CAIR-ST. LOUIS PRESS RELEASE says, “Anti-Islam Bill is back, but were (sic) not to (sic) worried”

“MISSOURI Senator Brian Nieves reintroduces worn out Anti-Islam Bill titled SB 267. If you’ve been keeping up, this is the third time that the Anti-Islam bill disguised as a anti-foreign law bill has been introduced into this state. After failing two years in a row we at (Muslim Brotherhood front group), CAIR-St.Louis, are not too worried about it passing this year.”

ATTENTION MISSOURI BNI READERS: Here is the email address to send your support to Sen. Brian Nieves: 

Please contact your representatives and enourage them to pass this bill.  You should include this post and the video below:


CAIR – St. Louis  We are planning a comprehensive program to oppose it and with your help are confident it will not pass as it did in our neighboring state of Kansas. Therefore we will focus on bigger issues such as Immigration reform, homeland drones, and continue to build bridges between the Muslim community and elected officials. As a community it is time that we stop reacting to these lame bills and start to be included into the broader discourse of issues within our society. That’s why we would like to invite you to participate in a strategic planning meeting this Saturday in order to discuss our legislative issues for 2013.

Join Us for Capitol Day Meeting Saturday Feb 23rd, 9am-11am Mid-County Library:


WHAT: Strategic Planning Meeting for Muslim Day at State Capitol
WHEN: Saturday February 23rd 9AM-11AM
WHERE: St. Louis County Library–Mid-County Branch
7821 Maryland Ave, St. Louis MO 63105

The above press release was sent out by the Executive Director of CAIR St. Louis, Faizan Syed, who wrote about his ideas for monitoring and restricting free speech in America. Sayed wants to create a Muslim youth association that would aggresively monitor the media. Among his suggestions:

“Report anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities to take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Sharia ruling.” (Under Sharia law, the punishment for blasphemy is death)

Here’s Faizan Syed advocating for sharia law in America: