ACTION ALERT CANADIAN BNIers! Terror-linked CAIR wants your MPs to vote AGAINST the ‘Combating Terrorism Act,’ which is why you must urge your MPs to SUPPORT it!

The Canadian Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), a national Canadian Muslim special liberties organization, is calling on supporters and Canadian ‘dhimmis’ to immediately contact their federal Members of Parliament asking them to vote against Bill S-7. In other words, patriotic Canadians should ask them to vote for it.


CBC The two anti-terrorism measures were first brought in by the Liberal government in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, but were subject to “sunset” clauses that meant they had to be renewed after five years.

The government has tried before to reintroduce both investigative hearings and preventive arrest, only to be defeated in the minority Parliament in 2007.  Now the government, with a majority, has brought the provisions back. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in an interview with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge last fall, said: “We think those measures are necessary. We think they’ve been useful,” he said. “And as you know … they’re applied rarely, but there are times where they’re needed.”

The government has taken the somewhat unusual step of putting the anti-terrorism legislation first through the Senate, or, as NDP justice critic Françoise Boivin put it, “the back door.” The bill, known as S-7, the combating terrorism act, passed in the Senate in May and then was sent to the House of Commons.


CAIR-Can Bill S-7, also known as the ‘Combating Terrorism Act’, would allow suspected persons to be detained for up to three days without charge (GOOD); strip individuals of their basic rights as accused under criminal proceedings to know and challenge evidence against them; threaten them with criminal punishment; and compel individuals to testify in secret before a judge in an “investigative hearing” (VERY GOOD). Further, the judge may impose imprisonment of up to 12 months if the person is un-cooperative with such a hearing. (EXCELLENT! History shows that Muslims are more likely to be un-cooperative)

The Criminal Code, prior to the adoption of the Anti-Terrorism Act in 2001, was already an effective tool to counter terrorism. (Obviously, it wasn’t, therefore the enhanced system) It allowed for lawful surveillance, evidence-gathering, prosecution, conviction and punishment while also upholding an individual‟s Charter rights to the presumption of innocence, due process and a fair and transparent trial. These so-called anti-terrorism provisions do not maintain these basic legal standards. (Who cares? Muslim terrorists don’t follow the rule of law, and most Muslims don’t respect what they call “man-made” laws)

Renewing these provisions would normalize exceptional powers inconsistent with established democratic principles and threaten hard-won civil liberties. (But it would help catch more Muslim terrorists)

Momin Khawaja was the first person convicted under Canada's anti-terror law. The federal government wants to restore two controversial provisions of the law, neither of which had been used before they expired under a sunset clause.
Momin Khawaja was the first person convicted under Canada’s anti-terror law. The federal government wants to restore two controversial provisions of the law, neither of which had been used before they expired under a sunset clause.


We BNI urges Canadians to reject support these un necessary encroachments on fundamental liberties enhanced anti-terrorism measures and to call upon their elected representatives to do the same when this bill comes to a vote.

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code.

NOTE: Please copy CAIR.CAN to:

Basically, all you need to say is this:

“I strongly support S-7 and urge you as my Member of Parliament to vote  for it.”

Here is a sample letter to an MP sent to me by Canadian BNI reader. Feel free to use it as a guide:

Dear Mr. Donnelly,

I, and many people I know, consider the safety of Canada as paramount.Bill S-7 is coming up for renewal, and I urge you as my Member of Parliament to vote  for it.

The people who threaten our way of life, and have attempted destruction here,have NO qualms about using ANY measure against us. WE need extraordinary measures but applied in a strictly controlled manner, and only during exceptional circumstances, to circumvent those attacks on our freedoms.

Please, do not tie the hands of those who protect us.