POETIC JUSTICE, INDEED! Everybody hates the Palestinians…especially their fellow Arab brothers!

The Humiliation of Palestinian Refugees – IRAQ

The Humiliation of Palestinian Refugees – JORDAN

The Humiliation of Palestinian Refugees – LEBANON & SYRIA


21 comments on “POETIC JUSTICE, INDEED! Everybody hates the Palestinians…especially their fellow Arab brothers!

  1. Lol, seems everywhere they go Palestinians make enemies of everyone! In Jordan they tried to take over the country, and got crushed by the Jordanians, who killed more Palestinians during ‘Black September’ than Israel has since 1948. In Lebanon, Palestinians plunged the nation into civil war and managed to alienate not only Christians but their fellow muslims as well.

  2. Cousin marriage makes Moslems NARROW-MINDED. They only think of their immediate family, clan and tribe…NOT other Moslems from other countries.

    That’s why DEMOCRACY cannot work where there is cousin marriage. NEPOTISM prevents recruiting qualified people to COMPETENTLY do the work.

    Meanwhile, Lord K is right, we shovel money and they make retarded, genetically ill babies with low IQ to grow up filled with entitlement and RAGE!

    Western politicians need to be educated about the ill effects of cousin marriage.

  3. How long will it be before they get the idea of joining the march and flooding Israel as their “brethren” will insist on their “right of return”?

  4. The Arabs don’t want a Palestinian solution and they’ve said so. If the enemedia would only broadcast the truth about the situation, we would gain a big political advantage over these hypocrites. Are you listening, libtards?

  5. Despite the protestations of Muslims that Islam is egalitarian, classless and that the Ummah is a level playing field we find yet another lie from those for whom lying is a natural as breathing.

    Whilst those of the peninsular are top dog the untermensch are Palestinians and Pakistanis.

    Considered as scum by the Arabs they drift around the world with outstretched hand and a begging bowl wherever they go.

    Whilst we in the west pamper these shameless, grasping parasites with aid and welfare the Arabs know better……


  6. They are worth much more as propaganda. The Islamic world could care less about them. They are just used as propaganda. What tools!

  7. Dear BNI:

    The roots of these “Fakestinians” may very well be Iraqi, Lebanese or Jordanian. The Arabic peoples of Gaza and the West Bank (ie Judea and Samaria) are a composite of various muslims from various nationalities who arrived in the region for economic provided by the Jewish community. However, the Fakestinians treatment of Israeli Jews… and of the Arab Christians, Armenians (of Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter) and Druze is barbaric. Yet the Fakestinians demand “special” status with the world.

    Every other Arab/North African/Middle-East muslim nation knows these people were created (YES “created”) to be a pawn for the destruction of Israel and Jews world wide. They also make great “fodder” as suicide bombers.

    Because of of Israel, Western and the Developed World’s financial aid… the Gaza and West Bank is hardly an “outdoor concentration camp.” There are shopping malls, cinemas, parks, colleges, hospitals and businesses. Fakestinians walk around with full bellies and the latest in techno-gadgets. The do everything they can if they themselves are not Israeli citizens to get permission to live or work in Israel or for pregnant muslim sows to whelp in Israel (ie gotta have that “anchor baby” on Jewish soil).

    However, the media will only show the bad conditions in Fakestinian territories… ignoring that this many times was created by the muslims. I’m being serious- not just “genuine” bad areas (amongst 1st world standards and full bellies provided by generous infidels) as ANY PLACE will have those segments in society….

    mostly because the muslims might breed beyond their welfare payments are will crowd into certain areasor REFUSE to work, etc (ie exasperate their own problems)…

    but they will actually “cause” bad conditions BECAUSE THEY FAKE THEM. I have known Fakestinians and their dhimmi supporters who will create “false” scenes of Fakestinian “oppression” and “poverty” in order to perpetuate the myth of poor muslims in Gaza & West Bank (once again Judea and Samaria). A staged photo op is worth a thousand words and a thousand dollars in stupid infidels who donate money to “pitiful muslims” in big bad meanie “Jewish controlled lands.”

    History repeats itself. As communism was spreading throughout Africa… the Western media kept portraying South Africa, Portuguese Africa (Mocambique, Angola and Portuguese Guinea) and the Rhodesias as cesspools of poverty where blacks were kept in slavery like conditions by Europeans.

