“Muslims who shave look like a peeled potato which makes them vulnerable to sin and satan”

BNI is pleased to bring you grooming advice from a leader in the world of style and fashion. Stay tuned for tips on how to dress your 9-year-old wife.


27 comments on ““Muslims who shave look like a peeled potato which makes them vulnerable to sin and satan”

  1. That won’t help. Being a muslim mean you are a worshipper of Allah=Satan=a satanist. The muslims are already in sin an Satan. That man doesn’t even know, how stupid he is!

  2. @sweetolbob- great pharse “alley snackbar”. Gotta borrow that and use it often. Thank you sir. I should have thought of it. Getting old.

  3. One might think that it would be hard to find an old maniacal idiot like this; but then you are reminded that he IS an ardent muslim who has been lifting his ass daily and beating his head on the ground, or floor for many years…..Ah, yes….a reputation to be REALLY proud of!….”Allahu Akbar”!!… What a ——– idiot!!

  4. It is amazing when one hears these pagans talking and quoting and babbling on and on, but they don’t actually SAY anything! None of it makes any sense. They can speak and quote and “teach” for days, and at the end will have said exactly NOTHING. Their ideology is for the uneducated, the gullible, the ignorant, and the hate filled. Keep the beards. They are a giant bill board for us; they remind us to never turn our backs on hairy pigs and apes such as yourselves.

  5. Hmm…it seems that not shaving seems to invite Satan and sin. Unshaved Muslims seem to be behind much of the violence, cruelty, and terror in the world.

  6. We are not going to defeat jihad and sharia with denigrating remarks about lice in armpits. Freedom fighters please be serious. How will you win the debate when your attempts at humour are just as stupid as the Islamic supremacist’s daft peeled potato quip?

  7. LOL Hohohoho hahaha so they admit that they are such vile pigs that have to fuck anything and everything that women have to wear bags and they have to be covered in fur to look as unsexy as possible otherwise all their horny muz bros will want to rape them!!!! LOLOL

  8. Please excuse again my many typos. the sad comment about all those poor displaced vermin made me feel so bad that my eyes started to tear.

  9. Why holy prophet loved his and his wife’s maids too..! A true religion of love and sex…

    Pervert Muhhmad’s wife Hafsa——— She was Omar’s daughter. She died about fifty years after Mohammed, so she also must have been young at the time of marriage. One day, Mohammed went to her house ( each of Mohammed’s wives had her own house and maids) while she was away visiting her parents. That day was Hafsa’s turn to sleep with Mohammed. Hafsa was probably waiting for that day for a long time, considering the number of wives and concubines in Mohammed’s collection. Mohammed found nobody in the house except her maid, the beautiful ‘white’ Maria. Rather than waiting for his wife, Mohammed decided to have sex with the maid. Hafsa came back to find her husband in bed with beautiful Maria and went mad. She cried: “on my day and in my bed”.

    To calm her down, Mohammed promised not to have sex with Maria again, but Maria was too beautiful for Mohammed to keep his promise. As usual, the Quran came to the rescue with a verse that blamed Mohammed for accepting to abstain from Maria in order to keep his wives happy (Q. 66:1). In other words, the verse was a divine order to Mohammed to resume sex with his white beautiful maid. The conditioned Muslims’ minds consider the above verse as a proof that the Quran was from Allah, not Mohammed.

    Their logic is how could Mohammed write a verse blaming himself! Those conditioned morons can not grasp the fact that the verse served Mohammed’s sexual philandering interests very well.

    • It just so amazes me. That these muslims cant see the ways of there book? How demonic they are at there core!

      Islam in not a religion already. It is a culture! Not to fit in any government system!
      These people are totaly brain washed. Not one of them can even see. That if they even chose to think different and say it they can be killed.
      If they try to leave there religion. They are target to be killed. In the anywhere in the world. And these people are so dumb. That if a religion that has that much to force. Something must be wrong here.
      If they stay they are scum that belong to Allah and will never be anything but a culture hidding as a religion!

  10. Silverlady: They will make their wives clip them prior to shaving whick will lead all the little crawling buggers joining hers under the headbag and in her armpits. If you have good hearing and listen closely, you cam probably hear the cries of “Alley Snackbar” as the rapes of hr female bugs commence.

  11. Mozman killer zombie jihadists clip their mustache closely as a SECRET HANDSHAKE SIGNAL so other zombies won’t murder them in JIHAD.

    The clipped mustache has a MILITARY PURPOSE in battle.

    Ask the jihadists: ‘What is the MILITARY PURPOSE of your mustache?’

    Observe the STUNNED reaction of being caught lying !!!

    • That’s funny. Alexander the Great used to prohibit men from wearing beards because enemy soldiers would grab them in battle. Remember that they did not fight their enemies from a distance; most war back then was hand to hand combat. Thus having a beard was actually a military disadvantage. From then on, most major militaries in the world up to the present, including the Romans and including our military, men have always had to shave their beards. Now it is more tradition than anything else because in modern warfare you often don’t even see your enemy let alone engage him in hand to hand combat.

      The reason that most militaries march from their left foot also dates from Alexander the Great. Your “military left” came from the fact that Alexander the Great was left handed. A big taboo for Muslims!

      But strange…that Muslims, even in warfare seem to be always behind everyone else. You might be recognizable to your fellow Jihadist, but in hand to hand, your beard, especially a long one, might be a serious disadvantage.

      • Did you know Muhammad was a great admirer of Alexander and Alexander is also found in the Quran. Even most muslim who have never even read their own book dont know this. Google it!

  12. Surely those Muzzies don’t want to disposses all those poor lice & fleas! Where would they go? It’s probably a mortal sin to use deoderant, too. Sheep dip might help, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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