From the English Defence League: ‘It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison after 4 months!’

free-viTommy applied for release on tag more than 7 weeks ago and today is the day of his release. Obviously he has conditions for his release which we will update you all on in due course.

Tommy has asked us to thank everyone on his behalf for the support all loyal EDL have shown him through the very darkest of days. He wants to thank all of our international friends for their constant campaigning, for their vigils and their unflinching, unrelenting efforts to apply pressure across the globe. 

Tommy would like time to spend with his family right now, he has not left us, he never will, but he is asking for people to respect the time that he needs with his family. For the time being please respect his wish for privacy, and respect his need for a little time away from the EDL so he can get his life back on track.


Our man is back, and when he’s back fighting in our corner the whole world will know about it.

Keep the faith, keep up all the good work you have put into making the EDL the only counter jihad movement in the UK that matters. It’s the work of proud and loyal patriots who have made the EDL a global brand.

Tommy has asked for people to get behind and fully support Kev Carroll, joint leader and co founder of our movement as we keep moving forward.When Tommy gets back they will both lead from the front as they always have.


Tommy never surrendered, Kev never surrendered so neither should we!

God bless you all!


Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson in NYC on 9/11 for one day only. BNI was thrilled to have been able to meet with them at this Pamela Geller-organized 'Stop Islamization of America' event

Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson in NYC on 9/11 for one day only. BNI was thrilled to have been able to meet with them at this Pamela Geller-organized ‘Stop Islamization of America’ event



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  1. The Fog Horn,

    Your brain sure is foggy, your horn is blowing just hot air going nowhere; you write like a drug addict. Clearly you will never grow up and will continue to be an idiot. It is a waste of time trying to educate fools like you. You are by your stupidity easy to beat- your thinking is like tissue paper easy to tear up. Enjoy the beatings because throughout your life people will walk through you like a razorblade cutting up paper and you are the paper. Armed with your ignorant ‘God is a Volcano’ theory not even Muzzies will want you.

    BNI thank you for the interesting experience of being introduced to a dimwit it is hard to believe such fools exist; it is time to dump this coward piece of shit into the false knowledge garbage bin.

  2. Tommy, thanks you for all your sacrifices. Stay strong and know that thousands of
    true Englishmen and patriots are behind you; thousands more will join the cause
    when they finally understand that Islam is antithetical to freedom. We are not yet
    dhimmi, we will fight this together! Best Wishes to You and Yours.

  3. Listen up, foghorn, leghorn. Your moon god, your allah, your moohamhead schmuck is not in anyway related to Judaism except as amalek.look that up. Jews are not running the world; it would actually seem that CAIR, MSA, and al things pisslam are running the world, supported like moronic dhimmi politicians or politicians who are using the slimes to bring in a new world order of misery. Ishmael was a wild hog…and so he stays that way. The Koran is full of hatred against Jews and Christians, but mostly Jews. STOP your lies now, you rotten maggot. THIS JEW won’t allow you to lie about Judaism. Don’t like it, Eat some halal shit, bub. OH, by the way: AM Y’ISRAEL CHAI! and I wish Kahane were alive to “talk” to you.

  4. If pointing out the Jews are behind multiculturalism is antisemetic then my blog is anti-semetic. If pointing out that the Old Testament is full of genocide, rape, slavery, forced marriage, animal slaughter, etc, is anti-semetic then my blog is anti-semetic. If saying that the god of the ancient Hebrews was an imaginery volcano god is anti-semetic then my blog is anti-semetic. If saying the god of the muslims originated from the ancient Hebrews’ god is anti-semetic then my blog is anti-semetic.

    It is all factual though. I am disappointed that being factual is not acceptable here. I shall add you to my list of ‘Enemies of Free Speech’, which is a bit ironic isn’t it?

    The truth always comes out in the end, but this blog will not have helped it do so.

    This one will have done….

    The truth will set us free, if only more people valued it.

  5. About bloody time too. This is the message the socialist sharia butt-kissers are sending, and that is you’ll be punished for speaking out against islam.

  6. This MAN is the very best of British, not the SPINELESS lying shit we have as a government, selling our asses to MUSLIM SCUM.
    God bless you and your family Tommy.

  7. The Fog Horn,

    Free Speech is essential but you also need to learn ‘Intelligent Use of Free Speech.’ I looked at your site… you clearly have a Anti-Semitic Mentality. Your unjust incorrect thinking riddled with obsessed prejudice suggests to me that you are thinking like Muslims and Nazis that persecute Jews. Anti-Semitism is despicable thinking and behaviour. As for your conclusion that ‘God was a Volcano’ is complete false knowledge nonsense. Not one of the biblical texts you listed makes such a suggestion. Your interpretations reek with stupidity. Jewish history is a courageous valiant history and the Jews have contributed greatly to the progessive quality development of Western Society both economically and in creativity all fields. You need to wake up because if you don’t the world will stomp on you again and again.


      Some quotes from the video….

      Europre has not yet learned how to be multicultural.

      Jews will be at the centre of that (making Europe multicultural)

      Jews will be resented for their leading role (in making Europe multicultural)


      Did muslims come up with political correctness?

      Did muslims somehow open up the floodgates?

      Did muslims organise for the dismantling of Christian Europe?

      NO…they just came here.

      Know your facts. If you hate multiculturalism and all the Islamic enrichment it is killing us with then be sure you know why we are being destroyed because right now you are all wasting your time.

