The Doctor is in…but the Mooselums are out…killing Coptic Christians again

Our favorite ‘Doctor of Common Sense,’ EC Williams, discusses the Religion of Peace’s hatred for Christians. And Obama’s abject indifference to it.


12 comments on “The Doctor is in…but the Mooselums are out…killing Coptic Christians again

  1. The Copts in Egypt are going through another wave of martyrdom, which was initiated by the criminal-in-Chief in the WH.
    I am really fed up. Is America (USA) a democratic country??? If so, what is Congress doing about the liar-in-Chief?? Their silence is a partnership in the crimes committed, indirectly or directly, by this fanatic Muslim in the WH. As for the perfidious main stream media, this is another strange area. In the name of God what is happening to this ONCE a great country? Most Americans are ignorant or do not care about what is happening to their country.
    I’ve always bought AMERICAN cars regardless of the qualitY comparing to some foreign cars. NO MORE!! I lost faith in the American superiority.

    What makes the present genocide in Egypt against the Copts different is the huge support of America for the Muslim brotherhood, the most vicious org in the world’s history.

  2. obama and his whole administration, along with anyone that likes and backs him are like a maggot in the meat. They would all be hung for treason in a perfect world. This is a nightmare world were everything is backwards, up is down, right is wrong.

  3. he is not my president. I have adopted this from a friend and refer to him as BEEZELBUB obama lord of the FLIES Hawaiian Irish BLATHERSKITE HIGHBINDER LIAR from Kenya kin to the first slaves still SUCKS Japanese CANAL water

  4. Dear BNI

    Looks like some great news!

    A boycott halal campaign is going full swing in Sri Lanka where 10% of the population have tried to force halal on the remaining 90% (Buddhists, Christians and Hindus).

    Check out these pages!

    The whole free world must hear about this!

  5. Obama is not ignorant about muslim violence. Obama is muslim, and is playing the game to empower the islam in the world. Any doubt about???????????

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