HYDERABAD: Once again, Islamic terrorism hits India, at least 15 dead


It proved to a lull before a terrifying storm. Seventeen months after the last deadly bomb blast at the Delhi high court, two powerful bombs fastened to parked bicycles ripped through Hyderabad’s bustling Dilsukhnagar area on Thursday, killing at least 15 persons and injuring 84 others. While no one has claimed responsibility so far, intelligence officers insist that the deadly operation bears the stamp of Lashkar proxy, Indian Muslim Mujahideen.


Times of India  (h/t Sushyanth) Thursday’s bombs triggered back-to-back explosions near popular movie theatres, blowing bodies into the air, flattening shops and houses and triggering panic among scores of injured people who were seen scurrying for cover in all directions with blood oozing out of their heads and legs.


The first bomb went off with a deafending blast near the Dilsukhnagar bus stop at 7.05pm, close to Venkatadri theatre and a minute later, another high intensity blast, near a snack shop close by, flung bodies into the air and left a crater on the tarmac, police and witnesses said. TV channels reported that an unexploded bomb was recovered from the area but there was no confirmation from the cops.

Six months ago, there were low-intensity blasts in Pune which fortunately claimed no casualty. Since the last blast in which people died was in September 2011 in Delhi, a perception of ebbing terror threat had grown which Thursday’s Hyderabad bomb attacks have blown to smithereens. With finders being pointed at IM, it seems that terror operatives have regrouped now with deadly intent.


Immediately after the blasts at Dilsukhnagar on Thursday, terrified people ran from the blood-splattered area as glass shards and debris flew. They poured out into the narrow streets causing a stampede as people, including women carrying small children in the arms, ran for safety. Locals rushed to the aid of the injured, writhing and wailing with pain on the streets and sidewalks.

“For a second, I got blinded as there was smoke and darkness all around. Later, I heard women and children wailing around me,” said Sudhakar Shetty, who survived the terror blasts with severe burns. “I was cooking in the kitchen of Mirchi Point (an eatery), and wanted to run out along with others but soon realized that I could not move as both my arms and legs were burnt,” he said.


At least 25 people were initially rushed to the Osmania general hospital and 15 to the Yashoda hospital in Malakpet, police said. More were taken to two other hospitals. Two days of strike by nurses and group IV staff caught doctors at the emergency ward off guard and some patients even offered to help. But with the CT scan machine not functioning at the hospital, most of the injured could not be scanned for internal hemorrhage. The 108 ambulance service alone shifted 42 injured to various hospitals, an official said.

“I have counted at least nine bodies and many more are injured and crying for help,” said a senior doctor at Osmania. Similar scenes were seen at Yashoda and Omni hospitals, where scores of injured were taken for treatment. Immediately after the blasts, phone lines got jammed and people left offices in a hurry, causing huge traffic jams all around. Many shops and business establishments downed their shutters.


Authorities were on high alert since Afzal Guru’s hanging on February 9. Apart from Jammu & Kashmir, there were protests against the hanging in Hyderabad. The execution also triggered revenge threats from Pakistan-based militants and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) vowed renewed attacks on Indian cities. Members of the groups at a private gathering organised by the United Jihad Council in Pakistan, while paying tribute to Guru, had also vowed to step up their ‘jihad’ in Jammu & Kashmir.

It was the third time that Dilsukhnagar has been targeted by terrorists. In 2002, a bomb went off in a scooter parked near Sai Baba temple in the area, killing two people, while another bomb was defused near a foot overbridge in 2007, extremely close to the spot where Thursday’s bombs were placed.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dispatched a National Security Guard team to the Hyderabad on a BSF aircraft to probe into the blast and immediately sanctioned Rs 2 lakh each to next of kin of those killed and Rs 50,000 each to those seriously injured. A National Investigation Agency, stationed in Hyderabad also joined the probe.

Hyderabad is not new to terror attacks as three previous blasts killed scores of people. The first in May 18 2007, killed 14 people, including five in police firing at Mecca Masjid and in the second attack, which were twin blasts in Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat on August 25 2007, 42 people had died.




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  1. In the Southern United States, for a long time, drinking fountains were segregated.
    Serious historical parallel here. And the common denominator is truly hatred.
    Islam is profane.

  2. This Muslim problem will not go away until the Hindus get rid of Indian Congress Party who are dhimmis non-pareil, constantly appeasing the Muslims. Well Churchill had something to say about appeasement. “Feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat you last.”

