Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR demands DOE address “racial tensions” in Minnesota school

images30This, despite the fact that the so-called ‘racial tension’ is between these two Black groups (Somali Muslims and African Americans). One thing CAIR never mentions is that the Somali Muslims believe themselves to be superior to American blacks. In fact, in the Arabic language, the words for ‘black’ and ‘slave’ are one and the same.

From a CAIR Press Release

ST. PAUL, Minn., March 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) today called on the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to investigate and address reports of growing racial and religious tensions in Minnesota public school.

CAIR-MN’s request for DOE intervention came following a series of anti-Muslim incidents reported to the civil rights organization by students across the state. Muslim students have allegedly been called “towel head” and other religious and racial slurs and faced harassment for their religious beliefs by other students and teachers. Some alleged incidents include:

Somali Muslim students 'decorating' the lawn of their Minnesota school with the symbol of Islam

Somali Muslim students ‘decorating’ the lawn of their Minnesota school with the symbol of Islam

* Two students approached a group of Muslim high school girls and asked them if they would like some pork bacon. When the girls informed them that their religion prohibited pork, the students made disparaging remarks about their religion. A week later, the two students brought pork bacon to school and shoved it in the faces of Muslim students and chased after them when they tried to get away. (Awwww, boo hoo)

* Students wrote racist essays for their English class and posted them on a class blog to harass Muslim students. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

* A bus driver left Muslim students waiting at a bus stop on several occasions, driving past them when she saw them and telling them: “Catch me if you can.” (Hearsay)

* A World History teacher made disparaging comments about Islam and Muslims in class. (In other words, he told the truth about Islam)

* A teacher, on several occasions, handed students a can of air freshener and instructed them to spray the room when Muslim students walked into class. (Somalis don’t bathe very often)

Tensions rise because of the incivility of Somali Muslims in Minnesota schools, tens of thousands of whom are being imported yearly by B. Hussein Obama.

MPR News  The Facebook group, “I hate the Somalians at Tech High,” didn’t live online for a long time, but word traveled fast among high school students in the St. Cloud area. While that page no longer exists, students of Somali descent say the attitudes expressed on that Facebook page have a strong presence on two of St. Cloud’s public high schools.

Sahra Alin Ahmed, a Somali student and freshman at Apollo High School, wasn’t surprised by the group’s views as she regularly hears them on campus. The atmosphere at the city’s high schools is so hostile to Somali students that Alin Ahmed finds herself having to stand up for newly arrived immigrant students.

“They don’t say anything to the people that know English, but the ones who just came from Africa, who don’t really know English, you know, who don’t really understand, those are the ones they get at most,” she said.

Somali students now make up about 10 percent of the student population in the St. Cloud Area School District 742 and their numbers have been steadily growing. The entire district has about 10,000 students.

Alin Ahmed said white students make disparaging remarks about how they perceive their Muslim classmates to dress, speak, and smell. Apollo sophomore Fadumo Adan said she’s been the target of those comments ever since she moved to Minnesota from Somalia two years ago. 

“They always make fun of us and they say, ‘Go back to your countries,’ and, ‘You guys stink,’ and, ‘This is our country, and we don’t need Muslims,’ so it’s every single day,” Adan said. “It’s not several times, it’s all the time.”

Adan said some of her classmates spray perfume as Muslim students exit classrooms. Although she has complained about that to teachers and her counselor, sometimes they won’t do anything, she said.


18-year-old Kyle Adams sees s double standard which favors the Somalis. Now a senior at Area Learning Center Wilson, an alternative schoolm Adams used to go to Technical High School, but officials expelled him when he was in the tenth grade.

“I was young and dumb and saying some stuff and then a Somalian came up at swung at me and I ducked out of the way and then I said, ‘you stupid, f’ing n—– and all of this,'” Adams said. “And then I got in trouble and got kicked out and there was nothing followed up on them for swinging at me or yelling at me and that really made me kind of mad.

The resentment stems from feeling like Muslim students receive preferential treatment, Mayavski said. “Towards the end of my junior year, I was in math class and the Somalians asked to go pray before lunch,” he said. “Well, I went to ask my teacher for [a prayer break] and [she] sent me down to the office and I got written up for it. And I was like, ‘Well, how can the school respect their religion, but they can’t respect ours?'”

RAW STORY Lori Saroya, executive director of the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for Minnesota, told Raw Story that the fight last Thursday was the culmination of tensions between African-American students and the Somali Muslims attending the school.

“There has been tension at the school between different racial minority groups… It [boiled over] in a huge fight that involved between 200 and 300 people,” she said. “But I think this is a really good opportunity to promote inter-cultural understanding between two minority groups, African-Americans and Somalis. There is not a lot of interaction between those groups.”

