Will 2013 be a record year for alleged mosque ‘attacks’ in France?

motahari20100930133247200Attempted arson attack on Thiers Mosque is the 8th alleged mosque attack since the beginning of the year. As in most of these types of cases, the perps will never  be identified. That’s because many of these minor acts of vandalism are self-inflicted by Muslim ‘victims’ looking for sympathy from the police and community.


al-Kanz The website Lamontagne.fr reported yesterday that one or more individuals tried to set fire to the boiler room of the Thiers mosque .

Rags of gasoline were found on site, which leaves no doubt about the desire to destroy the mosque, said the site. As was recommended by the specialist mosques website, Trouvetamosquee.fr, the Turkish association that manages the building has “put surveillance cameras and systems of protection.”

Last October, swastikas were recorded on a disused building located in a parking lot in front of the Thiers mosque. These Nazi tags were removed just before the prayer of Eid al-Adha.




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  1. These Muslim werewolves see tolerance as weakness. Soon the world will have to admit that these dregs have nothing good or positive or humane to offer. Potentially worse than Hitler they only manifest deadness from their unkind loveless anti God ideology of pure unadulterated hatred and fear of everything.

  2. ” will 2013 be a record of alleged mosques ‘attack’ in France?”
    Lets hope so as we can only hope and pray for some good ole fashion payback to occure, call it a lesson they are in need of. It is not without reason so many are just getting fed-up with their bullsheet and begining to realize this herd of satans own are a menace to civiized societies. They must be defeated at all cost if any are to live or survive with their sanity, freedom and prosperity intact. Show them no mercy, no quarters or the right to live side by side, they’ve brought this onto themselves with the lies of a religion of peace mantra, the death, destruction little regards for those not of themselves, in other words, they DESERVE it-period.
    Semper Fi.

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  4. they keep playing the lightning rod and they are going to draw lightning stupid muzzie’s don’t temp fate from the french they will grant your wish

  5. I wish that all of this was true and that the French were finally pusing back and taking a real stand to let the muslims know that they are not wanted.

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