CANADIAN taxpayers forced to foot most of the bill for Muslim-only prayer room, body cavity & foot washing facilities at Emmanuel College, a Christian college at University of Toronto

images-1The new Muslim prayer space at Emmanuel College, a Christian seminary at the University of Toronto, cost $25,000, and was shared by the Canadian Jaffari Muslim Foundation, the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, the Islamic Institute of Toronto, the Muslim Chaplaincy, and the Muslim Students Association. However, the higher cost of the $75,000 ablutions (Muslim-only washing) facility was paid for mainly by non-Muslim students, their parents, and taxpayers.


Toronto Sun There is no better example of why our post-secondary education system is broken than a recent story out of University of Toronto. The Varsity, an alma mater’s student publication, has a piece headlined “University heeds call for more prayer space.” And it goes downhill from there.

Toronto Muslim Students Rejoice Prayer Center

Emmanuel College — a Christian college within the University of Toronto — has just opened a Muslim prayer space and “ablutions facility.” That’s a place for Muslims to wash various parts of the body before prayer. So this is no classroom set aside for quick prayer. This is the real deal.

The university is also, the story notes, transforming a part of the eighth floor of Robarts Library into a multi-faith prayer space. Studying space has always been hard to find at the U of T, and Robarts is one of the busiest spots, partially because it’s open 24 hours. The administration is doing the student body a disservice giving Robarts space to anything other than books and study space.

imagesThe Emmanuel project cost $100,000. It’s mostly funded by the school — which means by students, parents and taxpayers. I thought the point of university was to learn new things, not to transform school into a replica of your home life. After all, there are already ample prayer spaces in Toronto — called churches, temples, mosques, etc.

Unknown-1If you’re a little confused by why a Christian college is transforming itself into a mosque, principal Mark Toulouse, quoted in The Varsity, has the answer: “In February 2010, we started the Muslim studies program, as well as the Canadian Muslim continuing education certificate program. We also have a master’s program — the Muslim Studies track, for students interested in becoming Muslim chaplains.”

Like so many other new programs introduced at universities in recent decades, these clearly have no place in public institutions heavily underwritten by taxpayers.


Schools are now like the rest of government. In government, we fret over where to put heroin injection sites while Torontonians are narrowly dodging chunks of the Gardiner Expressway and people in Ottawa are driving into sinkholes.

In education, we fund programs like diversity studies that give the taxpayer little bang for their buck. We’re neglecting the basics in favour of fluff.

Notice there’s not a flake of soap in sight in this Islamic washing ritual:



46 comments on “CANADIAN taxpayers forced to foot most of the bill for Muslim-only prayer room, body cavity & foot washing facilities at Emmanuel College, a Christian college at University of Toronto

  1. So many negative comments. I find this really sad since I am myself a muslim and I know it’s all wrong. Any way, if someone out there might be ready to hear this and to do his own research rather than believe all what is said in the media or even done by some so called muslims, then let him/her read on. If you knew the truth about islam you wouldn’t be saying these atrocities about it. I know it is mainly the fault of many bad “muslims” who do not represent islam by no means.. the guy on the video is no exception: his long beard and way of dressing make one think that a muslim must be like that while it’s absolutely false. Islam is a way of life which does not belong to any specific culture, islam is to believe in one single God, in his books and his messengers including Moses Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them all. Islam is to love for others what you love for yourself, you cannot be truly a believer if you do not do so, that’s what the last prophet of God said. Islam is to love God and respect him through being kind, just and gentle to his creatures: humans, animals, and even objects! Islam is not wearing those strange kinds of clothes but having in your heart and therefore in your behavior the true spirit of islam: Never to harm anyone, to treat everyone kindly especially WOMEN: “the best among you is the one who behaves best with his wife” “noble is he who honors women and wicked is he who humiliates them”….. : sayings of the last messenger. The spirit of islam is aspiring to the knowledge and to the love of God on the one hand, and to justice and freedom on earth on the other. Islam is universal, it’s for all mankind and many of those muslims we see wearing those kinds of clothes have actually missed the point, they haven’t got the real message, they are reproducing the way of dressing which goes back to a specific era: 14 centuries ago, in a specific space: the desert, instead of repreducing the essence of the message: adore one God, do what is good and avoid what is bad, be just, be humble, show mercy to God’s creatures….
    Another thing which many people take for granted as a part of the muslim faith is the taliban kind of stuff that some women wear to cover their faces with. This is by no means an islamic practice but a traditional one, a muslim woman is only asked to dress modestly and cover parts of her body that may attract male passion but not her face and hands… The muslim woman is not asked to give up her nature: I am a woman and i know perfectly well that all women in the world want to look beautiful and there is absolutely no problem with that, that’s how we were created, islam only tells us not to look sexy: beautiful but not sexually attractive. Islam is not a demonic religion as someone said, it is merely the continuity of Judaism and Christianism. Throughout history, God sent messengers to humankind, some people would follow their teachings, but after a while they would start deviating from them and that’s why God would send us other messengers: to restore the original message, the core and the essence of which is the unity of God. This is exactly why Jesus peace be upon him was sent: if there had appeared no deviations in Judaism there would have been no use sending him and that’s also true for why Muhammad peace be upon him was sent: to restore the idea of the unity of God (not the trinity which = 1…) Any way, I can see that this website is speciallized in demonizing islam and I doubt if my comment would ever appear here.. but all I can say to anyone out there who might be wise enough to decide to search and think for him/herself: things are not always what they seem from first glance, the truth, indeed, is out there, it’s up to us to go and find it and I beleive that all it takes is some sincerity.
    Peace from France!

