Actually, we are hoping to see them all starve to death

Arab occupiers demand release of 4,500 Muslim terrorists being held in Israeli prisons, many of whom have been on a a long hunger strike.

Iranian-run Press TV warns of a third intifada. Bring it on baby, it’s time Israel took back all the land you Muslim parasites are illegally occupying.


15 comments on “Actually, we are hoping to see them all starve to death

  1. “Bring it on baby, it’s time Israel took back all the land you Muslim parasites are illegally occupying.”

    That declaration is long overdue. SandMaggots are the occupiers aggressors & oppressors, not the victims. Send them to Hell; punch their tickets. No prisoners!! No hostages!!! No transfers!!! No Echangfes!!!! No concessions!!! No construction freeze!!! No negotiations!!!!

    Long live Israel. Death & damnation to Islam!!!!!!!!

    • Actually…..Lebanon is an occupied Christian State…they should be liberated from the Moslim savages and align their free Christian country with my country,,,, Israel.

      (We should have been a lot tougher during the Lebanon War)

  2. If these inbred morons would only get an education and a job they could be good citizens. Most Jews are wonderfully open and tolerant people. This 7th century Death Cult has no place in an enlightened global village.

    And by the way, Israel is not ‘Jewish land’, Israel is a secular country that uses Hebrew and Arabic as official languages.

    Dump the tribalism. Tribalism is the problem. Tribalism died at Nuremberg.

      • Israel IS a Jewish country defined by the Covenant. So what?

        Egypt, Saudia, Yemen, Libya, UAE etc. are Muslim countries

        The .USA was a Christian country, founded on Christian principles.

        Post America has turned it’s back on it’s Christian heritage and begs on her bended knees to be accepted by the Moslim savages.

      • Bonnie, I sometimes wonder if per 1 is really for Israel, or just a muslim trying to come off as tolerant. Somehow some way, rather insidiously, he manages to insult Israel and delegitimise it. He is not openly anti-Semitic, but in a round about way, so it looks harmless.

        • Emma, I often wonder who he is, too. Nine out of ten of his comments are fine, but every now and then he slips in a zinger like this. I have also been deleting his frequent comments about if only the West would ban cousin marriage, there would be no problems with muslims.

    • Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish nation.
      Within that nation there are varying degrees of religious observance, and even atheism, as there is in other nations.
      perceptor1 is mistaken in thinking that Judaism is only religion. It is nationality.
      The comment about “tribalism” is nonsense. There is no world nationality and it would be a totalitarian crime to try to foist one on people.

  3. The world will hate Jews and Israel no matter what… scortch earth ! Eliminate the enemy by as much as possible. But those Jews in Israel have this death wish to be kind to those who want to kill you… I wish I were nicer… I hate them and wish them to be gone from the earth.

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