1360418007-leader-of-the-party-for-freedom-geert-wilders-to-visit-australia_1782222-e1361258269210Here’s an interview with Geert after his arrival in Australia. I’ve just learned that his appearance in Perth today was cancelled due to threats from protesters (Leftists and Muslims), but he is still scheduled to speak in Melbourne and Sydney.

QSociety, Wilder’s sponsor for this tour, writes: 

This is news we thought we’d never have to put out in Australia; but you, we and Geert Wilders are being denied a venue to meet and speak in Perth. A paid contract is being broken by the manager of reputable four star hotel, scared by the possibility of anti-democratic fringe groups holding a protest outside. 

The fear of venue managers is just too great. And when fear becomes stronger than civil courage, both the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear are denied. As Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

The Melbourne and Sydney events are still going ahead as planned. 



  1. It is amazing to see the havoc created in Australia also. Wherever they build a sizeable majority, they start striking. No wonder people are disgusted with these rogues. Then they talk of moderate Muslims, which apparently is a mere Taqqiya apology by the other lesser aggressive physical force but the worst intellectual elites who pose danger by a war of wits and brains. These fellows provide them necessary intel and funds from the back door, as is happening in the world all over including raising money in USA.

  2. I,m originally from Iran but i also have the dutch passport (I live more than 20 years here), Please believe this guy in what he says about islam.
    I have never been a fan of Wilders or his party but what he says about Islam is 100% true.
    Unfortunately i have had the first hand experiences of them in power and know very well that quran has given them all the rights to kill/ rape/ enslave those who don’t wish to be a moslim.
    Qran says: You are allowed to hide you’r true intentions (making the whole world moslim) as long as you don’t have the upperhand, but as soon as you have the upperhand you are oblige to convert all the lands and people to islam. and if you read a bit of quran you will find out that they are free to do whatever they want to (Dar Al Harb) which means house or land of war. In quran the countries are or (Dar Al Islam) which means house of islam or dar Al Harb (Which are the places that haven’t beenconquered by moslims YET) and that’s why they call it the house of war which means they should make war with those untill they make it a house of Islam.

  3. Thanks Mary for giving me the names of the guys who assaulted my husband in Melbourne. We have contacted the police in Melbourne regarding this incident. As you can read from this newspaper article Just for your information about the Premier in Western Australia, he said that he would not permit Geert Wilders to hold a meeting in any state run building in WA. He also stated “He is not welcome here in Western Australia”. Over 30 venues were cancelled as hotels and meeting places didn’t have the courage
    to host Geert in fear of reprisals.

  4. Tara Tissot,

    I agree, there are many organisation private and government working towards helping Aborigines. But there are also some whites suffering but often in both cases with exceptions it is because they are not trying to help themselves. It is a complex subject involving a lot of issues too deep for this site; but I believe during the last thirty years the courageous Aboriginal people have built a very respected and successful identity as recognised ‘True Australians’ and they shall continue to grow stronger as key team players in the building of the Australian Nation.

  5. lizzy,

    Agreed, I deem Barnett as being an enemy of the State. The ‘Herald Sun’ dated October 03, 2012 wrote…”Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders won’t be welcome in Western Australia because he would offend Muslims and could trigger violent protests, WA Premier Colin Barnett says.” and it was also written…”Federal Immigration Minister Chris Bowen yesterday labelled the controversial Dutchman’s views as “extremist and offensive” but he said he would not use his ministerial powers to stop his planned speaking tour of Australia because he didn’t want to make the anti-Islam campaigner “a cause celebre.”” I might add approval of Wilders Visa was slow and was approved because of public opinion supporting Wilders. In short Bowen walks the thin red line trying to keep both sides happy but in reality like Barnett accepts and tolerates the ‘Islamization of Australia.’

