UK’s new Young ‘Mayor’ of the Islamofascist NO-GO Zone known as Tower Hamlets has been making threats of violence on Twitter

But what can you expect from an Islamic hellhole in East London that has a Muslim extremist like Lutfur Rahman as its Senior Mayor?


Casuals United (h/t Linda R)  The newly-elected Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets posted a threat of violence on Twitter last week, just days after being unveiled in his new role.

Mahdi Alam, who campaigned on a pledge to tackle youth crime and violence, took to the social networking site on Friday to launch an unexplained tirade, visible to all of his followers.


The tweets – which were later deleted – said:

“Even if you beet [sic] me up, I’ll still be young mayor. So what do you achieve.. 

“To be frank. You’ll always be the looser [sic]. As my boys will pretty much kill you. Pahahaa.”

Mahdi, who attends Stepney Green School, was unveiled as the winner of the young mayoral election at a Town Hall ceremony on January 31. The 16-year-old, who is due to be inaugurated later in February and should serve a two year term, later took to Twitter to apologise for the threats.

“Last week I posted in frustration about my feelings on certain matters. “I realise that this was an inappropriate way to comment about my feelings and apologise if I offended anyone. “I am new to this role and now fully understand my responsibilities…”

The tirade follows Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman proclaiming the success of the elections in engaging young people with local politics. A council spokeswoman said officers were to review the situation before deciding on what action to take. “The role is a high profile one and all candidates are reminded that high standards of personal conduct are required of them during their election campaign and when they are in office,” she added.



23 comments on “UK’s new Young ‘Mayor’ of the Islamofascist NO-GO Zone known as Tower Hamlets has been making threats of violence on Twitter

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  2. This is a good example of why you shouldn’t allow muslims into politic.

    Muslims must be banned from politic in non-muslim countries!

    Those muslim terrorists should be executed.

  3. Bonnie if you want to post this article, you can delete this comment.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Gatestone Institute: Supporting our Own Demise: Terror Finance by Samuel Westrop January 7, 2013 Successive British governments continue to tolerate the existence of large charities that encourage and provide for Islamist terror groups.

    Today, London is a hub for Islamist and Arabist terror infrastructure. It is a city from which financial and logistical support sustains violent supremacist movements across the world…government is often complicit with their activities…

    Why does the British government flatter and legitimize supporters of terrorism by treating them as statesmen, humanitarians or community leaders?

    By wickedly colonizing Britain with millions of Muslims-ethnically cleansing Brits and supporting Muslim terrorists, UK leaders have deliberately placed the British people in terrible danger.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  4. Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets posted a threat of violence….visible to all of his followers.

    The Muslim Mayor made very clear PUBLICLY exactly what he EXPECTS of Muslims: OBEDIENCE to the Koran and the teachings gives in mosques: JIHAD.

    Muslims know they can get away with absolutely anything in infidel Britain (and Europe), including threats of violence and killing and still be REWARDED.

    The correct ethical response is to immediately deport this jihadist, his family and every Muslim who are like him. Deport every Muslim criminal, terrorist, every so-called Muslim asylum seeker, and so-called Muslim refugee.

    Immediately remove all benefits from those who are not UK citizens. Financially providing for Muslims is the responsibility of swimming-in-oil wealth Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is NOT the responsibility of hated infidel Britain and Europe where Muslims openly declare their goal is Islamic conquest and imposition of excessively cruel Islamic sharia law under which despised non-Muslims are wickedly ENSLAVED and have NO human rights.

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  6. Police need to charge the young mayor with the criminal code violation of uttering threats of death and bodily harm. No exceptions for the Islamic elite of Towers Hamlets Taliban. Let this go and the Monarchs of Britain will lose their heads.

    • But they won’t because junior jihadi is not a White indigenous Brit.

      Equal rights and all only some are more equal than others.

      Orwell was a prophet.

    • “Police need to charge the young mayor with the criminal code violation of uttering threats of death and bodily harm.”

      Two chances of that, Joan – none and bugger all..

  7. So the “Mahdi” writes like this and attends Stepney Green? Really?
    Their standards and their teaching have both hit the space below the floor!

  8. Very clever wording in his “apology”. Someone well versed in deceit formed those words for him, it is pretty clear. ““I realise that this was an inappropriate way to comment about my feelings and apologise if I offended anyone. “I am new to this role and now fully understand my responsibilities…” Inappropriate? Read “too visual” IF I offended anyone?? And how about how well he now understands his “responsibilities”. I can hear his mentor telling him, “You don’t JUST SAY IT, dumb boy! You INFER it!” His responsibilities to whom? Clearly not those who actually got upset over it.

    • You hit the nail on the head! I remember reading testimonies that people in all sorts of high places get drugged at parties , gatherings etc. and are then photographed in uncompromising positions and situations,consequently blackmailed. This is rife apparently but does it surprise us as it explains a lot.

  9. it appears as though, he (‘UK’s new Young Mayor’) already has been schooled in the fine art of being a member of the pussy-club (p.c) and its first tenet, speak your mind, the truth of any situation, and then attempt to cover with another lie (to himself for the sake of being warned the truth really does hurt-the liars), called apologizing for the truth, good boy, now go fetch me a samwitch. Good grief, they sure teach m’ young, don’t they. The one lesson to any youngster I come across in the process of training in the art of morals, to be truthful to yourself, always, and never apologize, its a sign of weakness. Any failure to be truthful to one self is failure to be honest in though and morals-period, there is no forgiveness involving the failure to be honest and straightforward towards the truth. Another one bits the dust, now his new title is, dhimmized UK’s Young Mayor of the NO-GO Zone-revealed. Nice!
    Semper Fi.

  10. Galloway is a disgrace and suspected Islamic convert. He always supports the uncivilised over the civilised no matter who’s involved. Typical leftist.

    • Suspected? The only person who doesn’t know that Galloway is an ass lifter is Galloway.

      This fat, old, seditious prick should be strung up by his balls from the Tower of London.

      I’ll help if you’ll come help me string the Obamanation up by his balls from the White House.

  11. Ah,Londonistan is alive & well, I note (with no little sadness). What a catastrophe the powers-that-be have brought upon their own nation by letting so many muzturds immigrate to the UK!

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