SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? Muslim man kills 4 including himself in Los Angeles wild shooting spree

Did you hear the shooter is a Muslim, named Ali Syed? Most TV news reports don’t even mention his name, let alone his religion or ethnicity. Police are looking for a motive. They should be looking in the quran, the book of jihad which tells Muslims to kill unbelievers.


MSN  It was just after 5 a.m. Tuesday and Edwards, 69, was on his way to work when, police say, a fleeing murder suspect forced him out of his BMW at gunpoint, marched him across the street and shot him three times from behind as horrified commuters watched.

The shooting was the second of three murders in a trail of carnage early Tuesday that spanned 25 miles — but lasted just an hour. The shooter, 20-year-old Ali Syed, killed a woman in the home he shared with his parents, killed two drivers during carjackings, injured two others and shot up cars on a busy freeway interchange before committing suicide as police closed in, authorities said.



Syed, an unemployed part-time community college student, had no known motive and acted alone, said Tustin police Chief Scott Jordan. The first victim, a woman in her 20s, has not been identified and was not related to Syed, he said.

The violence began at 4:45 a.m., when deputies responded to a call from Ladera Ranch, a sleepy inland town about 55 miles southeast of Los Angeles. They found the woman shot multiple times. Syed’s parents were in the house at the time, fled the residence when shots were fired, and reported it, Jordan said.

A man who was waiting in a shopping center parking lot to carpool with his son saw Syed had a gun and tried to escape in his Cadillac, Jordan said. Syed ran after the car as it drove away and fired his shotgun through the back window, striking the driver in head but not killing him.


The driver “noticed that he was loading his shotgun, so he simply gets back in his car and tries to escape,” Jordan said. “He’s driving through the parking lot trying to get away and the suspect is actually chasing him on foot, taking shots at him.”

Syed then crossed the street to a Mobil gas station, where he approached the driver of a pickup who was filling his tank and asked for his keys, Jordan said. “He says something to the effect of, ‘I’ve killed somebody. Give me your keys,'” the police chief said. “He hands over the keys and he gets in the truck and leaves.”

Syed got back on the freeway, where he pulled to the side of the road at the busy I-5 and State Route 55 interchange and began firing at commuters, Jordan said. One driver was struck in the mouth and hand. He didn’t have a cellphone, but was able to drive home and call police. Two other cars were hit but their drivers weren’t injured, Jordan said.


“All of this is happening so quickly,” he said, estimating that Syed shot at drivers from the side of the freeway transition for about a minute. The shooter then exited the freeway in nearby Santa Ana but ran the curb and got his car stuck, authorities said.

He approached Edwards, of Laguna Hills, who was on his way to his Santa Ana business. Syed shot Edwards three times, including in the back of the head and the back, Jordan said. Onlookers “tried to get away. They saw what was going on, they tried to get away and they called police,” he said.


Syed took Edwards’ BMW and next popped up at the Micro Center, a Tustin business, where he shot and killed construction worker Jeremy Lewis, 26, of Fullerton. Lewis’ co-worker rushed to intervene and was shot in the arm, Jordan said.

Syed took the second construction worker’s utility truck and fled to Orange, this time with California Highway Patrol officers in pursuit. He jumped from the moving utility truck at an intersection in Orange, about five miles away, and shot himself in the head, Jordan said.




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  1. lool u stupid uneducated people make me laugh!! the quran is not the book of jihad no where in the quran does it state to kill a non believer quran teaches you about peace! we are taught to respect other religions theres a few that go down the wrong way and twist the words of the quran but you cant blame all muslims for it! just a reminder it was christians who plotted the birmingham pub bombings not muslims so why are they not called terrorists! (oh probably because there white)!

    • Guess again:


      “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.” “So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

  2. If this had happened, here in Arizona, this animal would have beem stoped. Many people carry guns in their cars and trucks. I keep a 357 under the seat of my truck and know how to use. I bet the word ISLAM or RADICAL was never used in any of the news stories. For some unknown reason Islam get a pass in the news media. I’ll bet it this had been a White Christian, it would have let the story.

    • RP, the media always try to hide the identity of muslims. Fortunately, it is easy to tell muslims by their names, but there are many we miss who are converts and have not changed their names. Sometimes there are identifying details, such as the suspect is a native of (i.e., Muslim country). But I’m sure we miss countless crimes perpetrated by muslims because the media leave out the important details (often the name).

  3. Islamic imams have been encouraging American muslims to commit jihad on their American neighbors. I just read how one imam was speaking at a highschool on the east coast and advised high school students to perpetrate jihad in America. Can you imagine? Our nation is getting over sandy hook and some guy tells highschool students to commit jihad!! It’s coming America and the government wants americans to give up their guns at this time?!

    • hanna, we have been reporting on acts of jihad by muslims all around the country. You never hear about it because the media tries to hide their religious affiliation when they report the crimes. Sometimes we can tell by the name, but when they are converts to Islam, we rarely find out.