  6. You are hilarious. Trying to talk down a country you know just one man from. Are you always this limited in brainpower, or is it only when you go ballistic by seeing either the word “Islam” or “Muslim”? You fail in epic proportion when you don’t realise you are barring free speech yourself by the reactions you post. You, sir, are just like the people you hate. Trying to silence everyone that doesn’t agree with you is exactly what you despise, yet you practice the skill yourself. I suggest you start living by your own rules and accept opinions that deviate from your own. I’m Dutch and disagree with mister Wilders, still I ALLOW HIM TO HAVE HIS OWN OPINION. That’s how the Netherlands works. Australia doesn’t seem to!

  7. How about dropping WA Premier Colin Barnett a line and make your feelings known about his comments towards Geert Wilders…

    Hon Colin Barnett MLA
    Suite 12/589 Stirling Highway
    Cottesloe, Western Australia, 6011

    Telephone: +61 8 9383 1505
    Facsimile: +61 8 9385 2352

    The Premier Colin Barnett says the right wing Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, is not welcome in Western Australia.

  8. Australia aint what is used to be. You got this crap, your great internet censorship wall, the ‘rulers’ that stuff insane rules up your asses. Australia, the land of the homeless, the land of the lost. You need Crocodile Dundee. But he probably escaped your country a long time ago.

  9. Bart,

    You are a naive dreamer and need to grow up! Wake up Boy! Because that is what you are -a boy. Muslims do not believe in equality or freedom; they have one mission to conquer and control. I read Geert Wilders excellent book ‘Marked For Death’ what Widlers says is accurate. And if you cannot comprehend this truth, you deserve to be bullied by Muslims and no doubt one day you will experience it. I wonder if you have the ‘balls’ to walk around Muslim territory every night week after week to test your dopey belief.

    • Possibly Bart already wears a niqab. Probably the only safe way he now can walk around some of the streets in his local Islamistan suburb at home in the Netherlands!

  10. Rikkert-Bam,

    Your ignorance is beyond belief you need to upgrade your education about Australia before you open your mouth. Your aggressive comments void of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ suggest that you have a Marxist attitude- this may or may not be true; but certainly it is the type of comments that flows from Marxist mouths.

    Yes we started as a prison colony and our history reveals the great courage of early Pioneers that built Australia including ex-prisoners. Most of those prisoners were sent by Britain to Australia for petty crimes; serious crimes were usually hanged. Australians had their problems with 18th Century Britain as did Americans.

    You said… “The country that wiped out the lives of aboriginal people…” that is a despicable lie of the lowest form. Aborigines thrive happily throughout Australia. Many Aboriginal Men and Women hold very important positions in business, education and social activity. The Aborigine has a high level of respect given by most Aussies. In recognition of Aboriginal rights as the true discoverers of Australia, Aboriginals gain special economic privileges that are not given to non-Aboriginal Australians.

    Yes we have some bad history of early mistreatment of Aborigines during the 19th Century, just like Americans mistreated Indians during the 19th Century but gradually over the decades of the 20th Century these wrongs were corrected by good Australians and good Americans. The settlers of early Australia and America had one thing in common they were tough pioneers and they both worked hard to survive and build a better society. And during World War II Americans and Aussies fought side by side and have been doing that ever since standing united.

    True Aussies and True Americans are united as one. Your decision to reject Australians tells me that you are not a ‘True American.’ And I always condemn any Australian that rejects Americans- fortunately most Aussies support Americans; and I believe that respect is mutual between both countries.

  11. Rikkert-Bam,

    Your broadbrush comments about Australia and Australians are riddled with emotional errors. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the Aussie. Australia is a great country to live in and visit. True enough leftist traitors exist in Australia as they do in every Western Country around the globe. There are now many Australians against Islam but there are still a large percentage of Aussies that as yet know nothing about Islam because mainstream media will not publish criticism of Islam. Many of our politicians are weak but that fact is true of most politicians in every Western Nation with exceptions like valiant ‘Warriors Against Islam’ like Geert Wilders.

    One of the major problems in every Western Nation including Australia is apathy and ignorance because far too many people live their lives not reading books about the world around them; they only watch TV news coverage and read newspapers and magazines most of which refuse to table hard core reality about Islam.

