American media have no clue as to why an Egyptian Muslim beheaded two Coptic Christians in New Jersey

4-1 Oh my, it is a puzzlement, that is, if you’ve been in a coma for the past decade. Has no one at ABC News ever heard about the ongoing slaughter  of Coptic Christians in Egypt? About the regular killings of Christians in Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Iraq, and most other Muslim countries? Disgraceful.

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28 comments on “American media have no clue as to why an Egyptian Muslim beheaded two Coptic Christians in New Jersey

  1. Are the New Jersey Media and Police so dim they have no idea why this happened?
    Good Lord it is self evident. Until people drop this stupid political correctness, there will never be an end to islamic crime and islam will just take over.

  2. This was done in my neck of the woods… not surprised, because even before this fact was made public, I knew from how the corpses were violated that this was ritual islamic murder.

    I hope they throw him into the max security prison in Trenton, and a hangman’s news shortly thereafter.

  3. Every Moslem has a duty in Sharia law to ‘punish’ blasphemers. Coptic Egyptians are among the BEST informed people in the world about Islam, because they read the original texts in ARABIC and hear the discriminatory speeches and sermons of the mullahs and MB politicians on TV and radio.

    They know the motivations of these fanatics and know how easily Moslems are offended. However, many Copts in the U.S. are actively proselytizing Moslems. This is a punishable offense in Egypt and no doubt this was in the mind of the murderer.

    Ibn Kathir explained: “Do not make mischief on the earth,”), means, “Do not commit acts of disobedience on the earth. Their mischief is disobeying Allah, because whoever disobeys Allah on the earth, or commands that Allah be disobeyed, he has committed mischief on the earth.”

    The Copts were ‘making mischief’. The Sharia punishment for mischief is ‘murder , crucifixion, the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile’ (Koran 55.

    Crucifixion takes too long, so the murderer beheaded them.

  4. They did because their holy book quran say to kill all infidels, special the jews and christians!!!!!!!!!!….How is possible that after 15 centuries of genocide, people still beleive that those islamofascist will be civilized people!!!!!!!!!….they, as they did try before, conquer the world!!!!…

  5. This man must not be aware that liberals have solemnly declared that Islam is peaceful. He is not to be held accountable for his crimes, jihad is a `legitimate tenet of Islam`therefore is not a threat. Move along, nothing to see here, nobody to mourn, nobody to be held accountable. MSM knows all.

      • Had, I allow a lot of comments other blogs will not. I delete most calls to violence except in cases like this where Muslims deserve what they should get for their actions, but probably won’t.

        • He should asked to be tried in the UK, by His Hon Michael George Thomas Stokes, QC, dhimmi ‘judge’ of Adil Rashid, who was found innocent by reason of ignorance, of pedophile rape.

          He should tell the good judge that in mohammedism, Christians are like fallen lollipops, there for islamist delectation.

          But I believe there are good dhimmi judges in the US too?

  6. Shocker, huh?
    I guess that, until it happens in YOUR town, it doesn’t exist, right? Perhaps now they’ll look at the bigger picture, not that I hold any hope for it, and see just how pervasive these reptiles, and their savagery, has spread.
    And never mind “life in prison”. There’s no need to send yet another “professor of evil” to train more assholes in the art of hate…. Hang the SOB and save the rest from having to deal with this shitbag. (sorry for the language)

    • NEVER apologize, its a sign of weakness, mean what you say say what you mean, honesty is the prefered medicine for the cowards among us, o.k. Thanks, be well as you are among truth tellers as we don’t cotton up to evilness in any form. Call it like you see it, sometimes, bruality is best served up honestly. See how the civilized tongue got these two victims a mention, yeah, and what good did our civilized tongues get them, graveyard dead, that’s what.
      Semper Fi.

  7. Will someone tell the cops how to put 2 and 1 together. Two coptic Christians and one savage muslims and you have the motive for the murder/beheading of the two Coptic Christians here in the US. This was a terrorist muslim atrocity done to innocent Christians simply because they were Christians.

  8. Oh, use of the dreaded “M” word would require use of the dreaded “P” word, something no libtard worth his/her weight in kleenex could ever bring themselves to do.

    Gelded sheep. Worthless gelded sheep.

  9. Why he did it? Really, does anybody need to ask? The dreaded “M” word would go a long way towards explaining the why of it if only the media would grow a pair and use it more often (never happen). The damned MSM keeps dumbing down the sheeple from the verdant pastures of prime time, leaving the rest of us thinking folk to clean up all of their nasty sheep droppings.


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