Calling a f*cking Arab, a “f*cking Arab” in New York City can get you a savage beating…by a f*cking Arab

sw50sw8sw578And if you happen to be the victim and you’re also white, you’ll be called a “waaacist,” even if you aren’t the one who said it. As horrified onlookers watched, the victim allegedly was pummeled with a bat, a tire iron, and a club in the middle of MacDougal Street in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC. 

NY Daily News  Kevin McCarron was enjoying a falafel sandwich (his first mistake) with friends when he was pummeled with a bat, tire iron and club in the middle of MacDougal St. Alleged Arab assailants claim somebody in McCarron’s group called them ‘f—–g dirty Arabs.’ A ‘racist’ insult sparked the savage Greenwich Village beatdown of a 24-year-old Massachusetts man outside a pizza shop, said one of the alleged assailants.

Sherif Rizk (left), aka Sharif Rizk, appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday with Hatem Farsakh, both of whom are charged with attempted murder and gang assault in attack on Kevin McCarron.

Sherif Rizk (left), aka Sharif Rizk, appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday with Hatem Farsakh, both of whom are charged with attempted murder and gang assault in attack on Kevin McCarron.

 “Everything started when they call us f—–g Arab,” Hatem Farsakh told detectives on Jan. 14, according to statements filed with court papers at his arraignment Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court with one of the other five guys allegedly involved in the attack.

The group allegedly pummeled the out-of-towner with a bat, tire iron and club to near death in the middle of MacDougal Street as horrified onlookers watched. Prosecutors have at least five videos of the attack. Four were from businesses on MacDougal St. including Artichoke Pizza and one was from a cell phone camera — likely the same footage that went viral online.

Clips from the video

Clips from the video

Farsakh and his cohort Sherif Rizk pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, gang assault, attempted gang assault and two counts of assault. “Officer, everything that I did was with my fist. I never used no weapon,” Farsakh also said, according to court papers. (The video below shows otherwise)

He previously told the Daily News he was just eating a falafel sandwich at Mamoun’s when a fight involving his friends broke out. I’m trying to break it up and I’m slapping them on the face. I’m like, ‘Wake up! You guys are drunk and s—, let’s everybody go home!'” he said. (Sure…you did)

Rizk also told cops in a written statement on Jan. 15 that someone in the victim’s group “was calling us ‘f—–g dirty arabs’ and their group consisted of at least 10 people so we were outnumbered as well.” (Then how come only the white guy got beaten if they outnumbered you?)

Kevin McCarron, beating victim

Kevin McCarron, beating victim

Both he and Mahmoud Habib claimed the victim Kevin McCarron’s crew started the fight after they tried to diffuse the tense situation. (Hey, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you) “The guys followed us to the next block and they keep on calling us names when we told them ok no problem keep on going home have a nice night and we dont want no problems,” Habib wrote. (Riiiiight)

Farsakh is free on $5,000 bail and Rizk is out on $15,000. Their co-defendant Mahmoud Habib, out on $75,000 bail, saw a judge on Jan. 30 and also pleaded not guilty. All three face up to 25 years in prison and are due back in court on April 16.


58 comments on “Calling a f*cking Arab, a “f*cking Arab” in New York City can get you a savage beating…by a f*cking Arab

  1. I am glad that punk ass got what he did. I guarantee he spouted off his mouth and this was his end result. People need to learn to stop being so damn insulting of others. He and his friends would have done the SAME damn thing if some Arab men started name calling to them. If you dont like Arabs in this country, then get the fuck out of it, or take it up with your government that lets them here!! You people do nothing but put the Arabs down for their behaviour, but have any of you looked in the mirror? Your comments make you no better! Your childish racist bullies who hide behind your computers!!

  2. To all BNI bloggers Never never never eat at muslim food outlets I developed food poisoning from one such outlet’Didnt know it was a muslim owned business til the bitch in the kitchen walked out with a tray of food wearing the bag on its head.Considering that they wipe their arseholes with their left hands would you take the risk?.Ilove middle eastern food and indian curries.Now i cook my own in my kitchen.The recipes are simple and cooked by ones self not prepared by some slag without even a rudimentary knowledge of personal hygiene

  3. They are Dirty Arabs…Dirty Arab Muslimes !
    Any Muslime comes at me ? He dies..period…believe it.

    The question i have, is why we allow these filthy Hajis into this country ?

    Shit and flies are higher forms of life than a F’ing Muslime
    P.S. in fact i have an open invitation to any Muslime who wants a piece of me to come here to Maryland and try it with me…give me the excuse i need .

  4. Is anyone really surprised? One need not be a Koranic scholar to know what these bastards are taught and how they can act with their “prophet “& diety’s approval,

    Let us not forget “Arab is an ethnic term not a religious one and there are good Christians who are Arabs and who suffer more than anyone from their Muslim Arab “neighbors” intolerance and violence . Muslim and Arab are not interchangeable terms and many of the worst of Muslim terrorists and Taliban dirt bags are not Arabs at all but “Pashtoons” and/or Pakistanis.

