TURKEY, the country behind the Armenian Genocide of 1915, campaigns to have ‘Islamophobia’ designated as a ‘crime against humanity’

Islamofascists mobilize support in the West to make any criticism of Islam an international crime.


Radical Islam  Islamists certainly do not want the American public to consider the current international campaign to make inspection of Islamism a crime. In January, journalists and journalism students were invited to a conference in Istanbul where Turkish deputy undersecretary Ibrahim Kalin announced that the Turkish government “has been working on projects to have Islamophobia recognized as a crime against humanity.”

Prime Minister Erdogan committed the Turkish government to “immediately start working on legislation against blasphemous and offensive remarks” and bragged that “Turkey could be a leading example for the rest of the world on this.”


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s secretary general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoğlu, is pushing for new “legal instruments” to deal with Islamophobia and plans “efforts to mobilize international support to deal with the issue.”

In apparent coordination with efforts in the U.S. to suppress speech he “wants to mobilize the highest possible political support not only from OIC countries but also from the West.”

OIC Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

At last week’s Twelfth Session of the Islamic Summit Conference, in Cairo, Ihsanoğlucommended “the adoption of Resolution 16/18 [the Istanbul Process] which condemns discriminatory practices against Muslims,” and he claimed that “the OIC has come to a crossroads in its search for radical solutions to hatred based on religion and belief .”

After the recent “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube controversy and the resultant Muslim riots, I visited a Southern California mosque and had a conversation with the chairman of its board. When I inquired as to his position on free speech he replied that the criminal punishment for offending Muslims should be equal to that for burning a mosque.

So far, America’s institutions have chosen to defer the moment that the American culture must be defined and defended. Islamists have stepped into the void. For instance, at Islamists’ behest, the DOJ, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security have purged from counterterrorism manuals references to the connection between Islamic radicalism and jihadist terror. Many city- and county-level agencies have followed suit. If our law-enforcement agencies cannot stand up to the threat, how can we expect the media to?

Those who doubt the need to identify and engage this activist element should consider the words of Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim civil-rights leader whose family emigrated from Syria in pursuit of American liberty. Jasser writes: “For the Islamists, total power is the ultimate goal. They will feign respect for “democracy” (e.g., elections), but ultimately their path is one that seeks to change the rules of the game to an Islamocentric system rather than one centered in reason, under God, with unalienable rights for all.”

Caving to demands for speech codes dangerously skews political arguments and makes the voices of the censors only louder. When one side of the argument is censored or restrained, conspirators are allowed to perpetrate a fraud on the majority. This is exactly how Islamists have been selling Americans on the idea that sharia is soft, socially just, and not a threat to the American way.

A recent example is the agitation by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to get journalists to stop using the word “Islamist.” By maligning the use of the word “Islamist” and thereby suppressing inspection of Islamism, shariaadvocates hope to dismiss as racist any who would challenge them.

“Islamist” is an important and useful word — it identifies the politically motivated Muslims who are intent on injecting sharia into Western law and culture, and distinguishes them from other followers of Islam.

There is no question that sharia is anathema to the American sense of individual liberty and civil rights, so actual Islamists must hide behind Muslims who have no interest in bringing Muslim Brotherhood–style regulations to America.

Uninhibited discussions of the conditions in Western Europe’s sharia enclaves evoke instant rejection of similar arrangements here in the U.S. Thus, the conversation must be stripped of frank terms such as “Islamist.” Those who seek to promotesharia are anxious to bypass debate on the matter on the way to cultural domination.

It is not too late to frame the debate and press American Muslim leaders for honesty. Unapologetic and public conversations are key to defending American constitutional standards, and they demand clarity of terminology.