    I have been speaking against Islam telling friends and work mates before I retired the ‘Dark Truth About Islam’ since I read the Qur’an 1984. In the beginning most did not believe me but they do now. I send out regularly e-mails against Islam to all persons I know including e-mail friends far away and overseas that I have never met.

    Back in 1991 when I was hired as a Materials Manager in one company I discovered a Muslim working in the warehouse- I sacked him using legal methods within a week after my arrival; I don’t give any quarter. And I expect none.

    I am a fan of Geert Wilders and one of my friends whom I informed about Islam and Wilders is going to listen to him in Sydney 700 k’s south of my location. Originally my friend before learning the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’ was anti-Israel and pro-Palestine; he has changed and is now pro-Israel and anti-Palestine and anti-Islam. It is all about education waking the people up.

    We are all fighting 3 fronts they are…
    1. The false knowledge Marxist/Islamic propaganda force selling deceit about Islam.
    2. The Marxist Politically Correct anti-freedom of speech traitors- the pawns of Islam.
    3. Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Jihad Islam in all of its forms using both violent and non-violent methods.

    It is not an easy fight. To defeat Islam we must first defeat ignorance and apathy and that is what Wilders, BNI and countless thousands of people in every Western Country including Australia are doing now. There are many Australians that want Wilders here despite opposition to his visit that is why Wilders is coming.

    The Australian ANZAC spirit is very strong and alive in Australia that is evident every year on Australia Day when Australian Flags are flying all throughout the nation on cars, houses and commercial buildings. Australians just need more education about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam.’

    And remember Americans voted Obama back in which proves America and Australia both suffer from the same kind of problems which also exist in Canada and Europe. We will defeat Islam- history has proven in the end ‘Freedom Fighters’ despite set-backs always win.

    It will be a long hard fight of over two hundred years that is hard core reality.

  12. Just to let you all know…. .
    Here in the Netherlands, we generally think Geert Wilders is a narrow minded narcistic man with a childish attitude.
    Unfortunately, he is good at saying what people with fear for anything unknow and change to evovle into the future, like to hear.

    For every faith counts this: It is a way to make dealing with anything sad, scary or unknown easier. But mostly, in history faith was THE “best”/most easy way for making the people obey a ruler (like kings, emperors etc.).

    Now, we live in 2013, a time of science and progress… ar least it should be, but most cultural differences and wars, STILL are being controled mostly by faith in different gods, old written rules.

    Let us be a world of people, let us think openminded and think more. History is important and people should treasure their cultures freely, but we all need to find a place in ourselves of recognition and respect for all other views and ways of life!
    Be emphatic, imagine how a child grows up in a totally different country, with different history then yours… try to imagine how the stories You heard as a child differ from the stories that child in a far away country.
    Differences in climate also have influence on what is importend to live healthy in your ecosystem..

    What if you were born in Iran or the US or France or China or Greece… it is what we are used to that makes us how we are, how we think… Imagine you where brought up with first words reading the koran, your brother with reading the bible and another brother with atheistic parents….
    Would you have war with your brothers? Just because they were taught a way of live to be true in their culture.. EVERYBODY with fears and angry voices.. BE OPEN to other ways of thinking and respect!

    Stop senceless hurting people and create fissures between cultures. Respect and trade not only material things, but think and talk open also, with respect for all.

    • bart, you’re the second idiot from the Netherlands we’ve heard from today. At this website we all love Geert Wilders. If you want to bash him, go to a left wing site like the Daily Kos.

    • The part of this wonderful cultural exchange you are talking about I have problems with is the bit where I as a woman have to wear a niqab or even a headscarf. Possibly you could also share with us which towns and suburbs in the Netherlands it is advisable for a woman to wear one lest she be deemed “indecent” and therefore asking to be raped.

      At present in Australia although we see the walking black tents in the suburbs in our cities – in the streets of the suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne which have been almost totally Islamified, in our supermarkets and on public transport they are not proliferating in vast numbers…….yet! Thankfully our country towns are still largely free of them:)

      As someone who was once forced to wear a headscarf, and also a niqab, in the middle east against my wishes as a non-Moslem the bottom line for me is that NO WAY in Australia will I ever tolerate this infringement of my human rights, nor the rights of my daughter.