  5. If I was this kid’s Mom, I would print off the photos of these thugs and plaster them around that neighborhood asking that if anyone has been a victim of their gang to contact me and/or the police.

    I would also canvass the businesses in the area asking questions, as well.

  6. Oh yeah, ok, the video is taken outside of the eatery, so it sounds like a (lame) lie that the victims of the beating were following them a block away.

    And OF COURSE they will say that they called them fucking Arabs or use the “Muslim and/or Race Card”. That is to be expected.

    AND who carries tire irons, clubs and baseball bats around with them on a night out with friends (unless they are looking for a fight). I would bet big money that this isnt the first person this feral gang has beaten up. (I pray that now that their faces are in the news, any previous victims will now come forward).

    They went looking for trouble and to start fights with non-Arabs and non-Muslims because they are violent supremacists without a decent upbringing in how to behave civilised. I would say at least 75% of Muslim parents raise their sons to be feral supremacist thugs, never punished, allowed to roam the streets in packs like wild dogs and they beat down their sisters (and Mothers if they think she deserves it) with no punishment for anything they do wrong. It’s a huge problem in the Muslim community and they know it’s true what I have said.

    Wherever there are Muslims, this exact scenario of feral packs of Muslims looking for victims who they can easily beat up, rape, or murder, happen. They like to pick out the intoxicated, the young, and the old, who they can overcome within a gang. Thats just fact.

  7. All Moslems are fucked up in the head because they all fuck there first cousins just like there peodophile prophet and that shit still goes on today, I guarantee there are 5 times more peodophile Imans there there are Cathloic priests its just the news media won’t report the Moslem cousin Fucker,you hear that masterbateradrian?

  8. You can bet their lawyer(s), paid for by the taxpayers, cleaned them up for court: shave (horrors!), haircut, cheap suit,shirt, tie, & shoes, a bath, & maybe, hopefully, some deoderant. Sheer hatred is oozing from both of them, but particualrly the first one. If looks could kill—.

  9. Just remembered this and back then it made no sense… in the 70s was on Hollywood Bl in a car with a friend… I spit something out the window of the car… might have been gum or something…. after I spit, at a red light… I looked up and this ragefilled arab got out of his car heading my way…. I yelled at my friend to go go go!!!!!! I guess his stupid guilty mind thought I was spitting at him? Or just the act of spitting near him was an offense?

  10. In today’s world the hate crime is saying mean things and needs to be punished…. whereas responding with extreme violence is acceptable .filthy asshole muz scum arabs

    • And no thanks to total shitheads like Bloomberg & Co, this could have been resolved via 2nd Amendment. If it happened to me in my hometown, there absolutely would have been Arab blood running down the street, and from more than one stinking, dirty, Arab muslim corpse.

  11. Lets see how frickin stupid this judge is. This guy was beat with a Baseball ball, Tire iron and a Club? How many people walk down the street carrying these items? Frickin arabs doing what they do best, beating up on people then claim they are being picked on because of being a muslim. Frinkin muslims can go to hell..Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  12. mohammedans doing what mohammedans do. Including painting themselves as the victims, after savagely beating someone. Bloody cowards that they are.

    But it’s very disquieting that ”horrified onlookers watched”. Why the hell didn’t they intervene and help this young man ?

  13. well do these muzzie thugs need sensitivity training hooper ? this don’t look like peace and love ! this victim shoud sue muzzies for false avertising

  14. I’m curious if any of those “horrified onlookers” tried to help Kevin McCarron, the victim. It would have only taken 3 shots to end this 3 on one, muslim-fun.

  15. Re: “Kevin McCarron was enjoying a falafel sandwich (his first mistake) ” I could not agree more with the “his first mistake” part.

    Not that many years ago a Muslim Kebab shop in Manly on Sydney’s North Shore was fined YES ONLY FINED NOT RUN OUT OF BUSINESS OR CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED, for having Human Faeces contamination mixed in with the Kebabs he was selling to 100% Infidels.

    Why anyone would eat Muslim food in Australia is beyond me let alone the USA
    Boycott the Bastards at every level until they SUBMIT TO CIVILIZATION.

    • The Muslim infidel-haters should have been immediately DEPORTED for their venom and deadly hate. The poisonous filth inserted into the food could have caused life-time health problems for many people, including death. The victims would never know what cause their chronic health problems.

      It is a WARNING to ALL non-Muslims that they foolishly place their lives and health in great danger when eating at a Muslim fast food or restaurant.

  16. What would calling an American a F*cking American deliver……
    I mean, calling someone a f*cking this or that is something that one can expect a reaction to isn’t it?

