Faizan Syed, Director of Hamas-linked CAIR-Missouri, wants people who insult Islam on the internet to be punished under sharia law

a1d3e753ed2dfc6c377eb227d954e9a7Last August, the director of CAIR St. Louis, Faizan Syed, wrote about his ideas for monitoring social media titled Social Media Task Force.  Sayed wants to create a Muslim youth association that would aggresively monitor the media.  Among his suggestions:

“Report anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities to take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Sharia ruling.”

Z Truth  Take action according to the Sharia ruling? The punishment for insulting Islam (blasphemy) under sharia is death.

Webster MSA Sharia

Further to Syed’s plan, he recommends…

An association of Muslim Youth should be created, they be trained in media monitoring and response and in media relations. These Youth should be encouraged to be passionate, aggressive and prompt in their responses. There need at least one such team in every country.

Highlight the inconsistencies of the mainstream media and spread it across the web using social networking and all other platforms available to us.

Highlight the bias of media in reporting issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims Write to editors and journalist reporting on Islam and on Muslim issues Send mass emails out promptly urging Muslims to respond on news reports that is bias and anti Islamic in nature to the editors and journalist and TV anchors. Promote books, documentaries, movies that is of beneficial to the Muslim youth.