49 comments on “TURKEY, the country behind the Armenian Genocide of 1915, campaigns to have ‘Islamophobia’ designated as a ‘crime against humanity’

  1. To the European Commission :


    In order to create a Turkish nation from above, Turkish nationalists waged a bloody campaign against non-Turkish and non-Muslim elements of the empire.
    The First World War served as an excuse for the Young Turks, the then Turkish goverment, to exterminate Armenians. It was a deliberate and sustain war, in the course of which hundreds of thousands Armenians, Syrians and Greeks had been ruthlessly killed or forced into exile.
    The collapse of the Ottomans had left a power vacuum, filled by another section of the Turkish nationalists, called Kemalists at a later time.
    Mass extermination of the Ottoman times and also an extermination of an ethnically distinct and separate people from Turks.
    What happened back then has been handed down to the later generations by their parents and grand-parents, who witnessed the onslaught, and of whom some are still alive.
    Furthermore the sites of the mass graves all over West Armenia are well known and can easily be located if and when need be. The ruins of the country`s cultural heritage including churches belonged to the nations`s Christian section are still visible.
    People wish to see the justice served. A search for justice has already began. A legal action against Turkey will at long last be taken at some time in the future.

    We demand of the Turkish authorities firstly the recognition of our country, occupied west Armenia, which was autonomous under the Ottoman Empire and which lost its autonomy; secondly the recognition of the genocides or attempted genocides suffered by our people and which it witnessed in 1915.
    We demand the immediate end of the policy designated under the name ‘Plan D’ which forces the population into an exodus or forced assimilation.

    We demand demilitarisation and the banning of all the activities of military and paramilitary teams which have been exercising terror over the population since 1889.
    The language of the occupied west Armenia, is still banned today. We demand self-determination in the matter of communication, education and social organisation. The Turkish state must recognise the specific beliefs and traditions of the occupied west Armenia people. The policy of Islamisation and Turkishisation (exemplified by the precept: ‘one mosque per village, one Imam per village’) must cease.
    The military policy of the Turkish state has already destroyed a great part of our patrimony: setting fire to our forests, bombing our villages, systematic destruction of our historical monuments the sacred of our culture, and riches of humanity as well.

    We bring to your attention this dramatic reality in the context of the discussion of entering into negotiations with Turkey.

    May the threat to pour people end and may all the minorities of Anatolia live in peace.
    We, the signatures below, demand justice and support the initiatives aiming to bring Turkey to justice.

    Hakis Datvan, spokesman for the Collective Lake Van.

    Click here, if you want to sign


  2. Very true. our fellow commenter Ort, (above) is half Assyrian. The Turks are guilty of the genocide of millions. Muslims in general, are guilty of even more millions of non-muslim deaths. Being an American, I get pissed at muslim hypocracy and lies when they accuse my country of wiping out Native Americans. No doubt many were killed off thru murder, disease, warfare, the taking of land and such. I will never sugarcoat the truth of that. I live in “Indian Country” and my sons are Muscogee Creek, after all, but the truth of the matter, in terms of sheer numbers is all out of proportion to this when one examines that 270,000,000 non-muslims have been killed by islam’s advance from the Arabian Penninsula since the 7th Century. 80,000,000 of these deaths in India alone.

    Muslim hypocracy has no shame. They’re evil.

  3. It’s good not to use the word Islamist. Islamo Fascist and Islamo Nazi are much better descriptions.

    Muslims don’t want to be offended by people speaking the truth about Islam. Whilst at the same time Muslims are burning down churches, kidnapping non-Muslims and mass murdering infidels.

    Our despicable TRAITOR leaders REFUSE to speak the truth about Islam. Refuse to speak up for Islam’s many victims.

  4. Why is warmonger, violent aggressor, Turkey, a member of NATO? NATO is supposed to PROTECT the Free World!

    Act now and end cruel Muslim Turkey’s illegal occupation of Cyprus!

  5. “Unapologetic and public conversations are key to defending American constitutional standards, and they demand clarity of terminology.”

    ..or any good western standards for that matter. Letting the left change the meaning of words and frame the ‘debate’ ( I put that in commas because the left don’t actually debate ) has been one of our biggest mistakes. That’s one of the main purposes of political correctness – to change the meaning of language.

    Political correctness has actually flipped good to mean bad and bad to mean good.

