Hee Hee! Egypt flooding Hamas smuggling tunnels with raw sewage

lThe Egyptian military is resorting to a pungent new tactic to shut down the smuggling tunnels connecting Sinai and Gaza: flooding them with raw sewage. Along with the stink, the approach is raising new questions about relations between Egypt’s new Islamist leaders and their ideological allies in Hamas who control the Gaza Strip.

2NY TIMES  “Awful,” said Abu Mutair Shalouf, 35, a Palestinian smuggler on the Gaza side, watching workers haul buckets of sewage-soaked soil from the shaft of a tunnel flooded by the Egyptian military 15 days ago. “Why did they do this?”

Advisers to the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, say the answer is simple: they are determined to shut the tunnels to block the destabilizing flow of weapons and militants into Sinai from Gaza — a vow Mr. Morsi made with evident passion in an interview five months ago.


EGYPT’S long struggled with ways to block a series of tunnels that bring some 30 percent of all goods, including guns, into Gaza so they got creative.  Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Egyptian authorities had gone to new extremes to cut off the flow of illegal goods and “flooded” the tunnels that run under the border.

It’s since been revealed that this was not a flood of water, but rather human excrement — hundreds, thousands, even millions of gallons of raw sewage pumped into the same tunnels that, to quote Reuters’ report, “has been a lifeline for some 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza.” It’s also been an increasingly popular way to smuggle arms across the border, a practice Egyptians say is on the rise since the Arab Spring.

Ahmed covers his nose while he tries to smuggle in his 3rd wife

Ahmed covers his nose while he tries to smuggle in his 3rd wife

 The tunnels remain a vital source of certain imports to Gaza and smuggling-tax revenue for Hamas, and when the former president, Hosni Mubarak, used far less effective methods to close the tunnels, Hamas screamed of betrayal.

Concern in Cairo about the tunnels spiked last August, when 16 Egyptian soldiers died in a militant attack on a military outpost in Sinai. The Egyptian government believes the attackers came through the tunnels. Essam el-Hadded, Mr. Morsi’s national security adviser, suggested this week that the loosened Israeli restrictions at the border crossing might have encouraged the crackdown on tunnels.

Around the beginning of February, the Egyptian military began for the first time to use waste water instead, eventually flooding about two dozen of the 200-odd tunnels.



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  1. You’re both wrong here !! in fact, what was done here, is trying to recreate the natural ENVIRONMENT, a NATURAL habitat, ahahahahah, of this…animals…

  2. Well now, will the leftist media go on a decades-long campaign against the Egyptians for their blatant persecution of the poor, poor Palestinians?

    I’m sure Hamas leaders could use billion$ more to fund their charity – ahem, terrorism – globally.

    As we know well, the Palestinians’ fellow Arabs detest them and don’t want them in their countries, so why does Israel get singled out?

    Saudi King: ‘Next To Jews, We Hate Palestinians The Most’

  3. This doesn’t smell so well on every level. Now with stinky Palis claiming their LIFELINE had been crapped on and they are now facing new humanitarian crisis, caused by ruthless “descendants of apes and pigs” – Jews. New flotillas will be equipped to sail to Israel. Israel will get another round of international condemnation, all Western governments will express their deep concern with intensified suffering of Palis, drowning in Egyptian shit. Leftists will shit themselves screaming and demanding to put an end to the “apartheid state”. And Morsi will be giggling happily having killed two birds in one shitslide: both Hamas and Israel are in a deep shit.

  4. Finally some good news. Coming from Morsi, that’s surprising but on the other hand he does have to protect his military. He knows the dangers of Hamas and he has enough on his plate now to struggle with eventual power grabs.

  5. The best news is that this method of blocking the tunnels, works well and is a cheap solution that also provides extra food for the muslims in the tunnels.

  6. It’s kind of like utilizing snake venom to fight against the poisonous snake bite, except the muslime flush-out stinks!…trying to figure out which smells worse, the sewage or ahmed.

  7. ye, haw, not that’s the way to do it. Finally someone can smell the fire being started in the forrest, fight sheet with sheet, and ooooh, yeah add in a little water, damn I never thought I’d read that in my lifetime. Still laughing, it must be working, they are all screaming their sheet stinks less then ours, now they know its not true at all. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving crowd, IMHO.
    Semper Fi

  8. Morsi and his pals will find the Pallies and MB aren’t THEIR pals any more. Morsi may do well to realize that all the people he considers ‘friends’ believe in suicide bombing. Morsi could be done in by one his closest associates!

    What sort of crazy belief is Islam if your best friends are your enemies? Morons.

    BTW, Big Mo said anyone with urine on his clothes can’t go to paradise.

    • Hope they use watery pig shit. Nope, they killed off all the Copts pigs, which were rotten food recycling plants. You know Egypt has a caste system where Copts clean up and live in the garbage dumps.

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