    • to Assia:

      You found the wrong place to speak about how good PISLAM is.
      I very well know how ‘peaceful’ and ‘kind’ mooHAMmad was (piss be upon him). Spare your time and serve your crap to somebody else (in your country of origin preferably).
      Don’t embarrass yourself any longer and don’t insult me by saying Islam is great.
      Your imbecilic prophet is as desirable to humanity as a fly on a cake.

  2. calm ur fucking shit -.-
    I do think that religion should not be associated with education and I also think the prayer rooms should be kept to a certain extent as well as these washing facilities. You can do whatever you want in regular washrooms, there should not be separate washrooms for this. It’s stupid. However, that does not mean that Islam is a bad religion and you can go ahead and insult it. Don’t fucking call our religion shit, I’m sure your’s isn’t perfect in any sense either.
    Stop bashing other faiths you idiots.
    Have some respect, seriously.

    • to stfu:

      I will call your cult as I wish and I will tell you how I feel about its ‘prophet’, as follows:

      Moo-HAM-mad, you are a barbarous, brutish and possessed cretin. I wish you were never born on this planet.

      You, demon Moo-ham-MAD, in all your ugliness, you had your much deserved DEATH from the hands of a woman (God rest her soul).

      You, moo-HAM, your bull-schnitz cult is hidden behind twisted words, a babble with no meaning for the reasonable, intelligent human being.

      You, moohamMAD, you are a cross-dressing wanko, an insidious, sneaky and devious coward, a liar and a deceiver. You broke your oaths in front of your slave-women, in front of your men at arms (soldiers that have far more morality than you); your broken life and ‘mission’ is corrupted by the ones that you killed for your aberrations.

      You have no shame of yourself? Vermin!

  3. BODY CAVITY ? ? Prehaps this will help aleviate some of that muslim odor that wafts from under those burkhas you try to avoid at WalMart. I guess some of them still use little bottles of water at home because toilet tissue is too much an infidel product, huh ?
    At any rate, the facility cant help but better conditions for studying,can it ? But Saudi should have coughed up the bucks.

  4. Islam is not religion in any sense of the word.
    The demand for these facilities at the expense of the entire community is an expression of Jizyah.
    It is also propitiary magic for the demon the Ummah worships.

  5. In my youth I remember all office building had buckets of sand hanging on the wall in all stairways and corridors – this was in the days before sprinklers systems. OK, i’m old. I wonder what they have done with those buckets? Personally, I never throw anything away. You see, though Mohamed said you have to wash before prayer, he knew that there might not always be water available, so in the Koran and the hadiths it does say that if you do not have water, you can use sand. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to install a playground sand-pit and the good thing is that it is green, totally energy neutral, good for the environment and it lasts for ever.

    • A pit of sand, like for cats. They should clean themselves by rubbing with sand. That will do for moslems before they go pray.
      Since when a public body like an University has to accommodate someone who doesn’t wash feet at home, regularly?
      If I need to pray, in the University halls, I need not stop for cleaning my toes. And I certainly don’t ask the board for a prayer room. Nor do I snort to clean up my nose or other body cavities.
      So moslems, take my advise: wash yourself at home, BEFORE arriving somewhere whence you couldn’t find such an accommodation.
      Same obsession with washing their feet… hmm, there must be something wrong with their feet…

  6. Unbelievable!! So you have those in charge at the school that are all wolves in sheep’s clothing! Where is the outrage from the faculty, students, parents? Jesus would tell them now, and does so through his born again believers that Islam is a demonic false political system and that salvation only comes through Jesus Christ. These demon possessed clowns running this school should have been fired as soon as they suggested this monstrosity!!