  3. Its just another days work for these mutts, its what they do, its what they have always done, and they will always do unto the times comes for the culling of theirs. Sure they suceeded in killing 5, 10, hell even a hundred, why not return the favor, since they indinscriminately kill in number totally unaccepteble for the civilized societies, why not just grab, twice the numbers from their barracks, eeeer, I mean mosques, indiscrimintely, return the favor and shoot them on the spot, do you think this might be a clue for/ of intolerenace to their intolerance? maybe, Its a good idea, for sure. But, until there is a serious price to pay for their lack of being civilized both the Holy Book of Christians, and their war manual, eeeeer I mean their holy book the cor’an appears to have similiar understandings of “an eye for an eye” in its teachings, what the hell makes them think they are imune to the horrors we are forced to witness daily by them and then to think we won’t do the same. Yeah I know there’s that hate begots hate thing again, but please show me where in both books of said religions, we are suppose to accept this kind of attitude without reprisals from the deeds of the damned, where I ask?. They dare call themselves civilized, and a religion of peace. Horseshit. Give them the same hell they force upon us, that just might get everyone else off their asses and do something to finish their intentions.
    Semper Fi

  4. Mohammed did OK for his time. It is a new time and the rabid dogs will no longer be tolerated. It is now a time for civilized humans to step up and lead the faith. Your excesses have given me a bad name and I will no longer tolerate it. The voice of Allah.

  5. Predators only respect superior force backed up by indomitable will to resist. The suggested counter attack is necessary and will remain so until the government of India wises up and begins an expulsion & extermination campaign against Muslims.

    Do unto others before they do you. Their home is in Hell. Punch their tickets.

    In the wake of the recent shooting episode, we need to redouble our efforts to remove the enemy fifth column from America. 1,284 emails demanding that Islam be outlawed have been sent to Congress by this petition. It will send itself to your Representative & Senators. Its fast, easy and free. You only neeed to know your address and zip code.

    Please sign the petition, send those emails, share the petition link as widely as possible and place the petition widget on your web site. If not us, who? If not now, when?


  6. B,

    Just a suggestion, hhope you kindly take it in right spirit. I just noticed in your fronticepiece logo the signature motto:

    “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really Are trying to kill you”

    I have a better edited version for you as hereunder:

    “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really kill you”

    I think the “Are trying to…” is outdated and perhaps an insult to Islam…. Hence please generous to define them…

  7. To be honest, I have no words to say on this dastardly cult…. you call Islam…. I often wonder, is there a word “Love” in Islam. They don’t like even the Muslims. Forget the non Muslims.

  8. Lets hope the hndoos of India retaliate by planting bombs outside mosque entrance and blowing it up on fridays during the noon prayers. Muslim should not be worried because according to muhammad those who die as such will be shaheed and in jannat with those 72 virgin goats

  9. they are doing around the world, exactly waht mohamed did 14 centuries ago. To submit the no islamic people, the kill, they rape, the intimidate……it’s necesary fight back strongly against those parasite.

  10. Here’s the best part , if any hindu gets fed up of the constant attacks by islamonazis
    and lack of progress in arresting and bringing them to justice and retaliates , they are called hindu terrorists….but islamo terrorists are just “LeT terrorists” or Indian mujahedeen, etc …never islamic terrorists.

    …..its like a christian / jew gets fed up and retaliate and they are termed as christian/zionist terrorists…sounds familiar ?

  11. As the wonderful moderate muslim who attended our company “holiday party” last year explained to me when i mentioned how horrified I was that muslims in India came out of a mosque where they had been praying and beat a Hindu man to death for the crime of drinking from their water fountain on a hot day his wife chimed in in defense of the muslims and said “but Hindu’s are filth” That should have explained it, what on earth were we on about! Of course you kill Hindu’s they are filth!

    Islam is satan’s religion and the world is in serious trouble because the satan is loose!

  12. Dear BNI:

    When in college I had been with an American Indian student club. Because of the term “Indian” in the club title and description… there were many times when someone of Asian-Indian ancestry would show up at the student club offices and cubicles… looking for fellow “Indians.”

    The humor in these unintentional cross-cultural misunderstandings was priceless. Many times the college secretary would tell me “another other Indian” was waiting for me in the back room. The staff always thought it best that the American Indians told the Asian-Indian students that had stopped by the “wrong” group.

    I remember one time there were two Asian-Indians waiting for me. The guy was very tall and the young woman with him extraordinarily beautiful. After the initial surprise… they both gave me the most sincere and friendly smiles. I remember they were both Hindus. The Asian-Indians were absoultely FASCINATED with me and my fellow American Indians. I guess it was a realization that “we really existed” that fascinated them, never sure what caused this interest.

    The Asian-Indians learned about Shawnee, Cherokee, Mohawk, Miami, Seminole and Pawnee among others. The American Indians learned about the Sihk, Buddhist, Hindu and Jainist among others. Also, the Asian-Indian diaspora… from India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Trinidad & Tobago, England, UK (via Uganda explusions), etc- showed us a hard working people ready to take on any challenge or environment.