      Do yourself a favour Bart and take your head out of the sand and buy yourself a black niqab and try walking around in it for a week. Make sure you do it in the height of summer as well, just so you get the full suffocating effect.

      And remember that up until 1979 women in Iran were still walking around the streets in normal western clothes, as they also were in Egypt and many other parts of the middle east. UNTIL the thing called FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAM arrived.

      Already these tossers are trying to change our society. The latest stunt being to force non-moslem female teachers in one of their schools in Adelaide to wear headscarves otherwise get the sack!

      “Stop senceless hurting people and create fissures between cultures”????
      How about a bit of freaking respect for OUR culture in Australia. How about a bit of respect for the rights of women in this country which generations of Aussie women struggled to achieve.

  13. A “religion” that threatens people if or when they dare to discuss it, is that still a “religion” ? It’s the ones who utter the threats that should be sued and punished. The world is going berserk.

  14. Wilders is a great hero! It is a crime against humanity that Western ruling elite TRAITORS have allowed people with such MURDEROUS practices and BELIEFS into our countries! Islam’s Ancient Hatred For The Jews

    While Islam envisions the day when Christians and Jews will convert to Islam en masse, there is a distinction within Islam’s end time narrative between the final destiny of Christians and that of the Jews.

    In Islam’s version of the last-days, we see that all Christians will either accept Islam or be killed. Certainly, when we look at this final picture, it is impossible to say that Islam has any real affinity for Christians or Christianity.

    But when analyzing Islamic teaching and traditions about the Jews, one gets a very cold feeling that the only destiny that Islam has marked out for the Jews is that of an absolute and total slaughter.

    We see in the Islamic traditions a dark and very persistent hatred for the Jews nearly identical to the ideology expressed through Naziism. This ideology of hatred is fully supported and nurtured throughout the Quran and the Islamic traditions. For instance, speaking of Jews, the Quran says:

    Amongst them we (Allah) have placed enmity and hatred till the Day of Judgment. Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah doth extinguish it; but they (ever) strive to do mischief on earth. And Allah loveth not those who do mischief. -Surah 5:64 (Yusuf Ali)

  15. Dear BNI:

    I remember how last year how Pamela Geller was denied a scheduled speaking venue at a Jewish community center… she then spoke at a substitute venue. Hopefully, persons who had planned to see her at the first location were able to see her at the “last minute new location.”

    Then there were the Jewish people who paid for and were using hotel space for an IDF Israel Defence Forces event… and though they had their contract were rudely expelled from not only the establishment’s swimming pool… but from the hotel itself. The discriminated against guests sued and now the hotel is sponsoring (at the hotel expense) a Purim (Jewish holiday) celebration and anti-Jihad awards ceremony.

    My point… both of these events were not just “planned and paid for”… but one was right about to happen (Geller’s speech) and the other was in the middle of their event (IDF party). So… Australians against islamist supremacism… and more specifically the Q Society…. I’m hoping you had to be aware of these situations in America. After all Q Society members and many Australians view (and post) on Atlas Shrugs and other similar sites.

    Perth is the biggest city in the state of Western Australia (a huge segment of this continent-nation). Not having a “back-up” resulted in a huge portion of Australia missing out on Geert’s knowledge and speeches. Were there no arranged back up venues…. even privately owned residences or halls where Geert could have been diverted to?

    For any other speaking venues Geert is scheduled for… HAVE BACK UP and if you don’t; scramble for it now! Are there ANY churches or shrines with halls or centers that could accomodate a crowd? What of ANY business, hotel or theater owner with “space.” Are any Q-Society members who privately own large venues… who can stand up.

    Yes, I know having a paid location in a hotel conference area… is supposed to have space, audio-visual equipment, refreshments, restrooms, security, etc… so that is why one arranges these venues. However, if the hotel manager/owner is not dedicated to the cause (ie a Q Society member, etc) then there is always the chance of them “pulling out.”