  7. Well done for Quebec Canada, to make legal restrictions to the muslms. Wake up the rest of Canada before it is too late and you are paying for every thing that the muslims want to show their BS and false superiority. When I come across these savages using the wash basins in truck stops to wash their feet, I tell them that is not what hand wash basins are designed to do and that they are to stop or I will call security. What BS the washing rituals of 3 times and so on. Jesus loves me just the way I am. He is not interested in all of the ritual washing BS, because He is more interested in the condition of my clean heart and not if my hands are clean. What a waste of money but once again it makes the muslims feel superior because we the infidels get to pay jizah for the BS. The next step will be to remove all crosses and so on.

    • It’s not so much the government but more the Québécois vocal pressure. The Québec government is getting ready to put in a new law forbidding any visible religious symbols in our public institutions. That means no more headbags allowed in our tax-funded services. It would also mean no prayer rooms.

      About 18 months ago, muslims tried to buy a huge nun convent in downtown Montreal. The vocal pressure was so loud, the Québécois so displeased that the government bought the building.

  8. well can’t blame the muzzies , christians are taught to pleas the muzzies , slap them both on the cheek maybe knock some sense into one and piss off the other be some kind of advance in education

  9. Just saw the video. Thoroughly disgusting. They’re spreading most of the bacteria from the nose to the ears, toes… to other parts of the body. When the guy runs his wet hands through his hair and beard, that did it for me.

  10. I don’t care if they have a prayer room as long as it is open to everyone- this looks like it isn’t if the signage is any indication. Ditto with the bathrooms. This is the thing with Muslims that makes them incompatible with civilized societies- give them an inch and they will start demanding a mile.

  11. I just watched the video. All that bother 5+ times a day, and still it brings no spiritual cleanliness. How sad for the people caught up in it.

    • It isnt even a need its simply a want. What they want is what they are getting not what they need. Water from a tap is water. Why did they have to build seperate washing rooms at a cost of almost 80 thousand??? They dont use soap or sanitizer water alone does not clean. The University should be ashamed of themself. It is a Christian college and they put that second. Go to their country and ask for a Christian only room and see what you get. If they wont accomodate why do we???

  12. Sorry to hear it, but that’s what private or religious institutions get when they accept federal funding. We’re finding it out here in the U.S. as well, both with learning institutions and with the Boy Scouts. You cannot have your cake and eat it, too, so decide which is more important to you and go with it.

  13. Typical deterioration of the western academy where free thought is scorned and only rote learning allowed. Sad. A great need for new academies where students are not entitled but earn qualifications so the public system can crumble into irrelevance where it belongs.

  14. This is very, very alarming:

    WND: Police use ‘pregnant women’ as shooting targets
    DHS supplier responds to outrage over ‘non-traditional’ images

    (INFOWARS.COM) Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a provider of shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security, has admitted that targets depicting pregnant women were “requested” by law enforcement agencies.

    As you can hear in the YouTube clip above, Blaine Cooper enquired about the company’s “no hesitation” targets, which also feature children, elderly gun owners and mothers in playgrounds, and was told that the target showing a pregnant woman was a “requested law enforcement target for training.”

  15. Why can’t these people just wash, whatever, in a urinal? Shouldn’t cost much that way. A little hand soap and some paper towels should do it. That would most likely be better than what they are used to.


  16. It’s happening in Canada because of English Canada. They haven’t realized what’s on the way… They don’t try anymore in Québécois public facilities because they know it won’t work. No French Canadian (Québec) institution has a problem with them anymore. We also had our province-wide commission of reasonable accommodations and since then, they’ve been very quiet.

    They tried so many times for prayer rooms in French facilities in Québec, it is refused every single time. Worse, it gets into the French papers, T.V., radio and misc. talk shows and blogs.

    • Because it’s just a stage 1 of carefully engineered process. Next stage will be a demand to remove crosses as offensive to their sensitivities. BNI, what happened to this DC area Christian University that was sued by a group of Saudi Muslim students? I won’t be surprised if the management did what they were told and removed all the offensive Christian paraphernalia from CHRISTIAN college!

      • Happened here in Netherlands , not a college but a PRISON ! I know some volunteers at a prison. The Muslim prisoners , and as everywhere, there are a LOT of them,under their Imam were KINDLY allowed the use of the RC chapel, but then complained about the beautiful painting of Jesus and Mary on the wall.
        The chaplain of course, refused to remove it so the Imam sneakily went to Justice dept. and got offending items removed. This story never made the media , one volunteer told me the press will never cover it, no journalist will even dare to.

    • Disgusting!!!! Schools have got to stop catering to these idiots!! Expecting taxpayers to pay for their Muslim only prayer room is bad enough. Religion needs to be kept out of schools period!! If they need to pray there are mosques built specifically for that purpose. They are laughing at us because they are plotting towards all of us and there are those stupid Canadians that are enabling it. Muslims aren’t our friends and never will be.

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