  6. I’m gonna get flak for this, but I view the Armenian Genocide as primarily motivated by racial and ethnic hatred (like the Holocaust) and not Islam per say. The Young Turks or CUP (Committee of Union and Progress) were more influenced by ideas of scientific racism, pan-turkism, and nationalism than they were by Islam. The Young Turks even crushed a counterrevolution in 1908 by islamists trying to implement sharia law. At the time the Armenian genocide took place, the Jizya and penalty for apostasy had already been abolished.This is not to say Islamic bigotry did not influence the CUP’s outlook toward non-muslim minorities, it just wasn’t the main factor. If there had been a full blown jihad, surely the Jews in Turkey would have been targeted as well, especially considering at the time the Zionist movement was becoming stronger. There is also documented evidence that Armenians were told “politics have no religion” and executed even after they converted to Islam. I’m sure individual muslims might have viewed the atrocities as carrying out Jihad but the state did not. There was no ‘jihad’ declared against the Armenians as there was against the Entente powers.

    • You will now get flak, and rightly so. Do you mean to tell me that only in this instance–the Armenian/Assurian genocide–islam didn’t play a part? No offense, but did you get dropped on your head as a child? This IS islam! Death, destruction, murder, rape, subjugation…..that is islam!!

      Don’t disrespect the dead, some of whom are my ancestors–and spout the ignorant nonsense that islam (the “religion” of hatred, death, and intolerance), played no part in it!! You have no clue what you are talking about. islam is a cancer, and the only sure way to eradicate a cancer is to irradiate it. Fat Man and Little Boy need to be utilized once more.

  7. How and Why has a political ideology -posing as a religion got so far into another culture that it can demand what can be said and what -can’t,just because they-followers of Islam cannot -question and have to accept what is told them -doesn’t say we have to -we are not -muslim we are of many faiths and do not share their love of islam and muhammad and the evil laws of -sharia,we must not allow this -cult to dictate to us -they are the ones that come to colonise and they are the ones that must assimilate -but won’t and -can’t as their only allegiance is to islam and sharia-they try to dominate by -cultural -terrorism.

  8. UN resolutions from the G.A. & HRC offer only immoral support to national blasphemy laws which are used to persecute Christians and other minorities in Dar ul-Islam.

    ICERD is enforceable in court against signatory nations. An ad hoc cmte. is coding a binding protocol which will inject the resolution’s boiler plate into ICERD, after which they can drag us into court for this.

    You can find the details in compiled blog posts about the ad hoc cmte. in the Expanded Library at http://www.crusadersarmory.tk/ , The cmte. meets March 13 for ten days, if Memory serves.

    I will not be led dumb, like sheep to the slaughter. I will expose and curse Islam. When dragged into court, I will curse the Goddamn judge, jury, prosecutor, Congress, President and Attourney General who made it possible.

    Because I object to the idea that ‘cuz I do not raise my ass for Allah to penetrate five times each day I must be killed or enslaved, and openly express my objections, I am “guilty of crime against humanity”? God damn you!!! Go to Hell!!!

    Islam is the crime against humanity: organized predation disguised as religion. I curse and condemn it in the strongest possible terms: God damn Islam directly to Hell!!!

  9. I think it is only fair to mention the Assyrians that were slaughtered as well with the Armenians and Greeks the total of the 3 ethnic groups were 2 million, please go and read the incepient genocide of the Assyrians or go to aina.org and see what the turkish fascist and the kurdish did to us, history need to be told as it was, thanks

  10. FU erdoggan, FU cair, if u think u can get away with criminalizing our free speech. Do that with you hate & murder manual, which u disguise as a holy book and is a religion of pieces.

  11. And no doubt if these islamoturds get their way, mere mention of the Armenian Genocide will be considered as a ‘so-called islamophobic hate crime.’ It already is a crime to mention it in Turkey.

  12. Turkey’s PM Erdogan has said Jews are Nazis.

    ‘In November 1998, the Institute for Jewish Policy Research released its annual report on current trends in anti-Semitism across the world. In the section for Turkey, the journal quoted the then-mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in June 1997, at a meeting organized by the municipality to celebrate the city’s conquest by the Ottoman Turks, remarking: “The Jews have begun to crush the Muslims of Palestine, in the name of Zionism,” the mayor said, “Today, the image of the Jews is no different from that of the Nazis.”