  4. One thing we can learn from this is if you see a guy loading a shotgun in a parking lot, don’t try to drive off – run him down – use your car as a weapon. Another thing comes as a reminder; we have laws that are supposed to bar the mentally unstable from buying guns. Well, if you are born into a Muslim family and weaned on Islam’s hate and madness you have to grow up mentally unstable, so Muslims must be barred from owning guns in America. Better yet, of course, would be to bar Muslims entirely from the free world and deport those who are already here.

  5. LA Times update:

    “Aoki later developed a tougher exterior, with a heavy metal edge. Tattoos began covering her body, including one of a black widow on her chest with the number 13 for Friday the 13th that she got with a friend last year. Her Facebook page included a take-life-as-it-comes quote: “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

    video report states Ali hired Courtney to strip for him.

  6. ooops . . .should have stated ‘mom’ instead of ‘dad’ in first paragraph above comment.

    Also forgot to include the following quote from page 3 of that blog post:

    “Aoki was dressed when she was found deceased, Amormino said, knocking down another rumor that she was nude. There was no evidence found of a sexual assault, but more tests are being done, according to the spokesman, who also denied reports Syed had a child.”

  7. All of the online reports specifically state the shooter, Ali Syed, had no history of mental illness, and no drugs were found at the shooter’s family residence. But there is a report about his dad:

    ” Orange County property records show the home at 5 Red Leaf Lane in Ladera Ranch is owned by Irfan and Sarwat Syed.

    A Sarwat Syed, 42, of Ladera Ranch, was arrested in August 2011 for a hit-and-run crash on the 405 freeway near Laguna Canyon Road the previous June that injured then-4-year-old Ava O’Connor, who was being driven back from Pretend City by a friend’s mother. Ava went on to undergo a nine-hour operation to repair her jaw, upper palate, eye sockets and nose, and later recovered at home with a feeding tube, a tracheostomy and 10 plates in her head.

    Syed was arrested after the CHP linked a partial license-plate number with an insurance claim she filed the day after the hit-and-run for damage to her GMC Yukon Denali.


    Neighbors say a woman in her 40s with three children resided in the Ladera Ranch home, where gunshots were heard in the moments around 2 a.m. followed by another ruckus a couple of hours later.

    An adult male was seen picking up the children later in the morning.


    “The 12-gauge shotgun, purchased by his father about a year ago, did belong to the 20-year-old, who was legally entitled to possess it, said Amormino, adding nothing has been discovered to explain Syed’s violent behavior.

    link to OCWeekly blog

  8. Having no respect for life runs in this guy’s family. The murderer’s mother, Sarwat Syed, has an upcoming trial for hit-and-run in which a 4-year old girl was seriously injured.

  9. Dear BNI:

    Ali Syed? With a name like that he was obviously a hearing impaired transgendered lesbian Czech speaking Hispanic Swede from Prince Edwards Island who was a member of an Amazonian rainforest tribe and a naturalized citizen of Bolivia… who was of course being mind-controlled by Israelis funded by the British, Togo & Japanese royal families. All a plot to make infidels think that poor innocent muslims would actually hurt non-muslims.

    Or maybe he was a New Zealand sheep rancher, a member of the Monaco royal family, a teen-age Zulu schoolgirl from South Africa or a middle-aged Italian-American mother of 3 from Cleveland?

    OF COURSE HE IS PROBABLY A MUSLIM… the media continues to disgust me in the way they continue to protect and cover up the rising cesspool of islamic supremacits around the world. The reason I stated the above was many news outlets are not only not mentioning the murderers muslim status, but is stating its “unknown” (his background).

    Sadly, lets be realistic. Since you have a muslim (the Ft. Hood doctor) who was inspired by islamist terrorists; who passed out korHAMs; who shouted “allah akbar” as he mowed down innocents at a military base… and who to this day thinks sharia law upercedes US military and American law (ie refusal to shave his beard)…


    I believe that almost ANY terror act by muslims will be white-washed as much as possible to deny that it is indeed terrorism. This is the reality of America’s media today… supported by the CAIR network of lies.

    In another article I saw abou this incident, the law enforcement spokesperson was quoted as saying he had no clue what the motive could be… AND went as far as to say maybe the shooter and his victims KNEW EACH OTHER. WWHHHAATTT?

    It was ridiculous that the spokeperson went as so far to say that shooting could be random… or maybe the shooter and victims knew each other? WTF?!??? How could he chance movements of the shooter get him to the appropriate locations to then select those individuals on the busy highway. The spokesperson KNOWS DAMN WELL the shooter didn’t go after specific people. This was a terrorist attack committed by a muslim on a busy urban highway.

    The Western world WILL DENY OURSELVES INTO EXTINCTION. Future victims of islam will have “homicide by denial” on their death certificates.

