Supremacist Muslims think they are above the law in Buddhist Burma (Myanmar)

Wherever Muslims go, trouble follows, and even peaceful Buddhists get fed up. (See links at bottom). Near riots break out over an illegal mosque in Rangoon when Buddhists begin to dismantle it.


HLAOO In Rangoon’s impoverished-township of Tharketa Buddhist Burmese women nearly came to blows with a Muslim Bengali woman whose house has been illegally transformed into a Arabic-language-Madrassa/Mosque.

The Muslims think they can do whatever they want as they brag about having a lot of foreign money (from Saudi Arabia and the OIC), insulting the local Burmese. Near riots began as about 1,000 Burmese Buddhists proceeded to dismantle the illegal mosque which was stopped by 30 riot police.


For some years an Arabic Madrassa for Muslim youths was illegally operating there without necessary permits. The Muslims were denied permits to build a mosque there, so they erected a blocking wall around the property and started to build a 3-story high mosque without permission.

The RCDC and the municipal government have since taken action against the said mosque. They instructed the house owner a Muslim-Bengali named Than Tin to stop the construction by February 14 and to begin the dismantling process by February 17. Apparently they didn’t, so the local townspeople took matters into their own hands and started tearing it down.

Buddhist demonstrators pray at the Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar during a protest against Rohingya Muslims, many of whom are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.
Buddhist demonstrators pray at the Shwedagon pagoda in Myanmar during a protest against Rohingya Muslims, many of whom are illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.

Of course, the Western media are only too happy to publish fake photos sent out by Muslims accusing Buddhists of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

HLAOO  In an interview with Voice of America (VOA), Burma’s Reformist President Thein Sein denied accusations of genocide from Muslim countries, saying that images posted online showing piles of bodies were “fabrications” and from “incidents that happened in other countries, not here.”


Here are some of the fake photos exposed. Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui the famous Pakistani blogger got sick of all the lies about Buddhist mass killings of Muslims in Burma and blew the whistle on his fellow Muslims. The fake photo below was released all over the world by various groups of  Muslims (including Saudi Arabia).

The photo below is captioned “A Muslim was burned in Burma and journalists are taking pictures instead of saving him.


But as you can see by this photo, it was actually a photo of a Tibetan activist setting fire himself to protest Chinese President Hu Jin Tao’s visit to India.


Here is another fake photo of alleged mass slaughter of Muslims in Burma. The photo shows hundreds of corpses piled up as the alleged killer Buddhist monks look on.


This is the original photo and the accompanying story that tell a completely different story behind that gruesome photo.


Of course, none of this is a surprise to BNI readers. We see this type of fraud all the time from the Palestinians and other Muslim groups.