Fellow Leftists turn on Al-Gorezerra and his ‘Jihad’ TV

Green-InitiativeLeftists are upset because their environmentalist hero, Al Gore, has sold out to Al-Jazeera, from Qatar, one of the biggest producers of fossil fuels in the world. They don’t care that he sold out to a station known for its support of Al-Qaeda, but hey, anytime people want to protest a scumbag like Al-Gore, it’s a good thing.


13 comments on “Fellow Leftists turn on Al-Gorezerra and his ‘Jihad’ TV

  1. Something about him looks really weird… drug problem, alcohol… all fat and puffy and just plain non-human. When he was vp, even though he was a wacko scum bag, he didn’t have this strange aura that he now has. Despicable person, off his rocker for sure.

  2. gore is a fraud and a liar. He is greed personified. He would sell anything and everything for the right price and that includes his character. By selling his rag to al jazeera he is encouraging the lies of islam to be broadcasted in the US. We can deep six al jazeera and gore by boycotting all businesses and their products if they chose to advertise on al jazeera. This boycotting effort is already showing success as many companies are no longer advertising on al jazeera. What idiot would line up to see gore. You just can not fix stupid.

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