CAIR said Monday in a release that school officials should use the incident to bring in outside mediators (from CAIR) and teachers (from CAIR) for cultural sensitivity training.

“We see a lot of hate incidents in our state,” she added. “Everything from assault, arson, there was a cross burning not too long ago. Things that should not be happening in 2013, that are unbelievable they’re happening in this day and age.”























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  1. For the thousandth time, what race is islam? This is not about racism. It is about a superority BS that the muslims have and the real Americans are not going to put up with the savage muslims domination.

  2. not racial tension but over females be my guess press and school system need to do a cover up on root cause muslim ‘ s and their poaching of females from other tribes

  3. Can’t think of anyone or any group who is really victimized that has the balls to be in your face about it… victims end up that way because they aren’t aggressive. These are in fact bullies pretending to be victims. That’s what psychopaths, sociopaths do.

  4. If schools allow breaks for muslim prayers, everyone should go on a break period. If schools allow for muslim prayer rooms, they should then make space for other religious prayer rooms even if they remain unused. Tit for tat. Whatever is offered as accommodation for muslims must be given to all other students.

    This would slightly defuse the situation and could even get a few of these somali muslims out of islamic prayers.

    • That’s a touch ridiculous. Christians worship on Wednesday nights and Sundays. Neither of which occur within school hours. Jews worship three times throughout the day also but it’s preferred for it to be with a minyan (group of 10+ men) within the confines of a Synagogue and again NOT during school hours. Muslims worship at specific times throughout the day, every day. That marks the reason there should be a prayer room for them. It is NOT ok to ban the Muslims from prayer simply because the time conflicts with school.
      It’s not these students saying “oh hey i wanna get out of class to go mess around and pretend to pray”. These students are -trying- to proscribe to their religion and the religion of their parents and should be allowed to do so just as Jews and Christians and Pagans and whatever else should be allowed to worship APPROPRIATELY as per their religious rules. It is not your OR my right to dictate otherwise. To attempt to force our beliefs and systems on others is as insane as Hitler claiming blonde haired- blue eyed people as supreme beings.
      As for using that whole “Don’t come to my country if you don’t like the rules”… uh.. hey, your ancestors did it too and rewrote the rules to suit the needs of the people as they flowed in from ALL OVER the world.
      Many Americans do not agree with Paganism or Atheism or Buddhism or Taoism or or or…but we don’t condemn them ‘anymore’. We don’t burn them at the stake…anymore. We don’t judge them as evil… as much.

      No, I don’t agree with Islam. I do believe it leads people down the wrong path and I DO pray for them all. But coercion is not the way. Forcing them to our ways is not the way. Leading by example. Being GOOD, LOVING, GOD FEARING Christians IS the way to bring the sheep into the fold.

      Just remember… The Inquisition created far fewer converts than it did dead bodies.

  5. But,but blacks aren’t racist, only whites are – Jesse Jackson, Obama, Farrakhan et al have said so!
    Technically speaking Somalis DNA profiling HLA class I and class II antigen frequencies show that the Somali population appear more similar to Arab or Caucasoid than to African populations i.e. Negroid.
    So because Somalis have Caucasoid DNA (I.e. WHITE DNA) that makes them the racists!
    I think NAACP better get on this one really quickly!
    Those white honkies trashing blacks! Racist bastards – sue them till they bleed!

  6. Uh… racial tensions?

    ‘The occasion for the fight was an encounter between Somali students and American blacks, with the latter group said to have disrespected the former.

    An interesting aspect of this incident is the description of the Somalis as “Somali Americans” and the native blacks as “African Americans”. Aren’t Somalis just as “African” as the descendants of slaves brought to North America in the 17th century?

    We all know what the code words represent: “Somali Americans” are either recently-arrived Muslim immigrants, or the children of such. “African Americans” are descended from slaves who arrived much earlier, and are from an at least nominally Christian culture.

    That’s the issue — Muslim vs. non-Muslim. And, as a matter of interest, both groups are descended from people who were taken as slaves by the Arab colonizers of Africa, who were also Muslims.

      • My bad. Sorry. I don’t think the Somalians are Americans either but, then, Muslims don’t recognize nations as such; only the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. But they are definitely Africans. I don’t like the hyphenation anyway, so African American is meaningless to me and Somalia-American even more so. Would it be OK if I call myself a Wolf-American? LOL

        • SW, my grandparents came here from Russia and I never once heard them or my parents call themselves Russian-Americans. Not Jewish-Americans either. Just Americans and proud of it.

  7. Interesting how the PC pecking order now militates against blacks?

    The Trayvon Martin case illustrated that when it came to blacks and hispanics even Obama had to stick his oar in and talk of his ‘son’. Obvious impartiality there, eh?

    But now how things change when the blacks are either US native or Somalian?

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