  8. S. Wolf,

    Wilders is not wrong he is very accurate and correct in his rejection of Islam and his comments of why we must reject Islam. Those persons that reject Wilders are not only wrong many are so obsessed in selling their false knowledge nonsense that they represent by their behaviour to be a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to the survival of ‘Freedom of Expression in Speech and Choice.’ We must support Wilders head-on and attack those traitors that support Islam.

  9. Tommy,
    Enjoy time with your family. Thank you for your courage and inspirational example for standing up against Islamization of Britain. We all ‘True Aussies’ support you in your valiant fight against Islam. Best Wishs always…

  10. you are right Tommy and they were wrong and time will show just how right you were and how fking wrong they were. much appreciated from my ever increasingly cold heart

    • Dear Ms. Abernethy, please be careful about the celebrations or champagne: Mr. Robinson may have been released, but there are things that can still happen to him, as I posted above!!!

      Until he has been safe and sound for some real time – AND has cleared his name completely, some reserve is necessary. Yes, for him to taste some freedom is good indeed; but what good will it do should some slow-acting poison have been injected into him which yet has to cause symptoms??

  11. I’m glad he is free. For noq.


    ‘Why are politicians, journalists and Jewish leaders now demonising Geert Wilders for warning against exactly the ideology of Islam as preached by many speakers at this conference?

    Why do they pretend Wilders has misrepresented Islam when the very things he describes are preached openly?

    If Wilders is wrong, explain this conference’


    • Sorry to say this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if “Her Majesty” – just like the rest of the British “élite” – herself is equally against the English Defence League as her “Government”!!!!

      Please don’t forget her former Dutch counterpart Beatrix (who just recently abdicated her throne): that wretched queen was JUST AS LEFTIST as anybody else!!!!

  12. Boy, that’s really something. Robinson was imprisoned for months “… sharing a cell with Muslims on a wing full of Muslims screaming death threats at him.”!

    One would think, being stuck in cell day after day, week after week, with Muslims who want him killed; on a wing full of Muslims, that the good Mr. Robinson wouldn’t have survived a night, let alone 4 months. And yet he’s alive! That’s shocking in and of itself. Even more amazing (if that’s even possible) he’s not leaving Wandsworth on a gurney or in a wheelchair… doesn’t even have a broken arm or leg!

    He must have had guardian angels surrounding him at all times, keeping back the hoards of psychotic Muslims! Wow, what a story – this really should be turned into a movie. One of those films directed at little kids. Because one would have to be a child or have significant brain damage to believe the bullshit story.

    • Ha ha, another Moslem or Communist shill??

      Thank goodness for preserving Mr. Robinson from the hands of the Moslem would-be murderers – truly, aljilúyja for his apparently being released unharmed and safe!!!! [Or did the British Government have him secretly injected with something like polonium of which he’ll shortly die?…]

      • You see, Ms. BNI: I wouldn’t put absolutely anything whatsoever past “Her Majesty’s Government” – they may have released him now due to public pressure, but the moment people start relaxing, they may well seize him again and do worse to him (especially if bribed to do so by Moslem money!!). While being happy for him to be out on bail (itself shabby – he never should have been arrested in the first place!!!), I don’t think we can unreservedly rejoice or exult…

        I won’t relax until he has been out a considerable period without ANY symptoms of anything – and he should get a good check-up from his doctor immediately!!!

    • Are you intimating that people that ascribe to “The Religion Of Peace” (TM) might have thoughts – or even ( Heaven forfend! ) – are violent? I rest my case M’Lud…

  13. Well done Tommy. Tommy and the brave people like him in the EDL are the only hope for England to retain their culture and not to become a hell hole muslim country of suicide bombings and so on. Within 20 years, daily suicide bombings will be as common in Englandistan as they are in the hell hole muslim countries of the middle east. Deport muslims and stop all muslim immigration before it is too late to save England.

  14. Woo Hoo tommy boy!! Glad you aren’t swimming in a sea of muzzie swine in prison anymore!! God bless, stay strong, stay safe. We love you. Thank you for all you do.

  15. Had been been armed with the knowledge the Abrahamic religions were based on volcano worship, he might have been able to turn a few muslim convicts into liberated atheists.

    Free speech is what is needed above everything else.

    Unfortunately it is impossible to exercise free speech in the MSM. I was recently banned from the Daily Mail, and if you read my post below you will find out why…


    Do take seriously the videos in the post. Muslims didn’t open up the floodgates. They didn’t invent the PC ideology.

      • I am disappointed in our reception.

        I used to run God Help Britain as Britney British.

        I have lived in a muslim ghetto and have spent many years working to wake people up about Islam and now to the extent I am trying to educate people on how it came about.

        I make no money from what I do so I am not advertising. I am trying to educate people.

        If you like you can re-post some material from my blog, if that is prefered.

        Please advise.

    • I am not surprised you were banned, blaming the Jews and their Scriptures for everything and being so gullible as to take onboard as “proof” the testimony of TWO Jewish women who assert Jews are behind multiculturalism!
      Those darned Joooos just outsmart everyone always LOL?!
      Hey now where have I heard that before? Hmmm..some things never change?

      I am always amazed at people like you and Muslims who believe no matter how few in numbers Jews are, they can achieve running the world!
      Guess Muslims must be jealous as it is therefore obvious, should this be true, that the God of the Jews must be far more powerful than allah considering the amount of Muslims in the world and all that arab land/oil and extreme obscene wealth ( oil=wealth=power) they cant achieve anything much more than terrorism!

      Anyway,if one group, religion , whatever , HAS to run the world, any group would be preferable to me than Muslims.
      Just sayin’

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