  10. wonder if the woman shot was to be his arranged wife? and he didn’t want to get married? when i first heard of this i assumed he was muslim. anytime i hear or read of a crime until i learn different i assume they are muslim

  11. i am pretty sure, this muslim fag did this in order to get more gun control laws which is part of their grand plan to take take away guns from Americans and make them defenseless when them jihadi strikes

  12. Deport ALL muslims from this nation. Round them up and ship them overseas.
    Their homes must be searched, and interment camps set up. All of them are ticking time bombs.

  13. The authorities need to study the Islam from a perspective other than Islamic apologists just as Andrew Jackson did for the Barbery pirate problem. Jihad doesn’t necessarily need more than one combatant.

    • The media are not stupid. They are wicked, promoting an evil sinister agenda.

      My first impression of the liberal media was that they had mental deficiencies and IQs in the cellar so I naievely felt compassion for them. Now I know better.

  14. As we have witnessed as of late, the mentally deranged, reak havoc, then turn the gun on themselves, typical COWARDS in my mind, but that’s just half of the story, in this case. Muslims, are no different then the rest of us, well in many ways but to illustrate the point, lets just say, the devil made him do it, as commanded by his war manual they refere to as their holy book i.e. called the cor’an, 9:5, “kill the infidels whereever you find them”
    Its not surprising to find the other COWARDS, known as media entertainers, or pravda, o’s left side of his butless bio, ignored and or failed to place proper prespective of the who, what’s, why’s surrounding their topic, the brothers from their hood, ilsam, are not to be either mentioned by name or ethnicity, defiled or ever a mention of what it is of their commands to kill, anyone outside of their cult membership no matter what. Typical tactics of the cowards in both cases, one driven by the maddness called the co’ran, the other by the maddness called p/c. Yeah big surprise. Bet is this mutt going to be surprised to find out their book, war manual called their desires virgins, only to find out he will be surrounded by the same liars of his life that preceeded him to the eternals of hell fire, so sad, NOT at ALL. Life is hard enough, but even harder while stupid in the process. Burn baby, burn.

  15. Our anti-American media should be sued, and criminally charged with aiding and abetting the enemy. Medias response will be “see we need to outlaw guns, guns are the problem”. NO, we need to outlaw muzzzies. period

  16. Infuriating!! In all the local & nat’l news reports of this “shooting spree that started in Tustin” (just a couple hours from I live in the CA Desert), there was never ONE SINGLE mention of the perp’s name, etc. More dhimmie media coverup! If everyone doesn’t wake up and hate these scumballs from Hell, we’re bound to experience more & more of these senseless, cruel and putred muzzie attacks! We are at war – and these enemy agents must ALL be eliminated! I don’t recall ever hating a group of people quite as intensely as I do mudslimes!

  17. All muslims not converted frome stock are inbred to some extent. (And maybe some of the converts too. Something made them stupid)
    You can never tell when that little switch will throw.
    They are all potential time bombs.
    muslims: Tick – tick – tick …………….

  18. ANOTHER Seventh Day Adventist shooter reading verses from the ‘good book’.

    Bukhari:V4B52N72 “Our Prophet told us about the message of Allah: ‘Whoever among us is killed will go to Paradise.’ Umar asked the Prophet, ‘Is it not true that our men who are KILLED will go to Paradise and those of the Pagan’s will go to Hell?’ The Prophet said, ‘Yes.'”

    Qur’an:9:112 “The Believers FIGHT in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, KILL and are killed.”

    Qur’an:4:74 “Let those who fight in Allah’s Cause sell this world’s life for the hereafter. To him who FIGHTS in Allah’s Cause, whether he is slain or victorious, We shall give him a REWARD.”

    Oops, wrong book.

  19. Just one more Muslim based violent streak covered up by our beautiful new administration. After all, since Obama took office, Americans have had Islam shoved up our asses and down our throats. He is a “closet Muslim” but he is such a liar that he cannot even admit it to himself. Where is our cavalry? Who can help America get rid of this radical Muslim holding the title of President of The United States? And all the Muslims in America should be made to denounce the teachings of the quran in order to live on our soil!!!! God help us all if he isn’t stopped soon.

    • This is A-Typical of the Obama Administration. They will shout for more gun control all the while laughing behind closed doors. We are fast approaching a full blown communist takeover and no one knows how to rally true Americans on how to take back our country and impeach this fascist Muslim pig of a president we have. I said from the beginning of his presidency he was a Muslim sent to America to destroy us from the inside out.

  20. Has team obama named the video that triggered this ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ yet Or have they labeled it ‘Domestic Violence’? … assuming ‘Workplace Violence’ has been ruled out since it didn’t occur within a military-based facility…

  21. gee wouldn’t his rampage have started after “asslifting” time? Bunch of insane PsOS! Hmmm, let’s see who the MSM blames his rampage on; the gun, mental stability; hard life!!! Yes, look for the prayer rug and KORAN; pretty damn clear to those “in the know” about this head banger and his rampage on those infidels.
    DETEST these slugs

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