A letter to the world from Jerusalem

judaization_300_01The ‘Judeophobic’ Muslim obsession over what they call the ‘Judaization’ of Jerusalem sounds like this: “Since Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem, nor any right to live in the city, any Israeli action in Jerusalem is defined as ‘Judaization’ and an attempt to erase what Muslim products of inbreeding like to call the city’s authentic Islamic Arab character.

PalWatch In 2009 the Palestinian Authority initiated an unprecedented campaign of historical revisionism and anti-Israel libels concerning Jerusalem, the focal point being the erasure and denial of 3,000 years of Jewish history in Jerusalem.


A Fatah official says, “‘Israel is currently in a race against time to prove and to perpetuate the Jewishness of Jerusalem and to turn it not only into the political capital of the Zionist entity, but also into the religious capital of Jews around the world.” Imagine that!

 He noted that the insistence on declaring Jerusalem the eternal capital [of the Jewish people] means that the war is a religious war, even though Israel has no right to Jerusalem – not religiously, not legally, not politically, and not historically.”  

“It is not befitting a city with the importance of Jerusalem (in Islam), that there should be repeated, ongoing attempts to change its geographical, demographic and cultural characteristics, and to create an artificial heritage with a Jewish spirit at the expense of its true and authentic [identity] as an Arab, Islamic and Christian city.”