    I will hope that his trip to Australia will result in Geert speaking at the remaining venues. But keep in mind his earlier trip to Australia was cancelled due to muslims and their dhimmi supporters. I have a very, very bad feeling about his next two scheduled speaking engagements.

    Good luck Q Society and Mr. Geert Wilders.

  16. Typical leftist crap. They’re quite comfortable using violence and the threat of violence to silence others…like the Mozzies.

    Leftists, like community activist Obama, don’t like free expression much, because it allows other people to criticize them.

    The entire Moslem world represented by the OIC is presently planning to SHUT DOWN ALL criticism of Islam throughout the world.

    The crap in this is the fake appeal to POST-COLONIAL GUILT! The noble savages have THEIR OWN CULTURE (like beheading and hand-chopping).

    WHO ARE WE to say that OUR culture is better than that of the NOBLE SAVAGES?

    Answer: All cultures are not created equal. Besides the Mozzies are totalitarian fascists and misogynists. Why do the leftists not protest that?

  17. I am proud of Geert Wilders!! Although not everyone agrees to him HE IS A VERY COURAGOUS MAN. And even when he was accused in court he survived. So do not be tolerant when it concerns MUZZIES!! Go Geert GO !!!

  18. I am a dutch guy. Problems with the Turks en Morocs are serieus here. Even the government here playing ‘hear no evil, see no eavel’. Wilders is one of the few who dears to name and shame the problems with Islam.

      • BRAVISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!!

        To “Richard”: since you so hate those who’re trying to do you good and save you from the new Nazis that hurt you in 1940-45 – and no doubt love one or both of Communism and Islam (just like your whoring “Queen” Beatrix!!!), why don’t you go and live (preferably more than 10 years!!) in Saudi Arabia and/or North Korea???

        Your parents and grandparents ought to have disowned you and treated you scum just the same way they did the Germans for over 20 years starting in 1945 (by total shunning and ignoring!!!). It’s such a colossal pity that you were not aborted (if abortion has to be legal), you HYPOCRITE, LIAR, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM AND COMMUNISM now, forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

    • Its quiet?So thats why the Maroccan Burgomaster Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam sayed every one who don´t accept the society should leave the Netherlands`?
      And why say Maroccan parents that they want a closing time for their youths?
      Why are 90% of the drug dealers in Rotterdam from Africa?

    • Richard, speak for yourself. We are proud of GEERT WILDERS. He is a couragious man, who cares to speak the truth like no other. Geert come back save. You were welcome in America. If the Aussi’s do not listen leave them. They are denying their problem with the Muzzies. And they do not want to learn from what is pappening in Europe.

  19. ” “Welcome… Let him remember Theo Van Gogh while he is in Australia” Kulin Ban Melbourne. SBS website”

    Full coverage

    Geert Wilders Down Under : Insurgents and supporters try and stop Wilders speaking

    Geert Wilders Down Under “Welcome Let him remember Theo Van Gogh while he is in Australia” Kulin Ban Melbourne. SBS website

  20. It’s very easy for muslims to stop Geert Wilders. They just have to stop killing innocent people and start to love their neighbour. But as long this doesn’t happen we have to defend ourselves against an unhuman and barbaric ideology called islam. For the time being we must support people like Geert Wilders and others who continue warning us for the utmost danger of our civilized world.

  21. In the US.

    Ready for dialog these people huh?

    Who wants to live in one country with such scum, abusing and leeching our societies?
    Only left winged people who want to sabotage their own communities let this all to happen.
    It is all not muslims fault, they don’t know any better.
    It is our own left winged scum which is responsible for this misery.

        • I think the guy who was thrown to the ground should sue the bastards for assault. Their faces are all on camera. It would serve them right. They are all mainly from the Socialist Alliance and would hang out at the Resistance Centre and Socialist Alliance office in Melbourne. They live in shared houses as well. Would not get much money out of them individually as they would all be on the dole, but could sue the organisation who encouraged the violence. You can see a number of their placards say Socialist Alliance. They are the same people that sell Green Left Weekly.
          They have also white anted the Palestinian Support group and while they have some arabs on it the main organisers in each state are from Socialist Alliance and some other name they also go under.
          The older ones who control them – the senior ones in their org – some have jobs and a bit of money. Their organisation has quite a lot of funds as I think they own their premises in some states, and somehow always come up with the $$$s to put out their newspaper each week.
          I am sure the police are also aware who most of them are. As they are part of the Leftist rent-a-mob that turn out for the BDS anti-Israel protests as well.
          If you check out their Facebook page it is easy to soon have a collection of names!

