped all involvement with these activities to schools (did them elsewhere)… and many colleagues have stopped as well. We couldn’t breathe inside the school building without every kid and their parent having permission slips signed and stamped and loudspeakers blaring and a 1001 other things before we step foot on school property. But HEY MUSLIMS AND TRY TO GET CONVERTS AT THEIR WHIM IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    When elderely WWII veterans and active duty police officers are disrespected in classrooms by teachers and administrators… who I don’t know why… have these people as guests to fullfil some sort of grant or curriculum requirement… but obviously feel “lets do the people in our neighborhood” unit and “get this over with” mentality. Yet… muslims are welcomed with open arms without any warning to parents or students?

    In this insane Politcally Correct world…. all of the above types of visitors to schools that I mention above will continue to be disrespected and drop off of school visits… to be replaced by NOTHING BUT CESSPOOL MUSLIMS.

    Sooo…. is this school’s cafeteria having ham sandwiches on Tuesdays and pork sausage pizza slices on Fridays? What about Jell-O for desert? Don’t know for real what the cafeteria menu has at this school… but if there are muslim students look for that to change soon.

  3. Hay “ACLU”,,where are you???Or is it that you are just plain chicken sh*t over these people that could slit your throats for speaking out against them ,or do you just feel so safe badgering Christians, and making there life miserable????

  4. al HARBI!!!!! Seriously!!?? Well, I guess it’s time to get the kiddies passing out the Christian tracks… Let’s see how long that goes unchallenged!

  5. Why would Mohammed need to be merciful? Mercy for what? His own abuse? So, his soldiers hang you up on meat hooks, and then Mohammed grants you “mercy” by killing you quickly?

    And, as the other commenter here points out, this “merciful” Mohammed is depicted has having raped a NINE-YEAR-OLD GIRL, ordered the slaughter of hundreds of Jews, and taken their wives as sex slaves.

    This Muslim cretin needs to keep his filthy child-raping cult out of our schools.

    But, I’m glad his children love their school – perhaps they can be saved by this intervention from the dreaded fate of Islamic brainwashing.

    When reading these stories, we must always keep in mind that the average IQ in Muslim countries is something like 80, based on rampant inbreeding and the general dumbing down of Islamic doctrine. Many of them are just plain STUPID. They don’t know what they are following, and they are too imbecilic to know right from wrong.

    There, I said it.

  6. misunderstanding? BS if that was a Christian message being handed out with the flower everione would be up in arms. passing out flowers as a thanks to teachers is one thing but adding a religious flier is not acceptable

  7. Who me, what, hide a bomb in this flower, anthrax in this flyer? Oh no, I am innocent of any dawah in violation of policy. Okay, sure, maybe this father is innocent just like the Innocence of the Prophet. Why does that ring a bell?

  8. mohammad was a prophet of mercy? The blood of more than 270 millions murdered, of women raped, children sold into slavery is according to islam and muslims mercy…compared to muhammad & muslims, the devil will come off as a saint

  9. The principal should be fired or demoted as a lesson for all principals who do not take great care in what is being taught in their schools under their authority. How dare this muslim liar pass out false information about mohamad. Pass out the truth of mohamad how he married a 6 year old and then sexually assaulted her when she was 9. (See what the chldren in all of the grades would think of a 50+ year old pervert who would marry a girl in grade one and then sexually assault her when she was of grade four age. That is who mohamad was.) Because of this example of mohamad, many muslim perverts marry child brides to this very day in the helll hole countries of islam.

  10. When did this happen?

    This may just be a case where the school officials are innocent.

    If the dawa dimwit told them the was going with his daughters to hand out “A flower and a flier,” they may have (naively/stupidly) thought the daughters were giving their teachers gifts for Valentine’s.

    Since they are denying allowing the propagation of islam instead of the “we support diversity and ending ‘misconceptions’ about islam” nonsense dhimmis usually spout I would nominate the school officials for an uniformed kaffir award and not a dangerous dhimmi award in this case.

    • The story first appeared yesterday.

      School officials innocent???? Oh, please, you know if any principal or teacher had seen that flier with something about Christianity on it, he would have been thrown out on his ass in a heartbeat.

    • Interesting ; The sign out in front of the school reads” children are the key to paradise ” The interesting part is that muslim children are brainwashed with islamic doctrine that will turn them into suicide bombers by the age of 5yrs. The mothers of these childern are brainwashed into believing that if their child does a bombing they will become a martyr and the whole family will go to paradise when they die . SUCH A DEAL ! Insanity is bliss .

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