Supremacist Muslims think they are above the law in Buddhist Burma (Myanmar)

Wherever Muslims go, trouble follows, and even peaceful Buddhists get fed up. (See links at bottom). Near riots break out over an illegal mosque in Rangoon when Buddhists begin to dismantle it.


HLAOO In Rangoon’s impoverished-township of Tharketa Buddhist Burmese women nearly came to blows with a Muslim Bengali woman whose house has been illegally transformed into a Arabic-language-Madrassa/Mosque.

The Muslims think they can do whatever they want as they brag about having a lot of foreign money (from Saudi Arabia and the OIC), insulting the local Burmese. Near riots began as about 1,000 Burmese Buddhists proceeded to dismantle the illegal mosque which was stopped by 30 riot police.


For some years an Arabic Madrassa for Muslim youths was illegally operating there without necessary permits. The Muslims were denied permits to build a mosque there, so they erected a blocking wall around the property and started to build a 3-story high mosque without permission.

The RCDC and the municipal government have since taken action against the said mosque. They instructed the house owner a Muslim-Bengali named Than Tin to stop the construction by February 14 and to begin the dismantling process by February 17. Apparently they didn’t, so the local townspeople took matters into their own hands and started tearing it down.

Buddhist demonstrators pray at the Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar during a protest against Rohingya Muslims, many of whom are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

Buddhist demonstrators pray at the Shwedagon pagoda in Myanmar during a protest against Rohingya Muslims, many of whom are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

Of course, the Western media are only too happy to publish fake photos sent out by Muslims accusing Buddhists of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

HLAOO  In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Burma’s Reformist President Thein Sein denied accusations of genocide from Muslim countries, saying that images posted online showing piles of bodies were “fabrications” and from “incidents that happened in other countries, not here.”


Here are some of the fake photos exposed. Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui the famous Pakistani blogger got sick of all the lies about Buddhist mass killings of Muslims in Burma and blew the whistle on his fellow Muslims. The fake photo below was released all over the world by various groups of  Muslims (including Saudi Arabia).

The photo below is captioned “A Muslim was burned in Burma and journalists are taking pictures instead of saving him.


But as you can see by this photo, it was actually a photo of a Tibetan activist setting fire himself to protest Chinese President Hu Jin Tao’s visit to India.


Here is another fake photo of alleged mass slaughter of Muslims in Burma. The photo shows hundreds of corpses piled up as the alleged killer Buddhist monks look on.


This is the original photo and the accompanying story that tell a completely different story behind that gruesome photo.


Of course, none of this is a surprise to BNI readers. We see this type of fraud all the time from the Palestinians and other Muslim groups.












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  1. Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,}you are a people transgressing beyond bounds in excess of limit

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  2. Hooray for the Buddhists. If only other infidel groups would do the same. Muslims are liars and deceives of the highest order. They are better than the communists at propaganda.

  3. One day, all of the infidels of the world will join together and finally end the muslim cult of islam for good. There are over 1 billion muslims vs over 6 billion infidels in the world. I enjoy seeing evidence of buddists, hindus, and so on turning against the muslims and giving them what they most want, namely a one trip to hell.

  4. So sick of the bully mentality hypocrisy:

    mohammadans beat, burn, rape, murder to ethnically cleanse non-mohammadans or establish separate mohamadans states within non-mohammadan countries and it’s called “defensive.”

    Non-mohammadans fight back, or in extreme cases take violent PRE-cautionary steps and it’s called “racist violent attacks!”

    mohammadans instigation violence= defense

    non-mohammadans defending against mohammdan violence= aggressive offense

    This insane inversion of word definitions is expected typical bullshit from mohammadans. When it comes from Western MSM and politicians it is criminal.

  5. Fake photos and fake stories released around the world by Muslims that portray non-Muslim INNOCENTS as being guilty of terrible atrocities and barbaric murders as was done to the GOOD, decent Buddhists and which is done regularly and repeatedly to Israel’s GOOD, decent Jews is a dreadful crime against humanity and a HUGE sin against God who declared in the Ten Commandments:


    Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION. Bearing false witness is a terrible crime DESTROYING the good name and reputation of innocents and placing their lives in great danger. Words lead to genocide.

    Muslim false and EVIL stories about Israel’s Jews have led directly to many Jews in Europe being beaten and savagely attacked by Muslims. (Although Muslims don’t need any excuse to violently attack non-Muslims as the Quran and mosques command Muslims to wage jihad against hated infidels.)

    The terrible UNTRUE stories that lying, deceitful Muslims have circulated around the world about Israel’s Jews have created tremendous hate for INNOCENT Jews and Israel. The Muslims will answer to the Just Judge, our HOLY God, for their great wickedness on Judgment Day.

    Bible, Psalm 10:5 Your judgments are on high, out of his sight.

  6. Psychological projection! Moslems LOVE genocide. But Buddhism teaches compassion.

    Mohammed taught genocide is ‘good’ … for Allah. Mohammed exterminated, enslaved and exiled the Jews of Arabia. Moslems know this is ‘good’ because a pedophile pirate did it. Pedophiles and pirates never lie.

    Moslems murdered TENS OF THOUSANDS of BUDDHISTS and HINDUS in India and Afghanistan per day and piled the heads into small mountains! The rivers were streams of blood.

    80 million victims of Islam were slaughtered in India alone.

    Mohammed taught his followers to use MELODRAMA to make themselves into fake victims and then take REVENGE on their perceived enemies…then confiscate their property, goods and enslave their families. LUCRATIVE!

    MELODRAMA is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    • Kind of reminded me of how the traitorous dhimmi Indian Home Minister suggested there were Hindu terrorists from the Hindu Nationalist right. Anyone who suggests such a thing tell me did Hindus blow up the twin towers? Were Hindus responsible for 20000 terrorist attacks since 9/11?

      • Hm.

        The pictures tell that the Mohammedans are lying.

        If I remember my world geography right, Burma is a land of mostly tropical jungles and verdant mountainous areas. That land shown in the picture is sere and rather desolate, more in keeping with areas of Western China.

  7. Dear BNI:

    Just like in Israel, Gaza & West Bank (Judea and Samaria)… the muslims in Burma have their “Fake-A-Photo” factory working around the clock. The muslims are so incredibly repulsive.

    Dozens of Buddhist monks come out to help in the tragedy that was the earthquake that hit China awhile back… and muslims use that image of humanity helping in a time of crisis (what to do with those killed during this natural disaster)… to advance their “cause” by gaining sympathy.

    So, homicidal muslims bowing to mekka-wekka to pray that allah-a-la-hamhocks destroy infidels (like Buddhists) is wonderful in the camel rapist islamist mind. Yet images of Buddhists in their meditative prayer stance… with signs against muslim terror…. must really freak the muslims out.

    What if Agnostics, Atheists, Christians, Hindus, Sihks… and every other non-muslim would follow the example of these Buddhists? Imagine it (SIGH)… a world with no islam.

    What a happy and wonderful thought.

    A world with no islam.

    Pass it on.

    • Absolutely Arjay! “Buddhist terrorist”?! ONLY a bunch of maniacal Asslifters would say something so asinine like “Buddhist terrorists” and expect any sane logical non-muslim to buy that crap!!

    • if they are helping the earthquake victims then why all of them are naked? how come earthquake took their cothes

      • Oh you dumb, dumb bunny. The same question could be asked of you. “If they were slaughtering you awful mohammadans why they make all of them naked to kill them?”

        God I hate you ignorant, arrogant, lying sack of shit mohammadan supremacists.

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