SWEDEN: Rising flood of Muslims on welfare forces local government to cut meals to Sweden’s elderly

flagswedenislam-vi2Härjedalen is reducing all non-essential food deliveries to senior citizens in its home care program. From now on, there will be no more bread, butter, or dessert provided to the elderly shut-ins, but they must still pay the same fee as always for their food deliveries.

Swedish Radio via The Muslim Issue (h/t Susan K) The municipality has recently been ordered to receive the ever increasing flood of  Muslim parasites, many from Somalia, and recently Syria.

In Sveg. an existing accommodation for young immigrant, which since its inception has been characterized by fights and turmoil, has been supplemented with additional accommodation at a cost of 5.5 million Swedish Kroner. The accommodation served the men around the clock by a staff that is as large as the number of immigrants. In Hede it was recently decided to provide free housing to all Syrian invaders granted residence permits.


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  1. when your generosity begins to impact your elderly, the ones that need cherishing, your system is defined as broken. and needs rethinking, and stop pacifying the malcontents. put them to work helping in the social services and have them help the community that is supporting them. this isn’t rocket science

  2. i hate freeloading immigrants, you see them shuffling about town without a care in the world, I am in Sweden, I am a British citizen and was told by the tax office to fuck off.. and will not give me a tax number, so my life here is basic, can’t work, can’t have a bank account, cant get a car.. yet these dirty immigrants come here, they get everything..

    Where is the equal rights that the EU shouts about..

    I dont see it.. the immigrants from somalia, syria, nigeria, etc.. get it all their own way..

  3. If bread and butter are non-essential food items, then WHAT IS essential food???

    [After seeing one of the headlines of this article…]

  4. Dear BNI:

    The video clip of muslims demanding big homes with their own playground equipment is so disgusting. These greedy, illiterate, gluttons have everything handed to them- food, clothing, medical care, stipends (spending money) and housing. There is free education and job training for them… but they refuse to learn Swedish and don’t want to work.

    What makes this so disgusting is think about where these Somali, Syrian and other moHAMmed followers came from. Example the Somalians. What type of housing did these 3rd world dregs have back in Somalia? A tent they share with goats? A mud hut? A tin shack? What about poor quality apartment with electricity for only a few hours a day?

    A sane person would think that being brought to a 1st world nation and GIVEN A FREE HOUSE- with FREE modern plumbing and utilities, FREE heating and air conditioning, etc, etc. They are also given free furniture and appliances to “adjust” to a Western lifestyle. The little muslim whelp demanding to a Swedish government agency for playground equipment… PUHLEEZE!

    I know many Scandinavians, including Swedes. These people have worked all of lives and took pride in their neighborhoods, parks, schools and businesses. If a Swedish family owned a comfortable home… with a park or playground nearby… they thought they were lucky.

    So muslim brat… if Swedish children have to make do with a park or playground in their neighborhood and share it with other children… slightly repulsive that this fresh off the boat immigrant whelp DEMANDS A HOME WITH PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. I’m sure many indigenous Swedish children would live playground equipment in their backyard… but their parents can’t afford it.

    Oh and those Swedish neighborhoods mentioned above? Well, those streets are now covered in trash and litter, with high crime rates. Swedish children cannot go to parks or playgrounds near their homes because of violence and drug dealing due to the muslims. Go to a park and a Swede takes the chance of being robbed and/or raped. Schools are out-of-control circuses where Swedish children are harassed (especially if they are Jewish), teaching & learning takes a backseat as muslim whelps are coddled and catered too. History classes no longer invite elderly Holocaust survivors to speak to classes as the islamist whelps shout them down and physically threaten them.

    The cafes and businesses are overwhelmed with islamists who harass non-muslim shoppers. Product loss from theft and shoplifting skyrockets because of muslims.

    Many Jewish Swedes did not experience Nazi brutality because Sweden was neutral during WWII. Now, for the first time in their lives they are being as badly harassed. Other Jews in Sweden entered the Kingdom as WWII refugees. Now these elderly survivors and their descendents face anti-Semitism daily from muslims.


  5. This sickens and infuriates me. Those muslim immigrants haven’t put a dime into the government coffers, but those elderly Swedish people have worked their whole lives putting monies in to secure themselves a comfortable retirement. I just can’t stand these muslim immigrants who demand to be entitled to everything they want. If the Swedes are such a bunch of pushovers, then so be it. I’m soooo done with these idiots who never take to the streets in protest over what is happening to their countries. If the muslims were being denied housing, food, etc., they would be protesting in the streets and destroying the place to boot.

  6. Isn’t multiculturalism a beautiful thing to behold. It works so well! What a lovely contrast these people make against the blond hair, blue eyed, Swedes!
    I’m sure they will fit right in with the Swedish population and culture.
    If you ever get the chance, visit Dearborne Michigan, and observe our shinning light of multiculturalism at work.

  7. The ones GUILTY of discrimination are European ruling elites!

    Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    How dare arrogant, demanding, supremacist Muslims accuse Europeans of discrimination! The Muslim invaders left their HUGE Muslims lands to over-crowd the very tiny, over-populated, severely economically-troubled countries of Europe and Britain.

    Muslim invaders don’t go to swimming-in-oil wealth Saudi Arabia and Qatar and demand they give them free money, houses, food and healthcare.

    Muslims are DEMANDING JIZYA from intensely despised non-Muslims and despicable Western ruling elites are complying even though Western countries have NOT BEEN CONQUERED in a Muslim MILITARY invasion!

