By refusing to deal with the Muslim invasion and indoctrination problem, Western governments are turning law-abiding citizens into amateur vigilantes

Just a tiny sample of headlines since Jan. 2013:


British young man in Leicester spits on a Muslim wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag

Two men and a woman enter a mosque in Hartlepool to voice their anti-Islam views

Arson attack on another mosque in France by unidentified individuals

Pig’s head found outside mosque in Newbury will be treated as a hate crime

Anti-Islam activity on the rise in Germany

16-year-old Scottish girl jailed for pulling off a Muslim woman’s headbag and punching her

Suspicious arson attack on a mosque in Australia might be a hate crime

Shots fired at windows of mosque in Fayetteville, Georgia

Man shot outside Florida Walmart after attacker demanded ‘Are you Muslim?’



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  1. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again. we.are. being. actively betrayed by those in power. and they will turn on us until there precious mudslims will cut off there heads

  2. The law of this country……must stand above all crime……criminals must be punished for there crimes……after 2 world wars……england has nothing to prove……..and the country is sleeping giant……and many brave soliders have already died on the battlefield…….and millions will follow there forefathers. … they march to freedom……with no fear…….as Gods leads to victory…….

    • Sat., 3/14/2015 5:51 am EDT – I thought I coined the term “infidelophobia” tonight, but found out it was already in existence at least as far back as January 1, 2001 on a web page called “Absurdities in the Koran” (with a section called “Infidelophobia in the Koran”). That page has been deleted, allegedly by its authors.

      • Icansee Clearly,

        Thank you for that insight, going back that far suggests the word was coined in response, shortly within a few years, after the bully word Islamophobia was invented by ‘Jihad Muslims’ in the 1990’s.

  3. Actually I am beginning to think ‘vigilantes’ may be necessary. Really tough men and women willing to get down and dirty to protect non-Muslims from rape, robbery, assault, etc. at the hands of Muslims and to exact revenge when these occur. Call them war parties..

  4. If anywhere in the world knows Vigilantism, just wait till muzzies lift there ugly heads in Texas! (not to say muzzies aren’t here, they just haven’t turned aggressive yet)
    Texans, and also us transplanted to Texas Texans, can turn wild, wild, west, in a heart beat!
    Muzzies have only seen and heard European appeasement politicians, and Left Coast liberal wackos. We are a whole different ballgame down here! We will not roll over, and let the muzzies or Barry take over. Most are preparing for a fight.

  5. When a government does nothing about supporting innocent people from evil, the innocent people, will eventually, ‘lock and load’. We will see more of the riot that took place in the Minnesota high school where the students finally had enough of the superiority BS of the muslims. Even today we see people finally starting to push back. If the government does nothing to ensure justice, then the people will start to do their own form of justice.

  6. I strongly commend to your readers Tom Kratman’s superb “Caliphate” which, on p. 172, has this quotation from the modern atheist commentator Lee Harris: “The only effect on America of a continuation of September 11-style attacks would be an increasingly repressive state apparatus domestically and a populist home front demand for increasingly severe retaliation against those nations supporting or hiding terrorists. But neither of these reactions would seriously undermine the strength of the United States–indeed, it is quite evident that further attacks would continue to unite the overwhelming majority of the American population, creating an irresistible ‘general will’ to eradicate terrorism [and Islam] by any means necessary, including the most brutal and ruthless.” As I have written on my blog more than once–Muslims call us “Crusaders,” yet we have not even come close to recapitulating that brutal period in Western history; they had better pray we don’t, because if Western Christians ever DO “go Crusaders,” the Muslim world will lose, and lose very, very badly.

    • hopefully we “go crusader” soon because I’m sick and tired of what is happening to the country I love while idiots flush our country down the toilet and turn a blind eye and says things like “oh my friends are muslims and they are so nice” or my favorite ignorant comment “not all muslims are terrorists”. just wait until their population rises then you will see the true face of islam.

  7. I’ve always held the belief that the general public of any western society will only be able to tolerate so much of the unassimilated immigrants from muslim lands. That it will eventually spiral out of any goverments control to prevent a citizen mandated civil war against these freeloading vermin.

  8. what’d you expect? SJS is rampant everywhere and someone has to fight back when out elit e and dhimmis won’t

    • i wish, unfortunately people only speak the truth online. In the real world, political incorrectness muzzles us much like the burqa muzzles muslim women.

  9. People need the freedom to voice their dissent from government policy.

    When a mosque is built, the first thing people notice is the parking problem. They can’t get out their driveway. The Mozman jihadists say: ‘F*** off! This is OUR area now!’ Then women are told, ‘You can’t dress like that…it’s OUR area now!’ Then restaurant owners are ordered not to serve alcohol, ‘You can’t have alcohol…this is OUR area now!’ Then people are ordered to sell their homes for 30% of value, then their cable and phone are cut.

    No one wants a mosque near their home.

    We want peace in our neighborhoods, NOT SUPREMACISTS AND MISOGYNISTS!

  10. Yes as you point out BNI the grand experiment has failed ! they added the poison of islam to the melting pot , now they will reap the whirlwind of hate

  11. Well, hell! It is a lead pipe cinch that the police and “authorities” in the CIVILIZED Western World are NOT going to a damn thing to stem the tide of invading muslimes desiring to impose their culture their customs AND their Sharia Sh– on the REAL citizens of the STILL Free World, turning EVERYWHERE they go into MORE Pislamic Hell Holes!! Therefore, it becomes necessary for people of the CIVILIZED World to “take the law into their own hands” AND enforce the laws of the land that the so-called police will not!! Whatever is necessary and expedient to rid the Western World of muslimes and the Scourge of Pislam THEY CALL “the Religion of Peace”!!….

