UK Left Wing Fascists & IslamoFascists try to stop Marine Le Pen from speaking at Cambridge University

images-1Fortunately, they did not succeed. Marine Le Pen – leader of the popular French Front National Party – was greeted by an ‘anti-fascist’ protest by the real fascists from the Left and the Muslim world, as she addressed a Cambridge University debating group on Tuesday.

HUFFPO The daughter of Jean Marie Le Pen, who took over the party leadership from her father in 2011, addressed students at the Cambridge Union debating society this afternoon.

Sabby Dhalu, a fascist member of Unite Against Facism, told HuffPost UK: “It is a shame Britain’s intelligentsia have not learnt the lessons of history. Cambridge Union’s decision to invite Marine Le Pen is giving her and the Front National a platform and publicity.

The French have taken to the streets to protest Islamization of their country as Le Pen's popularity soars

The French take to the streets to protest Muslim infiltration as Le Pen’s popularity soars

“Irrespective of what the union’s intentions are, giving preachers of hate a platform encourages and emboldens fascists on the street, especially in Cambridge where the EDL will be demonstrating on Saturday.”

Le Pen, 44, who has been an MEP since 2004, spoke about the future of the European Union and French politics. A spokesman for the Cambridge Union Society defended the decision to invite her to speak. He said: “We welcome the opportunity to discuss, debate, and challenge an individual who has had an unquestionable impact on French and European politics.

Left Wing Fascists were out in force protesting free speech

Left Wing Fascists/Communists were out in force protesting free speech

“Whether you agree with her politics or not, this event represents one of the very few opportunities a British audience has had to directly engage with Mrs Le Pen, who finished third in the last French presidential election, behind Hollande and Sarkozy, and who currently sits in the European Parliament as a democratically elected representative.”

One news site reported Le Pen was applauded by students at the end of her question and answer session, which followed her 35-minute long speech.

In a blog for The Huffington Post UK, Cambridge international student Jinho Clement said despite finding her views “repulsive”, he believed “the best way to address this problem is to engage with it”. “For the sake of people like me who don’t know much about people like Le Pen, it makes a lot of sense to invite her to Cambridge. ‘Free speech’ ensures that societies like the Union can provide a forum for discussions like these.”

Rosalyn Old, president of Cambridge University’s Student Union (CUSU), has voiced her opposition to the debating society’s decision to invite Le Pen to speak. Old withdrew from speaking at a previous union event in protest, saying: “The invitation by the Union Society to Marine LePen is more than just insensitive, it will have a direct effect on the safety of many of our students. It disregards the realities of fascism and the current context of Cambridge.”

The Union Society is well known for hosting controversial speakers, who have in the past included former IMF chief Dominique Strauss Kahn and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Marine LePen’s speech at Cambridge:


14 comments on “UK Left Wing Fascists & IslamoFascists try to stop Marine Le Pen from speaking at Cambridge University

  1. Saddy Dhalu, member in good standing, a facist hersef, from the group, falsely proclaimed ‘united against facism’, told the huff n’ puffers of illegal substances, UK, ” it is a shame Britain’s intelligentsia have not learned from history. Cambridge Unions decision to invite Marine Le Pen is giving her and the Front National a platform and publicity”
    So a facist, from the curent era, is demanding a stop for equal rebuttal of the current Patriots of a Country, equal offerings to idea’s as to why the same types of facist, of the past, as its not fair the other side get to decide on their own, facist vrs. freedom, wow, just wow. It is quite apparent this blooming flower pissed in pot of a f idiot facist is demanding other be stopped in the arena of the idea’s of freedom of expression, and they don’t see how that logic is not missed with all others, speaking as though she makes any sense whatsoever. Stupid goes as stupid does, me thinks this blooming idiot, a useful blossoming idiot type, probably should step back away from the propaganda mills, he obviously does not see the hyprocracy in thine own eyes and is having a hissy fit for being exposed as a facist, herself.
    Yeah they proclaim us to be neanderthals, knuckledraggers, bitter clingers of our Bibles, our guns, and those who have a problen with others not of their kind, and we are the stupid ones, good grief, its true, God sayeth, ” for I shall send them delusions, for they seek not that of truth”, this person falsely proclaiming to be a service of good among here fellow man, is a case study of this very statement from our Creator. Lessons are learned every day, the question is, is anyone listening? I am, don’t know of the rest of you, I just don’t think everyone is as stupid as she claims they are, freedom lovers the world over have learned, never listen to a fake at attempting to be a wolf in disguise exposed as a fake, while standing and speaking lies.
    Semper FI.

  2. Like In Australia. They only show up when Islam is being discussed. They know it’s impossible to defend it by civilsed debate so they attempt to shut it down. Fascist scum.
    If this was a speech attacking Jews or Christians where would these hypocrites be?

    • The UK has been a hotbed for Commies for something like more than a whole century!! They already were corrupting people in the 1920s, if the corruption was so well-known in the 30s that the police were on alert…

  3. …international student Jinho Clement said despite finding her views “repulsive”… End of quote.

    Repulsive? Anti-jihad activists believe that ALL people must have human rights, and
    ALL people must have equality before the Law, and that is repulsive?

    Islam regard women as inferior and in non-Muslim countries non-Muslims have NO human rights!

    Repulsive? The commands given in the Koran and mosques to wage jihad against hated infidels and conquer all countries is repulsive!

  4. Sabby Dhalu, fascist member of Unite Against Facism: “It is a shame Britain’s intelligentsia have not learnt the lessons of history.

    We will NOT forget the terrible lessons of history! We will NOT forget that hundreds of millions of our non-Muslim brothers and sisters are dead because of cruel Islam!

    We will NOT forget that devout Muslim Mufti, Islamo Fascist, Haj Hamin, left Jerusalem to help Hitler and raised up many Muslim soldiers who hunted down and barbarically murdered Jews and other innocent victims!


    • Don’t worry, I’m a frenchman, I know the truth, as do more & more french native people, about ISLAM !!!

      Nor will we, about the shit-eating of Jérusalem and its rallying with hitler !!

      “God forget, I don’t !!! “

  5. Civilization’s are Mortal , Radical Islam is that Poison , but for wakening in my own bed in USA I could be a French Patriot she speaks my Language the talk of a Patriot

  6. “Free Speech” is ONLY for the muslim side. They are so supreme and knowledgeable that other viewpoints are not worthy of being heard, and have no validity whatsoever. As many posters in the muslim protests have read, “Freedom Go To Hell”, Such is the attitude of the muslim.

    Yet, Jesus said, “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you Free!”

    The choice of whom to believe is the individuals. ONLY the individual can use the brain between the ears, and walk in their own shoes. It’s about time we started to realize that, and use it as a basis of action.

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