LONDON’S CITY UNIVERSITY: Muslims demand their own private prayer room

Otherwise we will lift our asses to Allah on the sidewalk in front of your filthy kuffar university.


No prayer room for Muslims. That’s a prospect that could take place at a university in London. Muslim students are signing a petition against the university’s policies to restrict their access to prayer facilities on campus. Muslim students here feel discriminated against, and want their own Muslim-only room to congregate for Friday prayers. Previously they had to find empty classrooms to pray together, but now they are making an open stand.


24 comments on “LONDON’S CITY UNIVERSITY: Muslims demand their own private prayer room

  1. Islam covers all aspects of human activities. Drinking is not allowed . Sex outside marruiage is forbidden. Homosexuality is a sin. These activities are common in British society. Muslim community does not want its youth to indulge in such activities.

    • Fine, then the “muslim community” can move to a country that embraces those “values.”

      An aggressively vocal minority has no right to dictate to the majority.

      Soon enough you troglodytes will reap what you have sown.

  2. Even though I despise your filthy quasi-religion and your barbaric customs and behavior. Your baby raping, your Donkey diddling, your mutton molesting, your wife beating,your Homo hanging,your honor killing, your little boy molesting,your marriage forcing and all the other customs of your uncivilized madness, I do try to be fair and unpredfudicial.
    I think it would be wonderful if you had your private ass waving and foot bathing and head banging facility.
    Simply obtain the land, pay for the construction, furnish your own supplies and materials and go to it. And don’t forget the towels. Getting feet back into stinking tennies is much easier when they’re somewhat dry. (just thought I’d give you that helpjul little hint.)

  3. if it did give in then it wouldn’t be on its own, the university of warwick already has a prayer room for muslims and the cleaners be them white or any other race cleaning the muslim centre has to take off their shoes or put bags over them, I see the need for prayer although im not religious my self, but not when it comes to demanding and ordering for a prayer room as if its their basic right in this country to have one. we are told god is all around, no matter what religion therefore we or rather them don’t need a prayer room, do it in the street if you have to, do it in a lecture room if you have too, just don’t demand its not how it works here

  4. Non-Muslim students, one and all: considering non-curricula activities on campus – you can ask, you can’t demand.
    Muslim students, one and all: considering non-curricula activities on campus – you can ask, you can’t demand.
    See how it works – completely non-discriminatory. Unless one party thinks it has
    special licence that is…

  5. Anyone notice, about 100 tops, shit stirrer islamists in the photo, but at 0:48 in the video, wanker Wasif Sheikh, (‘student’) claims thousands are being ‘deprived’ of prayer space. Taqiyya anyone?

    Or are the others down at the pub with Andy Chaudary (minus false beard) downing a pint or two, prior to downing a 12-13 year old ‘lollipop’, courtesy of the local Paki ponces?

    IFTikhar Ahmed? Your very quiet lately?

  6. It’s been shown beyond a reasonable doubt that Moslem student associations are ALL hotbeds for young JIHADISTS.

    The purpose of these organizations is to recruit fanatics for Al Qaeda, Hamas and MB.

  7. No problem. The Muslims can move back to one of the 56 Muslim nations they came from. Universities are not religious centers!

  8. Yes and Christians want their churches in Muslim dominated lands to be unmolested and left in peace so they can pray also. But the Islamic savages never comply. They need to stop whining until they are willing to treat others with the respect they demand for themselves, like that will ever happen.

  9. 1. Why is OPress TV, Hassan Alkatib, mouthpiece of islamist Iran, operating openly in the UK and stirring shit wherever it goes?
    2. 0:15 “…restrict their access to prayer facilities on-campus…” No. Not make available special facilities for a demanding group of supremacists, with hints of islamist radicalism.
    3. 0:17 “…moslem students here feel discriminated against…” No. They have EXACTLY THE SAME RIGHTS as every other student. What they are DEMANDING is SPECIAL treatment, SUPREMACIST treatment.
    4. 0:20 “…DEMANDING that they are given a room to congregate for Friday ‘prayers’.” More about that later.
    5. 0:38 “…they will prey, no matter what restrictions are placed upon them.”
    6. 0:43 “City University BOASTS of diversity [scornful tone], and projects itself as a world respected institution…” Setting up for islamist slap-down, next:
    7. 0:48 “…yet, at the same time, it can barely provide a BASIC [?] and IMPORTANT [?] need, for THOUSANDS [?] of its own students, a DECENT [?] prayer room [and ablutions room] FOR MOSLEMS. [ONLY] ALL other students ‘make do’ with whatever the University makes available. Indeed, why should they make ANY facility available? Separation of church and state? Religion is a PRIVATE act.
    8. 0:56 Wasif Sheikh, ‘student’: “They asked moslem students to submit their sermons beforehand, to be pre-approved. Now that’s something which, accor[ding] ###, we find to be unacceptable.” A normative supremacist islamist approach.
    9. 1:04 “No other student society or student body has been asked to produce their sermons, or to produce what they are going to say, beforehand, to be pre-approved.” No other group, I’m willing to bet, has islam’s history of terror, deceit and taqiyya.
    10. 1:15 “…however, if we submit our sermons beforehand, then this opens up the door for the University to dictate, what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.” Do you mean the University might cluck-cluck over a few calls to “smite them at the neck”? Never. The dhimmis know better than that, having given up their children to Paki moslem pedophile grooming/drugging/selling gangs, and ‘lollipop pedophile rapists’.

    Sorry Bonni et al, I couldn’t finish. Just more of the same. The same cracked record that Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad and his sinislam brown nosing friends play.

  10. They just don’t get it. A lot of people don’t really give a damn about their prayers. That’s their problem. Please just go away. We don’t want you here amongst us. Get it?


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