        • Socialist Alliance Moreland City Councillor Sue Bolton was one of the ones with the microphone at the protest. They all meet beforehand at the Resistance Centre at 407 Swanston St in the city usually to plot their strategy, which mindless slogans they are going to scream out and to psych themselves up for a bit of violence. They then go back there after the protests to talk about how well they did.
          You can check out the Socialist Alliance Facebook page here if you want to collect some names:

  22. Delighted – but, of course, concerned for his safety – that Wilders has landed in Oz and will speak – if not at all the contracted venues, at least to the Q Society loyalists and the dumb-shit media lapdogs (like the one, ignorant to the core, that interviewed him in this video). The word is – and will continue to go – out that Wilders has brought the Truth about pisslam to Down Under. And I am SO grateful that he continues to brave all the threats, nonsense & ignorance to stand up for Truth and diss the totally NON ROP!!

    May God continue to protect him and give him the strength & moral fortitude to carry on in his great mission!

  23. Keep up the good work Geert…who is this islam loving interviewer…a one eyed lopsided questioner if ever I heard one! Wish we had politicians of this calibre in Australia.

    • Thanks for the videos. Muslim immigrants massively colonize our countries; live off hated infidels (tax dollars); VIOLENTLY attack OUR policemen, and ruling elites don’t consider that a problem? What dirty TRAITORS.

      EDL – Rioting Muslims now hit Sydney, Australia (15th Sept 2012)

  24. there is a pic of moslems of all races on facebook with the words ‘islam is not a race, so nice try’, which i stuck on the protester’s wall . . . well, jihads abounded but it was funny watching them try to defend the pedo cult

  25. Scandalous how our mister Wilders is received in Australia!
    For this reason i will never ever visit Australia in my lifetime.
    Australia, the country that originates from being a prison colony…
    The country that wiped out the lives of aboriginal people…

    Your country is taken over by left winged elites who think they can talk for the ordinary citizen.
    Time to claim back your country from islam as well as left winged scum!

    For now, f… australia.

    • It’s not just Australia! Britain, Europe, America, Canada and other Western countries have also been horribly betrayed by ruling elites!

    • Please don’t judge Australia by the way so many treated him – the majority agree and our current Federal government who disrespected him so much had to cheat their way in to power – they are most unlikely to be re-elected by the their terrible performance, lack of conviction and level of corruption. You are most welcome in Australia and many of us appreciate what Mr Wilders had to go through just to come here. The opposition party of government would have welcomed him

  26. The ferals in Melbourne have found out the venue & tweeted all over. One person must have bought a ticket so as to get the venue location.
    Speculation is that a number of them must have chipped in change after meeting their local drug supplier.
    Hope the cops also come with their drug testing equipment.
    Hard to believe there are so many craven fucking cowards in this country!
    pm I’ll try & keep you updated as the night wears on, it is 7pm EST (Daylight Saving) Melbourne.

  27. This is just crap, the muslims dont like what Geert wilders has to say so they stop his speekings useing the same laws that got him into the country free speach, well i for one have had enough. The time has come for action.


    • If they threatened violence over it, then they did not use the same laws Geert used to go to the country. Threats of bodily harm are not covered in free speech. So this makes it worse in my opinion. They stopped him due to threats not peaceful protests of speaking out…. Just like the savages they are they can not comprehend free speech. They seem so simple to me. They don’t like something so they hurt someone…. Like a toddler before learning to talk.

    • Craig, Never forget the lessons learned with the Arab Spring. No matter how righteous you cause is, its the organized group that wins. The MB was victorious because they were organized. Good
      luck and Godspeed.

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