British MP George Galloway, alleged Muslim convert, storms out of Oxford University debate because Israeli student got up to speak

Shouted Galloway, “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate with Israelis.” Shocking moment George Galloway storms out of Oxford University discussion because of student’s nationality.

British MP and member of the Viva Palestina flotilla, George Galloway, receives a Palestinian passport from HAMAS Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City, March 2009.

British MP and member of the Viva Palestina flotilla, George Galloway, receives a Palestinian passport from HAMAS Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City, March 2009.

Galloway, an honorary Hamas citizen, was speaking at an event at Oxford University when he discovered that student Eylon Aslan-Levy, who was debating against him was a citizen of the Jewish state. He immediately left the room, saying: ‘I don’t debate with Israelis,’ in explosive scenes caught on camera by the student newspaper. Mr Galloway, elected MP for Bradford West in a by-election last year, had already spoken for 10 minutes on the motion that ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank’ at the time of the incident at Christ Church.


28 comments on “British MP George Galloway, alleged Muslim convert, storms out of Oxford University debate because Israeli student got up to speak

  1. First, well played George, well played..with the dramatics.

    Your Muslim paymasters will give you a bonus for this performance.

    Two, We both know that you new exactly who you would be debating before you even set foot on the stage.

    Personally, I am glade he is so vocal, the British have a right to know who the traitors and whores are.

    He has a long history of being a traitor.

    This is the same man who said, “the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life.”

    When the Soviet Union collapsed he need a new paymaster.

  2. Michael Coren puts georgie porkie galoway into his place and ‘bitch slaps’ g galoway as a fool and a pathetic muslim supporter.

  3. Oh, the little house troll Farooq Siddique is here again!

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    • If by “brilliant” you mean childish, repulsive, sanctimonious, bigoted, cowardly, and unbecoming, I agree wholeheartedly.

      However, being that you are a racist and supremacist mohammadan, I know you celebrate the obscene.

      Best waddle along and roll in the mud with your pig-pal Galloway the traitor.

      • @Istanbul_Chick, you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge, eloquence, dry sense of humor and a killer way with words, just like BNI. You, gals, are brilliant! “Celebrate the obscene” top that! :)

        • “Dry sense of humor”?

          Thanks! I always thought of myself as just a sarcastic wench!

          Thanks, for bringing up Galloway’s jaded past.

          The public needs to be made aware of all these puffy, fat, old, balding, repulsive traitors who are married to vagina-virgins; bagheaded ones and ones sans bags.

          I never miss the opportunity to remind people that Weiner (A Jew) is married to Hijab Hitlery’s assistant who not only worked for a MB front group, but whose parents were entrenched in the MB.

          I don’t let them forget about that fat little toad Norquist who is a RINO married to a fakestinian vagina-virgin.

          Robert Crane; there’s a scary one. He was a former Nixon adviser. He’s a “muslim activist.” One must wonder which ears in Washington he’s got.

          Nor must we fail to mention all of the repulsive “academics and professors” who are converts or married to muslims.

          I love when the mohammadans crow about “islam is fastest growing religion!” Because nine times out of 10 the conversion is due to matrimonial jihad to desperate losers or sexual deviants like Galloway.

          Just a quick gander at the mohammadans’ own lists of converts reflects that fact. They’re too stupid to NOT mention the ones who are wanted for or have been convicted for terrorism. They also love to tout cows like Lauren Booth as “women” who converted.

    • When you support professional faux victim idiocy, you show yourself and your ideology for what it is, a “religion” of whiners and emotional retards. But, that’s OK, it’s out in the open for all to see. We’ve taken note and continue to do so.
      Islam is poison.

    • Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE, you EVIL Mohammedan!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ages, Amen!!!!!

  4. Ignorant man. Just notice the difference between Galloway and the Israeli student. galloway,uncontrolled,rude and rough round the edges,and the student,polite coherent and civilised.
    This is truly outrageous, where are the PC crowd condemning Galloway for insensitivity blah blah. If this had happened to a Muslim it would make headline news.
    Israel is apartheid ?? Jews will soon be in the minority there. Arabs are into apartheid, they dispelled all Jews in their countries after 1948 ! Galloway is a true example of a “hater” if ever there was one.

  5. My response to Galloway is, ‘tough shit’. That should be the response from our state dept. however I’m sure thy’ll be on their knees as usual beggihng for forgiveness while they hand out a few billion.
    Until such time as our leaders, not necessarily the cowards currently in office but real leaders that have the balls(excuse my French) to follow the examples set by Army Generals such as William T. Sherman & ‘Black Jack’Pershing we will continue to lose our war with islam.'s_March_to_the_Sea

    Sherman took away the will of the South to conduct war by the way he fought his campaign.
    And what Blackjack Pershing did is considered to be urban legend as there’s no proof.
    What we do know of Pershing’s campaigne is soon after arriving in the Phiilipines muslim terrorism stopped abruptly for the next 50 years.
    Until those examples are followed and we starting fighting to win our country will continue to lose the war with islam.
    You cannot fight & win a war from a defensive position.

    December 21. Sherman’s forces destroyed military targets as well as
    industry, infrastructure, and civilian property. Military historian
    David J. Eicher wrote that Sherman “defied military principles by operating deep within enemy territory and without lines of supply or communication. He destroyed much of the South’s physical and psychological capacity to wage war.”

  6. George Galloway traveled with Jane Fonda protesting the War in Iraq if I recall. The worst thing about the guy is his collecting money for his charity “The Miriam Appeal” – for a little girl that supposedly got leukemia. The girl was cured, but he kept raking in the dough…I think there is at least 1 article about this twit at Frontpage Magazine. What an ass.

  7. Probably because he knows he’ll lose the debate. Either way he’s made himself look like an idiot. By storming out he has just proven he’s an irrational idiot.

  8. So if Galloway did this to a Muslim he would be up on charges already for hate speech! He needs to be voted out. What an embarrassment to the UK!

  9. Who’s a racist? Who’s a ‘hater’?

    Running away from being shown as a coward and a bigot.

    And there’s NO JUDAEOPHOBIA in all of Islam.

    And Galloway is NOT a Green Fascist.

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