    And besides, not every arab is an anti-American, or an anti-westerner!
    There are also arab Christians you know!

      • Hey Masteradrian, why don’t you ask some Arab Christians how well that goes over with their Arab Muslim counterparts? Or ask some Egyptian Coptic Christians how it is going for them in Egypt ? They are being murdered by the oh so non violet Muslims.

    • Seriously?!

      I get called a f*cking something or other almost everyday yet I have not once felt the urge to grab a weapon and beat the person saying it.

      I’ve been called worse than f*cking something by mohammadan males many times and, funny thing, not once did I inflict bodily harm upon them.

      mohammadans and their leftist dhimmi whores, like you, would love for us to bend over for the heckler’s veto.

      Your racism is also showing: You’re holding mohammadans to a lower standard than others. Why is that? Do you feel they are uncivilized savages who can’t maintain self control in a civilized world?

      No doubt, if it was a non-mohammadan mob beating a mohammadan for calling them f*cking Americans you would be on here screeching like a banshee about “hate crimes,” “harsh punishment” for the “waaacissst whites,” and calling them “rednecks” for not being able to control their emotions and actions.

      You F*CKING TOOL.

    • I’m a New Zealander (kiwi) living in Australia. We get criticised by certain Aussie’s all the time; go home fck’n kiwis is said a lot. But we know the majority of Australians don’t think like that, even though there is an element of NZder’s that even I would like to see sent home.
      The point I’m making here is, when said, we just smile back. We don’t go into a rage and beat them up. Get a thick skin, Fck’n Arabs.

    • Actually Masteradrian…I’ve gotten called a f*cking B*tch and f*cking cracker, and f*cking c*nt many times…you want to know what my reaction to that was? It certainly wasn’t the immature reaction of beating someone senseless….I simply walked away…maybe mumbling a few choice words to myself or a simple roll of the eyes….but NEVER did I resort to VIOLENCE over STUPID words!!!! Be the bigger man, don’t be an idiot and throw punches because someone said something you didn’t like. I mean seriously, what is wrong with you? You are actually on here defending this d*ckwad…oh…wait…I mean d*ckwads! Does my calling them a f*cking d*ckwad mean I should have my a** handed down to me? Only in a childish world would that be acceptable…and even still isn’t really acceptable.

  17. Ah…the religion of peace!

    No, the religion of jihad, supremacism, Arab racism, slavery, inbreeding, misogyny, barbaric punishments, taqiyya, suicide bombing and entitlement! Wow! Great!

    Mozzies shouldn’t start something they may not be able to finish. Inbred geniuses and cowardly thugs that they are! But that’s normative Islamic bullying.

    One on one, I’d bet on the hockey player Kevin McCarron.

    Arabs are secretly some of the WORST racists in the world.

    • Hmmm Mohammed may have been a child-abuser, what to think of the pope being a nazi, and a protector of child-abusers (if not one himself)? Any difference there?
      Mohammed lived centuries ago, the pope lives in 2013……. One would have thought that in 2013 things would have been different, right?

      • The problem today is that Arab (and non-Arab) muslims still live to the ‘letter’, the rules of mo, as spouted off by your so called scholars, imam’s or whoever, via the koran, and there own demented beliefs.

        I am not catholic, so I have no time for the pope or what he preaches. (Same for the crap from islam). But I think it’s a bit rich accusing him of being a nazi when, from what I am led to believe, Mein Kampf is a popular selling book in the muslim world. Also see ref. Wikipedia-Mein Kampf in the Arabic language.

        So yes, I agree on the fact that this is 2013 and have thought things would have been different, but it won’t happen until we are rid of 7th century ideology!

        • The present pope (Benedict) was member of the hitler youth, and he stated that he was a proud member of it, he did not distance himself from that period.

        • To “masteradrian”:

          Absolutely EVERY LAST SINGLE German child HAD TO BE a member of the “Hitlerjugend” during 1933-45!!!

          Can you PROVE your accusation about Benedict XVI being a “proud member” (especially since he did his best to keep himself distant from it!!!)??

          If you can, let’s see your “proof”; otherwise you’re coming across as a Communist shill who hates his own Western civilisation and is trying to destroy its morality!!!!

      • Hmmhh…f*cking tool, what do you think about the pope, Charles Manson, Pol Pot, or your mother having no bearing or excusing what mohammad did?

        Unless, of course, you’re cool with me sawing your head off while screaming “Kirk is the greatest!”

        If you’re going to use the tu quoque fallacy to defend the indefensible you had best be ready to live by it. What good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Hmm your logic is illogical muslims have not advanced since the time of Moham ! witness the murder , rape and mayhem over a cartoon movie of your holy man . Pope sins are his business , We don’t glorify his vices , muslim center is built on Moham,s vice.

