Theodore Shoebat: Like father like son

The younger Shoebat discusses the dangers we face for our tolerance of Muslims.


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  1. LOVE that young man !! The problem is, that most cannot begin to fathom the depths of depravity of islam’s teaching. And instead, they accept the muslim statements, “That is not islam – that is not what islam teaches!!” But the truth is, is that is EXACTLY what islam teaches~!

    • Excellent example dragon. I was wondering when someone would take that oh so NON PC step and have the gonads to bring that up; you beat me to it! Amen!!…And a tolerance is good as long as what is tolerated is good; when tolerance becomes a tolerance of evil, it THEN BECOMES EVIL itself!!

  2. I am relying on memory which is not infallible but if I remember correctly, Walid Shoebat wrote this in one of his books.

    That his son was proud of his dad’s courage stating that he would prefer his dad die FOR something rather than OF something.

  3. We can tolerate the individuals, the people, but not their violent behaviours and their breaking of our rule of law, and we ought not to tolerate the ideology of fundamentalist and/or radical Islam but fight against it. There are many decent persons born into Muslim families who want support to escape the pressure from radical Muslims to participate in violent jihad, to suppress women’s rights, to condemn homosexuals to death, to practice secular lifestyles and I say let’s tolerate those people and only condemn the radicals, the violations of our laws and rights, and the ideology of Islam…oh, and of course, we never tolerate shari’ah.

    • joan,

      It is the same book called Quran which produces and breeds extremists from the same moderate society of Muslims. Let us then decide that how many Qurans are there? Moderate Quran versus Extremist Quran…???

  4. Tolerence of the intolerent, that there pretty much sums up the problem with the muslim enough crowd in the simpleness of one word in and by all Western Societies, yeah why is that? do they tolerate our stance, our rights under our God of Moses, Isaac, and Jacob?-No, do they tolerate our brazen laughter at their prophet-muhammad, of the protrayel of him, of their santanic scripts called the kor’an, holy book my ass, its a war manual-period, NO. Do they tolerate the fact of our independence, individuals acceptance of all others with welcomed arms to join in with us in our liberties, faith, customs, traditions, of being an American, for America’s sake-NO, again. Do they tolerate the free expression, the ability to speak one’s mind of their intolerence towards us, i.e. infidels, the liberty to sin, one’s own free-choice as it were, to either repent, save face or turn around these ungodly actions, without their version of punishment, or in other words do they tolerate women in general, or their wives to act of their own accord, to rely upon grace saving ways ( turn to Christ for forgiveness) to repent-NO. Do they even tolerate those who would take the conversion to other religions, any faith, by their choice to choose for the sake of repentances away from a santanic one i.e. islam, not even any of their damned business, others choice, and then demand death, without exception-why, not at all, and if you do, we keel you, right? They dare, proclaim to the entire world, to call this a religion of peace? dare to proclaim us, the God fearn’ infidels, sure they do, if and only if you too are a santanic follower of muhammad, so called prophet of satan, the anti-Christ known the world over, as the fallen angle, the deciever of mankind.
    Whoa unto those who would proclaim good as evil, evil as good, sweetness to be sour, and sour to be of sweetness, for they have chosen not to be of the light ( truth), they chose to decieve themselves into believing the false prophet, satan, as their god, because God chose him to lead them into temptation and they freely followed his path, for they seek not the truth, nor shall they be spared their own souls to the hell-fire damnnation for an eternity, all because of tolerences of others to tolerate them?. Yeah and how’s that working out for you?. Chalk this article up as one understanding of the word deciet, its all they’ve ( the sons of satan) got. Yea though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I fear none. for thou art with me………………
    Semper Fi

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