    Erdogan later became, and still is, the Prime Minister of Turkey, a man whom President Obama describes as a personal friend, in a country that is a member of NATO, and head of a government that is regarded as moderate, and, as the London Times recently reflected, an example of how Islamism and democracy do not have to be mutually exclusive.

    Birikim, a Turkish socialist culture magazine, also attributes the quote to Erdogan. A search through Western newspaper records, however, shows no mention at all of these comments.

    That remark is not the only example of Erdogan’s hostility in this regard. Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak has reported Erdogan commenting that the media does not fully report Israel’s “murder of innocent children” because the “world’s media is under the control of Israel, and this needs to be emphasised.”‘


  13. CAIR should dump Uncle Dougie! He just makes Islamists more repulsive and despised than they already are (justifiably). Uncle Dougie actually said he would like to see America become a sharia republic in future. He’s always miserable, bitching, playing the victim, in general a big downer. Who would want to join such a depressing religion. He’s a fake muslim and joined up to have something to bitch about in his miserable life, plus he’s got it in for the Jews because he was insulted (alledgedly) by them when he was travelling in the ME(so I read).

  14. Time for the rest of us to make an alternative organization to the UN too; square off with the OIC if it’s not already got too much of a head start. Or at least organize a secret resistance, an underground ready to retaliate, an organized, on-the-ground army of freedom fighters. Let’s recruit!

  15. I found the suggestion by one of the towelheads interesting – that criticism of Islam should be considered as big a crime as burning a mosque. Now that brings up an interesting thought. Why bother with words? But I’m concerned with a much greater threat for America and Americans and that involves Obama’s plans and ambitions. Please read the column by Adina Kutnicki and pass it around to all you know. http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/02/16/the-disturbingdangerous-parallels-between-dhs-nazi-germanys-gestapo-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

  16. Up yours Asslifters!!………No matter from where you hail!!…..You don’t want to follow the laws of the land where you are, but replace them with your own, and make criminal any criticism of you or your Demonic Death Cult?!….Then, GO TO HELL!!…………

  17. If we don’t use common sense REAL soon, we will suffer the same fate. Until the clintonistas came into power, we didn’t have anything called “hate speech”…we had FREE SPEECH. Of course, the rules don’t apply to the ones we support, who are supposed to be working FOR us. We had better be learning our rights and teaching them to our children, because if they keep dumbing down our schools and turn them into propaganda machines, our little girls will grow up to receive their daily beatings, from their infallible husbands.

  18. It is time for the US and all other democratic countries to leave the UN because the un is now being controlled by a voting block of 57 musllim controlled hell hole countries who want sharia laws and the end of free speech, making it illegal to tell the truth about the evils of the cult of islam.

  19. Crimes against humanity?? Do the filthy Turks really want t go there? I am half Assyrian. My mothers mother and grandparents fled southern turkey because the filthy Turks were galloping on horseback through their village, beheading innocent people with the sword. They also were trying to get forced conscripts into their army.

    We were denied our language (Aramaic), denied our names (tried to force us to use filthy arabic names), and have been persecuted, murdered and oppressed by the muslim scum! THAT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!! This happened in 1917.
    My mom’s family lost all their wealth and goods when they fled.
    May God Almighty forgive them for their brutality and genocide.

  20. If I can’t legally call Mohamed a liar looter rapist murderer and pedophile, I will call Mohamed a liar looter rapist murderer and pedophile illegally. And the morons who ape the actions of a psychopath are psychopaths.


    Islam cannot be defended by rational means, so it must defend itself by shutting down freedom of expression.

    A thought control and information control Death Cult.

    • And I say: “Every time islamist Tayyap Erdogan Armenicide flaps his stupid gums about something (like the Turkish IHH islamist attack on the IDF), the rest of us should shout ARMENIA, ARMENIA, until he learns to keep his fat islamist mouth shut. And flip him the cairfinger at the same time.

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