      • The pope was NEVER a Nazi in his heart – here you are slandering him!!!!

        Also, he invoked new rules for seminaries so that they’ll know better in vetting candidates for the priesthood or even deacon-hood so that pædophiles won’t make it through.

        Have you ANY proof whatsoever of his being a child-abuser?? If not, you’re very close to libelling him!!!

        On the other hand, Mohammed’s sins are chronicled even in the Sira, his authorised biography (even his taking Aisha as a “wife” when she was age 6, consummating the “marriage” when she was 9).

        As you see, Moslems don’t believe in anything “un-Islamic” and don’t accept the whole concept of times changing!!!!

        You have A HORRIFIC LOT TO LEARN, “masteradrian” – currently you’re coming across as an apologist for the Moslems…

      • Hmmm yes there is a lot of difference between Mohammad and RC priests or,Pope. ( i have never heard abuse charges brought against Pope Benedict )
        That’s right, Mohammad was the FOUNDER of ISLAM. His Clerics are to be compared to RC clerics. JESUS was the founder of Christianity and JESUS was nothing like Mohammad who also did not rise from the dead as JESUS did, nor did Mohammad live a sinless pure life as Jesus did, nor did Mo sacrifice anything for anyone but HIMSELF.
        A Pope or any Christian who does not follow the founder is a false Christian.
        I will simplify:

        A good Christian follows the example of Jesus
        A bad one doesn’t.
        A good Muslim follows the example of Mohammad
        A bad one doesn’t.

        Right? If you disagree, Please explain why.

  18. Muslims drinking? Uh oh… that can mean only on of two things… they are bad Muslims or they are about to blow something up! Look at the look on the first one’s face… utter contempt! I won’t be surprised if he is featured on the news in the latest bombing…

    • Not all muslims are orthodox, as not all jews or christians are orthodox, more do drink then not!.
      And, wouldn’t you be in contempt when you were accused of something when defending your ethnic origin? I would! I would be in utter contempt when I would be on trial in an Arab court faced with the same accusations!
      And, You’d be surprised how many arabs are not appearing anywhere as terrorist. BUT in all honesty, neither of the two are accused of terrorism……..

      • What is with this juvenile “defending your ethnic origin?”

        What are you twelve?

        I am so much more than my “ethnic origin.” It doesn’t even factor into my “pride.”

        Attacks on my intelligence, morality, or competency are annoying, but they in no way make me feel the need to “defend them.” Especially with violence.

        That’s what sane, civilized, mature, and confident adults do.

        Thanks, again, for pointing out that mohammadans are not civilized, mature, or confident.

        Again, you’re a f*cking tool.

        • Thank you for replying to my comment the way you did, most appreciated!

          I do suggest to get real, and think of were you came from, or were your family came from, as long as you are not a native American your ethnic roots are somewhere else!

          Calling someone a fucking something is in my opinion not civilized, not mature and no sign of confidence, by calling me a f*cking …… shows you are not mature, civilized and in my opinion not confident!

          Having said that, I am not a “mohammadan”, or better said an arab. My ethnic background is dutch, as you have a ethnic background too, your family has its roots somewhere (as long as you are not a native American….) outside America.


        • @master-bater

          Not too bright are you?

          I did not say anything about being American. Unless, of course, you’re some really exceptionally unthinking tool who believes “native Americans” (who are not native, but the same ethnicity as Mongolian Turks) can lay claim to the whole world.

          That said, it is interesting that you think my parodying the claims of the mohammadans is “immature, uncivilized, and not confident” yet there’s not one peep of offense from you about the savage way in which they beat a human being. None.

          This typical leftist grotesque (im)moral inversion borders on the criminal.

          Your pussified “intellect” is offended by foul words yet you either condone or will screw your own mother to make excuses for violent behaviour.

          You’re a f*cking tool who will scream racist if I tell you that your Obamanation is a Keynesian.

          No doubt you diabolic leftists are completely blinded by your own smug sense of superiority to comprehend that you are responsible for the growing hatred leveled at mohammadans.

          Keep up the good work!

      • It’s highly likely that the Americans NEVER said one insulting word to the Muslims! Founder of Islam, Mohammad, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

        The Muslims were OBEYING commands in the Koran and mosques to wage jihad against hated infidels.

        • “I swear by that who holds in His Hands the Soul of Muhammad! I indeed wish to go to war for the sake of Allah! I will assault and KILL, assault and KILL, assault and KILL (told by Bukhari and Muslim).”

      • You say you’re not a mohammadan. You may as well be, or are a classic dhimmi at least. If you have any women in your life I suggest you fit them out for a burkha, because that’s the track people like you are headed.
        I object to the influence of islam in my culture, as I do not want my grandchildren and their children etc. subjected to the ideological horror that it is. Halal is a big bugbear of mine!

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