Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR presents its annual lying, whining, and obfuscating video for infidels

CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) is a master at playing the victim card. Skip the phony intro (:00 – :45) about Islam and peace, and go right to the part about the anti-Islam backlash in America.


At around 7:20, the CAIR thugs start talking about their subversive activities, how they are using American laws and freedoms to make the rest of us submissive to their religious demands and how they are fighting multiple states in court, trying to stop them from passing anti-sharia legislation.


19 comments on “Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR presents its annual lying, whining, and obfuscating video for infidels

  1. The cair not wants to tie up our courts and cost the honest tax payers billions in frivolous law suits at every opportunity to whine. They want to frighten us into silence and destroy freedom of speech. Eventually their plan will fail because we will all eventually see the big picture.We must not hire muslims, not rent to them, not to buy from their businesses and so on. We must boycott everything to do with muslims.

    • BRAVA!!!!

      Nor should we sell anything to them – except ONE-WAY tickets back to dar al-Islam UPON ISLAMIC PLANES!!!! We should otherwise not accept ANY of their money, and all of their Western property should be confiscated!!!

      They must learn that wherever they go in the West they’ll be regarded as unwelcome ENEMIES as long as they remain Mohammedans!!!!!

  2. I don’t understand American law so please forgive me if this sounds like an idiotic question.
    Is church and state seperated,if so then CAIR are in breach of your laws,they specifically broke your laws by using a place of ‘worship’ for political reasons and using a religious reason to swing a vote in their favour,more than that they demonise your your law system by using a religious based system.

    Have you got your badge yet Bonni?

  3. Dougie: “Islam’s unique contributions to American Society”?!! ….Which contributions would those be?! Would they be attacks on non-mulime like the maniacal sonofabitch that killed and beheaded two Coptic Christians in New Jersey!….Or maybe efforts to push yourselves AND your Sharia Sh— offon the NON-Muslim Americans!! Once again, you can take your “religion of peace” and your lying BS to HELL with you!!

  4. The Muslims in the video emulate founder of Islam’s instructions:

    The Muslims in the video talked repeatedly about ‘religious freedom’. What a DIRTY LIE! The punishment for leaving Islam is DEATH.

    Religious freedom? What a DIRTY LIE! Under Islamic blasphemy laws, non-Muslim INNOCENTS are jailed; attacked; murdered. Their families forced into hiding for their lives. Muslims LIE about non-Muslims committing blasphemy. If these innocents are ever released from jail, many times rabid Muslim mobs attack and kill them.

    There is NO such thing as religious freedom in Islam!

      • And it IS such a country. I know half a dozen people from there and they all say this is so, that over half are Muslims as they are. They have like 8 to 15 kids each, sometimes they lose a few, can’t feed them all, but they’re told to have a lot so that the Muslim population multiplies more than others and that they are the majority.

  5. warm and fuzzie , butter melt in your mouth , hooper last man tried that approach on me had his ass kicked into next sunday , we know a creep round here we smell muzzie from a mile off

  6. MELODRAMA is normative Islam. Moslems who ALL love genocide, head and hand chopping, beating wives and sex slaves, and killing kafirs and blasphemers ARE VICTIMS!!!! Moslems who created the biggest SLAVE INDUSTRY in history are VICTIMS. Moslems who killed 270 kafirs in 1400 years are VICTIMS.

    (Victims…ha, ha. Moslems have no sense of irony or introspection.)

    What do you call a Moslem who doesn’t love jihad? An apostate.

  7. Subscriptions to anti-islam websites are up everywhere. The more people know about islam, the more frightened and worried they become. Of course, normal people don’t want any part of islam around them.

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