    • Try being a student in highschool in Calgary,Alberta , Canada . Living in the northeast part of the city . I have been racially bullied for three long years now . I have been ganged up on beaten in both the hallways and the classrooms of my school . They threaten me on the street and even in my front yard of my home , where I should feel safe . My father has spoken in meetings with both the superiors of my school and the Police . All the interaction that has gone on has only come to one conclusion .I must have offended a muslim person . Yes , I did in grade 9 a muslim male from highschool , probably in grade 11 came to beat me up afterschool .I earlier that day had a problem with his cousin , who was my age . He wanted to fight me , while what seemed to be his whole family watched . I defended myself easily coming out on top . His older cousin proceeded to punch me in the back of the head taking me to the ground .It was the I heard a loud smack . It was my 110 pound sister sticking up for me ,when no one would . She knocked out two of his front teeth and made him puke blood . In my opinion it is because I was an aboriginal Canadian . You say it is about time the white people got what was coming to them . Remember my people invited the White people to stay ,not the muslims . Canada HAS CLASS THEY HAVE NONE .

      • It is not just the Native Canadians that the Moslems assault. Any and all non-Moslems are fair game.
        I have lived in Northeast Calgary for most of my life – going to back when it was farm land.
        Over time, the Northeast has become the place where the Calgary Government has dumped the Moslem immigrants – without telling them how to interact with the local Canadians.
        First these immigrants demanded that they be permitted to let their children attend our school, and because there was room, rules were bent to permit Moslem children to attend a Catholic school. Then they started demanding that the Lord’s Prayer and the Religious studies not be taught to their children as it ‘offended’ them. The school flatly told them where to put it and changed the rules so that in order for a child to attend the Catholic Schools, at least one parent must be a baptized Catholic and have the papers tp prove it.
        They screamed ‘racism’.
        The males and their male offspring, some as young as 5, started taking over the local coffee shops and restaurants, literally taking over entire sections, where they would sit for hours, drinking coffee and gossiping in Arabic whilst harassing every woman or young girl (never a man) who entered the restaurant. Eventually, the managements of said restaurants/coffee shops were forced to bar them from the establishments.
        Naturally, these males screamed ‘racism’. Fortunately there was enough evidence of harassment for the authorities to back the Owners.
        So what did these males do? At one of the Coffee Shops, they simply took their coffees out to the parking lot and sat there until closing, harassing the women that walked by.
        I stopped shopping at certain grocers after having Moslem men literally shove me out of the way, and after having Moslem women refuse to touch anything – from plastic bags for vegetables, to the actual vegetables/produce – after I had touched it: one female even went so far as to put a plastic bag over her hand, pick out the items that I had touched, and toss them, and the bag, onto the floor. Being sneered at by them is enough to make me want to slap that look of superiority off their faces.
        Instead, when one really irritates me, I simply say ‘imshi’ with a distracted wave of the hand. That knocks that look away instantly 🙂

        The problems my children encountered in public places became increasingly more difficult to deal with. Particularly for my daughter.
        She was glared at, sneered at, ogled, pinched, called a ‘sharmuta’ (whore) – by total strangers, all Moslem.
        The final straw came when my teenaged daughter, after her brother left her alone on the swings at their former local elementary school (a place where children should be safe!), was accosted by three Moslem men who surrounded her as she sat on the swing and demanded that she perform sexual acts upon them. Fortunately she was able to get away – but only after enduring about 45 minutes of being groped and verbally abused by these swine whilst she clung for dear life to the chains of a swing in a children’s playground!.
        She was half a block away from our house – and her mobile phone was at her feet, but she daren’t reach for it for that meant letting go of the swing.
        We moved shortly thereafter to the Northwest – where there are no Moslems.

  12. I am not surprised by this.

    We’ve been betrayed by our ruling classes for so long on both immigration and the skewing of law that eventually something had to give.

    Everyone prosecuted, fined or jailed for so called ‘hate’ speech is another notch scored for islamist supremacy and we’re noticing.

    British police and social workers completely ignored the rape and grooming epidemic in order ‘to preserve community relations’. In other words the lives of hundreds of young girls blighted out of fear that prosecutions would result in mass Muslim retaliation.

    This gross capitulation, in essence confirming everyones fears of absolute imbalance in our justice system is quite rightly considered an outrage and it looks like that boiling kettle lid is about to blow.

    Last week a muslim child killer was himself murdered in Long Lartin High Security prison. The perps have been singled out, but what about the rest in prisons throughout the country?

    The Gates of Vienna site published an envisaged scenario of civil war a few years back and thanks to the dhimmi ineptness of our establishment it looks like one way or another in some form, this could very well occur.

    Then what?

    • L, may I add the fact that up to 2,000 plus, little girls born in the UK have been genital mutilated by muslim monsters, every year. The UK government is afraid to cause muslim retaliation and social pressures if they prosecute the monsters who mutilated the little girls. So in the UK it is better to ignore the savage atrocities done to little girls to ruin their lives forever than to risk offending the monster muslims in their evil cult practice. Why do we allow muslims to terrorize little girls? The monsters should be put in jail for abuse of children and then deported. This atrocity against children must be stopped.

      • I think i know why, our governments NOT JUST BRITAIN are corrupted from within by the Muslims. They’ve worked towards this for a while, and now that we’re noticing that we’re no longer in a truly democratic society we are waking up. Honestly everyone look at obama, and look at osama picture comparisons. Now tell me you don’t see something EXTREMELY chilling, and i mean extremely chilling. It seems like that same man we were hunting, is the same man that is the President of one of the most powerful and influential Countries.