    I even met Pakistani-American siblings… devout Christians whose father was born a muslims (later converting to Christianity after meeting their white American mother).

    Over all it was a very pleasant experience. Except… GUESS WHEN? The Asian-Indians who were muslim were almost ALWAYS offended and outright disgusted when the realized the Indian club they had inquired about were AMERICAN Indians. One encounter had an Indian muslims showing his distaste after meeting 3 American Indian women- a Miami, Samish & Cherokee via this “misunderstanding” of student club names.

    I can gaurantee that to this day… wherever that moHAMmed piece of shit is in the world (if he is unfortunately still alive) he has never forgotten having his teeny balls handed to him by those 3 American Indian women he so flippantly insulted.

    The Indian muslims not only had the vile Muslim Student club… AND the Pakistani Student club (even if they were citizens of India)… but the muslims did their best to control the Indian Student club as well. Thankfully, the Hindu, Sihk, Christian, etc… Indians never let the muslims take over. Once they couldn’t take over… the muslims from India would stick with the Muslim or Pakistan clubs. They wouldn’t even support their own nation’s student club. Can we say backstabbing traitors to India boys and girls?

    The Indian students I met (along with non-muslim Indian faculty & staff) while at college; complimented the Asian-Indians who I had already known. I consider them to be a kind, generous and friendly people.

    This is way I am always heartbroken whenever I read of terrorist attacks against India or read how non-muslim Indians in the India diaspora are treated by muslims. India- one of the most sophisticated ancient civilizations with accomplishments in science, medicine, architecture, art and music. Today, this former British colony, former World War Two Ally, current British Commonwealth member and the world’s largest democracy… is under siege as it has been for centuries by the evil twisted cult of moHAMmed.

    The Indian military, government and law enforcement need to come down hard on the islamists who harmed the people of Hyderabad. The Indian government executed the Mumbai terrorist recently… and thats what they need to do with any muslims they arrest in regard to this current tragedy.

      • Not only that Arjay, but you MUST be aware that the islamists are trying to STEAL your heritage, claiming that mohammedans were in America, who knows, 1200 years ago, so that you are moslem. They have infiltrated text books (paid for by Saudi Arabia, who else?) into the US with that Orwellian re-write of history.

        I wonder what Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad says about that ‘history’?

  13. One day, I hope that every non muslim infidel will join forces in a total war against islam. They have over 1 billion muslims. The infidels number over 6 billion. Imagine the world house cleaning that will take place when the 6 billion infidels have had enough of the terrorist atrocities of the muslims of islam. 20,000+ cowardly attacks in 12 years, since 2001. How many suicide bombings if we go back 24 years? I hope that the world is slowly waking up to the fact that we have one common enemy in common.

    • The view of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the West has been shaped to some extent by his portrayal in Sir Richard Attenborough’s 1982 film, Gandhi. It portrays Jinnah as a scowling, villainous figure, who seems to act out of jealousy of Ghandi.

      Whatever, that islamist bastard is responsible for the displacement of over TEN MILLION people from both sides, and the deaths of up to ONE MILLION. He probably cost both countries $500 billion total in losses, at today’s values, and led to two new nuclear states, where a united India probably would have not followed that path.

      If India and Pakistan ever do go to nuclear war, the responsibility will be traceable DIRECTLY back to that one man. As he was a lawyer, and apparently a good one, he knew to look beyond the simple symbology of mohammedan’s having their own majority state, and the next day. But HE could not bear to live in a country where moslems were a minority. So he was no statesman, but instead, he was the embodiment of the mohammedan inferiority complex!

      There now exists a monstrous great tomb to that petty killer, which is a double insult. For a dirt poor country to spend millions on that monument, instead of flood mitigation measures for the peasants is one; the other is the idolatry (shirk) in the veneration of anyone besides ‘allah’.

      He must be a bloody HERO to CAIR, George Galloway, obuMBoy and IFTikhar Ahmed.

  14. Qur’an:4:74 “Let those who fight in Allah’s Cause sell this world’s life for the hereafter. To him who fights in Allah’s Cause, whether he is slain or victorious, We shall give him a reward.”

    This is why the terrorism won’t stop as long as one person believes in this aburdity DEATH CULT.

    • “I swear by that who holds in His Hands the Soul of Muhammad! I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and KILL, assault and KILL, assault and KILL (told by Bukhari and Muslim).”

      Brought to you by islamist CAIR, and The ‘Religion’ of Peace ™

      • Gerald,
        Congress is this doll Sonia, which is the most corrupt and wicked lady expert in all vices, she has domesticated these dhimmis in Delhi at the wild strength of money and muscle. If you were to voice against her in India, you will face her goondas, CBI, police, Income tax dept and all the necessary things to silence you. A very sad affair…???

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