Oh, NOES! David ‘dhimmi’ Cameron is upset that ‘racist’ threats stopped the building of a mosque in Chipping Norton, his hometown

Expulsé-1Hey, dhimmi David, what ‘race’ is Islam? UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is disturbed that Muslims were forced to abandon plans for a mosque in his constituency because of a single threat from an unknown racist caller who threatened to burn it down, because like most British citizens, he is sick to death of the Islamization of his Christian country.

UK Daily Mail Islamic leaders were given the go-ahead to build a mosque in an empty shop in Chipping Norton, within Mr Cameron’s Witney constituency. But the shop’s landlord, George Wissinter, received a threat within hours of the council granting planning permission. He was told by an anonymous caller that his shop would be burned down if the mosque went ahead.


Mr Wissinter, 79, said he had also encountered strong verbal opposition from locals. Mr Cameron said: ‘I am greatly disturbed to learn of threats being made in Chipping Norton following the District Council’s decision to grant permission for a prayer room for the Muslim community.

Tory councillor Tahirul Hasan, who has campaigned for the mosque for seven years, said he hoped to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss the issue. The councillor said: ‘I have to travel 14 miles to Banbury to pray. This is why we need a mosque in Chipping Norton.’ (How about moving back to Pakistan?  I hear there is a mosque on every corner)

THESE are the kinds of sights the people of Chipping Norton like to see in their streets, NOT Muslims wearing headbags and praying to Allah with their asses up in the air.

ORIGINAL STORY: is-that-all-it-takes-plans-for-approved-uk-mosque-will-not-go-forth-because-of-one-threat-to-burn-it-to-the-ground