    Even as apartheid was being DISMANTLED in South Africa (Rhodesia never had apartheid and Portugeuse Africa had fallen to communism)… the media would go to Soweto and show the poverty and tin shacks blacks lived in.

    They failed to show the living conditions of poor South African whites. Also, media did not show the mansions owned by Soweto’s many capitalist black millionaires or the elegant shops or restaurants or businesses. The media did not show the prosperity of other mostly black regions such as Ciskei or Transkei or cities that were becoming more and more integrated. The media failed to show the 1st world standards of a diverse mutli-ethnic white population as well as the Coloured (mixed racial) and Asian (Indian, Chinese and small Japanese) groups.

    In the 1980s… DO NOT show the fashionable modern educated South African black woman from Soweto who was succeeding in a Western capitalist South Africa that was dealing with its own social problems and dismantling the apartheid system….

    NO! Instead urge boycotts and disinvestments (as segregation was already on its way out… and the leftists actually did their anti-campaigns to SLOW DOWN or STOP progress so the communisits could take over).

    Then photograph only poor blacks (sometime poor because they were ANC or bullied by the ANC to NOT participate in society or cooperate with whites or Asians… ie “don’t work.” then hence… your poverty). And if your a reporter forget that even if poor… the black person is getting free aid from white AND ASIAN AND COLOURED taxpayers.

    Then as a reporter ENCOURAGE or instigate violence… such as the gruesome “necklace murders” courtesy of the ANC. The terrorist organization that was the “true voice” of South Africa according to the media.

    AND NOW…

    In the 2010s…. DO NOT show the fashionable (albeit underneath her burkha modern educated muslim woman Gaza or West Bank who was succeeding in a Western capitalist Israel that was dealing with its own social problems of HAVING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MURDEROUS MUSLIMS LIVING AMONST THEM….

    NO! Instead urge boycotts and disinvestments of Israel (to hide the fact that Israel is the only democracy and 1st world nation in the middle-east where Arab muslims are better off their than anywhere in the region). Send in FLOTILLAS filled with weapons to murder Jewish children…. with the hope of a muslim take over that would “drive the Jews into the sea.”

    Then photograph only poor muslims (sometimes poor because they were PLO or Hamas or bullied by those groups into NOT participating in Israeli society such as don’t take available jobs because you would be working for or with Jews. Hence, that is why you are poor). Also, if your a reporter forget all the welfare, shelter and free meals these muslims are getting from Jewish Israeli taxpayers. Though significantly much smaller tax base- I’m sure the Armenian, Arab Christian and Druze aren’t thrilled with supporting the muslims either.

    Then as a reporter ENCOURAGE or instigate violence… the PLO, Hizballah or Hamas would gladly attack, beat up and/or drag through the streets anyone to be a sacrificial goat…. for the “crime” of collaborating with Israelis. Though more than likely the unlucky bastard was chosen as a target due to some petty squable with other muslims. Oh, and the claim that Arabs only want these terrorist organizations to be their voice. WHILE IGNORING MUSLIM HIPPOCRITES who
    admit in survey after survey, and poll after poll… they prefer living in and or near Israel for its Western, prosperous and 1st world standards.

    History repeats. Once again the gullible guilt trippy PC Western audiences buys into this crap. Instead of communism of the 80s its islamic supremacism and sharia and muslim terror.

    Feel sorry for Fakestinians? They are people who revel in hate and misery… and sometimes when you worship that above the welfare of your own children and rthe humanity of others (ie Israelis & Westerners & non-muslims)… you create your own cesspool. For that they are solely responsible…NO ONE ELSE.

  8. I hear the smallest violin in the world singing “My Heart Pumps Purple Urine for You”. Everywhere they go they bite the hand that feeds them.

  9. This should give everyone some idea of how filthy the Arab muslims are. They deliberately left these people destitute and miserable so they would hate and fight the Jews. Arabs wouldn’t repatriate their own people. Every problem the so called palestinians have was caused by the other Arabs who ignored their starvation and then blamed the Jooooos. Everything in the area of so called palestine that is above starvation and every bite of food and all good things for life has come from Israel. And still these dirty muslims teach their children to hate Jews. Typical muslim action.

    • And their conditions in video 1 are actually PARADISE compared to what the now “South Sudanese” suffered under the depredations of the Janjawid and their islamist Sudanese government.

      Remember Darfur, yet another mohammedan genocide.

      IFTikhar Ahmed? Cat got your tongue. CAIR, nothing to say?

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