    Tradationally Muslim conquerors have given conquered non-Muslims three options:

    1. Pay the blood ransom poll tax – JIZYA, for Muslims allowing you to live.
    2. Convert to Islam.
    3. Be put to death.

    • Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  8. ALL the Muslims look OVER FED with ALL that food that was STOLEN from Sweden’s senior citizens who WORKED HARD all their lives only to have THEIR food given away to UNGRATEFUL, lazy, supremacist Muslims who DON’T work and have NO plans to work. The invaders came to live off hated infidels and wage jihad in obedience to the Koran and teachings in mosques.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    The Muslims claim to be new Swedes. They are NOT Swedes! Swedes are willing to die for their nation and willing to die for the Swedish people!

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    • In at least one European country, ruling elites have taken away houses from Europeans and given the houses to Muslims.


  9. 1. Tribal societies never give a stranger anything they would not give their family.
    2. Islamic societies are frequently run by oil-rich kings and sheiks.

    Logically, these people assume that all housing is free – paid for by the king or sheik – and that, of course, this means that those with bigger houses are being given preferential treatment.
    The mistake was to “give” these people anything from the beginning, except jobs. People arriving from backward countries must be educated – work and eat, fight and starve.
    No this is not cruel, it is “preserving human dignity” – or in some cases, installing it.

    • Crusades on Muslim countries continue, invades of poor of theses countries will continue. Leave us out of the Masonic NWO you “accept”. If you accept it for your nations to make it poor & for more of 16 billion to Jewish banks in usury, we do not.

      • Dear BNI:

        Hey BNI posters- this marwanyafi’s profile identifies this moHAMmed follower as a 67 year old architect from Lebanon. In this article about greedy lazy islamists who guzzle at the charity and hard work of normal human beings (ie non-muslims)… we have something unique.

        marwanyafi (does that translate to “I screw camels”?) may very well be that unusual islamist creature… who actually (get this) WORKS. I say only because of his self identified profession- architect.

        Which being an architect in Lebanon is ideal for an moHAMmed follower. After all look how throughtout the latter 20th century the islamists laid waste time and time again to Lebanon and specifically the city once known as the Paris of the mid-east… Beirut.

        The religion obssessed with violating donkey rectums and chopping off the clitorises of little girls certainly did a number on Lebanon. MoHAMmed’s followers waged destructive war against the ancient indigenous population of Christians; then against their Israeli neighbors, the Fakestininian populations within their Lebanese borders… as well as amongst different sects of izlam. With all the destruction of buildings going “boom” there must be plenty of work as an architect. MoHAMmed’s follower’s are good at destroying things… so it makes sense that at LEAST ONE of these cult followers MAKES MONEY trying to build them back up.

        As for “crusades” PULEEZE camel-rapist, let it be known more and more people are finding out the truth about that time in history- where the Crusades were in response to islamist inhumanity, barbarism and of course savagery.

        Any “Crusades” of today are foolish- foolish Western Nations and 1st World Asian ones that send humanitarian aid (food, medicines, hospital equipment, infrastructure supplies, agriculture technical aid, etc, etc) to islamist states. Even Israel supports how many tens of thousands of islamist welfare slime in Gaza and the West Bank? It is my most fervent wish that Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Israel STOP this aid to all of your greedy unappreciative co-religious. “Jewish banks” my, my you are such a good islamist with your koranic (or is that korHAMic) training that spots anti-Semitic lies.

        Your profile photo shows you in a Western suit. Well, for someone who apparently despises the West & 1st World Nations… you do look like a businessman form New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Toronto, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, Buenois Aires, Melbourne or GASP… yep, I’ll say it… Tel-Aviv.

        So, do you look that sharp when you get off work to go rape your camel?

        You state you are 67 years old. Well, to bring it back to this article… there are elderly Swedes your age and older- 70s, 80s and even in their 90s who spent their lifetimes making Sweden into a prosperous 1st world nation. They worked and educated themselves and worked some more to make that happen. The thought that these Elders now do without so that your fellow cultists get whatever they want is REPULSIVE. Just as I’m sure you are after you get down and dirty with your sex with camels.

      • Look you wretch: your Arab-Mohammedan MONEY has been funding JIHAD against us for 1,400 years!!!!

        Do you get that?!?? ONE THOUSAND AND FOUR HUNDRED YEARS!!!!!

        We Christian and Jewish Westerners took over 460 years after Mohammed’s death before we started our Crusades thanks to the Byzantine Emperor’s DESPERATE PLEA for help after losing the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 – and by 1400 the Crusading movement had all but died off aside from defending ourselves (e.g., Vienna in 1529 and 1683). [Even that was largely done by 1850.] For 600 years you have been largely waging war against us without a truly effective response from us PROUD “infidels”!!!

        Yes, you EVIL Mohammedans deserve to have a final, utterly-MERCILESS, all-encompassing Crusade waged against ALL OF ISLAM until that MONSTROUS ideology is no more: dead, buried, forgotten, with all memories thereof locked into certain select world libraries so that only those people who have their brains properly inoculated against it can go study about it!!

        As to a “One-World Order”, many of us are still not in bondage to it as of yet compared to what will happen – NOT of our doing and most certainly NOT WILLINGLY SO!!! It’s your FILTHY MOSLEM MONEY that’s funding most of it nowadays!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

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